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[Manga Dub] My step sister hates me, but after I started making her favorite food for her.. [RomCom]


Hey yosiki can you hand me an egg from over there just one yes thank you Haruna son can I crack it for you huh are you sure you could do it I'm positive okay let's see your skills ah I got some shells in it I'm sorry it's okay don't worry I wanted to help you I know I cracked an eggan home he's the other day it went well you.

Tried to show me how cool you are didn't you it's not like that really are you sure I'm totally sure anyways do we have to throw this out now nope all we have to do is pluck the shells out can you do it for me of course okay thank you Mommy oh hi my sweet baby princess what can I do for you what are you doing I'm making omelette.

Rice for dinner with Yos Shiki omelette rice yep wakana I know it's your favorite yep it is do you want to help out nope I'll just keep hugging you like this huh huh hey won't you to at least try to get along it wasn't anybody's fault wakana's mother Haruna Sam was my favorite adult in the world and wakana had every right to love her.

Mother naturally she and I began to compete for haranas San's attention back then haran was still alive my mother was haranas San's best friend she married rak's father after her runaan passed away rakanda and I never had a friendly relationship even before her runaan passed away and her parents remarried I'm.

Home H can't you say hi oh were you talking to me no then stop complaining why can't you act just a little bit cuter there's no need for me to act cute around you but I'm your on Chan E I can't believe you just said that how could you say that with you're.

Trying to get your schoolmate to call you Onan oh that's creepy nobody told you to put a heart next to the name get off my back you said I wasn't cute that was me trying to learn from you like you really mean that I'm not trying to do anything being your only Chan is a fact my mother and wakana's father got.

Remarried this spring that meant our relationship changed from being childhood friends to step siblings the thing is wak Conor has always hated guys so it was no surprise to see she wasn't too happy about it so uh where are dad and mom didn't you hear them tell us yesterday they're on a date oh okay what should we do for dinner you want to eat.

Out you've got to be kidding me why do I have to go out for dinner with you y Shiki what do you mean why you're my sister no way I don't want to think about us spending alone time together yeah whatever suit yourself get your own food ready then I was planning to okay.

Fine geez she's so annoying I mumbled to myself so AO wouldn't hear I walked over to the fridge and I opened it I decided to make something I enjoy since I only had to worry about myself eggs and butter ketchup and chicken I know what I want I'll make omelette rice just like har runaan taught me first I'll use a frying pan to make the Demi glaz sauce.

Once it's finished I'll use another pan to make the ketchup rice I only put in chicken and minced onions in the rice it tastes better that way I used to have trouble cracking eggs but I can do it with one hand now I don't cook the egg all the way ketchup rice on the bottom eggs on top pour the demig glaz sauce on it and voila it's my favorite dish to.

Make an eat I love the odor and it looks beautiful huh this spell it made me feel warm inside reminding me of a certain someone who meant the world to me at the same time I felt a twank of pain in my heart Yos shikun is he making omelette rice omelette rice has always been my favorite dish hey I'm turning on the TV oh was expecting an opposition but.

Silence was a reply okay gotcha I'm going to eat then hey this looks great I could open a restaurant uh deig glaz sauce goes best with oned rice and the eggs aren't cook too much what why are you staring at me like that I'm not staring at you self-conscious much yeah yeah you're.

Always right that's correct you w't mistaken y shikun fine I apologize dude you're still staring at me what is it do you want some wakana yes I don't want any huh which is it I want some no I don't so you don't want any okay I want.

Some or not or I do you're being ridiculous wakana here eat really you can bring a new spoon if you don't want to share one I'll put up with it put up with it can't you be more gentle with your words well honesty is my strength H how is.

it it felt like cold electricity shot through my body Wana swallowed the food and tears began to flow down her cheeks hey are you okay was it that bad I'm sorry sorry e shiky yeah give me your spoon my spoon huh hand it over she snatched the spoon out of my.

Hand with a frustrated expression she was still crying as she continued to Wolf down the omelet rice my brain stopped functioning for a second I sat there in silence observing her unexpected Behavior she finished the whole plate in no time she then grabbed my cup of oolong tea and drank from it what is up with you you ate my.

Dinner thought you saw some Desta uh-huh it was pretty good I see I'm glad you liked it yeah okay great wakana's attitude toward me changed after that night but at the time I had no idea our lives were about to change completely the following morning what do you want what do you mean I'm not not doing anything I'm asking why you're standing.

There you've been zoning out for a while I'm not zoning out I was waiting for you let's go to school together so that's why you're here I should have told me I would have hurried wait what what did you say I said I want to go to school with you y shikun one more time I'm not repeating myself anymore get.

Up yes ma'am what is up with you today what do you mean I'm normal you've never wanted to walk to school with me wakana is it such a weird thing for siblings yeah I know we are but I never expected an invitation to come from you you're being stupid yo man you're shiky yo morning I see you have company this morning it's.

Nothing like that oh it's for Chan wait what are you guys going to school together yeah we are why that's what I want to know she's she's hissing at me which means she still hates guys am I right I think so hey what the hell did you do I have no idea wait are you not in her.

