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Hey isn't that him you know that guy he's still coming to school who knows whether he'll do something like that again seriously I wonder why they didn't expel him no it wasn't me I didn't do anything I said it wasn't me who did that I joled out of bed a dream huh I looked around my room and it was calmed by The Familiar surroundings it's been.

So long since I've had a dream of what happened back then why now of all times it was a question without an answer my name is Yuki kanoya hailing from the countryside I'm currently a normal third-year student at a second rate University in the city now that I think about it dad said he'd be sending me something soon though he didn't tell me.

Exactly what I'm kind of curious knowing him it's probably going to be something weird oh speak of the devil indeed when I looked at the image shown on my built-in door monitor I got the shock of my life huh huh could it be no no there's no way she would ever come to my place I.

Hurriedly rubbed my eyes and squinted at the monitor again as I thought she wasn't just a figment of my imagination I opened the door as fast as I could the girl standing there was my classmate from high school Kachi Akim Mizu long time no see Kachi Akim Mizu yeah was my classmate she was also the most popular girl in our high school good-looking and.

Intelligent with exceptional athletic skills to boot on top of that she was also well known as the young lady of a famous family truly an unparalleled presence in a small high school like ours actually even I had a crush on her in hindsight such a relationship wouldn't have been impossible the fact was that we already knew each other by.

Virtue of being in the same class and she talked more to me than she did to anybody else in hindsight such a relationship wouldn't have been impossible but back then I could never bring myself to take that final step because I always had the thought that we weren't suited for each other and then because of a certain.

Incident we stopped talking all together and so the first buds of Love died without even getting the chance to bloom but how is she more beautiful than before though her whole vibe hasn't really changed I was assaulted by a sudden wave of nostalgia why are you here AK Mizu I was asked by your father to deliver something to your.

Place huh so this is my father's doing it's true that she's carrying a parcel with her so that could be part of it but I can't imagine she came all the way here just to deliver such a small thing uh for now why don't you come in and tell me more don't mind if I do then I invited Akim Mizu inside and asked her to tell me the story from the beginning.

According to what she said my father and her father became acquainted with each other recently while out drinking at a bar and apparently with their minds addled by alcohol they decided to arrange an engagement between Akim Mizu and me come to think of it who goes making a deal like that all on their own old man I called my father right then.

And there oh looks like your delivery arrived without issue dad what the hell did you do and you didn't have the courtesy to tell me beforehand huh I didn't well the small details don't matter anyway what you missed out was not a small detail wait are you drinking right now yeah I'm off from work today NAA has.

An off day today too so we're drinking together I'm going to pass the phone to your future father-in-law now hello you must be Yuki it's nice to finally speak to you oh hello I've heard a lot about you from kazuaki you sound like exactly the kind of person I want for my son-in-law you think so what on Earth did my father tell him about me my.

Daughter seems to like you too so I agreed right away I'll be leaving my daughter in your capable hands then hold on a moment she's your precious daughter are you sure you want to just wait he hung up um kenoa here this is the thing my father sent me what's inside when I opened the parcel there was only a bundle of Bank notes they were tied.

Together by a ribbon with the word congratulations written on it what the hell is this congratulations what does he mean congratulations also our fathers told me to get you to sign this after pass passing you the parcel the acknowledgement of delivery right at least there's one thing they're being.

Careful about wait looking more closely isn't this a marriage registration form with Akim isu's name and signature already on it too no no no I can't sign this do you mean I'm not good enough to be your wife you don't want me by your side that's not what I mean at all if there's anyone who's not good enough it's me but Akim Mizu are you sure about.

This even though I know you already wrote your name on there I'm sure this is what I came here for after all why do you want to marry somebody like me because I want to spend the rest of my life with you is that reason good enough I mean it's definitely good enough I wanted to know why she thought that way but I didn't want to make her feel like.

I was interrogating her by pushing about it details aside I can't help but feel kind of happy at the thought of getting engaged to akiu I mean this is the same akiu I've had a crush on ever since high school let's not ask her reasons for now at the very least I can tell that Akim Mizu genuinely likes me even though she knows my history if so does that mean.

It's okay for me to sign my name on this form no it's not that simple once I sign it there's no going back aimu give me some time to think about it I deserve that much after you suddenly springing a marriage registration form on me right now my brain hasn't really caught up to the situation I think I'm too disoriented to make an informed decision.

I understand in that case what do you think about a trial period for our engagement I think that you'll have an easier time making a decision after getting to know me more in saying that just for this short period of time please let me stay at your apartment I guess you're right if you don't mind I'm fine with you staying at my place anyway.

If I let you go back now I'm scared of what our fathers will do next when I think about them plotting I get chills down my spine so that's a yes to me staying here right I'm so glad I'll prove to you that I'm worthy of being your bride Canoa so please count on me uh sure I'll be in your care that was how we started living together I never.

