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[Manga Dub] My nice coworker suddenly becomes cold towards me [RomCom]


Good morning Takahashi are you ready for another day of work sure thing hashimoto-san I've been working for this company for three years the person I was just talking to was my Senpai Ayana Hashimoto I've been working with her on a project I was recently given you're going to be leading leading rojak Takahashi but.

Ever need help with anything just ask I'll be relying on your expertise if there's anything I can do to support you I'll do it no worries thank you so much hashimoto-san really is Dependable she's always supportive and kind plus she's amazing at her job so she's a real asset to the team.

I first met her at the company's entrance ceremony I have to hurry I'm gonna be late but where's the hall for the entrance ceremony when I was still new to the company I got lost in the unfamiliar building I had no clue where I was even when I read the map and without anybody nearby to ask directions for I'd all but giving.

Up hope hey there I haven't seen you or found before what's wrong are you one of the newbies what are you doing here the ceremony is about to start um I'm trying to get to it but I can't find the hall I think I'm reading the map wrong or something oh I see you're lost.

Um yes unfortunately the building is a bit complicated it's no surprise you're lost I often got lost too when I first got here so don't worry I'll take you there myself you do that well it's not like I can just leave you here is it thank you so much.

Um my name is Ayana Hashimoto what's yours I'm toru Takahashi okay got it shall we head for the hall then yes please that's how I first met her since we didn't exchange contacts or anything I thought I'd never see her again but as it turns out I was placed in the same Department as her.

You're the guy from before hashimoto-san so we're in the same Department I thank you for helping me the other day hahaha I didn't think we'd be working together it almost seems purposeful like it's fate fate that's true it does seem like a pretty big coincidence I really am glad I was.

Hoping we'd meet each other again well I'm glad to hear that it's nice to meet you again too we'll be working as colleagues from now on I'm going to put you through a harsh training program so you better be ready yes ma'am I'll be ready since then she's taken such good care of me that I.

Wouldn't be exaggerating to say she was the one that made me into who I am today I was in love with a competent kind and cool hashimoto-san although it's not like I'll be acting on those feelings anytime soon what are you staring off into space for I'm sorry I was just thinking about something what on Earth were you.

Thinking about that would be uh I couldn't very well say I was thinking about you hashimoto-san never mind but make sure it doesn't happen again we have to make this project succeed you know of course no start getting these documents ready.

It'll all be for nothing if we can't even get our client to sign the contract with us I'm on it I'll prepare them extra carefully Spirit let's do this it's done hmm you've done well it's very easy to read you've placed the data so that the.

Viewer can access it all at the same time and the graphics are good too it looks friendly and clear-cut thank you very much you really have grown up your accomplishments reflect well on me as a teacher Too Well Done Takahashi thank you very much I use the skills you taught me for most of it you might as.

Well be the maker true at all you were the one who absorbed everything I taught you and made it your own you should be proud of yourself flattered that you think so keep up the good work don't hold back if there's anything you want to try your hand at go for it I'll back you up.

Hashimoto-san thank you I'll do my best that's good but make sure not to overwork yourself either well then shall we go home now if you want we could go for dinner together I'll pay really that would be great what do you want to eat I'd like Ramen.

Perfect I know a great ramen shop nearby let's go yes please the project went along smoothly hashimoto-san helped me whenever there was something I didn't know and once everything was in place we headed over to meet our client I'm starting to feel nervous don't be you.

Can do this besides you've prepared all the data properly haven't you I have uh but I'm still nervous stop worrying you'll do fine I've been with you all this time so I should know hashimoto-san thank you I'll do my best see you I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

You I'm Mio kudo Neo why are you here is that you turtle it's been a long time it has but but I didn't know you worked here yes you did I told you geez you never listen do you don't you remember I told you I worked here I'm sorry I don't remember it at.

All ah you've never listened to me even when we were kids sorry I've gotten used to it so it's fine though um oh I'm so sorry come on tardu get your.

Head back in the game we have a lot of catching up to do so I'll call you later uh okay I'm sorry I'm being so rude oh no it's no problem now to get down to business what are the chances that Mia would be my client still I shouldn't let my guard down even if we are childhood friends I have to.

Concentrate on my presentation the business meeting went exactly as planned and we took the first step in getting the contract but after the meeting ended I'm glad it all went so well this means we can finally proceed with our project but why is Hashimoto's son looking so upset.

Did I do something wrong Takahashi I'm glad the meeting went well thank you but no matter how close you are with that client that type of behavior won't do manners are important to even among friends act properly when you're at the workplace she's right I shouldn't have behaved.