Grade how do you even know that she hates guys oh come on wak of metua is the prettiest girl in school everyone knows about her numerous guys have asked her out and all of them were bluntly rejected top of that the only men she talks to are her teachers She's Always a hard Topic at that school hey she talks to me yeah because you're a brother wait.

But I thought you said you were on good terms yeah she hated my guts I know right good morning M Chan I'm your brother's best friend no thank you I don't care don't come near me well I have finally spoken to the wak matu uh barely you're keun I'll head to school alone from now on yeah sure be.

Careful I know hey wait a second can I have your number bye no she's gone what the hey do you have feelings for wakana nah I love all pretty gos Wana continue to act differently towards me Yos shikun can I come in huh what kind of that's me.

Sure thank you what's up well nothing you wouldn't come in here for nothing this is the first time you stepped into my room is that so yes it is yes I guess it is hey can I borrow this manga sure knock yourself out thank you uh what kind of.

Son yes you keep GL daning towards me why you should focus on doing your homework don't you have a project you have to finish I'm done it wasn't hard did it during Home Room hey you're not supposed to work on your project during home room or could it be that you are stuck on something Yos shikun do you want some.

Help you would understand you in your courses I do huh you do I'll teach you whatever you need so in return you Wan dinner is ready dinner yeah we should eat okay hey Mom is pretty good at cooking just saying it means a lot that you think that way I grew up eating her.

Food yeah I like everything she makes uh you should tell her that it'll make her happy we'll do so we left my room after a conversation she's acting weird I still don't know what she wants from me I'm curious about what she meant to say to me at dinner the answer to my question didn't come until a few weeks later I'm.

Home hey Yosh shikun what's up with your face I'm in shock why at nothing do you not want me to call you onichan you're smarter than you look so do you want me to n they don't feel uncomfortable since I'm not used to being called on John okay what are you looking at funny videos is it.

Entertaining I guess so oh that's all yeah they're okay hey I heard mom and dad won't be coming home till later tonight yeah I know they told you yep I'm hungry maybe I'll make something huh you're shikun you're going to cook yeah something easy to make I see you hungry I can make enough for both of us.

If you want really I wouldn't lie about it okay can I make a request sure but it has to be something I can make don't worry I want omelette rice again you really like it huh yep I love it okay I'll call you when it's ready yay yay omelet rice calm.

Down not possible you're going to make me drop it no that can't happen I'll try to quiet down thank you uh can you bring us some drinks sure thing eat the Duos go on dig in thank you H so yeah you've been hanging around me a lot recently is it because you wanted omelet rice uh uh that sounds like a yes the.

Omelet rice you made before it tasted exactly like Mom's yoshiki Kun it brought back so many memories of her so should have asked me to make it instead of roaming around me I couldn't I haven't exactly been nice to you you knew you were being a Brad yeah everyone knows I hate guys and joosh shikun you are the guy I hated the.

Most why is that because Yos shikun I knew that you liked my mother yeah she was pretty and caring and all that that's not what I meant she was your first love what that's why I didn't like you at all she was my mother and it was frustrating to see you two getting along so well I didn't want you to take her.

Away from me that's why I fought over her with you that didn't change after she was gone until I ate the omelet rice you made that night what made you change your mind this sounds weird but I felt my mom close to me when I ate your omelette rice the first spite I had it made me realize you still treasure her as much.

As I do it made me realize you kept your memories of her close to you you never forgot about her you're right yeah she still means a lot to me she might not be here physically but I would never forget everything she taught me while she was alive I'm jealous I did everything I could to think of getting her attention.

But I never once helped her cook how about we cook together from now on huh everything Haruna San taught and showed me through our time together I can share all of it with you aana really yeah of course thank you hey stop crying I want you to enjoy the omelet rice okay you can chop the ingredients.

Just like Mom did yeah my mom purposefully chopped some smaller why is that she thought it would be better if since you have a small mouth oh well as I said before I love everything your mom cooks for me well Mom can teach you if you want okay and I'll teach you what har runaan taught me not like that turn it.

Off you can't keep the pen on the fire for too long it can cause a fire huh fire it's okay I put the lid on oh okay H I've never seen anything so black I'm sorry that was a moment I realized my steps sister was clumsier than she.

Seemed she had no clue how to chop the ingredients and she didn't know how to wash the rice I screwed up again every mistake counts that's what leads to success wakana aren't you going to get sick of me of course not everyone has sound supporting me whenever I made a.

Mistake I don't know H yeah I'm not shed about this what are you two talking about well you guys seem more like a couple than siblings I have mixed feelings honey don't suck don't worry she'll always be our daughter hey we're not dating.

Okay oh you're so silly we're just kidding jeez that freaked me out for a second I'm so glad you two are close now it'll be fun to mess with you from now on hey y shikun one more time please okay I have to get this right for Mom I agree and one day you can make it for your husband my husband aranan told me that.

She studied cooking for Dad I will admit I was a bit jealous when she told me that there's no need for me to practice then why is that you don't plan on getting married I want to get married but you already have mom's recipe down y shikun I don't see why we both have to learn it oh but I should practice to make it for.

Our children what did you know step siblings aren't blood related which means we can get married if we want to huh uh anyways your shikun let's move on to the next step for a split second she looked exactly like her runaan her beautiful smile Mesmerize.

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