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[Manga Dub] My sister brought all her beautiful friends over… [RomCom]


Huh who is that I felt somebody step into my futon the only ones at home are my little sister and her two friends which means who is it who's kissing right now my name is kazumasa fukuda I'm a junior in high school I'm an introvert passionate about games and Anime I'm home oh they're here again let me tell you about my current problem.

It's about hey good to see you again I wish I could poof them away seriously my little sister and her two friends have made my place their hangout the one in the right is Kana kinoshita she's a sophomore in my sister's class and learn to be cheerful and energetic let's play some games sir the one on the.

Bed is Ari sasaka she's also a classmate of my sisters she's a little too mature for her age I love your bed Kazuma sir it's so soft and the one on the left is my sister Yuki fakuda she has no respect for me I don't think she even considers me as a router hey bro you must be thrilled to see us I know you fantasized about the ham.

Situations and your favorite animes uh why do they come in here every single day it's not so much the high population density it's more about keeping my sanity while breathing in their sweet smell how many times have I told you guys not to come in here without my consent we can't help it your room is so cozy and comfortable are you hiding some.

Naughty books from us oh my oh let's find them hey stop stop I don't know why they always hang out in my room it's because Yuki's room is too unsanitary to let people in clothes books trash everywhere on the other hand my room is clean and has plenty of games Among Us according to them it's a perfect place to hang out even if our friends don't.

Come over Yuki spends most of her time in my room ah if only she would stop rolling around in my room and clean up hers for once it's not healthy for me I need my privacy use anything you want just put everything back the way it was I tried escaping my room since I couldn't stay.

There any longer however gotcha wow you didn't think that you could get away that easily did you hey harry come on get off me okay can't get over how cute you are you know how to push all the right buttons she's so soft and she smells so nice control yourself because of Maza hey Ivory you can make his nosebleed that.

Sounds like fun hey let me in two in the end they wouldn't let go how much longer do I have to deal with them the next day at school Castle Master why do you always smell like girls these days huh oh yeah maybe it's because I have a little sister no but it's not just hair nice about.

Your sister and two different pretty girls off of you geez how do you do that it's creepy you should stop my friend with a smell fetish keeps suspecting something but I know it's talking about my problem will put me in an awkward position that's why I haven't told anybody about it one day I came back to my room to find.

Connor and Airy rolling around on my bed Yuki wasn't there hey it was Yuki she went grocery shopping said she wouldn't be back for a while gosh why can't you take them with her I turn to them and notice her eyes are gleaming oh watch out get him hey you guys what are you trying to do stop fooling around like that.

We're not fooling around we just wanted to check something that's all Kazama sir who do you like better Harry or me well what do you mean who do I look better oh you know me guys since we go to an all-girl School the guys who hit on us aren't looking for anything serious so we were talking about boyfriends and.

We decided we would rather have a devoted partner there's nobody better than you kazumasa gosh well they phrase it sounds like they only want to date me because there are other options aren't realistic girls I need you to stop trying to tease me she's right.

Date you this isn't just some kind of joke what hey do you want to date both of us yeah that would be nice no stop um you shouldn't waste your time on me just because you want a boyfriend you are worth more than that I'm sure you'll both find the right guy someday.

Aryan kindness suddenly looked towards each other and start giggling Anna do you want to try the thing yeah he's not taking us seriously let's try the thing huh try one thing huh we want to try kissing you there was an article in a magazine on how kissing can help people fall in love I'm not lying no that only works in movies.

You need to have some sort of romantic feeling for each other okay let me go first hey no fair Connor it's his first kiss let me have it wait how do they know it's my first kiss I've never told any of them fine we can decide with rock paper scissors three pounds start two girls on top of.

Me trying to win the right to kiss me first what have I got myself into and the result of the match was yay I get to be Kazu Master's first kiss so that makes me the second woman okay kazumasa let's do this already I can't kiss you like it's nothing I'm kissing requires a certain atmosphere and a romantic mood oh so you kiss us if.

We set the mood This Kiss means a lot to me katsumasa do you really not want to kiss me that bad no it's not I don't want to of course I want to kiss them and look how gorgeous they are but it's not the right time well it's not right at all to tell you the truth it's my first time too so.

