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[Manga Dub] My sister’s friend who used to liked me became a renowned actress, but she still…


I'm Haruki Minas a normal member of society who just completed working my first year at a company with no girlfriend and very few friends I don't have much to do on my days off I spend my lonely days loafing around the house and watching videos online you're just going to lay around.

Doing nothing again AI I didn't know you were home what's it to you I have nothing to do anyway Aki min my little sister with a nice boyfriend and a great job basically the perfect life I wonder why fate treated us siblings so differently because you don't have a girlfriend right don't remind me well a chances are you'll probably.

Get one soon don't look so down the last thing I need are your baseless predictions it's not exactly a prediction whatever I guess if you're free want to go shopping with me I have plans to go out tonight but I could totally hang out with you before that no way it's obvious I'll just end up paying for all your stuff and then.

Carrying it for you nothing gets past you huh but Hari why don't you go check out some clothes since you have nothing better to do anyway I'm not really interested and I already have lots of clothes you mean those Rags that are so lame people keep asking if you bought them with you in high school.

You have money to spare anyway get some new ones but it's not like it matters I wear a suit at work if you suddenly had to go on a date or something You' probably in trouble though H you got a point I think and so I went out shopping to buy new clothes for a date that was still nowhere in sight I decided to come to this nearby.

Shopping mall for now but where do I even start huh there's a text from AI I recommend this style of clothing from this particular store also do not trust your own fashion sense if you don't know which one to pick just follow the staff's recommendations it's definitely be better than whatever you choose she's totally bashing my personal.

Fashion sense I'll just think of it as her trying to be nice from there I somehow managed to finish my shopping in half an hour what should I do after this it's been a long time since I've been to the mall maybe I should watch a movie oh this one starts in 15 minutes and I heard from my colleagues that it's pretty funny in the end I made an.

Impulse decision to watch a currently trending movie I headed to my seat after buying popcorn and a drink I thought it'd be tight but I'm right on time it's quite dim and I can't see all that well I wonder if the person next to me is alone too well all of us go through a rebellious teenage phase I guess it isn't strange for someone to be watching.

A movie alone it was actually quite interesting and the female lead was cute too I feel like I've seen her somewhere before but I think I'd remember if I met someone that cute huh I didn't noticed because it was too dark but could it be MAA you've got it wrong Haruki you are ma.

Right yeah man you were still in Middle school when we last saw each other if you're free want to grab lunch or something hurck you're talking too loudly I think you got the wrong person after all huh anyway I'll be leaving now without another word ma made her exit as fast as she possibly could I.

Thought we got along pretty well in the past but maybe that was all in my head I was just being a bother to her well it's been 5 years since I last saw her I guess it isn't weird if she doesn't want to talk though being rejected by a girl like that hurts more than I thought it would na was Aki's classmate and from elementary school all the way to high.

School she frequently came over to hang out let's play cards Hari which sounds better to you Uno or simple memory game Uno sounds good we got along so well back then time really is a cruel mistress that incident ended up ruining my mood and I went home without shopping anywhere else when I stepped into the house I saw my sister waiting for me.

With her hands on her hips clearly angry for some reason Hari do you have something you want to tell me no not really can I go back to my room now don't even try I got to call for Ma just now I see but all I did was talk to her H she only gave me a very brief summary of what happened for now just.

Give me all the details I told her everything that had happened when I bumped into M I see how it is so it is your fault after all how I didn't do anything but say hello and ask her to have lunch together let me break it down for you I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to answer.

Me okay what is the name of the girl you just talked to NAA kanaki where did you talk to her in the movie theater and what was the name of the lead actress in the movie you watched if I'm not wrong it's m kamiki Bingo and who does the name.

Remind you of she has the same name as M and their surnames are pretty similar too I've never seen a more slow-witted man you don't understand the heart of a m at all Pika is too good for someone as dense as you hey isn't that a little harsh if it will help kick your brain into gear I can get even.

Harsher after that she spent a while further bashing my ego into the ground fine imagine this yeah you are a Japanese actress that has achieved a such level of Fame that there's no one who doesn't know your face and then you want to into a theater to watch one of your own movies is this some kind of psychology.

