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Kazuma let me introduce the new members of our family one day my father brought home a nice looking pretty lady as his wife he also introduced my little sister who was petite but unafraid to express her distestation for having connections with people I caused him a photo couldn't understand the sudden turn of events the one thing I understood was.

That I had to introduce myself it's nice to meet you I'm Kazuma I hope my father isn't causing any trouble for you fire try to introduce her daughter Yuri butted in she's bluntly stated her name and looked away immediately I could tell she wasn't the most friendly type of girl sweetie you can at least try to get along right.

I don't care gosh I'm so sorry Kazuma she's not usually this unpleasant I think she's just nervous about meeting you it's okay she's just a kid let's not pressure her into anything it was her first time meeting each other I bet everybody in that room was somewhat nervous she's just a child it's nothing to get bothered about I was gonna move.

On when a kid you already silly zoomed up on me she glared at me with an agitated expression did you just call me a kid huh uh yeah Senpai how old do you think I am huh Senpai please answer me oh uh fifth sixth grade to be honest I thought she was younger than that but seeing how she reacted to my words I realized she was older than she looked.

However my answers seemed to make her more frustrated you need to calm down customer doesn't mean any harm to you I was clueless why my father and Samira suddenly looks so uneasy Yuri was giving off menacing Vibes and and realized I must have said something offensive to her mom I know he doesn't mean to hurt me that's why it.

Hurts so much well honey I under I understand how you're feeling let's all take a breath Senpai let me ask one more question do you remember meeting me before yesterday huh I didn't realize who met before Yuri wait Senpai you jerk I hate you ah oh Yuri let's believe you did that huh it's all.

His fault stop I'm not done Yuri was fuming she turned away from me and left the room shaking from Fury I'm sorry katsuma oh uh can I ask you why she is so angry with me I asked admire her opinion because I couldn't figure out what made Yuri so angry my father that was all on you looked at me and shook his head for some.

Reason what what did I do listen Kazuma you can't judge a girl's age just by how she looks Yuri is only a year younger than you she's a freshman in high school right now what there is no way that tiny little girl is a freshman in high school that's just impossible however with what my father said was true I would understand why you already lost it with.

Me but I don't think the age thing is the reason for her slapping my face I have a feeling she got angry because I didn't remember meeting her before so that means I've met her before maybe it's school but then it would have had to have been during this year there's no way I would forget somebody like her in such a short period I need to figure.

This out so I can fix the situation I wanted to talk to Yuri to ask her more but she avoided me the rest of the day I never got the chance the next morning I ran into Yuri in the hallway she looked sleepy in her PJs oh morning Yuri huh a good morning I think she was half sleeping her eyes were half close as she bowed to me she then suttered past me.

Down the hallway she's walking towards the stairs is she gonna be okay I worried she might trip since her eyes weren't fully open I watched her as she continued to wobble away suddenly what year we lost your balance at the top of the stairs and she began to fall oh no huh are you okay Senpai I somehow managed to catch her.

Before she fell Yuri slowly looked up at my face almost falling down the stairs had woken her up you shouldn't walk around when you're half sleeping watch out for those stairs huh you could have gotten her badly I wasn't trying to scold her that's why I smiled at her gently when I talked to her however let go of me she pushed me away and jumped.

Out of my arms thank you for saving me from falling down the stairs but it's imprudent to hold on to a girl like you just did my bad she's right I should have pulled her arm or something she's angry that I invaded her private space I understand that oh I keep upsetting her she hates me more now can't believe that happened my.

Heart is about to explode she continued to avoid me and it was hard to deal with the tension between us she would ignore me whenever I tried to talk to her at home it was the same at school too there was no doubt about it she hated my guts one day what you guys will be back for a whole month we were both shocked to hear my father and Samaya will be away for a.

Month it has something to do with my father's work yeah I know I feel awful for leaving you guys behind but it tried to get along I you guys sweetie you can't you can't you know we can't take you with us but there was no way Yuri could take a month off school you already knew she would.

