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[Manga Dub] My nurse was my ex-girlfriend!? [RomCom]


Oh it was a day enough for you I loved you so much in front of me was a beautiful girl who had huge tears dripping down her face why was she crying to me like this we need to go back in time a bit in order to explain the situation who would have thought I'd end up in the hospital my name is Kenji watabe and I'm.

A businessman working at a normal company I was taking my time walking home from work the other day when a man sleeping behind the wheel ran into me I'm alive but I hit my arm and broke a bone as a result I had to be hospitalized for a while man I have to be in the hospital for a while what am I going to do about.

My job shouldn't you be more worried about your health Reyna this is Reina okada and she's the nurse in charge of me while I'm at the hospital she's also my ex-girlfriend Rayna and I were dating in high school but she suddenly dumped me one day I don't know why she broke up with me.

But after leaving me without any explanation we completely stopped being in contact I still haven't forgotten about her though I know it's bad but I haven't stopped being in love with her why are you smirking I was just happy that I got to see you again.

Stop daydreaming and don't call me by my name if we're close but you're Reina it's okada-san what my name is okada-san okay Renaissance you I can't just call you okada-sanas if we're strangers all of a sudden come on we're nothing more than strangers you're nothing more than an awful person in my eyes now.

You don't need to be like that have you completely forgotten what you did to me when we were in high school I had to pray until you have anyways don't act so friendly with me from now on I'm a nurse and you're a patient that's what we are understand yes ma'am either way let your body rest for now okay.

Don't move around without supervision or go crazy because you're bored she left so she does hate me but what did I do to her back then I don't remember doing anything to hurt her if only I knew the reason she hates me so much I was thinking about things like that.

And before I knew it I fell asleep Kenji who to be together forever right of course forever and ever we're always going to be together I want to marry you Reina after we graduate high school and get comfortable with our jobs I want to make you my wife oh you were thinking that far ahead.

I'm serious about our relationship Reyna I don't think I'll love anyone more than I love you that's how much you mean to me I don't think I'll ever meet anyone that I love I love it thank you Reina so was that a proposal oh no no I'll propose properly when the time comes I'm.

Planning to make reservations at a restaurant with a pretty view of the sunset and everything sounds like a romantic movie but I'm really excited about that of course you better be oh by the way it's almost your birthday isn't it oh you've remembered what kind of boyfriend doesn't remember his girl's birthday.

I even put a notification in my phone's calendar so that I won't forget oh thank you that's sweet anyways your birthday's on a weekend this year so do you want to go somewhere together we can go to the amusement park or the aquarium and have dinner after that we can do that the 11th is the day that the.

Love of my life was born we had to celebrate extravagantly thank you Kenji I love you I thought we were going to celebrate her birthday happily but the day before her birthday what are you saying all of a sudden what happened anymore you.

You be in a relationship with hold on Reina Reina Reina what was I dreaming what an awful dream still why did Reina dump me she said I betrayed her but I seriously.

Have no clue what she was talking about I can't believe I'm not over her even after she told me she hated me I hope we can try to fix things while I'm hospitalized but she's the nurse in charge of me but she's working after all I guess I won't be able to see her around much.

Or so I thought but what's up son I'm here to check your blood pressure Reyna I told you my name oh I'm sorry just whatever come on give me your arm I can't spend all day here I have to get this over quickly and are you smirking again I was just thinking about how happy I am.

To be able to see you again what are you saying gosh stop daydreaming and give me your arm yes ma'am a few hours later what's up I already had my blood pressure taken I know that jeez I came by to see if you're staying in bed like you need to we can't have you walking around or.

Exploring without permission I won't do that I'm not a kid who knows I know that you act like a child sometimes and you're hardly the type that stays patient if you find something that piques your interest you'll suddenly move you see through everything Reina of course I know.

I know why are you sighing it's nothing but still I guess it's fine if you're staying in bed stay there and get plenty of rest resting is a big part of getting better okay after lunch what time is on did you eat all of your lunch I did I didn't know hospital food nowadays is so delicious I was surprised we served.

Normal food unless the patient has something wrong with their digestive system or if the doctor orders them not to eat I was happy that there was dessert your appetite is still like a little kids is it that bad I guess it's not it's cute that was one of the things I loved about.

Him Kenji hasn't changed at all huh what's wrong Reina um it's nothing I'm going to take your plates now thank you it would be a hassle if you tried to carry things on your own and accidentally fell down you're a patient so rely on the nurses to do things you can't do anyways I'll see you later a few hours later but.

Tabasan does your body feel sickly oh right I do feel kind of dirty I'll help you clean up then are you sure I can do it myself you can't reach your back can you it'll be a hassle if you force yourself and end up making your hospital stay longer I'll do it for you thanks you are I feel so much better having my sweat.

