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[Manga Dub] My sister found out that we weren’t related by blood… [RomCom]


My name is Hugo shinanome and I'm a senior in high school lying in bed during a three-day weekend I have no friends who would invite me to hang out that's why I spend my days rolling around in my bed yes I'm a Loner however I have not been lying like this for nothing I've been putting my time to good use so far.

I'm currently looking up places popular among high school girls cafe or a dessert Buffet an amusement park huh he said she likes desserts she might say yes to a dessert Buffet I hope let me explain why I'm looking up such.

Places hey akane what wait for me to Amber for opening the this is my little sister akane she's a sophomore in high school she has a beautiful face and her hair is Silky how did I end up with such a pretty sister oh my bad I'll try to be more careful.

Gosh you screwed up but she hates me more now akane is in her teens I don't blame her for acting cold towards her brother she always declines my invitations to hang out but I still want us to get along that's why I was researching possible places to go so what do you want do you have plans for tomorrow I found a.

Great dessert buffet for us to check out I bet you'll like it since you enjoy eating sweets sweets but will it just be you and me mom and dad are busy with work so yeah it'll just be us I'll have to pass then I don't want to be alone with you I had a feeling she'd say that.

Their kids at school oh or anything I guess I got her point the akane is popular at school so she would never want her friend to think she's dating such a loser what you need for me you go uh.

Yeah great get out of my room uh okay you go hey Mom uh I asked akane if she wanted to go to a dessert Buffet together but she told me she didn't want to be seen alone with me I don't know what else I.

Can do to get her to open up to me that must be tough I'll figure something out I should try searching again maybe something nearby as long as we stay in the neighborhood most of the people we'll meet will know were siblings that way nobody will mistake us for a couple hmm oh a cafe nearby will be serving.

Peach parfait starting tomorrow did nakane say peaches were a favorite fruit she would enjoy this uh akane I wanted to ask you something again let's stop wasting my time you know the cafe nearby they're going to be serving Peach parfait it's part of their seasonal menu.

Do you want to try it with me I mean there are fewer chances of bumping into people since it's nearby and even if we do our neighbors will know we're siblings you don't have to worry about silly rumors spreading I already know that they'll be serving the peach parfait there but.

Rather go with my friends ah I see sorry to bother you again that was so refreshing oh okay do you have a second uh sure is something wrong I have something important to tell you come here I don't think Mama's ever sat me down to talk about anything.

Hmm I wonder what's up so what is it there is something I think you should know now that you're in high school I think you are mature enough to hear this what I'm about to say might come off as a shock to you maybe you've already noticed I hope you don't freak out uh okay okay you and Hugo aren't related by blood uh.

What Hugo and I I'm not related by blood well wait a second so what does that mean my bad what I just told you it's the truth so we're nuts siblings then a Connor I gave birth to you but as for you go I didn't raise him in my room I married yuto's father when you were only.

Two akane we both had a child that we brought with us into the marriage I heard you and your father had you go so you know is your step brother and you're his stepsister uh does you go know that we're step siblings already yes Hugo is for when he first met me I'm sure he remembers how we all came.

Together I see but you see you don't considers you his real sister and he cares for you just like one is aware that you're avoiding him but he's still trying his best to get along with you did you know he spent the whole day researching possible places to go.

With you but he told me you said you didn't want to be alone with him am I right oh oh well I don't want to force you into doing anything but I hope you give him a chance I'm not telling you to be best buddies with him but don't be too hard on him ah here you go.

She looks so down after you rejected him okay I get it thank you I'm glad you understand you go and I aren't real sibling things what the heck so everything I've done to avoid him that was all meaningless I was wasting my time all I did was hurt him for no reason oh that's just cruel gosh I am such an idiot.

stop I would have realized there was a better way to handle the situation she won't go to the cafe with me I thought he had a pretty good chance and she loves peaches yes I was wrong maybe I should accept that she doesn't want to be with me or.

Maybe I should try one last time Romance movie popular among high school girls oh movies I should rent out some movies and ask if she wants to watch them with me at home that way we can avoid any risk of people seeing us together uh do you have a second.

Sure sure come in this is the first time akane has come into my room what's up um different than usual oh you can sit down on the bed I know I said no to you once but I was thinking do you want to go to the dessert Buffet tomorrow the one you were.

Talking about huh together um yeah uh but but you talked about how you didn't want people to see us together it'll be all right I'll explain our relationship if rumors do start spreading I I see but.

Why this doesn't change a heart the dessert Buffet will serve peach cake starting tomorrow and I want to try them the dessert Buffet will be better since you'll have more choices to pick you wouldn't have to eat all the peach desserts huh uh yeah you have a point I kind of is that why.

achieve whatever you eat peaches the cafe you suggested doesn't have many dessert choices so I think the dessert Buffet would be better is that why she said she wouldn't go to the cafe with me she was worried about my allergies she was concerned about what would happen if I was forced to eat peaches.

will you go of course great um make sure you wake up early we'll be leaving the house by 10. sure that sounds great I'll make sure to turn my alarm on.

