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[Manga Dub] My parents married my childhood friend and I on my 18th Birthday…!? [RomCom]


My name is kanaha Kanai I'm 17 and a senior at a top level high school one day I was getting ready to go home hey do you want to head home now kind of hakun she's a dignified woman with a confident posture her name is ribiharize she's also 17. we are childhood friends who are born on the same day our parents raised us like siblings since we arrived.

In this world she's beautiful and friendly and she's athletic and academically outstanding however she's a different person at home do you think I did all right today do you think anybody noticed how introverted I actually am don't worry about me huh you held up your ex perfectly do you promise yes.

Don't you believe me okay yeah I believe you the real we are as a timid introvert was a slightly negative mindset that's all find her attractive but she would never agree with me she's scared of getting bullied if any of her schoolmates found out a true self that's why she pretends to be an extroverted school on top of that she.

Believes being an excellent student would help prevent hate towards her she spends most of her time studying and training her body to get good grades at school I understand why she has to go that far I've never seen anybody work so hard to achieve what they want admire and respecter and I'm in love with her uh hey is something wrong you're staring.

At me oh no do I have something on my face as you can see self-conscious oh it's nothing you look beautiful today oh my gosh you will have to flatter me not that I'm complaining is always ready to compliment me he protects me and he is my number one supporter it's been like this since we.

Were just kids we spent most of our time together when we were children I always thought katahakun didn't enjoy my company and that he was pretending to be happy around me that's why I suggested something you can go anywhere you want you don't have to stay by my side what why would I do that.

I have the most fun when I'm around you maybe hot Shawn I wish we could stay together forever oh okay I'm not the most fun person to be around that's why his reply meant so much to me I think that's when I first started falling for Kana hakun and now I am head over heels for him so excited for a birthday party next.

Week me too I'm duster I I'm worried about what our parents will give us yeah they can get quite creative remember what they gave us last year the pillows their faces sewn onto them the day of the birthday party our families get together to celebrate together every year since we're re-high my birthdays on the same day happy birthday thank you.

There's one more thing to celebrate this year congratulations on your marriage guys what I don't think I'm following mom do you remember how you filled in a marriage registration form when you were kids we went to the city hall and handed it in today you were both so lucky to.

Have such caring parents if you haven't noticed our mothers are close friends not even named us similar names they're both little children trapped in adult bodies and they like to pull pranks on us they never know when to stop you guys sit down you're gonna need a proper explanation from you both.

You're gonna stay here until you explain what the heck is going on yes sir details is not going to go easy on them for sure he is in charge of scolding our prankster mothers and I love how serious he gets when he's lecturing them it's nice to watch we only did it because we thought you would be happy about it plus.

It's our Dream for you two to get married I I don't see what we did wrong I mean getting married sir he has my dream as well but this isn't the way I wanted it to happen I want to make sure this is what she wants a marriage is supposed to happen when the consent of both sides you can't marry two people without their permission.

Please go down to City Hall and tell him it was a mistake no we have a new place for you and baby Hood to live together you can't be serious about this I bought you and Ruby her a place as a joint birthday present we spent precious money on it can't you live together for a bit we can get the marriage annulled if.

Things don't work out what do you think I already told you what I think okay I understand we'll live together rihad what the heck man mother we will live together for a while but if we decide to get the marriage annulled you guys don't get a say in it and you have to promise never to pull anything like this ever again we'll try living.

Together if you promise US that is that okay is in school mode she's so cool okay I'll do it I promise thank you I give you my word as well and so the decision was made we started living together we didn't have to do much since all our belongings had already been moved to our new house I'm.

Sorry I hope you forgive me I shouldn't have agreed without your consent it's okay I think you handled it exactly the way you should have otherwise I would have given up on the idea oh I almost forgot I have a present for you I bought a stuffed animal this year oh how cute thank you I bought you a plastic model of a kitty.

Thanks I love this plastic models are awesome Mix Change birthday presents every year Maria loves dogs and I love cats that's why my parents are always animal based I'm getting nervous thinking about living with Ruby huh but we should enjoy the time we spend together once her trial period is over I might.

Never get to be with her again because I mean oh my goodness I know I suggested it but I can't believe I'm actually moving in with I have to be careful not to do anything to disgust him but even if we get along well or separate ways once the trial period is over there is no way we will end up staying married no matter how.

Much I want it and so our life together began well are we here huh everything tastes so good do you really think so I practice cooking so I could get good grades in home economics I'm so proud of you everybody huh oh my gosh stop fold the laundry don't touch that.

could you have mad cleaning skills my mom never gleans anything I'm always the one who has to keep the house tidy she's lucky to have you need to take good care of a home we both needed to study for exams so living together was more like being at a study Camp however I enjoy spending time.

With ruiha it made me aware of how much I love being around her having a close felt right and I was soon hoping for a time together to never end one day I was studying my room when I heard something I opened the door to check what it was really I was lying on the floor unconscious I need to call an ambulance wait take her to the hospital will be.

Faster I rushed out of the house and carried her to the nearest hospital I was feeling too drowsy when I opened my eyes however I I know I fainted um are you the prince who saved me not exactly it's just gonna not a prince got a hakun oh uh well you're already like a prince to me oh my gosh I can't believe I just said that's how embarrassing uh.

