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[Manga Dub] My pretty boss at work thinks I’m married and divorced…? [RomCOm]


Now these documents should be perfect now let's hear it so no more I'm a 24 year old employee that's been working here for two years now I'm still volatility new but I've been working hard every day you have a second damn something's wrong again uh yes you seem to have improved on the things that.

I critiqued you on before but I still have a hard time understanding some of this stuff especially here I can understand it sure but if someone else read it they won't understand please think about that when making documents yes ma'am he's getting shoot out again yeah same thing for all year.

He's pretty good at his job but hooji Warsaw just to the like him she's three years older than me and is also my boss she's pretty popular amongst everyone around here because she's easy to get along with but for some reason she's really tough on me uh I need to work harder I need to get to where I don't get chewed out but.

Praised Saturday damn it Sis I was studying you can't just call me up like that I'm sorry about that I needed a rice though I mean it's a necessity right thank you for helping me out don't get it twisted though this isn't for you yeah yeah it's for narumi.

Yeah she's my adorable niece hero let's go to the stock section no you're going to beg him for snacks and he's gonna cave in if you two go says that's not true you need to stop spoiling her so much too yeah yeah I know but I can't help it they used to ask for my help when they're off and I end up having to help.

Them out okay good then let's finish our shopping huh yeah okay what is that not a murakoon he's shopping with his family again and it must be so nice Monday would you War Asana I sent you some documents during the day in the office chat were you able to check up on them.

You are a song overlooking some messages is rare it's been 5 hours I should pay more attention but we're not that far apart you should come to say something to me sooner sorry ma'am yeah that's true I'll do that from next time but she continued making mistakes that didn't seem like.

Her throughout the day she's clearly acting weird today she was out of it all day huh I wonder if something happened during the weekend hey narumi let's go home yeah yeah no you were coming today yes this is gonna be working late hey she and I gotta give her pets on your head when she gets home.

Yeah I should probably like that I'm sure she'll stop being so tired yeah okay she's so kind the roomie I'm gonna be making dinner tonight why do you want to eat I want omelettes okay sure wait is you our son hey I'm not doing anything wrong but it's a.

Little awkward running into my bus when I'm taking care of narumi I'm just gonna leave quickly after saying hello hey here again this lady is so pretty yeah she sure is the roomie you're not wrong but please keep your mouth shut hey is she your girlfriend crap I'm sure she'll be happy hearing that even if it's from a child sorry.

Ojiwar son um the roomie she's not my girlfriend she's my manager huh she knows what her girlfriend is but not manager um someone that I work with that tells me what I should and shouldn't do.

So she's special she's the CEO um she's not the CEO but sure we'll go with that I need to leave before in the room he goes too far all right ujjivarasan we'll be leaving hey not America can you wait a sec sure what's up I'm really sorry for asking about a sensitive topic but did.

You get a divorce huh what are you talking about I've never even been married but she said something about me being your girlfriend she's your child right no no this is my sister's kid really yeah her father passed away from a sickness and my sister is working too so sometimes I come by to pick up a.

Daughter her parents want to help but I live way too far to be helping out so I see Mickey man yeah have you been anywhere far away I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house last year that's wonderful I've only ever gone to Canada on a field trip what a field trip it's a trip that you go with friends at school.

Sounds so fun the roomie we need to get going is probably tired after a hard day at work huh okay then I wish oh you can call me hanako narumichan ATO she's so cute can I take her home with me.

No I'm pretty sure my sister will kill me I'm joking I'm just saying she's really cute she seems so nice right now maybe it's because the roomie is around okay I'm gonna head out now see you later okay bye bye Miss hinako see you tomorrow at UJ Warsaw she was in a good mood but she seemed to.

Be having a bad day at work today I hope she bounces back even a little bit after today the next day good morning American oh good morning thank you for talking to narumi yesterday not at all I had a blast talking to her she she's so cute and the documents she resubmitted yesterday were well done.

It was nice but there's also this way so if you want to take a look at these and get the idea of what you can try next time please oh well thank you wait why is she being so nice she continued to be kinder than usual to me want a chocolate I hear that eating sweets while working makes you focus better thank you.

