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[Manga Dub] My online friend was a gorgeous girl…!? [RomCom]


I'm katsuki hanagara I'm a doll sophomore in college I used to be excited about the campus life of my dreams but being a dull guy with poor communication skills there was no way I could fit in with the extroverted crowd so I was living a lonely college life all by myself speaking of the blind date party what.

Should we do with the Lost person blind date party that's nice I've never been invited to one of those before that's right oh hey anagata you free next week what uh I'm free okay then you're coming to the party too no way I never thought I would get invited.

But why you're just the right person to make us stand out oh yeah for sure he's playing dorky and has a dark vibe I got my hopes up a little bit but that's why yeah come all you have to do is sit there well you're not gonna be able to take a girl home even if you try.

Uh fine I'll go I'm the type of person who gets used conveniently and can't say no that's me uh how pathetic okay Quest complete my Escape is this online game I've been playing for a while now I don't have any friends so I have a lot.

Of time on my hands before I knew it I was at a pretty high level and I spent a lot of time helping newbies and people in need with their quests thanks you were a great help again and the guy I'm doing the quest with right now has been an online friend of mine for over a year.

I've been helping him since he was a beginner and he's gotten pretty strong since then speaking of which where do you live katsuki I'm in Tokyo ah I live in Tokyo too so you live pretty close but let's have an offline meeting I'd like to hang out with you an offline meeting.

I've never done that before well I've known this guy for a long time besides it would be good practice for my real life communication skills yeah sure yes okay the schedule is and on the day of the meeting it's finally time I accepted the invite on the spur of the moment but oh no.

What if a scary person comes along calm down we've known each other for a year even if it's online no matter how scary he looks it won't be a um katsuki Kuhn is that you ah yes problem it was a big problem oh thank goodness I.

Didn't get the wrong guy huh what's wrong did I mistake you for someone else after all uh a girl oh my avatar was a male character wasn't it I'm sorry once again my name is nice to meet you you're joking all right where shall we.

Go on I've been thinking a lot about what kind of person was going to come but I didn't expect this I barely have experience hanging out with anyone let alone a girl yes what's wrong you're so quiet well um are you bored with me by any.

Chance no not at all I'm just too nervous to speak then please say something it'll be sad if you don't talk Jana says son Kana is fine calling by name already Kana why do you use a male character oh that's because I don't like it when guys come to me when I use a female.

Character what I've always been asked out by guys if I get approached by guys I don't even know well being this beautiful some were pretty pushy that's why I'm not good with guys so even in games I used a male character because I didn't want to be hit on huh but then why did you come hang out with me.

are you curious well why would she invite me if she doesn't like guys that much I wanted to meet you for a long time katsuki Kun what you're always kind not only to me but to others as well I couldn't see with ulterior motives.

That's why I was curious I imagined you'd be a really nice guy unlike any guy I've known before uh I feel kind of bad I may have been a Dependable high-level character online but in reality I'm a dull guy with poor communication skills and no redeeming qualities as expected you really are nice huh I.

Know we just met but I feel at ease when I'm with you katsuki Koon really yes I like you katsuki Koon what she she likes me is she making fun of me how about you katsuki Kun what about my first impression uh I uh I think you're cute it's nice to be called cute but it just.

Looks even if you say that we've only just met I thought you were a guy when we were playing games so I wasn't conscious of you at all well that's okay you'll get to know me from now on what whoa hey I want you to like me too so please find out a lot about me today.

Yes does she actually like me I mean for someone like me who has no experience with girls I'm on the verge of getting knocked out when a cute girl like this holds my hand it was a pretty good movie wasn't it yeah it was who would have thought someone like me.

Who doesn't watch movies going on a date with a girl and I got to see katsukun's good side what remember the kid dropped his popcorn and cried just before the reception oh yeah and then you've had over and bought him a new popcorn I thought wow katsukun's so nice to everyone.

Anyone would do that if someone cries in front of you you can't Overlook it is a very nice person um what is it you suck marshmallows are it's on purpose what it's getting pretty dark yeah it's getting late so let's get.

