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[Manga Dub] My high school crush had become a chiropractor, so I helped with her business [RomCom]


I've been back for years this place hasn't changed at all I'm a 25 year old it engineer I worked for a company for two years after graduating from University however I chose to leave the company to work as a freelancer I stayed in Tokyo for six months after I quit my job today I'm moving back to live with my parents.

Since my job can be done from home hey you're home it's been a while you haven't changed the beer you haven't changed either I wish you would have brought home a girlfriend I would have enjoyed meeting her fortunately I'm single oh that's too bad I guess you wouldn't have considered.

Moving back if you had one you could have saved me a whole lot of embarrassment if you hadn't mention that sorry your meal is ready do you want to eat sure I'll be right yeah it's like a nice long bath after eight my mother's homemade meal that's good to be back.

Home I thought I'd be more nervous since I haven't been in this house in so long but I'm already feeling relaxed and comfortable hmm I'll take the day off to soak it in I'm gonna start working tomorrow a month later done yeah I'm sure I've done enough time to turn it in oh I'm so glad I decided to move back in with my parents I can help them.

Financially and having somebody do their housework for me lifts a load off my back it's perfect I've been getting better at getting jobs done faster but I've been working too hard recently I didn't realize until now I've been too busy but my back is killing me I have some time on my hands might be a good idea to see a chiropractor looked up.

Some clinics in the area and pick the best looking one I'm here oh gosh this place is shabby I started to feel unsure about my decision I've never been inside but this place has been here since I was a kid I shouldn't judge the chiropractor must be good since it's still standing here I wondered if I should go home but in the end I walked into the clinic oh.

We used to attend high school together she was known as the prettiest girl in school I remember witnessing guys asking her out on numerous occasions as for me I was more of a loser but hey at least I had two friends right we never taught despite being in the same class for three years she probably doesn't remember who I am hey not a cocoon right.

Huh yes I am I didn't think you'd remember my name never forget you I mean I remember every class member I had in high school oh I see she always said the top exam scores her memory must be better than others I never expected to see you here most of our schoolmates moved away from this area after graduation if I remember right you went.

To UNI in Tokyo right well I didn't think you knew that well I know what every classmate has been up to After High School that's amazing and you know what 10 of my classmates are doing now gosh a memory is astounding I never told her she must have heard it from somebody else I know it's a bit strange you weren't here for the reunion either.

Never had the chance to talk yeah I didn't feel the need to go since my friends weren't planning to attend and coming back to this area just for a union felt like too much of a hassle you haven't changed Mana cocoon why don't we get started we don't want to spend the whole session chatting so can I do for you today uh well I work from.

Home right now so I sit in front of the computer all day looking at my back because of it I have terrible posture no absorbing work I see ya when they're focused down on that bed over there let me know if anything hurts all right I'll try to be as gentle as I can I promise yep got it I hope nothing is wrong putting.

Pressure on this occupant is going to help you I thought you said you'll be gentle after that the massage continues for an hour unbelievable nothing hurts I'm glad that doesn't mean Aaron if you don't imposter keep your mind on that while you work okay I'll try to forget about him the thing is I need to tell you that.

You tend to bend your back even when you're not working so that's something you have to work on oh I wasn't aware of that I've never thought about my posture but I'll try to be uh conscious of it from now on great posture Improvement possible for anyone on a cocoon I'm about an hour to go through more.

Treatment no that's not what I meant my break is starting in a bit is there a problem with that after that we decided to eat at an Italian restaurant near the clinic gosh bombing into you at the clinic was the least thing I expected when I walked to the door now I'm eating lunch with the.

Prettiest girl at school well you're just flattering me right now yes you were yeah boys lined up the dogs here that's not true oh come on how many guys asked you out during your high school days about 20. see my point exactly wait she remembered where I went to University.

But she doesn't remember how many guys asked around meh just means there were too many to keep a precise count I'm jealous nobody's ever asked me out not once fine I admit I was a bit popular back in high school but things are different now really I bet you get a lot of customers than any of the Mask you are oh wait most of my clients are 40.

And over me like grandpas and grandmas I don't get any young clients oh I see I'm not surprised people with back problems tend to be on the other side yep well I'm sure plenty of young people have back problems but there aren't many in this city to start with that's true most of our classmates have left anato why did you decide to stay here it wasn't.

Much of a decision I just stayed here to take care of the clinic my parents owned oh you took over your parents business so that's why your posture was perfect I almost noticed how straight you said to Marin School it's true I try to keep good uh there was this rumor people thought you were a daughter of a wealthy.

Family and you were taught to keep good posture yeah yeah nobody ever told me that it must have been disappointing to find out I worked on a Shabby Chiropractic Clinic nah never crossed my mind I have respect for your parents it's not easy to keep a business running for so long oh thank you I don't think anybody has ever said that to me Hey so.

Uh are both your parents retired now they are they're pretty old to be honest I said I would take over about five years ago that was when they started talking about shutting down the place I see so you've been taking care of that place alone for five years that's impressive no it's not I've been losing customers I am far from doing a good job.

That'll be so hard on yourself I felt so much better after your massage you should give yourself more credit I guess so I've never met such a pretty chiropractor I wonder why her place isn't bustling with people I've heard it's difficult to keep small businesses running I guess it's true why don't you.

Spread word through commercials and ads you're amazed at what you do I'm sure you'll get more customers once people start talking about your place wow well I thought about it but it costs a lot to put in ads and stuff yeah you're right gosh I feel awful we've reunited after so many years and troubles hey don't worry about it every.

Single living adult has their problems it's important to let it out thank you Monica what do you do now you said you spent your days working in front of a computer at home oh I work as a freelance I.T engineer I'm thankful to have clients who trust me but I kind of push myself too hard so I hurt my back oh.