Never be allowed to and she quietly looked down at her hands in the end it was decided that Yuri and I would stay back and live alone for a month oh well there's nothing we can do about it let's work together to get through it helped how ever just because we will be alone siblings now I will not hesitate to call.

The police if you tried to attack me after Yuri snapped at me she turned towards the door and walked out just like she did the first day she got here she is so pretty on the outside but an ogre lives on the inside I have a feeling this month isn't going to be as fun as I hoped it would be I'm so hungry it's already seven I completely forgot.

About dinner so Meyer always has something ready for us but she's not here right now huh something smells really good I was pulled towards the living room by the delicious smell when I opened the door I saw Yuri busily moving around in an apron Yuri are you making dinner for us why are you asking the obvious oh my bad.

Oh throw me a bone for once I didn't know what you liked is there anything you can't eat Kazuma uh no I can eat anything but you should have told me if you were going grocery shopping that would have helped you stop treating me like a child I can go grocery shopping on my own yeah I know sorry hey I didn't know you cooked well I'm not a baby I've.

Been practicing since I graduated from middle school but I've never seen you cook anything is what I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to give her a reason to snap at me again geez who do you think I practiced so hard for huh what did you just say I didn't say anything she mumbled.

Something so I asked her what she said she yelled at me and I can't help but feel like she hates me more with every passing second however hey look at that what is it are you going to complain no I just realized these are all my favorite dishes shut up you're so conceited why would I go out of my way to make your favorite.

Dishes just to make you happy yeah I know I nodded in hopes of calm and you're his anger I don't get why she was so angry with me but maybe she wanted to make sure I wouldn't get the wrong idea Yuri was breathing so hard her shoulders were heaving she kind of looked like an angry kitten and I couldn't help but think she was adorable as it turns out.

Yuri wasn't lying about her cooking everything she made was delicious it was nice to imagine her making meals for me every day I should be thankful for her to tell you the truth Samira wasn't bad at cooking but a year he was on another level my thankfulness faded as the days went by Yuri kept complaining about everything I did since there was nobody.

To stop her things kept escalating to be honest my heart was Heavy every time I had to see her at each meal I couldn't enjoy the good food anymore however something happened that changed everything 38.5 degrees Celsius yes wish her fever would go down Senpai yo catch my cold.

You need to get out of my room I'm not gonna leave you here alone I'll be in the corner just let me know if you need anything okay Senpai well I'll be Yuri I don't want you to go huh please stay by my side I expected her to push me away maybe she's feeling insecure and lonely because she's so sick you want me to stay yes please okay I'll be here thank.

You is she asleep I heard you're already breathing lightly as she slept I was glad since she needed her rest I didn't have anything to do but I didn't want to leave her side I was scared she would wake up while I was gone and it would make her feel abandoned oh my gosh I can't get over how cute she looks when she's sleeping it's a shame she has such.

A tough personality but I bet she has boys lined up to talk to her I remember some of the guys in my class talking about a pretty little freshman girl I have a feeling they were talking about Yuri senpai oh are you up I said hi.

Is she talking in her sleep I wonder what she's dreaming about right now Yuki kept calling my name in her sleep it made me curious about what was happening in Her Dream obviously there was no way to find out I decided to focus on watching your pretty face as she slept hey are you okay.

Never heard her voice so sweet like that her fever must still be high Senpai are you feeling sick huh I'm feeling fine yeah you're not fine at all you're acting like a drunk person I'm okay what's wrong now are you in my room Senpai wait is this a dream it must be a dream Yuki suddenly.

Seemed aware of how she was talking it looks like she finally woke up for real I realized she must have been half sleeping until a few moments ago Senpai this is a dream right please tell me this is a dream I'm begging you hey I think you already know this is not a dream ah no way this is not happening hey calm.

Down your fever will go up you saw that you're overreacting you mean it's nothing come on there's no way it's nothing I could tell how emotional she was a few moments ago it got me worried her fever would go up again that's how intense she.

