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[Manga Dub] My sister lied to my neighbor and made her believe that I was married, but… [RomCom]


You're good let's play Under playground equipment over there oh sure I'm Yota akune a 25 year old ordinary office worker I'm neither married nor have a lover but I lead a fulfilling life oh if the father and daughter appear to be quite close yeah I wish my husband would spend more.

Time with the kids she's not my child she's my sister well we're 20 years apart so it's understandable they see it that way our father died of an illness four years ago in turn I acted as a father figure and showered in all with affection thanks to the efforts of my mother and me Eno grew up healthy and happy however.

There was one problem I turned five yesterday right yeah that's right so we could get married at 13 years then as you can see Anno has a severe brother complex well many children at this age say they want to marry their fathers so I'm sure it's just a face she's going through.

Oh yeah I know it's getting dark so let's go home okay hey hey I wonder what's for dinner today Wonder it's not my turn today so I don't know either based on what's in the fridge maybe it's nikujaga or something well I don't know for sure.

But I am fine then if I'm wrong I'll make it tomorrow she grew to love me a little too much but I guess I'm also to blame for spoiling her so much no it's because she's too cute from next door.

What ah you're right ah unabarasan hello hello fixtures from next door hello there you're energetic as always yeah I'm with yokoon so I'm always happy I see it's great that you two get along yep we're real close the elevator is here we all got on the elevator and went home see you big sis.

Uh-huh bye-bye akuna-san thank you for your hard work you too Una barasan I don't know what work I'm being thanked for but at times like this for some reason I always just say thank you back unabarastan moved next door to us about two months ago but it's the first time we've talked this much.

Come to think of it I've never seen anyone else I wonder if she lives alone but this apartment is spacious for a single person I guess I'll never get the chance to ask because it's difficult to ask about private lives a week later the park today as well it's your day off.

So we can go somewhere further you know it's fine if I'm with you it's fun no matter where I am all right then shall we play yeah oh it's a big sis next door yeah looks like something's wrong like she looks awfully tired the big sister next door.

I'm not sure what's going on but I think we should have left her alone yes hello akuna-san too ah hi uh hello hurry it was wrong timing to bother you I was just so you shouldn't ask too much about such.

Private matters it's all like I'm hiding it or anything so it's okay I am the President of an I.T startup company to put it simply I'm the president of a small company that's cool ah so that's why she lives in a spacious apartment all by herself thank you I'm.

So busy on weekdays so that's why I spent all my time staring into space on weekends the president is very busy huh certain startup companies and Venture companies seem to have a lot of changes so it must be difficult I'm just a casual employee of an ordinary company so I don't really understand but uh thanks for the sentiment I am grateful.

Just to hear that President picks this I can play with you if you're tired she ranked up from the sister next door to the president's sister no and oh that'll make her even more tired why it's fun to play Oh quickly forget about your exhaustion hello Chun thank you then I'll take you up on that offer.

I'm really sorry it's fine I love children after that unabara-san was playing with Eno while getting covered in mud I was watching the situation while playing with them and it looked like they were really having fun she really does love children huh.

Usually when we meet she looks pretty and Flawless but now she's innocent and cute I'm sorry for having all the fun akunasan no no thank you for playing with her time uh-huh definitely a week later oh good morning good morning.

Thanks for playing with Eno last week don't mention it I had fun too she's so cute she gave me energy I'm glad to hear that I know seemed happy as well I hope you'll play with her again yes gladly since that day una barasan and I started chatting every time we met and when we.

Were with Eno we would all play together this laid-back atmosphere is really nice huh I agree it heals my fatigue ah I envy your wife huh could you repeat that oh no it's nothing so please don't worry about it yes I mean if you insist it's nice you two really get along.

Yes I've been taking care of her for a long time and she's really cute very much in love with each other wow you're very mature for your age I'm knowledgeable so grown up like and cute I'm an adult then that Arya just know how to play Cat's Cradle cat's cradle how nostalgic.

Uh-huh my mother taught me how to play is that so my mother taught me too so I can do almost any trick why don't we try it together yeah let's do it hello Chad can you pitch here like this yeah and then when I go like this well yes yes you're amazing they look like mother and daughter playing could I have a pinch here as well.

