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[Manga Dub] My neighbor was always so loud, so I went to complain… [RomCom]


I'm atsushi kyose 24 years old I've been working my ass off as a white collar worker these past two years by the way still single no girlfriend I get paid for overtime pay work but surely one has their own limits right there's no point amassing this amount of money if there's no opportunity to use it dude it's as good as nothing should I just call it.

Quits and find another company what's up uh yes good evening jeez it's a real bummer meeting her now you see this girl I met right now lives next door to me Erica futawumi she's some years younger than me but really I couldn't be bothered as I have zero interest in these Valley girls wonder if she's staying up late just to hang out.

Or probably to work somewhere well how the hell would I know who cares maybe you're still wondering why I remember this girl's name who I couldn't care less of see there's one particular reason her name lives rent free in my head oh you looked totes beats like are you okay yeah somehow just got off overtime OMG that sounds crazy I mean.

Your pop's working for a toxic workplace like I mean they're slightly okay-ish as they do pay me for overtime well forget that I'm really exhausted so can you give me a break today all I'm asking is you turn your voice a bit down oh well am I really that loud yeah you are don't you notice that yourself Yep this valley girl is just as loud and noisy as you'd.

Expect from these ladies so what kind of girl is she well the one who die if they're not talking at the top of their lungs it's embedded in her jeans and it's all thanks to this girl I can't get a good night's sleep the reason why I'm forced to remember her name look I've no clue who you're talking to but you're really really loud I mean dude can't I.

Catch a break um sorry I'll try to tone it down man you're taking this lightly you really understand what I just said huh and maybe the other tenants too are wary of that don't tell me I didn't warn you oh that's so fine like there aren't other people living in our condo so since when I swear these people probably had enough.

Of her loud mouth and so they all moved out right anyways that's all I want to say I'll have my dinner and hit the sack after going home so I'm begging you keep it down all right I mean please just give me a break um you don't need to be all rude about this like I told to get you square well then nighty night.

Really did I get through to her I mean I kind of lectured her out there so she should be fine right looking back that was really naive of me ah right she did keep her promise that she'll keep quiet till I fell asleep but as soon as that clock went past the 12 o'clock Mark her loud mouth went off again and now I'm dead awake she.

Probably thought I was now sleeping that's why she started blasting her voice at full volume again hey didn't I tell you earlier about being this loud just what time do you think it is I'm really sorry I thought I was kind of talking in a hushed voice and who are you as I banged the door opposite me for all that loud fuss I was greeted not by.

That blonde-haired girl but by a black-haired prim and proper lady honestly she's my type uh see I I didn't come here to complain about you it was for that blonde hair girl thought I'd give her a lecture that's me huh you're talking to the same person me no no no the one living here is that blonde hair girl who wears fancy.

Makeup all day right there's no way she's a prim and proper lady like you I mean you two are Polar Opposites believe me um goes on for a bit I'll show you some evidence look does this count as enough evidence for you yeah oh what the heck dude what the heck am I witnessing that.

Prim and proper lady a while ago is now this gaudy blonde hair girl right before my eyes tell you the truth I'm an aspiring actress I kind of belong to management too though it's not that big of a company oh you're an artist and a manner of speaking yes right so what's an aspiring artist like you doing in that.

Fancy get up on a day-to-day basis I'm currently learning the ropes of acting see I am baby-faced and so I get a lot of teenage roles I want to do a more convincing performance of how such teenagers act and try to imitate the way they dress act and even speak like make my performance look more natural that explains it then the reason why you're.

Really loud every night is I'm practicing my script out loud no matter what I do I just end up getting all passionate and subconsciously raise my voice really feeling sorry about this given your circumstance I understand still that in the middle of the night is just too much could you at least avoid doing.

It I mean it's not that I'm oblivious to that it's just but what is there some weird circumstance that really requires you to practice in the dead of the night I'll be honest with you I got the semi-lead role for a drama just recently and this is my first time getting her role on prime time TV where I'd have a proper name I don't really want to flop.

On this I see so she's got this big opportunity waiting right in front of her and if that's the case I could empathize with her being all that dedicated I promise I'm gonna make a big break as an actress and this is just but one big step towards achieving that dream I swear I'm gonna tone down my voice from now on so I'm begging you.

Could you allow me to continue practicing pretty please okay you win however I want you to cut me some slack just for this night I'll be buying those noise canceling headphones by tomorrow after that you can resume practicing deal thank you so much don't mention it as if I wouldn't know what it feels like.

Working towards achieving your dream right no worries I too once had this dream set right in front of my eyes I wanted to be a writer I submitted my work for countless contests but I failed again and again and again that broke my spirit and now as you can see I just decided to move on and work for a company alright if you'd want to I could.

Pair up with you on reading those scripts I mean of course as long as I'm not all beat from work you do that for me really I'll take you up on that he'll turn such a big favor oh thank you okay guess that's it for tonight well then good night hope your work for tomorrow goes well it sure will good night glad we got this Fiasco settled.