Oh grown up is never easy yeah but no look here I am I shouldn't be complaining can I come by my back if it hurts again sure drop by any time I know the best thing would be for your back to heal but I would love to see you again great thanks a lot we enjoy the Italian meal and pied ways two weeks later and my back has gone much better but it.

Still hurts a little maybe I should visit another clinic I'm not going because I want to see her I'm going for treatment purposes nothing else oh am I making excuses let's get ready to go hey so soon is your back not feeling better uh it's gone a lot better but there's still some pain left okay back aches don't get better that easily we can take.

It one step at a time great you're a lifesaver here let's get started I know it has been the next hour give me the same massage you gave before thanks anara my back feels so much better now God I'm glad I could help come back if it ever starts hurting again okay I will hey I know it's out of my business but uh have you been getting customers.

Recently I'm the only one here you mentioned things weren't going so well for you here are you okay oh to be honest it's pretty bad oh no anata do you think you can come by my place after you close up the clinic how I'm not sure going to your place on a first date is the best idea hold on I'm not asking you to go on a date with.

Me oh get some ads out if you want more people to know about your clinic you mentioned you were concerned about ad fees so I figured I'll make some designs for you we could do it tonight what it's not a difficult process I don't have a laptop so we can't do the work at your clinic that's why I'm asking you to.

Come over so I can ask for your opinion I mean we can have an online meeting if you have the proper device which would you prefer um I'll go I think it would be better to see everything in person okay I'll write down my address for you then oh change lime info isn't I sent to my address but.

Not sure about this um about what well you've told me how busy you were you must not have a lot of free time I feel bad that you're going to spend your precious time helping me make ads that's okay I'm only suggesting because I want to do this but another feeling my back isn't going to get better anytime soon I thought that the.

Clinic shut down since I'm gonna need it wow that's so kind of you okay I'll be forever grateful for this hey I got you back four hours later um I'm here oh come in I forgot to think about this you don't have a uniform it seems so different from when you're working at the clinic well I didn't think I should come in my uniform.

Do you prefer me what I meant I think I prefer how you look right now oh thank you uh oh awkward my bad I shouldn't have mentioned it it's okay it didn't offend me or anything oh good oh my you two are such cuties mom why are you here hey I live in this house why are you surprised I'm here no I mean why did you have to.

Come out I told you my friend was coming he would appreciate some privacy well I thought you had a guy friend coming over and then I heard a girl's voice what kind of mother wouldn't get curious okay I'll get it hello I'm Yuri hanada hi there I'm shuichi's mother misei so how long have you two been dating huh um we're not in a mom cut it out stop.

Messing with an otter okay you making it feeling easy just to make things clear we're not dating I already told you I don't have a girlfriend yeah yes you did but I figured you found one after you came back you never brought a girl back home this is the first time seeing you with a member of the opposite sex I'm aware of that but I didn't invite her.

Over for that today so in the future stop Lisa made this more uncomfortable than it already is another enough to mind her uh okay um monica-san I'll see you around yes you will for sure and you can call me Mom if you want oh okay somehow Escape my mother's clutch and run into the room.

I'm sorry about my mom as you heard earlier this is my first time bringing a girl into the house in case she got excited over that um I see I'm sorry I'm sorry it's completely my mom's fault don't feel responsible for anything hey let's get started so I started with making a website for your clinic what do.

You think oh my gosh you made this after you came home yep yep I mean this is what I do for work for you to put in appealing points I figured you wanted that yourself wow thank you website's looking great did a pretty good job but I have a feeling.

This isn't enough I need something more huh I think it looks great what else were you thinking of well the website is fine but we need to advertise something that will appeal to the viewers Hamada you know of massages that people can do themselves at home right yes quite a few I mean that is what I got paid for okay how about we.

Put up videos of you showing how to do the massages uh I don't want to embarrass myself hey it's not embarrassing if the website viewers can learn from your videos I'm sure it'll be helpful for many I'll post a link in the video description that way people will know who you are and where you come from I see I've never done.

Anything like this I'm a bit nervous but I don't have any any quarters or anything uh I think we can start by filming with your phone I have an editing app on my computer we can use that to edit the videos okay thanks try then do nothing and so we feel massage videos and posted them online a.

Month later what what massage videos went viral over a million people were watching your online tutorials well well workout massage videos get played quite often people tend to add videos to their favorite so they can watch them anytime I'm sure 90 of our viewers watch their videos to see her pretty face but I won't mention that.

To her another month later an artist's viewer started flowing into the clinic she was getting more customers than ever after closing hour this place is suddenly bustling yep and it's all thanks to you Monica no I didn't do anything everything you've accomplished as a result of your hard work should give yourself more credit.

Cocoon you're the most kind-hearted man I know I'm glad to see you haven't changed after all these years huh what do you mean in high school wait hanada we never thought we went to school together yeah but actions speak saw you water the flowers when nobody else and you cleaned the Blackboard eraser whenever it was dirty.

I can't believe you saw me doing that well I started watching you more your action showed you how caring you were and I couldn't keep my mind off of you oh and just FYI I don't know what all of my classmates ended up doing after high school huh I overheard you talking about your future plans with your friends I never forgot about it because it was you.

Monica oh I had no idea yeah I was young back then I didn't have the courage to ask you out I regretted chickening out to this day but my videos have brought me more clients and I am feeling confident enough to ask you now Monica will you be my boyfriend I'll aren't you back in high school but I never acted on my feelings but I'm.

Feeling confident now that I've helped you overcome your problem I would love for you to be my girlfriend great I'm here to support you through anything from now on Monica both of us overcame our lack of confidence we finally started our relationship I'm sure we'll survive anything life throws at us as long as we have each other.

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