Expected it to be so heart-throbbing Bittersweet akima was so dedicated that it was praiseworthy not only did she cook three meals for us every single day she also did the cleaning and the laundry the most impressive thing was she was doing it all while commuting to and from University which was 1 hour away now that I'm seeing her domestic.

Side I found myself falling for her even more even though she's a perfect woman from every angle I look she's actually a bit of an airhead too for example Canoa Canya H he's not waking up in that case aimu what are you oh good morning you weren't waking up so I thought maybe a kiss would do the trick remember the scene where the prince kissed Sleeping.

Beauty to wake her up I thought you might wake up too if I did the same thing no I think that kiss only worked because it was the prince doing it and again on another day excuse me aimu why are you here I came to scrub your back no I can't let you do that and I already finished washing my body anyway should I wash your hair for you then I've done.

That too can you please just get out how disappointing and so as I tried my best not to get a heart attack the days passed calmly as I gazed at Akim mizu's sleeping face I fell even more in love with her I realized that my feelings for her never really went away at all but as those feelings got stronger the shadow lurking.

In my heart grew bigger and bigger that night I brooded over things alone in the living room you couldn't fall asleep Canoa sorry did I wake you up not at all I sleeping today too so don't worry about it why do you want to marry me aimu in high school there was a time when I was being stubbornly pursued by kunimitsu do you remember him back then.

You were the one who told him that I was your girlfriend and that you wouldn't forgive him if he didn't back off that was when I fell in love with you oku hio kuniu huh yeah I remember I see Akim Mizu has liked me for that long I didn't realize at all my gaze became became distant as I started thinking about the past back then this guy called okiko.

Kunimitsu harassed Akim Mizu at every opportunity he was the son of some big shot CEO and so managed to get away with every bad thing he did he went around with a group of his Lackey and did whatever he wanted he was self-centered and egotistical from beginning to end I've never met a worse guy than okiko kunimitsu partly because they didn't.

Dare to challenge kunimitsu no one ever looked in AK M's Direction when he was talking to her but I couldn't ignore the fact that the girl I liked was in trouble so I protected her from him by claiming to be her boyfriend right at that moment a teacher passing by noticed the commotion and kuniu had no choice but to quietly withdraw after that Akim.

Mizu and I were closer than ever before now that I think about it those were probably my best days in high school and then that happened during PE class A girl's school uniform disappeared while she was changing the first measure me taken was of course to search the belongings of every student in the class in the end the uniform was found in my.

Gym bag the thing was I had no memory of putting it in there but kunimitsu called me out as a criminal and incited the masses against me I finally realized that this was all part of his plan but I had no way to prove it I couldn't tell anyone that he was the real culprit in all of that akimo was the only one who defended me she said there was no way.

I'd ever do something like that she asked them to investigate everything properly but because our home room teacher saw me as the prime suspect he called me out by myself to interrogate me naturally I denied any part in the theft no matter what they accused me of I refused to budge it wasn't me I said I'm innocent I said as a result they.

Ended up saying that there was some kind of mistake with the girl's uniform and it was somehow mixed up with the things in my gym bag it was a highly unsatisfactory and ambiguous conclusion the teachers investigating this probably did it this way because they wanted to close the matter as quickly as possible although this.

Didn't go on my record with my innocence not conclusively proven School turned into hell for me I endured treatment for my fellow schoolmates so horrible that it can't be put into words but I grip my teeth and bore with it refusing to be driven from school because if I ran it would be like admitting my guilt akima was the only one who cared about how I.

Was feeling but I forced myself to keep my distance I couldn't let her be outcast because of me I had to be the only Target so I intentionally pushed Akim Mizu away the only good thing that came out of that hell was that I was somehow able to graduate at the end from there I was able to enter a university and that's why where I am now.

Aimu if you're doing this to pay me back for what happened in high school you don't have to there should be lots of guys out there that match you better than me I can't deny that there is an element of atonement involved but more than that I decided to marry you because I never stopped liking you I want to be together with you for the rest of my.

Life if only because you were the one who protected me back then but these are just my own feelings if you really don't want to just say the word and I won't pester you anymore aimu I have a morning lecture at University tomorrow so I'm going to bed now good night that weekend I went out alone misu had left earlier saying there.

Was something she needed to do she also asked me to be home in the evening I wonder why maybe there's something she wants to tell me I don't really have much to do so I should be able to make it back for now why don't I go look for the reference book I want in that Bookstore over there right as I was thinking that oh you over there you're.

Koo ya right COI mitsu never thought I'd see you here I thought for sure you'd already been arrested for being being a uniform Thief you should be chewing on Prison grub right now what this guy did something like that yeah he hit a girl's uniform in his bag when we were in high school knowing him he probably sniffed it and did other stuff to it too gross.

Right ew what a creep wouldn't it be better to call the cops on him well that's all water under the bridge now but seeing you walk all by yourself the fact that you have no friends or girlfriend hasn't changed huh just recently I took over my father's position as CEO and I have such a cute girlfriend too compared to me you're.