Was acting I'm not mature enough to let it go just because she told me to hey Yuri I've been wanting to talk to you ever since you came to this house oh but for now you need a rest and sleep so your body can recover so I would appreciate it if you could give me a few seconds to talk to after you get better uh is that okay.

Yes I guess it is thank you okay how about you get back in bed at that moment you really like a little child to me I was petting her head before I knew it to my surprise Yuri didn't push me away she smiled a little and she looked up at me after seeing her smile like that I realized she wasn't a bad person at all.

We just had a misunderstanding so that means I should put in a little more effort to get to know her better after that I stood up to go grocery shopping however Yuri looked at me longingly and I realized I should wait until she fell asleep before leaving the room the next day Yuri's fever had gone down completely so.

First off I'd like to apologize to you so let's let's you apologizing for for not being able to remember you I can't remember where I met you before and I'm sorry for that uh so I would appreciate it if you could tell me about when we met I know it's not ideal but I want to take a step.

Forward so we can be nicer to each other I just want to get along with you I'm sorry huh sorry for being so blunt and harsh towards you to be honest I don't blame you for not remembering me what do you mean well I looked nothing like I do now back then so it's not your fault for not recognizing me but I was so ecstatic about the idea of living with you I.

Guess I was so shocked that our reunion didn't turn out the way I hoped it would oh so can you tell me about what we met before um it was last year during the high school entrance exams do you remember a small girl with braids and glasses on oh yeah I do she was waiting for a sick friend outside the bathroom alone.

She said she missed the teacher's exam explanation because of that wait no way are you yeah the one who was sick in the bathroom that day that was you oh no are you okay are you doing this on purpose is this funny to you uh what I am the girl with braids and glasses I'm the one who was waiting outside the bathroom what no way.

You don't have to be so shocked no I mean Han are you sure you're her you look nothing like her the girl I held that day looked completely the opposite of what you really look like now I remember she was just an ordinary girl not a pretty guyora like Yuri to be honest I couldn't believe it at all I'm happy you remember but this is so sad.

I'm so sorry but how did you become such a different person I I wanted you to like me the next time we met huh it was about to cry because I thought I would be late for my exams but you cheered me up you even asked the teacher to tell me the exam rules again so I could take the exam even when I ended up being late for the exams you explained the whole.

Situation to the supervisor and convinced her to go easy on me I've had feelings for you since that day what wow um so Yuri you liked me not light I still like you I still have feelings for you oh I I see I felt awful for not being capable of saying anything else everything was so sudden my mind couldn't digest the words coming out of.

Her mouth I stood there open a mouth and Yuri took another step closer to me that's why I did everything I could to become prettier knew I didn't stand a chance if I stayed the way I was when I first met you I've been watching you ever since I started my freshman year I even asked a teacher for your name because I wanted to get to.

Know you oh you did and my mother first told me she was getting married she told me your name and that you went to the same school I felt that Destiny was bringing us together but when I met you you treated me like a child and you didn't remember me at all it was shocked because I was looking forward to it so much I'm sorry.

I know none of it is your fault Yuri started to get emotional again but she stopped to apologize for trying to blame me for everything I could see she was a good person after all I felt awful for making her so miserable hey I'm sorry for making you feel that way hey how about you let me do you a favor something to make up for everything so.

We can finally start to get to know each other a fever can I ask you for something yeah sure as long as it's not like something that requires me to die or something oh well I want you to kiss me what I want you to kiss me huh why I know you see me as your little sister you consider me a little child but I.

Want you to see me as a woman and kissing you is the only way I could show you I'm not a kid but I'm not sure that's appropriate is that a no Senpai you said I could ask you anything so you were lying to me then ugh I couldn't say no to her after seeing her pout at me like that but I knew I couldn't give her everything she wanted from me that's why.

I decided to kiss Yuri on the cheek our life together as siblings started rough but this kiss changed everything including our Sweet Home Alabama relationship I hope I get a chance to tell you guys about it someday for now I need to get back to my little sister she is pretty upset that I kiss her on the cheeks instead of her lips like she had.

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