Test just answer my question what would you wear to accomplish that obviously I'd have no choice but to disguise myself I'd stand out too much otherwise exactly after finishing the movie you would try to sneak back out disguise and all and you suddenly hear a random man calling your name what would you do if I'm in Disguise the last thing.

I'd want us to attract any attention I try to get away by pretending to be someone else right going to watch a movie in which you're one of the main leads probably means that the theater will be filled with your fans if one of them just happened to be sitting beside you and you spent too long talking to him.

There might be rumors saying that he's your boyfriend well I guess you have a point wait you mean I see you finally realized the actress Ma kamiki is ma how could I have known when she looks so different on screen I've known ever since middle.

School that she was a diamond in the rough so I wasn't surprised at all and why is that something to be proud of but didn't she trans for schools why is she in this area anyway she moved out of the prefecture because her parents jobs but apparently she has some kind of celebrity event to attend around here today she probably.

Just wanted to watch her own movie Incognito in the the theater in the free time that she had before the event I see she put in so much effort to disguise herself she never thought she'd meet someone who'd recognize that disguise itself you're right I probably cost her.

Quite a lot of trouble now you're getting it mik told me to apologize to you for her weird attitude but to me it's clear you're at fault I agree Well it can't be helped at this point and it's not like you had any bad intentions in trying to talk to an old friend but the fact that you didn't.

Recognize the lead actress in the movie as m is completely on you but I mean I said it once and I'll say it again with how different she looked on screen how could I have recognized her well I'll be meeting M tomorrow so I'll give her your apologies oh that'd be great so when you said you were going to go out tomorrow.

Morning it's to meet m yeah we decided it way back when M told me she'd be coming to the area for work I wasn't expecting you to happen it wouldn't be good for a popular actress to be seen with a man so you'll forgive me for not bringing you along but I've invited M to our house one month later so you can apologize properly then okay.

Got it but are you sure it's fine for an actress to come to our house she's not visiting a man's house she's visiting me her friend there's nothing wrong with that right well when you put it that way and we all know not to take pictures or anything like that anyway she's coming 1 month later.

Not right away I don't understand why the timing of it mattered but I did as Aki said there wasn't really anything I could do for the next month so I pretty much spent all my time at work but I did hear from Aki that M was happily celebrating her fifth year since entering her current talent agency the days passed.

Monotonously and a month passed in the blink of an eye hello welcome to our home M yeah don't mind me intruding it's been a long time since I've been here right this is the first time you've been back since you moved I'll go get Aki you can wait in.

The living room if you want sure she was so reserved at the movie theater that I was honestly uneasy about seeing her again but the the fact that she looks just like she did in Middle School calms me down a little and then I headed to Aki's room on the second floor Aki M's here huh she's not answering don't tell me she forgot that M would be visiting.

And went out oh come on that means that I'm left alone in the house with a famous actress even if she's someone that I've known since elementary school well thank goodness Ma isn't dressed up as her actress if she was I'd probably be too nervous to talk to her sorry I think Aki forgot you were coming she's not in her.

Room no no problem I already met her last month anyways I came to see you today oh that's fine then wait you look different from just now yes the pigtails and glasses were only for the sake of my disguise this is how I look normally I see and I want to meet you looking at my.

Best after all right it's true that you grew up to be a real Beauty you think so of course more importantly I'm sorry for calling out to you in front of all those people in the movie theater I never thought in my wildest dreams you'd grow up to be so cute so I had no idea.

At all did I cause you any trouble no no trouble at all my disguise was too too perfect for that well all I did was put on glasses and do a lame hairstyle though that's true but it's enough to completely change the way people look at you I know right sometimes I wear the disguise out to take walks when I don't.

Want to be recognized it hasn't failed yet getting back to the topic I'm sorry for being so rude to you that day don't worry about it it was my fault for talking to you in the first place thank you for being so understanding but if I'm being honest I'd have liked for you to recognize me even when I was dressed up as an actress.

That was why I asked Aki to keep that in particular a secret from you for the last 5 years after all I see the truth is I decided quite some time before that I'd meet you on the state as my actress self and hope you'd recognize me huh really if not for the incident at the.

Movie theater I would have told you the truth about me today anyway I wanted to be the one to tell you and I wanted you to hear it from me but the movie theater really was not the best place for it right so she actually wanted to reveal it all to me today but everything was ruined because I saw her by chance at the movie theater was that why Aki.

