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[Manga Dub] My new client was a former classmate… She said she would do business with me if I…


my name is Samia suina I work at a rental water server company I'm a 25-year-old who works in the sales department I'm not the smoothest talker around unfortunately that has affected my sales performance negatively my BOS just told me I would be fired if I didn't get a contract this.

Month it hit me hard this was my last chance to survive I've got to do something I can't get fired now I need to make money that's why I chose this job and so if I go I can't screw this up I headed towards a confectionary company it was famous for a Sho chocolate a chocolate product in the shape of various Japanese.

Calligraphy oh my gosh are you Sumi racun by any chance the woman's name is nano Nanos Shiro she's the same age as me we used to be schoolmates in high school we were both members of the calligraphy Club I remember competing against her in many competitions I won the gold trophy in this competition too bad bronze boy you.

Have to call me that you could call me Goldie go on say it I really really don't want to I'm going to win the next competition oh yeah you wish you're Rivals so we never got around to being friends but it was nice to see a familiar face this was the first time seeing her after high school then airo do you work here uh yes I'm the CEO of.

The company what I built this confectionary company after I graduated from high school I've always loved candy this has been good thanks to our Sho chocolate wow but you're so short ow what does being short have to do with success you should apologize to all the short CEOs out there the word short is a.

Taboo word for Niro it mustle SLI my mind I'm terribly sorry for judging by hide sure CEO's out there good you're forgiven anyways what are you here for simmer renon I'm working I'm here to ask if you'll rent out my company's water server I see well you can talk to me oh I appreciate it h I guess you are suddenly in work mode fine I guess I.

Should switch modes as well it's an honor to have you Sumi renaissan thank you looking forward to this I was ecstatic nobody ever lets me talk to him they always shut the door in my face I mean she's only doing this because we used to go to school together but I'm feeling confident I will avoid getting fired this month I spend the next hour.

Explaining the benefits of using our water server so what do you think H well the water tasted good and the water server was easy to use I wouldn't mind signing a contract but there's one thing um I'm not sure how to phrase this but don't hold back let me know what I can do well here it goes you've explained the product well I'll give you that you.

Might want to study how to explain your points more straightforwardly I gave you a chance because you're my former schoolmate but I would have gotten bored if this was anyone else oh I apologize I've never been smooth with words and I get so nervous I have the worst sales performance at the office I I'm sorry I shouldn't be laying out excuses.

It's okay really Sumi renun is suffering my heart aches for him but I still I got ink all over my coat it's cold out but I can't wear this what do I do I can wear my coat no I can't do that if I use your coat you'll have to walk home in the cold well I live about 5 minutes from school you have to worry about me I'm sure my coat will prefer.

Being wrapped around you instead of me I want my biggest rival getting sick Oh wow thank you I always had feelings for him he was my biggest rival but his kind-hearted nature didn't stop him from being nice to me unfortunately I didn't get to tell him I'm so glad we met again and the product he introduced sounds great what signing.

The contract put a handsome smile back on his face but wait would he think I'm signing a contract out of pity of a situation I mean he did just tell me he had the worst sales performance signing the contract now might hurt his pride I don't want that how do I get this done without making him think I'm pitying him.

I'm a CEO figuring things out shouldn't be so hard and then I spurted out the following words I like the product I would like to sign a contract but can I ask for one more thing is that okay now are you being serious thank you so much so uh what can I do you for nirosan for one month you you have to agree to be my.

Boyfriend um wait a minute does that mean you like me the shiran no that's all what's going on I want you to help me practice dating somebody to prepare for the future relationships you are my only guy friend Sumi rosan it would mean the world if you could help me out but I don't want to force you into anything I'll sign the.

Contract and anyway H I make believe love relationship I know Shir was my rival but I never had hard feelings towards her I guess I should cooperate I hope I can help her I understand I will agree to those terms yes yay my plan totally worked I got what I wanted without making him think I'd pity him and now I get to date Sumi renacon for a.

Whole month and I am such a genius this is why you are CEO Nano how however there was one something I ask of you what is it I'll be your boyfriend for a month but it won't allow any physical intimacy you try anything on me I will scream at the top of my lungs you sound like a girl and I would never make a move on you like that who do you think I.

Am look what you made me do I'm not in work mode anymore well Nano let's enjoy the next month you called me by my first name I'm your boyfriend nothing is natural fine my turn S sue me you can call me by my last name why I like my last name better I don't care I'm calling you however I want to suia and so I got my contract.

And avoided getting fired I also gained a one-month girlfriend all in one day a few days later Nano asked me to go on a date with her we plann to meet in front of the station I'm sorry I'm late did you wait long no I just got hm is something wrong oh I just realized this is my first time seeing you in regular clothes that's true we had.

School uniforms and we never met out of school back then so what do you think do you think your girlfriend is pretty you can't take your eyes off me can you well my eyes are off you now so I don't have to answer that question now do I he was right I couldn't take my eyes off her but I didn't want to admit it since she's my rival suum.

You should get your eyes checked no thanks anyways if you decided where you want to go no no uh why are we linking arms because you're my boyfriend or would you prefer to hold hand suia whichever is fine you want both gosh you're greedy that's not what I said Nano seems like a different person today or maybe it's because I never saw the.

Sight of her we were rivals in high school we had a different relationship uh did I go too far but it doesn't seem like he's upset or anything I hope he doesn't hate me does he so you want to go to a dessert Buffet I'm not complaining I enjoy eating sweets I'm glad to hear that I like to come here to eat cakes to replenish my energy while.