Pretend you didn't hear that anyways are we at a hospital thank you for bringing me here and I'm sorry for all the trouble I put you through it's okay it wasn't trouble at all I should be the one apologizing to you the doctor told me you fainted because of fatigue he said there was nothing to be worried about but I should have noticed that you.

Weren't feeling well I'm so sorry please don't apologize it's not your fault I have a lot to do because I have a reputation to uphold I mean I'm scared to think about what the other students would say about me if I didn't get a good grade and I suck at sports they'll say I'm just a pretty face with nothing inside it's terrifying her.

Social status is putting too much pressure on her if that's the case I'll make sure to protect you from any harmful comments I promise I'll stop but whoever bad mouths you so I want you to stop overworking yourself I will protect you no matter what.

Okay I promise I'll go easier on myself I believe in you I'm confident that you'll protect me I got your back really huh I knew it kanahakun is my prince charming the next day maybe I was feeling much better we left the hospital to go home together on the way we met you're finally home we need to talk this woman is a teacher at.

Our school she is known to be the most Relentless faculty member and what does she want from us I happen to be around when kanahakun ran out of his place with you in his arms Phoebe Hassan I know neither of your parents live here because this address is not registered at the school do you both live here together alone yes.

We do is there a problem with that here we are immediately switched on her school mode the moment she saw the teacher of course there's a problem with it you're both high school students please don't raise your voice you are causing a scene why don't you come in we can talk inside you need to go back to your homes at once we can't have anybody.

Finding out about this because ruin our school's reputation I understand we'll go back as soon as possible that was easier than I thought it would be neither kanahakun nor I want to ruin the school's reputation we don't want to risk anything I know you don't mean that you don't care about living with him do you what do you mean by that Ravi house.

Son you are a pretty girl I'm pretty sure Kana hakun isn't the only boyfriend you have you're glad I caught you since living together would restrict your freedom from seeing other boy toys baby Hassan is too perfect I hate girls like her you better shed that filthy mouth right now what did you not hear me I told you to.

Stop degrading her what the hell do you know about her you're free to feel jealous all you want but I will not let you hurt the love of my life Hannah hakun's if you make rage mode has switched on he sounds Furious and it's so attractive dare you talk to a faculty member like that I'll have to report you for that we.

Will go back to our own homes if that's all you came here to talk about you can leave now fine I'm leaving after the teacher left I'm sorry I feel awful I shouldn't have decided by myself I couldn't help myself I became so tough and decisive when I'm in school mode hey I'm not angry with you I don't want to Trash the School.

Name either it was the right choice to make also I want to thank you for standing up for me it meant a lot you know I promise you I will protect you because I'm the love of your life huh you said I was the love of your life earlier when you told the teacher you wouldn't let her hurt me I felt the same way about you you're the most important.

Person in my life I don't want to imagine living away from you now because I can't stand the thought of being away from you feelings for you ever since we were kids they only get stronger every day I have a question for you but you live with me after we graduate again yes I was going to suggest that as well.

I can't wait to live with you again I love everything about you really huh it doesn't matter if you're in middle school or houseboat everything about me huh I'm so relieved to see you haven't changed at all you've always been the only one who accepted everything I am and you have no idea how much having you by my side has saved me.

You're the one who gives meaning to my life really huh I'm always here for you they thank you that day we became girlfriend and boyfriend and promised to return to the apartment after graduation we both went back to our parents house not much shame since we had had the freedom to visit each other at any time we supported each.

Other through many long days of studying to get into the same University soon we were finished with exams we graduated from high school and returned to our apartment it's been a while since her last year yes it's been too long there's something I want to show you today Ruby huh what is it I reach into my bag and pulled it.

Out this is the marriage registration form we filled out when we were playing a house yep I talked to the City Hall employee about our situation he returned the marriage form to me I see I didn't realize how badly he wanted.

To understand I'll leave the apartment right away goodbye wait that's not what I meant let me explain I was hoping we could go to the City Hall to get our marriage registered together I mean it's a Once in a Lifetime event I want to experience it with you and what I'm saying is will you marry me I can't imagine my life without having.

You by my side Ruby huh really I feel the same way cut a hakun the thing is we wrote this when we were kids writing is too messy you want to rewrite it hmm my mind's wandered bags when we wrote our names in The Forum we were 10 years old you guys why don't you go play house wow that sounds like a great idea geez.

Obvious much they're definitely up to something and no intention of playing house I um I want to play house is that okay huh oh sure great let's pick a scene how about you two are a couple about to get married oh and you can fill out a marriage registration form.

This is a pretty specific moment what is going on nothing it's just for fun here you can use this to play this is the real one yes this is inviting of real one sounds so exciting scribble scribble hey she's already started oh well it's just for fun I'm sure our mother is prepared a paper on purpose.

They were planning this marriage from the very start I want to keep it this way it'll mean more to me if we turn it in like this did you know I hope to get married to you for real but I wrote my name here kind of hakun I had no idea but to tell you the truth I was thinking the same thing I kept imagining what it would be like.

To see you in a wedding dress it took us this long to realize we liked each other I agree we went to the City Hall together and had our marriage registered I will never forget the moments we became true Partners For Life that's what I knew I would do anything to protect our future.

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