Out things should be smooth sailing from here on right still man I can't believe that that valley girl was in fact this prim and proper lady it's already morning wow I slept like a log right I'mma head out and buy me those earphones as promised who could that be okay coming what's up good morning good morning what's the.

Matter oh remember yesterday night you kind of told me you'll be deaf buying those Fab headphones like right yep I was thinking of heading out after grabbing myself a meal um so I totally would love it if I could tag along with you so huh sure but why um actually yeah I haven't been on a single date yet and like with all those.

Kinds of scenes might probably pop out sooner or later it's better I experience it that some way or another gotcha shall we then by the way you're going with that get up yep like it's all part of the practice besides my usual self looks really plain I think being fancy like this better suits me and right I'm really not that.

Into these Valley girls in my opinion yeah I think that prim and proper looks probably a mile better oops dude what the hell am I saying oh really you prefer that no what I meant was oh right ah I mean this is all part of my practice so we should defo go with this right uh yeah gotcha okay shall we uh how about your breakfast we're.

Practicing going on a date right better we go grab something then elsewhere let me see what are we feeling today um right like I'm so in for this one Ultra Sky treat parfait Galaxy look at that sweet thing this dessert just screams no all over oh I've heard this serving is perfect for couples isn't it Fab and so so delicious I mean everybody.

Loves them by the way this thing weighs 2 kilos two kilos you sure we can finish that thing like totes my thing oh I just have the Sweet Tooth for these thingies really fine but aren't those calories a bit iffy plus you're aiming to be an actress stuffing up your belly with this amount might not be a good idea.

Oh thanks for the concern like I won't mind putting on a bit of weights I mean like for my breasts as well as my hips that way I'd rock those Fab clothes as this kind of gal gotcha but if you go more than that I have a feeling that's gonna be outrageous whatever suits you I guess but still try not to go overboard okay I'm gonna go with spaghetti then uh.

Excuse me phew I'm stuffed oh there's something on your cheek huh where here um nope here I got them thanks what's the matter you're just staring at that thing what the hell are you doing um why all an actor like like better instead of Simply wiping it.

Off with a tissue you don't really have to go that far it's not that big of a deal right well I'm glad to hear that whatever we're done with this topic okay um so right we're off then off we go like pronto uh-huh oh you stacked some real good ones today yep but you're really okay with this I.

Mean you dished money to cover half of this oh no biggies it's my fault you even had to buy those in the first place there's that I guess oh well where do you want to go next come window shopping for dresses then maybe buy some sure whoa so they even sell dresses at this place huh dress you meant undergarments yup like I haven't.

Tried a single one of these fancy ones yet does it really matter if you don't have one um definitely see I really ought to be picky too even if it's for anywhere I mean obviously looky this and this one oh which one's better huh which one nah nope aren't both of those just really suggestive.

Uh-huh maybe this one okay I'm totes buying this I'll see you in a sec yeah take your time so she's really gonna wear those a prim and proper lady like her with Bad underwear thanks so much for today uh yeah no worries honestly it was all impromptu too too thanks for accompanying me no need to thank me I had fun too that's for sure.

Oh really he you had fun Yep this brings me back to my college days all right you still up to reading your script we can do some if you want to uh I'll think I'll pass for today I don't think I can pull off my character tonight is that so well then wish your practice later goes well yep thanks so much so I capped off my day.

Just like that meeting this really nice girl who lives next door with a date these earphones which she kindly offered to pay half of were pretty neat and blocked all noise outside getting me a good night's sleep helped me too to do my best at work besides she probably can now be at ease knowing she can practice all she wants more so dish on her best.

For work too I was able to empathize with her create a sound environment for the both of us and have me my peace of mind at times I'd help her practice reading the scripts aloud too and in return I get these home cooked dishes by her to and fro we frequented each other's rooms spent time knowing each other and as a result Oh that girl again.

Huh man I'd wager she's a keeper she's just cute and even talented at acting right you guys on the same page with me oh yeah right see she became a sensation in the course of a night the role she bagged originally was that Valley Girl a semi-regular role she was supposed to do but after seeing her top-notch acting skills the director decided to revise.

Her script she's one of the main characters of this drama however she surpassed the lead actress who was originally the heroine of the story and in the end stole the spotlight and grabbed that spot as the new heroine man it was a real Cinderella story The Moment I Saw It All unreal on TV I had to do a double take as it took me on a.

Real surprise talking about your current role is it true they didn't give you the harrowing role at the beginning I also heard you weren't even a regular cast member in the first place actually yes that is true these changes suddenly happened and so memorizing the new scripts were challenging in itself wow talk about being spontaneous still she.

Managed to pull it off dude that's impressive that's being talented for you I guess nah simply put that's all hard work that girl really persevered for this hope the others wouldn't lightly take such a thing for granted as mere Talent I'd know we did rehearse those scripts together and to think man I did date this girl back then right after.