Don't make fun of me if I can't do it well it's my first time too I I won't it's my first time as well but are you sure this is what you want of course I've been saving it for you just then my sister opened the door I'm home oh wait what the heck are you doing.

You're so close get away from him you need to protect yourself why do I always have to protect you I was thankful for Yuki's sudden appearance I think why do I feel so bummed about not being able to kiss them oh I need to stop I shouldn't have let.

Myself get swayed by them so Yuki what did you buy today makeup remover and some toothbrushes I lost a match against them and my batsu game was to buy this make it remover and toothbrushes why did you run out no Kana and irie are sleeping over at our place tonight huh sleepover what the I have a feeling tonight is not.

Gonna go by so peacefully my parents weren't coming home that night because they had to work late so I was in charge of making dinner for the four of us that Yuki can't cook only causes disasters I'm always in charge of dinner whenever our parents are not home I was standing in the kitchen alone when.

Because it was up my bad I don't know why I have this thing where I keep hugging people that sounds dangerous why is she in the kitchen with me anyways are you curious about why I am in your kitchen with you right now.

Seriously why are you here I thought you were playing games upstairs I laughed because I wanted to come see you kazamasa she's so attractive we didn't finish what we started earlier I think this might be the right time to continue huh continue what I'm talking about the kiss silly oh the.

Kiss wait what I never got the chance to tell you but I've had feelings for you for a while now so I'm hoping he will be my first kiss please can you kiss me God I've never seen her act so serious what do I do she's making my heart beat too fast every I don't think this is the right way.

All I'm asking is for one kiss I want you to be my first kiss kazumasa uh just just once yes just once I was about to Cave into the Temptation however excuse me you guys need to be spread apart what the heck are you thinking Yuki came to the rescue again gosh thank God she came in time I swear I'm not.

Feeling bummed at all after that we all ate dinner together I was in the bath when hey are you in here what's wrong Yuki wait huh Yuki suddenly appeared she was wearing a bathing suit I was thinking maybe we could take a bath together no we come we're in high school we can't be naked together don't be so hard-headed just turn around for a.

Second Yuki stepped into the bathtub Yuki seriously what is up with you nothing I just came to scold you you looked so excited when my friends were making a move on you why do I need to get scolded they were just kidding around weren't they they probably think it's some kind of hilarious game.

I don't think they're playing a game they're always talking to you at school you know really but what does Yuki seem so frustrated at me right now so which one are you going to date you can't date both of them you know I haven't even thought about picking one you know there's nowhere with they both.

At once but I see so if you count me in which one of us means the most to you I have to say you obviously you're my little sister wait are you jealous of them or something no I'm not jealous it's not what I meant at all.

Suddenly the bathroom door open hey I knew you were in here you are such a naughty boy you are playing all three of us aren't you no it's not like that so that means Yuki is the one in love with you cut it out why would I like him he's such a loser geek a conversation.

With Yuki ended without getting to a conclusion that night the three girls laid out futons in my room to sleep together do you wanting to clean your room if you knew your friends were coming to sleep over don't you dare get any weird ideas just because we're sleeping in the same room.

Good night didn't take long for the girls to fall asleep after turning the lights off however it was impossible for me to sleep I'm just kidding a while later I thought somebody slip into my futon who is it why is she my futon I pretended to be asleep suddenly I felt.

Her breathing next to my face and oh my gosh did you just kiss me she kiss me it was too dark to tell who it was but the mystery kisser returned to a futon after giving me a smooch ah it wasn't on the lips but it was still a kiss who was it the next morning when I woke up all three of them were acting normal it was like the kiss never happened however I.

Could still feel the soft warm feeling the kisser left on my cheek I was deep in thought when my smell fetish friend came over to talk to me at school whoa I could smell the girls from halfway across the classroom plus the smell I know the smell one of them kissed you didn't she oh you are so freaking creepy it's like.

You were there man wait do you know who kissed me who was it tell me after I got home I found the girls shouting in my room as always I can't figure out who kissed me last night who was it customer sir sit down next to me let's play a game oh he's going to come sit on the bed with me you guys stop hitting on my.

Brother Jesus why are you enjoying this I guess I'll be spending a lot more time with these girls I need to figure out you kiss me thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well