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[Manga Dub] My sister asked me to buy her a pregnancy test… [RomCom]


I'm a so-called dull High School senior who doesn't really like to stand out so I spend my recess time quietly reading novels like this but it's not that I don't have any friends I actually do I'm not trying to be vain but hi hanada her name is shizuku nanami my childhood.

Friend and I'd say my only friend she has long beautiful brown hair an idol like figure and a great Style by all accounts she's a beautiful girl and the school Madonna guess what we made a new menu item for the cafe and I want you to be the first to try it so can you come to the cafe tomorrow.

Shizuku's family runs a cafe and many of the dishes on the menu were created based on her suggestions it's Hinata's favorite mango parfait seriously uh-huh but sorry I have a part-time job tomorrow what really what time do you end um I'll be done by 4 pm can't you come by afterwards.

If you're okay with it sure okay I'll be waiting at the cafe see you tomorrow sis aren't you late to what do you mean didn't you say you had a date with your boyfriend today yeah but.

I've been feeling really sick since last night so I asked him to reschedule today's date for another time oh well let me know if there's anything you want me to get you like nutritional supplements or something thanks thank you then it's almost time go clock out.

Oh okay oh I wonder if my sister sent me anything oh she did let's see nutritional drinks ice cream and what and a pregnancy test kit wait you were sick this morning because no there might be a possibility I need to buy it and get home.

I told him I'd wait for him at the cafe but I couldn't wait so I came to pick him up it's actually the first time I've gone to see Hinata when he's working his shift oh but I guess he's already done I thought I'd get to see him working and I should have left a little earlier all right I've got the drinks and the ice cream now all I need is a pregnancy.

Test kit there it is it's this one right what wait that's a frequency test kit right but why Canada could it be that he has a girlfriend and she in his senior year of high school I guess there are some people in high school who get pregnant so inada has a.

I think I'll go home oh could it be I'm not sure yet but my sister asked me to get some I see I hope it's good news yes it's been another hard day at my part-time job with the thought of eating the new mango parfait shizuku's Cafe is enough to make my fatigue go away.

I could just go to shizuku's but I better take this to my sister first I'm back sis I got what you asked for thanks little brother you told me to get a pregnancy test kit but I don't know yet but I think there's a good chance thank you I see I'm going to shizuku's right now so go back to bed if you're still not.

Feeling well I know have fun with shizuku I'll see you later welcome oh Connecticut hello wait a second I'll get shizuku okay thank you hi Canada thanks for coming no thanks for inviting me have a seat I'll get it ready.

Yeah shizuku's acting a little strange they're not the type of family to fight and I've never heard of shizuku fighting so maybe she's just down but why sorry to keep you waiting wow looks so good thanks I'd love to get your feedback on how it tastes.

Of course mmm it's delicious it's so good shizuku really thanks I'm so glad you said that I'm sure your customers will be happy and say it's delicious too she's smiling but it's a fake smile even if I ask her if something's wrong she'll just say it's nothing and won't tell me.

What should I do I don't want to see shizuku like this if that's the case hey are you free tomorrow uh-huh if you're free tomorrow and don't have any plans we can go to the new Cafe that just opened you know that Cafe in front of the.

Station you wanted to go to a while ago are you sure yeah I want to go too then let's go okay I'll pick you up tomorrow around 10 okay you'll pick me up even if we meet at the train station we're gonna have to go through here anyway.

Uh I guess I'll have you pick me up then yeah oh you should have some too I'll get you a spoon it's okay I'll get my own it's fine it's fine here thanks she seems a little more energetic than before but still not too energetic.

Yeah it's good she's forcing a smile eight months okay yeah wait and NADA are you going somewhere today too that's unusual is it shizuku Chen yeah we're going to the cafe in front of the station oh it's a date why don't you go on a date with your boyfriend too sis.

Work is busy so it's hard to go I see oh by the way I got pregnant what I had a feeling I was don't say something like that so casually well well just go enjoy your date oh well well uh.

Um uh I'll see you later then oh good morning hinatakin you're here for suzuku yes we're going out for a bit wait a sec I'll go get her right now thank you sorry for the wait hey shizuku looks so cute and stylish today what do you think of my outfit I just.

Bought it you look great really I'm glad let's go then who says listless as yesterday it's not like she's never had bad days but only when she gets bad test scores although her bad test scores are high for my standards maybe I should have asked shizuku's Mom looks really fancy but there's not much.

Of a line yeah maybe it's just the time of day shall we go in then welcome please call us when you decided on your order yes huh not only the exterior but the Interiors also really stylish yeah maybe I'll make my place like this too I like your Cafe better though really.

