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[Manga Dub] My step sister hates me… After saving her, she tries to handcuff me…!? [RomCom]


Good morning little sister oh dear ignore me again today my name is ryuji okita the person who just fully ignored my existence just now is shoko she's my stepsister one year younger than me from my parents remarriage nowadays she is as cold toward me but nowadays she is as cold towards me but back then it was.

Different nice to meet youi come on shoko say hi to your brother nice to meet you shoko arm Yuji and what's the matter um oh dear I just don't know why she's acting so shy just like this in the beginning she wouldn't speak to me at all however when I saw my little sister for the first time I thought if I get to have a little sister this cute.

That I want to protect her no matter what shoko now that I'm your big brother I'm going to protect you what protect me if you ever run into trouble I'm going to save you really you're going to protect me yeah leave it to your big brother thank you once the wall was broken down shoko stuck behind me everywhere I went no matter what we were.

Doing she would grab my hand tightly and if anything happened she would always always come running to me to tell me however at the same time I started high school she became cold I thought maybe it was just puberty but I still don't know the real reason for it why do I keep getting ignored by her don't worry you got this oh come on can't you cheer.

Me up a little bit better I have no desire to be nice to another guy your ice cold too but your little sister really is so cute right that's right my sister is cute not in that way but she is objectively cute I heard rumors that she's constantly being asked out at school but despite being so popular for some reason shoko rejects all of the.

Proposals even the popular upper class men from the soccer team or the bad boy in her grade guys that any girl would be head over heels for she continues to reject them all hey I want you to introduce me to shoko nope come on why not when I think about her happiness it's best to reject you you can try again when you become a handsome prince.

From a wealthy family how is that possible you're obsessed with your sister what's wrong with that anyway now why you so angry so that's what happened why are you saying no without asking me first because I was worried about your future and also why are you walking home with me so that some bad bug doesn't come following you what do you mean a.

Bad bug stop making things up I'm not making anything up I'm I'm saying that for your sake cuz you're important to me you're my treasure shoko my precious sister what why are you always saying stuff like that stop being so weird I don't care about you anyway shoko be careful what I don't have any memory after that when I opened my eyes I was.

In the hospital turns out that by defending shoko I was laid out under a large wooden panel and I shattered my arm however luckily because my head wasn't hit there was no threat to my life but because the way that my arm broke was complicated I would have to stay in the hospital and get surgery I was going to be living in the hospital.

For a while but during that time shoko didn't come to visit me once I didn't think that she hated me this much but as long as shoko is safe I guess it's fine the day I was discharged from the hospital I can't can't believe this would overlap with my parents anniversary vacation oh well school is just about to go into break for a while.

So I guess I can relax over the next week I'm home welcome home Dy shoko what why are you Ching into my arms like this what's going on I don't understand you know how mom and dad are away for their wedding anniversary vacation starting today so I am going to be taking care of Yi you just got out of the hospital and I'm sure you haven't fully healed yet so.

I'm sure a lot of things will be inconvenient for you so you can rely on me oh I see that's what this is shoko are you bothered by the accident what if so you really don't need to worry about it I did that because I wanted to when you became my little sister I vowed to protect you so you don't have to feel obligated to take care of me when you.

Hate me that's not true shoko I don't hate you what but wait what do you mean you don't hate me because we are siblings I was going to give up that's the reason why I was keeping my distance from you how to give up keeping your distance wait a minute I'm seriously not following here then I realized that then.

I would regret it forever again what on Earth are you talking about wait a minute that click what is going on handcuffs it means you're mine ryuji let me go no why not because you'll try to run away I won't run away I mean this is my house anyway you won't go anywhere I promise I won't you won't try to sneak out you'll be with me forever I'll be.

With you I'll be with you I promise to be with you if you lie you know what's going to happen right yes what's going on what is this situation so the days began spending time with my sister who had completely flipped a switch the next morning this is a very fancy meal there's so materal that I don't think we can finish it all don't worry I'll stuff.

You with my feelings here say ah is it good it's delicious I made all the things you like to eat so I hope you can eat a a lots and I want you to forget the taste of any homecooked meal besides my own what is that are you telling me I can only eat your cooking from now on if that's the case that would be great but you know what yeah.

Great idea let's just do that even if our parents come home I'm going to look after everything for you so don't worry you don't have to do anything you don't even have to come out of your room anymore I will do everything for you and I'll take care of you okay please serly calm down ah shoot I went too far again sorry UI whenever I think about you my.

Thoughts just go racing here eat some more another day dear shoko what why are you trying to follow me to the shower I told you I would take care of you but don't worry I won't do anything just a little bit just a little bit you can count the stains on the ceiling and it'll be done before you know it what are you talking about what are you.

Trying to do while I count the stains on the ceiling oh please there's no way I can see something that embarrassing calm down please I'm begging you calm down my love is a runaway train of course my feelings are going to Blossom I have no idea what you're saying and before any blooming I'm being knocked down I'm already.

Feeling sick enough give me a break come on you're so mean I'm not being mean well then what will you let me do I told you that I would be looking after you I thought it would be hard to wash your body with your healing broken arm that's the reason why I wanted to get in with you I see but your true intentions are I want to soak in your naked skin with.