Oh well good night then yeah good night I don't know what happened but we're finally hanging out tomorrow this is amazing now I get a chance to bond with my sister oh I should set my alarm before I forget I have to make sure I wake up on time I I doubt I'd get another chance if I ruined tomorrow's plans she'll hate me.

So much if I'm not ready on time here you go he's so kind after all the stuff I've said and done to him he's still agreed to hang out with me he didn't even make a face or complain about my behavior can't believe he said yes I should apologize to him yes.

I've decided you go are you ready nope just a second almost done okay hurry up I know I will crap I forgot to decide what to wear I asked her to hang out with me so many times I have no idea what to wear at times like this I should try to wear something that's not I don't know.

Embarrassing for her just in case you bump into somebody from school I guess this will do mom bought it for me I'm ready jeez took you long enough my bad come on let's go welcome table for two please.

Wow most of the customers are girls and couples I do not look like I belong here at all huh you are so silly it's a buffet we need to get our food oh yeah you're right let's go oh everything looks so good each cake peach cakes Peach moves little Tarts and.

Mini barfets I could tell she was excited by the sparkle in her eyes you're free to enjoy whatever you want since it's a buffet I'll start with this one hey you go I found your favorite tiramisu oh great I guess I'll start with that then and they have Milly grapes too you're right everything looks great.

No I'm I'm like I wish I could eat everything here I don't think we have enough time to try all of them yeah even if we did we'll probably end up feeling sick our tray is getting pretty full maybe we should go back to our seats.

Through this tray first okay there's a have any type to waste if I think about what to get next now I won't waste any time deciding what to eat that's pretty smart of you yum hope this Peach moose is so smooth and nice I'm glad you like it Hugo you should oh.

Wait I forgot you can't eat peaches I'm sure eating a little won't hurt me I guess I could try a bite are you sure I'm not I want to try it if you like it since we don't get to come here often okay you'll be okay the tiramisu is delicious it's sweeter.

Than I thought it would be okay ah but this Millie crepe is amazing too fine I'll get them all you might get fat if you eat too much hey yeah you're not allowed to say that to a girl you know my bad I slipped up watching normal once I get home okay.

You're such a positive thinker you go let's get another tray huh you've finished already ice cream over there no they do I didn't notice that before I bet I control it better than you you go watch me there we go see I'm good yeah you are but I'm sure I can do better see I got some mad skills.

huh really another turned out better than I expected expectations are so low ouch after that we returned to our seats with our ice cream and enjoyed the rest of our time there oh it's been so long since I last ate so much dessert.

I've been wanting to ask you the thing you wanted to ask me yeah akane what made you change your mind about coming out with me you seem so different now about that you always said no whenever I asked you to hang out I was so surprised when you came to my room to ask if I wanted to.

Spend time with you real siblings mom said that about us oh I see um I don't want to surprise you but I have a confession to make I I can't promise you I won't be.

Surprised but I'll try my best to keep calm what you like me down you're too loud I am.

But this isn't something I can brush off like it's nothing ever just calm down oh okay so um before I found out about a real situation I figured that no matter how much I liked you we would never get a chance to go out get married or anything like that.

That's why I was acting cool towards you I wanted you to hate me so I could forget about my feelings and move on but after hearing mom talk about how we weren't real siblings it gave me hope we're allowed to be together or get married if we wanted to marriage so told me how you spent all day of.

Looking at possible places to hang out with me I've been treating you like crap I've been the worst sister to you I pushed you away every chance I got I reflected on how I've been treating you and I must have been a nightmare and I wanted to apologize for everything I said and did to you I understand if you.

Hate me because of the way I treated you I wouldn't like me at all if I was in your shoes Connie what are you talking about I would never hate you no matter what huh jeez when I say yes to a dessert buffet with you if I hated you so much I wouldn't ask you to hang out either well.

Well sure your rejection did hurt a little but it wasn't a big deal to start with I'm looking forward to hanging out with you more Kane Hugo me too hey where do you want to go next what is it my answer I'm not sure what I'm supposed.

To say to you feelings for you well I'm not sure because you're my little sister I won't judge you based on your answer I just want to hear what I figured you would say that it's also sudden I I don't know how to I got it don't worry about it.

Laughs I'm planning on getting you to fall for me it might take some time but I'm not giving up the what come on Hugo we gotta go if we want to make it on time hey I can't stop pulling me I have no choice it's such a small poke stop you're pulling too hard.

From there on akane stopped declining my invitations she surprised me when she started asking me to hang out more we're at an amusement park Connie invited me to go with Hugo hurry up hurry up I know I said stop pulling so hard.

Slowly I'll walk faster just let go wait I am just so excited to come back here again once we start dating thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.