Yes excuse me oh no I touched her hand it's fine don't worry oh yes yes let's play together over there oh could stop the cat's cradle huh okay next make a spider web okey-dokey somehow I feel like a father on his off.

Day I can take it easy and it looks like they're both having fun so I guess it's fine oh isn't that the lady duck store whoa mom you're here because I came here since I finished cleaning the house I felt bad leaving not you all the time but you're leaving Anno to the neighbor as well.

You're right but when unabara-san isn't around I'm hanging out with Eno so it's fine right I didn't say it was bad to begin with that aside that girl is gorgeous what are you two going now of course not I heard her story and turns out she's also a president she's way out of my league that's true.

Ouch don't just agree did you want me to say that it's not true no but if you say it outright it makes me feel down that's why you're no good you need to work on your mentality even if the odds are against you you should make a move I know but.

When your father had eyes on something he marched straight on yes yes I know good oh they're back they came back in a rush from next door yes I know thank you for always playing with her I'm anno's mother Yoko akune uh yes rochan has been doing me a favor by playing with me as.

Well um I play with edochon but I have not done anything with a kunisan so please don't misunderstand ouch I've been denied outright oh what a shame huh is it yes you seem like a nice person do you have a boyfriend or something no I don't but.

Um I don't understand what's going on at all you're a kuna's son's wife correct oh so that's it it must have been confusing let me introduce myself again Yota and Eno are both my kids huh you're not his wife but his mother ah sorry come to think of it I didn't explain anything my father died early so I take care of.

My younger sister a lot and mother looks so young due to a bug in the system she gave birth to me when she was 20 and then had Anna when she was 40. that means you're probably about 45 years old right I thought you were only five or six years older than me oh my such a wonderful compliment no it's not flattery I'm genuinely surprised.

Well even to me mom does look young what uh Enzo Chun called you Daddy when it was just the two of us care to explain away from me huh me what do you mean but yokun is mine oh no siblings cannot marry each other you know it's fine marriage isn't the.

Only form of love how do you know such difficult things well if you insist I won't bother you further then mom don't just drop it I mean it's my responsibility but don't forget you are also responsible for spoiling her so much you're right I know.

You are very precious to me but I love you as a family member not in a romantic way besides I don't think una barra-san likes me that way that is so this conversation is over assana I'm very sorry for getting you wrapped up in this no I understand how.

Energon feels so um to be clear edochan is your little sister right yes it's exactly as you say and if you have a girlfriend huh no not at the moment at the moment don't you mean you never did don't be ridiculous please just shut it Mom um.

I have a boyfriend either oh really but you're so beautiful it yes I'm always busy with work so um I have something I want to say to you can I have you wait a minute oh sure can you hear me out what I like you but I just can't let you have yokoon yes I.

Won't take your brother away but could you give me the part of him that is not your brother what do you mean here's your older brother and I will never take that title away so can I have him as a boyfriend even if you guys were to get married he'll still be my brother yup he will always be your brother.

But in that case I'll become your older sister is that all right okay if you want to take my yokun then I'm fine with it thank you enochan akuna-san thank you for waiting I got no chance permission so may I continue where I left off yes but I shouldn't make you do everything so may I go first.

Huh sure I fell in love with you at first sight I fell in love with your appearance at first but when I watched you happily playing with Eno I thought to myself I want to marry you please go out with me on the premise of marriage huh.

No oh no I I'm sorry I I got too carried away no no I was just surprised by the sudden mention of marriage I find a kuna-san who Treasures enochan to be wonderful I thought you were married so I assumed I had to give you up I'm so happy it turned out to be like this.

If it's all right with you please go out with me yes thank you very much are you okay with that I know I don't have any complaints since she seems like a good girl yep I like her yes yes and she promised that I could continue loving my big brother.

Such a philosophical point of view for a five-year-old with Enos permission we were able to start dating two years later good morning good morning nope she fell asleep oh pity then I'll.

Take a good look at her before heading off to school uh-huh thank you for coming every day oh you're here today as well like Ria from two years ago me apparently my wife and my little sister-in-law are still as close as they were two years ago.

And it appears they're taking good care of my daughter thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well