I'm not sure I'd feel at home in a place like this although of course some people might like it thanks I'm glad to hear you say that oh what should we order hmm what do you want Hinata I'm torn I had a parfait yesterday so I think I'll have this happy pancake today you love sweets don't you.

You love sweets too right then I'll have the same one as you okay what do you want to drink I'll have a melon cream soda I'll have that too excuse me ah can I take your order um two happy pancakes and two melon cream sodas please thank you thanks for the parfait yesterday.

I was going to pay the bill after eating the parfait but her mother said it was a free service because it wasn't a product yet so I was treated to a parfait so are you thinking about the next one yet thank you for waiting here's the happy pancake and a melon cream soda thank you wow look how fluffy they are.

Yeah I've never seen such fluffy pancakes I'm glad she's accused back to her normal self again whatever happened I'm glad we came here today then let's eat oh wait a sec can I just take a picture first yeah you can take as many as you want thanks.

Okay got it it's delicious so fluffy you should try some too Hinata yeah yum delicious I want to make fluffy pancakes like these you can make it too you make so many delicious dishes after all shizuku not only comes up with new.

Dishes but Cooks them too you think so I've eaten a lot of your cooking I know if you say so I'll do my best look forward to the new menu yeah I'll be right back for the next one I'll let you try it first next time too mmm it was delicious yeah let's come again.

Yeah again but hanada has a girlfriend I'll just be in the way what's wrong oh no it's nothing shizuku looks sad again did I say something wrong again really yeah it's nothing asking her won't help.

Oh yeah is there anywhere else you want to go I mean the train station's right around the corner anything else um but is it okay to be here alone with me oh yeah how about that new shopping mall you said you wanted to go to there's a lot of stuff in the mall ah I'd like to go there then then let's.

Go I'll have to take full responsibility if I've made shizuku feel bad after paying the bill we came to a shopping mall four stations away from the station in front the store that shizuku wanted to go to had an atmosphere that girls seem to like a lot and I would never go in there.

If I wasn't with shizuku well look look isn't this cute you're right it suits you shizuku hey I think this would look great in the store wouldn't it work better in your room than in the store really your room is cute right then I think.

It's perfect for you maybe I'll put it in my room then thanks for today it was a lot of fun it was a lot of fun for me too she looks better than she did at first but she still looks a little gloomy then hey shizuku is something wrong what yesterday too.

But you've been looking a little down was I like that it's nothing don't worry about it maybe you didn't have much fun today no no I had a really good time today and I got to go places I wanted to go then why well that's because of a heartbreak.

Heartbreak I'm sorry if I made it look like I didn't have a good time today that's not true hey do you want to go out with me again next week and the week after we'll have so much fun the hard feelings will blow away hey Hinata hmm what's wrong oh do you have plans next week why why are you doing this much for me.

Why because I don't want to see you with a gloomy expression on your face because I love a smiling cheerful shizuku and I know that's just my ego but I can't stand to see you like this you should put your girlfriend first not me what girlfriend she might be carrying a.

Baby right I saw you picking up a pregnancy test kit at the pharmacy I like you I really like you so I was shocked and hurt that you had a girlfriend wait wait wait wait you should take better care of her than me wait.

I'm going to tell you because I think you're mistaken but I don't have a girlfriend what but that time my sister asked me to buy it for her so it's totally your misunderstanding what are you serious yeah my sister told me she was pregnant this morning I was so surprised when she.

Said it so casually so it was all my mistake and why do I do all of this of course it's because I like you shizuku what I like you shizuku I really like you that's why I couldn't leave your gloomy face alone and asked you out today to cheer you up hey shizuku.

Will you go out with me are you sure I've caused you so much trouble I don't take it as trouble at all if anything I caused so much trouble too how can I not forgive yours Canada and I want to hear your reply and say yes of course I like you a lot too I'm glad.

Thanks yeah thanks to you too since then we've been going places we've laughed a lot and I'm home she's the kind I got married and we're living a happy life together welcome home hey I need to talk to you what a talk yeah.

You know Hinata you're going to be a father what are you serious yeah we're going to be parents seriously then I'll have to work harder yeah let's both do our best but don't overdo it okay you too then about 10 months later an angel came to our home I'm home welcome home.

Is he not asleep yeah she fell asleep just now she's so tiny and adorable she looks like you shizuku really but her eyes look just like yours don't they she looks like both of us looking at shizuku and Hina like this I sincerely hope that the three of us can build a happy family together.

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