Going on that first date and grabbing those headphones we often went outside and continued to rehearse and practice several roles of course I honestly just wanted to help her on the onset however after spending all that time these feelings I harbored went from I want to root for her to something different simply put I liked her it didn't matter.

To me whether she was that valley girl or that prim and proper lady I'd fallen in love with this individual her completely but still and now a question from our viewers are you seeing someone right now um no but um there's someone I like my my wow is that someone maybe a cast member related.

To this drama you just starred in well um let me see uh yep in some way yeah I knew it obviously that'd be the case the world she belongs in is this entertainment industry a world full of people known for their glamor and Glitz it wouldn't come off as weird if she starts falling for someone that belongs.

In that same industry the same world she lives in any ideas what type of guy she's into yeah I wonder hey how about you any clue nah nope I could care less about that stuff but dude I can't hold on to these feelings forever I want to do something about it so this is what they call a broken heart huh man this is Wrecking me oh well might as well hit.

The sack hmm at a time like this who could this be hello good evening oh long time no see my unexpected guest was her a month had passed since meeting her like this I guess more or less now that she's popular she's busier than ever meaning her regular routine and lifestyle changed to a degree because of this I.

Wasn't able to meet her until now I'm just a bit happy seeing her so what brings you at this hour um I kind of wanted to do a proper goodbye and so goodbye could this mean yep I'm moving out of this condo my boss really wants me to change places yeah this place's security system is just a big.

Letdown right the place was old worn out and just plain old lame that's three strikes for you of course no real complaints here because the rent was cheap I get all worried of a leading actress like you is going to be cooped up in a dump like this it just doesn't suit you right but I've already gotten used to this place I even told my boss I.

Was more than okay here but nope your boss is right this time you're not an aspiring actress anymore you're a full-fledged actress the real deal and a top-notch one at that you're flattering me I mean I have yet to learn a lot well that's how everyone sees you regardless of what you think so yourself by the way when do you plan on moving by tomorrow I.

See okay I'll help you with your stuff good thing I have no work tomorrow either thank you so much um also is something wrong could you help me out practicing my script like here right now it's your thing thank you so much well then here I go uh hold on where's the manuscript I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to this and without.

A script I'm as good as nothing so I mean you'll be fine he'll be talking like my usual self and so just try to follow my lead with how you'd normally react at Sushi okay you're okay with that yep oh well then here goes nothing she uttered those words made a deep breath and looked at me once again remember that.

Day it was the first time we went out together yeah as if I could forget that it was a memory dear to me with this person I like to tell you the truth it's all kind of egg to me it was my first time hanging out with a guy and so I was a nervous wreck wow but it didn't look like that I guess that's that huh yep plus it didn't help too that I wore that.

Get up it was probably hard to notice right right hardly so wow as expected from an acting Superstar like you I was a nervous wreck the whole time back then but I vividly remember wasn't that of our first date but those mundane days that followed after practicing together hailing each other's room and sharing meals for the days I remember oh believe.

Me it was fun oh it was I was just really so happy why those things to end and leaving all these tomorrow no I I don't want it to end uh Erica at Sushi I love you you were there fooding for me even though I was just this loud Noisy Neighbor you still chose to be there for.

Me I love you more than anyone wait a sec this is all an act right we're still practicing right um what do you think at Sushi normally I'd be inclined to think it was all an act like didn't she say she liked someone related to that TV drama I mean but still I me too I love you too Erica nobody knows but I've seen it all I know.

Of all those struggles you went through in order to chase your dream if possible I want to keep rooting for you and be by your side forever and ever a long time we aren't but you said you liked someone who's all related to that TV drama right you're really really imported me.

On for me I am now in this position huh that's one way of looking at things I guess yep um So Sushi yeah I hope you could visit me at my new place Someday I'm gonna be real patient make sure you come okay okay I'll do my best I swear I'm gonna be there as soon as possible so that's how I got engaged with her after seeing.

How She chased for her dreams walking her life as one of those top-notch actresses something in me just lit up that fueled my desire to once again start chasing my own dream I'm gonna be a writer these thoughts desires they grew stronger each day once again I tried entering my book for a contest and luckily one I continued my day-to-day.

Job alongside being a part-time writer then transitioned into being a full-fledged one years after we're now here hello you may know me as the writer atashi kyose I would like to thank everybody for coming to this event and I'm Erica futomi I'm very grateful for this opportunity to be the leading actress for today's feature film really.

I'm honored to be presenting our live-action film she and hers anniversary since it was first released out to the public we wouldn't be here with without everyone's undying support thank you so much I could only have dreamed for this day where everyone celebrates such an honor with me chasing for this dream I once.

Gave up on imagine me a few years ago hearing how he'd all fulfilled this then unchaseable dream just a little bit later on I bet he'd be surprised I may sound like a broken record saying this but allow me I'm really really grateful to everyone for celebrating this moment with me and uh on another note I'd like to borrow.

This stage as to take calls for a different kind of Celebration right you ready yes so everybody we just got married thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well