Just a loser with nothing to your name damn you who do I have to thank for that but I couldn't say a word against him not when I lacked the evidence and the means to prove the truth the frustration of me not being able to do anything overwhelmed me gripped by a sense of immense helplessness I could only stand there in silence.

At that moment Yuki sorry for making you wait Akim Mizu suddenly appeared beside me Akim Mizu why are you here wait more importantly why are you acting so close to him why you ask because we're engaged of course this is a normal thing for us engaged you got to be kidding this is a joke right come on aimu give up on that guy and come to me compared to that.

Loser a CEO like me is obviously better no thanks I've already given both my body and my heart to Yuki your body and your heart you don't mean you two have already done everything damn it I'm jealous I'm so jealous oh God what kind of horrible punishment have you inflicted on me oh right there's something Mr new CEO here should know.

Many of your company's major suppliers are part of the same corporate group that all belong to my father it would be in your best interests not to forget that leaving those words behind Akim Mizu pulled me away as we were leaving I heard the beginnings of a fierce argument behind us well not that I was surprised I'm sorry for talking over you.

When I heard what that horrible man said I lost my head and just I won't take advantage of this to force you to become my fiance or anything so please don't worry about that no you don't have to apologize I should be thanking you for standing up for me honestly I was really happy and I liked how my first name sounded when you said it getting to hear.

Your true feelings said out loud like that was priceless to me I feel like my heart lightening up for the first time in a long time I'm glad you feel that way um can I continue calling you by your first name in the future then sure if you're fine with it thank you you too please call me kamachi okay I'll do that in that case I'll be counting on you.

Once again Yuki I'll be in your care as well Kachi we looked at each other and smiled even though calling each other by our first name seemed like such a little thing I felt like something between us had shifted irrevocably uh oh no there's still something I need to do I'm sorry I can't.

Stay any longer no don't worry about it if there's something urgent you need to do hurry up and go I'm really sorry I'll see you later then I watched her until she was completely out of sight I could feel how hard my heart was beating just now just like how it did back then I guess i' never let go of my feelings for.

Her it's time I stopped lying to myself as the intense emotions swelled in my heart I quietly made my decision in the evening the moment I stepped into the living room I was greeted with a loud pop and a burst of colorful confetti happy birthday Yuki this is today's your birthday so I tried.

Planning a small birthday surprise for you as a side note today's actually my birthday too so I made it a celebration for both of us I see I never imagined that I would get to celebrate my birthday like this this year it must have been hard making all this fancy food the cake especially looks like it came out of a gourmet Bakery you can.

Tell I cooked with all of my passion today and I put extra effort into baking the cake it's for our birthday so I tried making little chocolate models of a married couple now please take your seat oh hold on a moment I'll be right back I walked out of the living room thanks for waiting here this is your present the this is it's a surprise.

Present from me I would have given it to you today even if it wasn't your birthday though I am so happy I never thought that you would surprise me back with this not even in my wildest dreams I'm the one that's supposed to surprise you I can't let you one up me like this so I have one more surprise present for you wiping her tears away komachi slowly.

Approached me she she's too close and she smells so good right as I was thinking that she suddenly leaned in and kissed me I stiffened in shock in an instant I felt my entire body flamed to life Yuki I really really like you no I love you let's be happy together from now on I love you too komachi I'll do my best to make you happy from now on I put.

Her into a strong hug as I savored her gentle warmth within my arms I only had one thought that this moment right here was the reason I lived up until now this our 22nd birthday became a moment we would remember for the rest of our lives the days passed quickly after that after graduating University Kachi and I returned to our hometown and got married.

That was also when I started working at komachi's father's company I was groomed to become a successor and after four years I took over his position as CEO I still have much to learn but for the sake of komachi my father-in-law who put so much trust in me and all our employees I'm determined to do my best to run the company we also halted all.

Business dealings our subsidiary companies had with Kuni msu's company and their business performance plummeted not even 3 years after taking over his family's business Kuni meu's company collapsed I heard on the grap Vine that he's now homeless and living in a park somewhere as a matter of fact I'm not actually sure if that's the truth but at.

This point I couldn't care less about what happened to that guy I'm home welcome back honey when I arrived home from work I was greeted by komachi and our daughter as always D oh looks like Kamari wants Daddy to carry her you do come here Kari Daddy's so goodl looking you want to marry me in the future is that right.

Huh so you're saying you're going to leave me oh no of course not I was joking I mean there's no way that could happen in reality anyway I'm making Plum rice for your lunchbox tomorrow wait not anything but that that reminds me I heard from Dad that you're popular with our female employees he said he was jealous of you dear father can you.

Please not run your mouth in front of your daughter I'm already burning in the Flames of her jealousy I would never cheat on you I only have eyes for you after all I know I just get worried when I hear those things so show me tonight how much you really love me got it I'll show you so thoroughly that you'll never worry about me cheating again I think.

Kamari is too lonely as an only child so we should work harder to fix that right honey for the time being my days of not getting enough sleep continue thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well