Was so angry at me when I got back huh so you mean you were going to tell me even if we never saw each other at the movie theater why did you spend all this time planning it though maybe to get revenge for what happened 6 years ago huh.

Revenge yep 6 years ago I was in my second year of high school Aki and M were both third-year middle school students Hari can you teach us math again oh sure I've always been pretty smart since I was young and Aki and M usually got me to tutor them before their exams it's easier if you use this.

Formula here I see so that's how you do it come on Aki wake up but I'm tired thank you Hari if you need it I can teach you anytime you're like the big brother I never had harrii well I am Aki's Big Brother after.

All I'm an only child but I've actually always wanted a brother I'm jealous of AI for having one like you really well if you're lonely or something you're welcome here anytime although I can't do anything but Tut to you and play some games with you thank you now that I think about it do you have a.

Girlfriend if I did I don't think I'd be at home after school every day I see what do you think of me then huh she's strangely mature for a middle school student I think of you was my little sister so that'd be kind of you know and and I am a high school student after all.

I don't think it'd be right to date someone still in middle school I see well I was only joking anyway ah don't scare me like that by the way what kind of girl do you like let's see I think my ideal type would be someone beautiful kind mature and hardworking H.

Interesting not long after that Ma moved away because of her parents' jobs now that I'm a working adult an age difference of 2 years seems like nothing but it felt like a pretty serious issue in the context of a relationship between a high school student and a middle school student the truth is that I wasn't.

Joking at all back then to be be honest it was a huge blow to me I'm sorry I should have realized I guess Aki was right when she said that I was slow-witted and didn't understand a maiden's heart don't be I don't hold grudges for what happened in the past and you were the reason I was able to work so hard.

For my dreams huh really yeah after the incident in order to become more beautiful and mature I put my all into learning everything I could about makeup and fashion without the initial effort I wouldn't have been scouted by my talent agency only a few months after I moved to the.

City after entering the world of Showbiz I learned a lot from all the stylists and makeup artists and improved even more looks like she's been working really hard all this time I finally understand why she seems like a completely different person now even though I was just a catalyst I'm frankly happy that her initial reason for.

Wanting to become beautiful was me my feelings haven't changed I still like the kind-hearted Hari what do you think of me now uh sorry huh you mean I still don't make the cut no that's not at all what I mean I'm just confused until you told me just now.

I really thought that your confession 6 years ago was only a joke hearing you confess to me again makes me happy but at the time I'm so sorry for getting it all wrong back then it's all a mess in my head oh you're happy to hear it then I'm happy too that's good and the mean now doesn't really see a 2-year age difference as a.

Big deal anymore as I said 6 years ago I still like girls that are kind and hardworking even though I know that I'm kind of slow on the uptake if you don't mind do you want to go out with me huh are you sure you're okay with someone like me I mean I'm not exactly a great catch myself I'm just an ordinary office.

Worker and I'm not confident that I quite match up to you right now but from now on I'll do my best and improve myself so I won't embarrass you yes let's do our best together yeah together and be prepared for me to get back at the 5 years I had to wait to reach this.

Point sure sure please be gentle with me in this kind of unexpected way we became an official couple but as long as we strive towards our goals together I think that our relationship will only improve with time later after only a few minutes congratulations hurricane maika thank you Aki since why were you.

There since the beginning of course I've been waiting 5 years for this with M after all there's no way I would miss it yeah thank you for all your help don't mention it I never imagine anyone else other than you as my future sister-in-law anyway so that's how it is why did you have to wait 5.

Years I promised the agency when I first entered that I wouldn't start any kind of romantic relationships for at least the first 5 years I finally reached the 5-year Mark just recently oh so when I met you at the movie theater yep it was still just shy of 5 years I thought about quitting the agency but I.

Think that there's still a lot I can learn from the world of Showbiz that's why I held on to it until now but since I've already received approval from my agency now we can date as openly as we want actually since we don't have to worry about the agency anymore why don't we just get married I have a lot of money for it I think it's too early for.

Marriage though H but given how long I waited for this I'm not going to hold back you know good luck Hari right I'll do my best to match your enthusiasm from now on following the lead of my hardworking I'll be a slightly out of control girl friend I'll work towards a bright future for the.

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