Going soon I'm disappointed what I still don't feel like I don't feel like you like me yet no it's not like that that's right do you live alone katsuki yeah I do uh I see living alone is inconvenient isn't it.

Cleaning and cooking for yourself well yeah I guess so so let's live together what I'm perfectly capable of cooking doing laundry and every other household chore wait a minute moving in together out of the blue I'm more useful than a Roomba that's not the point.

You don't want to no I mean then let's go what and so dinner's ready thanks wow that's a lot I did my best for katsuki Koon and so kanasan and I started living together I'll clean your room you can't always take care of things.

Then I'll do it with you okay okay did everything for me whoa hey why are you coming in I'll wash your back no no no no it's okay it's okay but it's kind of hard to watch it happen you live alone.

True she might have been doing a little too much for me okay let's go to bed um I'll sleep on the floor so you can take the bed nope we're sleeping together but when you live alone you don't get to sleep together as much as you'd like is there something wrong with that come.

On let's go to bed he'll catch a cold uh all right it's warm your marshmallows hey husky I'm so happy now I'm sorry I'm the only one happy but the truth is me too.

I'm uh I'm happy I think I liked you from the moment I met you but I was so confused and surprised that I couldn't sort it out now I understand clearly I like you kanasan so if you like please go out with me yes of course and so kanasan and I decided to go out.

With each other good morning kanastan fortunately yesterday's incident was not a dream and kanasan Was preparing breakfast for me such a beautiful girl as my girlfriend and we live together maybe it really is a dream speaking of which I have plans this.

Evening so I'll make dinner and leave it for you in the evening what's wrong nothing you don't have to cook dinner I have plans today too oh I see I totally forgot today is the day of the blind date party now that I have kanasan I probably shouldn't really go but if I cancel now it will cause.

Trouble for the others besides I'm just there to make up the numbers so I don't have anything to be guilty of well it doesn't matter as long as she doesn't find out there's no problem there were a lot of problems she was here.

Why why is kanasan here why are you going to a blind date party when you have a boyfriend I can't speak for others but hey Connor what do you usually do for fun I play games oh I play a lot of games too what kind of games do you play anything everyone's after kanasan they're really aggressive.

are you looking at Hannah gotta stop it kind of John it's no fun to look at such a dull boring guy that's right I just invited him here today to make up the numbers huh that's right I'm just here to make up the numbers I have no reason.

Uh I have to use the bathroom yeah you don't have to come back just pay the bill I'm so pathetic in front of kanasan ah cheating whoa going to a blind date party and hiding it from your girlfriend.

No it's just like they said I'm only here to make up the numbers hmm connor-san you too why are you here at a blind date party same for me too see I even have evidence of the exchange uh you're right you didn't believe me.

No no it's not like that I was joking well what should we do let's just go through with it until it's time to go home for now okay let's do that also hmm you should choose your friends carefully guys like them don't fit you katsuki Kun they're not my friends in the first place.

Where do you live somewhere in Kanto what's your ideal type of man someone who doesn't talk to me who's your type among all of us a fly that just passed in front of me he's not noisy whoa that's a hell of a cold attitude and the guys around her don't seem to be.

Discouraged oh I'll take your plate thanks that's very thoughtful you have an empty glass would you like something to drink yeah I think I'll have a whiskey Coke next if anyone wants a salad I'll serve it oh I'll eat I'll eat thanks I guess it's a habit from playing games I tend to be more aware of my surroundings.

Her ah that was fun hey Kana what are you doing after this you're coming to the after party right yes I'm coming oh seriously connachan's finally opening up to us I'm only going with katsukun though no way why are you going with a guy like hanagada.

Do you have a problem I don't think he deserves to be treated like that what come on let's go yeah oh oh well let's go to the after party with the remaining six of us then what me too I won't go if katsukun's not there wait what part of that dull guy tall guy he's kind considerate and nice you guys are incompetent people who just.

Talk it's boring to be with you the three of us are going to get another drink you were quite popular weren't you what I don't think so that you don't realize it makes it even worse even if you say so.

It's true that I like husky kun's kind and gentle nature to everyone but in exchange for being kind to everyone you have to be twice as kind to me yes I mean I have no intention of getting involved with any woman other than kanasan in the future.

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