These eyes and I want to clean your body into all of the corners and if things go well then in a lucky occurrence I want to do this and that and this and that everything is full of lust I can't believe you made me say my true intentions oh hell unfair shut up now get out no rui please come on just open up I was.

Just joking earlier Yi shut up stay outside and calm down de sh go what why are you laying down on my lap because I wanted to be healed by laying on your thighs this is my grand plan to make up for the time I wasn't able to be true to my feelings and get closer what do you mean closer you jumped closer out of nowhere and it's scaring me don't be.

Scared and come here you are always welcome in my chest at all times I'm not going to be jumping there please close your Open Arms well then if you're not going to jump in then you have to pet me and compliment me and spoil me a lot what do you mean spoil you how like I just said pet my head play with my hair compliment me and bubble me up I want to.

Turn into bubbles in front of you what do you mean bubbles what is that well I guess this is doable though your hands are so big and rough it feels nice I want you to pet me more you don't have to only pet my hair you can touch me anywhere you want to and if it all goes well a hop skip and a jump and we can stop that please calm down bubbl stop.

With the bubbles that being said why is she all of a sudden being like this to me I'm glad she's not ignoring me anymore but there's way too much of a gap from how she was to how she is now they said shoko wasn't Hur at all but did she hit her head what's the matter why are you staring into space don't tell me you were daydreaming about some.

Other girl you can't think about some other girls when you're with me that's not okay stop those unnecessary thoughts here I'm going to give you some extra skin touch stop that I told you not to do that fine I guess I'll hold it in for now what do you mean for now just just hold it in forever my little sister had lost her horses as she was taking care.

Of me every day I don't know if it was coming from her guilt but I couldn't understand why she was sticking to me like this she did say she didn't hate me but but surely that doesn't mean she actually loves me in that way these thoughts were running through my mind when one day Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow yeah they are I am happy that.

They're coming back but we're not going to be alone anymore I'm devastated why are you devastated over that I want to be with you more I don't want to be a part we won't be aart I'm going to be here anyway but someday you're going to leave the house well once I graduate college I probably will leave I thought so of course you will so we can't be.

Together forever can we if only you fell for me during this week then maybe something could have changed huh fall wait a minute when you said you like me do you seriously mean you like like me love love huh I love you are you serious you didn't believe me even though I was pushing that much why would anyone think that their little sister would have a.

Serious fentic Crush like that well then what do I have to do to get you to believe me shoko if I push that much and you still don't what am I supposed to do well that's oh she really was serious as so weak I just thought that her guilt taken over if she is this serious then I need to be honest with her too listen shoko I if even that didn't work then.

All I can do is knock you over what knock what what what um shoko when it comes to love you should be able to do as you wish and be as selfish as you want your feelings are second to none right now and this wall of being step siblings I'm not going to go under or over it I'm going to break it down completely H is it just me or I.

Hearing her say some crazy things right now the runaway train of Love isn't going to stop shoko I'm going to create a situation so you can't leave calm down don't worry I won't hurt you it is my first time but it should be fine just count the stains on the ceiling and it'll be over that's not okay this is not okay but why not aren't you.

Mistaking your guild for romantic feelings right now if it's about the accident you really don't need to worry about it anymore no I have always always liked you always that day when you told me for the first time that you would protect me I think I fell for you at that time already and every time I was with my kind older brother I fell for.

You even more but I was holding it in because we were siblings shoko when you became a high schooler you became even more attractive and at that time I wasn't able to hold in my feelings anymore if I didn't keep my distance from you I thought my feelings would go rampant that I would go crazy from liking you too much so that's why you.

Suddenly became Co when I started going to high school I'm sorry I didn't really want to do that but if I didn't I had a feeling that I would get carried away and do all kinds of things well thank you for keeping your distance then but then when you got hurt from saving me I realized I don't know what I would do if I lost you I thought I should be more.

Honest to my feelings so that's what I tried to do you were a little bit too honest there I see I didn't know you actually that serious that's right I like you rui I love you from the bottom of my heart but I'm sorry I only see you as my little sister even if if we are step siblings you're my precious little sister and that relationship well then.

Your heart didn't beat even a little bit faster well that's uh um your like will never turn into a love well uh that's yeah I think if I keep pushing it'll work don't say it'll work stop testing your brother's rationality I'm sorry yoi for your sake it probably would have solved everything for me to give up on you and just be your little sister but I.

Don't want to do that I don't want to let go of something so important to me oh the handcuffs until our parents come home let's have a hot and heavy night ryui don't worry I studied properly so I won't hurt you calm down if you go any further I'll be banned from society don't worry I won't let that happen well then leave your body to me Big Brother.

No that day I got into a heated battle in order to protect my Jewels after that even though a parents came home shoko continued to chase after me seeing this our parents just said you two seem so happy we're glad it turns out nobody was taking my side and then a few months later Yuji how about now what do you like me now who knows can't say your.

Face is bright red shut up maybe just a little bit more I'm not going to give up until you fall for me so I hope you're ready it seems this battle between my sister and I is going to continue for the foreseeable future thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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