Like that to a client even if she's an old friend I have to see myself more as the businessman that I am I'm sorry fine if you understand don't let it happen again if you really want to talk then do it after the meeting I understand got to do better from now on at the next meeting.

That'll be all for today is there anything you'd like to discuss further thank you I have nothing further to add thank you for your time well then time to go home Takahashi sure thing how about we go to dinner hey atario wait a minute what's up hi to my messages already I've been waiting.

Sorry it just slipped my mind you really are a scatterbrain tardoo sorry it's all right anyway come over to my house again sometime I'll make you a hot dinner or something oh and let's have another overnight gaming party I bought the latest version of that game too real you're on I won't let you sleep.

Until you clear the last stage Okay then if either of us don't make it we have to take a penalty that's fine I don't plan on losing make sure you apply to my messages this time I will be waiting sure.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting were you about to say something earlier it's nothing let's go home it's getting late huh okay it's like hashimoto-san gets depressed every time she comes to a meeting am I imagining things what are you doing let's go.

All right sorry the more the project went on the more my workload grew it was satisfying work so I welcomed the busyness but faced with an overwhelming amount I started to feel panicked if things go on like this I might have to delay the next meeting what should I do oh right it's Times Like These I.

Should talk to hashimoto-san excuse me hashimoto-san there's something I need to discuss with you what is it well it's about my workload recently on that so use it when you're preparing the documents because that's your lesson your workload.

A little thank you so much that's really helpful I didn't do it for you make sure you don't fail hmm I feel like hashimoto-san is acting colder to me than usual or is it just me still I seem to remember her teaching me.

A bit more kindly before does she think I'm useless because my work efficiency is lacking she used to have high hopes for me does this mean her hopes were misplaced if I go on like this she might not like me anymore I can't have that I've got to work even harder and make Hashimoto.

Sound proud of me again from the next day I put all my energy into my work I didn't stop for break time and tore through my assignments I was the first to arrive at work and the last to leave I was working like a maniac one week passed my my head is spinning my vision's getting kind of blurred too.

I can't read the words on the page Takahashi can you hear me ah um you've been staring off into space for a while are you all right you have dark rings around your eyes too don't worry about me I'm fine I give up now she hate me for sure can't disappoint her more than I already.

Have are you sure your complexion is terrible too haven't you noticed you should go to the infirmary and lie down or take the rest of the day off I I can't do that I have to do more Takahashi I feel so dizzy from standing up so suddenly.

Huh wait kahashi Takahashi I don't remember anything after that ah where am I what's going on my hands warm for some reason what Takahashi were you working so hard because I was being called to you that voice.

Hashimoto-sada you've been working so incredibly hard lately I knew you were pushing yourself too hard but I couldn't stop you it's probably because of my attitude isn't it I hurt you with my own petty jealousy I'm really sorry huh did you just say jealousy.

Uh hashimoto-san what do you mean by the word jealousy Takahashi you're awake I woke up just now so what were you jealous about to tell you the truth I've been a little jealous of how you're so close with our client because I like you huh.

Hashimoto-san you like me that's right I've always been drawn to how you work so hard at everything you do I don't believe it I didn't have a clue I did my best to keep you from knowing but I guess I failed at that I was trying to keep my private feelings apart.

From my work but I couldn't do it at all instead I lashed out at you with my petty jealousy I'm the worst Senpai ever I'm truly sorry um hashimoto-san there's nothing going on between me and her we're just close because we're childhood friends.

Childhood friends I thought you were a couple absolutely not I can't see her as a woman I've known her since I was a baby besides she already has a boyfriend and they're really close really that's right they're even engaged I thought you were going out with her.

I don't think I made such a mom what have I done but this means you'd love me so much you get so petty and irritable right well since you put it that way I like you I like you so much I don't know what to do with it but what I did to you was still terrible of me.

I'm so sorry please don't apologize so much it's adorable that you've acted like that out of love hashimoto-san I've loved you for a long time what really I best to hide it too you're the only person I've loved and.

The only person I'll ever love so will you please be my girlfriend yes of course once the misunderstandings had been solved my health improved drastically my illness probably had to do with mental exhaustion as well as physical thanks to my mental health improving my.

Work efficiency rose again it sounds too simple to be true but that's exactly what happened naturally the project was a big success and my reputations went up in the company thanks to the new business venues we've made possible both our private and work lives were flourishing when.

Myoson looks so beautiful not as beautiful as you Ayan Hassan that's besides the point oh look there's it I actually caught it then that means it's our turn next I suppose so I will make you happy so will I ayanasan I'll be waiting then.

I love you tardu I love you too Ayana thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well foreign.