I'm happy but this is so strange but she seemed out of yesterday maybe she's just feeling a lot better so she's able to work harder I guess I shouldn't worry so much afterwards things went as usual and I was able to finish up work on time scared but I'm glad that I could finish work on time.

She was so kind today I wonder if she's gonna change again starting tomorrow my predictions and worries were blown away she continued to be kind to me maybe I'm gonna be fired so she's just being kind to me before I get fired no that's just overthinking I'm so weirded out oh you're heading home not an American yes I was able to finish up on time.

That's great good job you're still praising me I should ask her I guess I was thinking about it are you going to be picking up Naomi today too no sis is going to be able to pick her up today so I'll be all right I only pick up narumi and cook when she's busy oh okay.

Yeah so I'm very free today do you have any plans today huh me uh not particularly I see would you like to grab something to eat then huh with me oh sorry I should probably give you more of a heads up I'll ask you on another day let's go oh.

Billy go ah thank you yeah would you be all right with an Italian place I usually go to yeah sure sorry I should probably have figured somewhere out before I asked you worry about it let's go we headed to the Italian place at ujiwarasan suggested first time you've invited me out to go.

Eat right yeah I actually had something I want to ask you something you wanted to ask me yeah just a heads up I don't have a boyfriend oh okay that's not what you wanted to ask me I thought that that's what it was since you invited me out on a date I mean I'm also interested in hearing.

About if you have a boyfriend or not too it's gonna be blunt why are you suddenly so nice to me oh uh kind to you or I mean yeah you were kind to everyone except me then why are you so hard on me before ah you promise you won't laugh at me of.

Course um I always thought you were married I'm sorry I don't follow I thought I can't fall for you anymore because I thought you were married that's why I was putting on a facade what really yeah I've liked you for a while now after two months of you starting work I fell for you.

Thank you but why me I'm sure you've been asked out by men better than me right because you're the one that I think is best for me you're always so hard working you're cute and I just couldn't help myself from looking your way but I knew it I fell for you.

Really thank you um there's one more thing I didn't know I understand that when you saw me with narumi you figured out that I wasn't married but why did you even think I was married to begin with um I actually lived in the area and go to the same Supermarket as you I saw you walking with a beautiful woman and a.

Cute child and I don't know when you saw me but it must have been my sister in narumi yeah I guess so um oh no murakoon I'm sorry for everything huh oh are you apologizing because you were working so hard but I was just always so tough on you and it.

Was just because I thought you were married it's all right your Direction's an input were always spot on it helped me out not American besides I've always admired you since you're so good at your work I'm really glad to hear that you like me really good yeah.

Um would you like to retry this date I know it's weird timing but uh huh a date yeah you said this was a little date before but I want to take you out to a nice place there's a place nearby that was beautiful illuminations what do you say.

Yeah of course let's head out then we're pretty much done eating yes let's oh it's so beautiful right it's like a date I got date it is a date oh yeah we knew I'd be able to take you out on the date though that was such you didn't like me yeah I'm sure you think that with the.

Way I was acting but I thought you were married so I'm surprised I'm able to go on a date with you like this I'm glad to hear that um would you wear a song can I tell you something liking me at all but I definitely admired you beautiful woman and I like you.

Would you be willing to go out with me thank you I'll tell you again heard I'm happy that I have a chance because I had given up just a little before let's have a great time together yes let's I gotta make sure I don't misunderstand.

You from now on yeah but I think we'll be all right now we'll be able to be together from now on yeah that's true a few days later I could challenge with you today who is this oh yeah nawumi already met her but I wanted to introduce her to you sis nice to meet you I'm ujiwawa hinako nice to meet you too I'm hiroto's sister.

Ayane I guess I'm being introduced because yes that's right wow look at you go hiroto she's beautiful no Mom you're not getting it isn't his girlfriend she's his manager measure her oh she's your boss I see you guys started dating at this office huh no she's not a manager she's a manager um yeah she was just my boss when the.

Roomie first met her what she's out you're mad at you anymore no no she's my manager and my girlfriend now do I get to see her more now yeah he'll be with her roto-coon so you can see me when you want let's eat dinner then yeah let's and that girl was being mean to me.

Because of a misunderstanding but I think we'll be able to get along now as a family that was today's video please check out our other videos as well