Wiped off stop sounding like an old man sorry sorry but having you take care of me makes me remember old times you came all the way to my house when I got sick you did your best to take care of me you've always been a nice girl you remember that I haven't forgotten any of the memories we made together they're all important to me you know.

Not something you should be saying to your ex-girlfriend here I'm done wipe the front of your body on your own okay thank you Reina this is part of my job it's not like I'm doing it because of you don't get any misunderstandings okay I know that but it does feel nice when someone that.

I love takes care of me what are you saying geez she's saying weird things in wipe the towel is going to get cold oh right I'll do it right now gosh just like that for some reason Reina came to check on me quite often one day I can't sleep.

It's hard to sleep when I'm just laying around all day but tub is on are you sleeping Reina I knew you'd be awake it's hard to sleep at night when I've been laying around all day I understand that but you'll be sleeping during the day if you don't sleep now then he'll fall asleep during the day.

And not be able to sleep again at night you're going to mess up your circadian rhythm it might be okay while you're in the hospital but it'll be hard when you get back to normal life you're right but if you understand go sleep now fine oh wait it's almost your birthday isn't it.

You remembered it's your birthday Reina I'd never forget it anyways if you'd like I wanted to do something to celebrate celebrate my birthday yo I should be out of the hospital by your birthday would you like to have dinner with me your girlfriend is going to be bad if.

You do things like that girlfriend I don't have a girlfriend I haven't dated anyone since we broke up huh really you're not with anyone then I guess you could celebrate my birthday really yeah be excited for it okay okay I will so get better soon okay hand in order to get better hurry up and go to sleep I will a few days later Ken.

Chan are you okay are you alive youco you're here I heard you're in the hospital kimchon sorry I couldn't come earlier it's fine I'm happy that you're here now either way I can't believe you got run over I bet you weren't paying attention come on you should be able to stop a car with one hand or something there's no way you've always been so.

Hopeless without me ken-chan you know you can rely on me a lot more than you do now don't you that's you're such a shy boy kenjan hey stop it don't be so clingy with me it's fine it's fine it's not fine it's time to clean your body oh hello you go you can get away from me now why are you so shy this is how we've.

Always been kanchan they've always been together at the hip like this come on you can't just use that as an excuse you said you didn't have a girlfriend you lied you've been dating her this whole time what Reina even when we were in high school you told me you loved me but you were secretly dating other girls behind.

My back Reyna what are you talking about I know this girl that you were cheating on me with I'm done honestly you're an I I do you you lawyer wait a minute Reina um Ken Chan the nurse is crying is everything okay it's not okay and I.

Think she misunderstood everything I'm going to go find her what wait cash on Reina hold on no let go of me hit me you cheated hold on hold on it's all a misunderstanding she isn't my girlfriend she's my cousin to lie to me like that.

I know the truth you've been dating that girl since high school happened to you what why would I date my cousin stop acting clueless I saw you two walking together with linked arms the day before my birthday we're the only one for me Kenji I always loved you thought you felt the same way.

You're awful you cheated on me a few days before my birthday Reina it's a misunderstanding we might have been linking arms but you cheater you liar you love someone other than me didn't you that's not it she was helping me choose a birthday present for you Reina what kind of excuse is that it's not an excuse it's.

The truth you go I follow you out here because I was worried um Irena sound right it's my cousin there's nothing sketchy between us besides I'm married what really I married the man I've been dating since high school and we even have a child see look.

Oh and that day when we were in high school I was just helping him choose a birthday present uh oh he didn't know that it dumped Kenji because of a misunderstanding I'm so sorry I I don't cry Reina it's my fault for not clearing things up.

With you too I'm sorry too I was so close to him and caused this whole mess don't apologize I was only thinking about myself and didn't listen to what you had to say Kenji I'm so sorry listen Reina even after you dumped me I never stopped loving you.

Do you think you'll give us another chance I haven't been able to forget about you either Kenji I love you so use of course just like that our misunderstanding was finally cleared up after all those years I was released from the hospital after that and started dating Reina with.

Marriage in mind after the misunderstanding was cleared up Yuko and Reina became so close that they would even hang out together sometimes apparently I wasn't allowed to interfere in girl talk so I'm the odd one out sometimes while I am happy that the two of them are close.

I do feel a bit sad too a few days later happy birthday Reina thank you Kenji I finally get to celebrate your birthday you know I've been wanting to celebrate your special day for so long I'm happy that I get to spend my birthday with you too please celebrate my birthday with me.

Again next year and the year after that too of course I will I love you Kenji thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well