Brainstorming ideas for new products but I won't think about work today I want to enjoy our date to the fullest you really live for work I'm jealous I wish I is something I loved as a living suia why did you decide to work for your company my mom at Quin tuplet right after I graduated from high school the Quin tublitz and I have had a huge age Gap I.

Adore them like they're my children that's why I want to make enough money for their future they deserve the freedom to study whatever they want to go to any school they wish that's why I chose a job that pays highly if I work well wow I admire how much you care for your siblings still my efforts haven't paid off I read books and study about.

Sales but my work performance doesn't seem to improve I don't deserve to be called your rival Nano that's not true your source of motivation isn't to benefit your life it's to protect the future of your siblings that selflessness is wonderful it gave me the will to work harder and I want to be as good as you do you know why I think that.

It's because you are the only rival I will ever accept and I respect you for that so please don't say you don't deserve it I hope you stay my rival forever my bad thanks for saying that I'll do my best be the best rival to you still I have to do something about my work performance hey I think I can help you.

Huh I may not seem it no of course I seem it I am a CEO I meet many people working for sales because of what I do I've picked up on some methods that successful sales rep Representatives use and I've been studying sales myself as the CEO of my company I'm sure I can give you some tips that means a lot to have your support but wouldn't it be a.

Hassle for you hey it's never a hassle for a girlfriend to help her boyfriend with anything even if our relationship will only last a month no no thank you we're such a caring person I don't know how you control all that kindness is such a small body hey the size of my body has nothing to do with my kindness you should apologize to every kind.

Person with a small body I'm sorry every small person with a kind heart good I forgive you let's enjoy our date for today and we'll get started on your training tomorrow okay thanks for doing this the next day after work I was at Nano's place to learn about sales from her your place is pretty normal for a CEO I don't take too much space walking.

Around in a huge apartment would lack efficiency hey are you calling me small that didn't say anything anything I'm not interested in living in a luxurious apartment anyway let's get started on your first lesson I'm turning on my teacher mode so how do I look pretty I must say you look intelligent are you saying you can't focus because your.

Teacher is too beautiful no I have no problem with that it's a good thing you can focus but I feel so disappointed fine let's start with vocal exercises you'll never get any contracts if you don't speak properly okay now Sensei nan no Sensei it's like music to my ears 10 things to know before you see a client to get a contract first you're a great.

Teacher n Sensei the secret to convey the benefits of using the product I see I would try this first thing tomorrow suia is so handsome when he works hard I believe in you you can do this Nano is going out of her way to help me I can repay her if I get good results Nano continued to give me lessons I was a sponge absorbing water I use them.

Through my presentations at work and 3 weeks later no no uh Nano Sensei I got a contract your lessons are amazing thank you so much W that's great I'm happy for you congratulations I knew you could do it suia oh yeah do you want to kiss us a reward uh uh no thank you fine I Ed that well why did I want you to say yes just now we are in a relationship but it's a.

Temporary thing I mean it's fake and I'm supposed to be seeing Nano as a rival or what is this feeling I have no idea but more importantly I have to I brought you a gift Nano is to thank you for giving me such precise and helpful advice will you accept it a gift that's so sweet what is it w it's a Sho writing brush yep Nano you said you still.

Practice writing Japanese calligraphy thank you I'm going to treasure this it'll reminds me of how much fun we had our relationship ends next week we only have a week together left you've been so supportive of my work I know we didn't get to spend time having fun together so Nano you can decide what we'll do during our last week together okay for the last.

Week Nano wanted to compete as Rivals we had numerous matches is including a Sho competition suia you've always had such nice fighting I see you've been practicing yep same goes for you you haven't lost your touch we also had a cooking competition Nano don't look at me like that I may not be good at cooking but I am the best at baking.

Sweets I'm the CEO of a confectionary company fine we'll have a baking match next yeah bring it on suia and the last day of our one month relationship ship we were on our way home after having our last dinner together well I'm going this way oh yeah it's such a great month I hope we can still see each other only now we'll be.

Rivals goodbye nanel smiled at me before turning her back to me to walk away my heart suddenly felt Hollow as I watched her walk away I didn't want her to go I was moving before my mind realized what I was doing noo will you be my girlfriend for real I really like you more than you can imagine what I saw so many new sides of.

You during our one month together I never knew how adorable you were I realized how attractive you are as a person I've fallen in love with you I want to stay by your side as your boyfriend and as your rival wow thank you I bet you don't know I liked you back in high school I was attracted to your kindness and how.

Dedicated you were to your hard work but I knew you only saw me as a rival you didn't see me like that that's why I never dared to tell you my true feelings I asked you to be my one Monon boyfriend because I knew we would never have a romantic relationship but I wanted to have something to remember you by I never expected our fake relationship to.

Evolve into having Mutual romantic feelings suia I would love to be your girlfriend you've always been the one for me yeah enough with a fake relationship we'll be building a real future together from now on hey let's compete as a celebration of us becoming a couple because we are a rival couple Nano why do you like.

Competing so much H how about we see which one can come up with more things they like about each other seriously but that sounds embarrassing whatever I'll do it suia you go first then me first uh well you're prettier than an angel or a goddess oh my freaking God that's the first time you said I was pretty and you're totally.

Overexaggerating she's my girlfriend but she's also my rival we'll continue to challenge and grow with each other and we'll live happily ever after knowing we're each other's number one supporter thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as.