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[Manga Dub] My step-sister hates me… One day I accidentally sent her the wrong message… [RomCom]


Senpai please move a girl that approached me was a Mecca John who became me cougar horuki's sister a few days ago she became my sister because of my father's remarriage she used to be much nicer and friendlier in junior high and now that she's in high school she was as cold as a different person and it.

Was hard for me to talk to her sorry hamikachan and go ahead uh um why does she become so quiet I returned to my room with these questions in my mind I wonder how we can get along like we used to she probably doesn't like me.

If that's the case I should find out why and fix it but I can't think of anything I didn't really talk to her ever since high school and when we became a family she was already this cold towards me so my thoughts ran Wild oh I fell asleep before I knew it was going on why so many messages Senpai is that right.

Okay I will be your girl can I go to your room now it's okay right I'll go what is this what's going on senpai wow what a surprise I'm so happy I've liked you since junior high school so I'm so thrilled that we both have feelings for each other um what are we talking about.

What you told me you love me senpai that's impossible I quickly check my phone then I really did send I love you to a Mika John apparently I send that in my sleep I didn't expect you to confess out of the blue but I'm okay with it like I replied Let's Get Married After High School oh no I created a big.

Misunderstanding wait but I thought she didn't like me I thought you didn't like me hamikachan that's absurd I've always liked you from before wait what that's funny I only remember you giving me the cold shoulder after we became a family.

Did I just wander into a different parallel universe without knowing it how could you could you make that mistake because you were blatantly avoiding me her that's not what it was I thought that if I showed too much interest in you you might feel uncomfortable and avoid me so I just kept my distance from.

You so you wouldn't notice seriously I remember this girl wasn't that good with people in junior high when she was having a hard time putting him on the committee I approached her and we gradually became friends um I'm sorry for creating a.

Misunderstanding oh no I just misunderstood on my own so don't worry about it if anything I'm sorry for the strangers understanding no then why did you fall in love with Me Senpai uh but what should I do I can't say that I sent the wrong messages here because Amica John already confessed to me.

Senpai uh you see you were cute since junior high that's why I started liking you I see I'm so glad then let's get married as soon as we graduate from high school why do you want to get married so soon wouldn't you want to marry the person you like as soon as possible isn't it too soon.

No it's not but you know right after graduating from high school you might be a college student right the marriage might not be the best choice what's wrong with a student getting married I think it's great we'll be a burden for Dad and the others oh.

I think it's better if you start working first then I will get a job after I graduate from high school and I will support you senpai why would you do that you can't do that Dad and the others won't approve because I want to get married as soon as.

Possible well there's no rush he's there Amica John you're cute so maybe another nice guy will come along and huh what well with that tone you make it sound like I would get attracted to other guys besides you no I didn't say that that's impossible okay it's not possible.

For me to fall in love with someone other than you even if the Earth was turned upside down okay I get it so stop getting so close I'm glad you understand I feel like I've seen the darkness in this girl it seems she's more than just a pretty face after that hamikacha made a lot of.

Appeals to get married with me but I try to persuade her to calm down and the situation was somehow settled that's what I thought would you like to sleep with me senpai apparently a rampage is not over yet Amica John are you serious since we're lovers I think it's okay if we sleep together she's cute you're.

Right come here thank you so much you're enough room yes it's fine I've always dreamed of sleeping with my Senpai like this I'm so glad it came true because honestly I almost gave up when we became family what do you mean you're such a serious guy I thought.

You'd be too hesitant to go for your sister even if she stepsister and there were times when I felt depressed that you didn't see me in that way I've been trying not to look at him it's the opposite sex exactly for that reason because she became my sister it's ironic that I was trying not to make Amica Chan uncomfortable but on the.

Contrary I was hurting her so I was really happy to have Senpai confess your feelings to me uh to be honest I don't want to go to sleep because I'm afraid that I'll wake up and find out it was all a dream she likes me this much it's okay this isn't a dream and I'll be right.

Next to you when you wake up so you can sleep without worries it's really a dream come true you don't seem you do something like this do it when I have to you know yeah I know you're a man I can count on hey Senpai could I ask you for one more thing.

Yeah you can say anything you want thank you very much I I want you to stroke my head oh like this yes thank you sleeping would be a waste almost like a Pampered little sister she thinned her eyes in Comfort she's so.

Cute it's as if the cold attitude she's had up until today was a lie I'm glad I got to have this kind of Alabama relationship with the Mika Channel even though it was an accident that brought us together after that hamika Chan started to fall asleep so I let her be the next morning.

Senpai wait I'm making Chum what's wrong what do you mean why are you trying to go by yourself let's go together or did you do that on purpose no it wasn't on purpose but I thought you wouldn't want to because of everyone's eyes at school I don't care what people think I want to be with my Senpai for as long as.

Possible she's been really aggressive ever since we started dating she's cute so what the heck I look good guy Amiga child is being treated like an idol well it's only natural since she's.

So cute more importantly it's amazing how she just changed her last name a few days ago and everyone's already gotten used to it those people aren't your friends I've never talked to those people before is there a Mika Chan's groupies great after we got to school I left a Mika.

Channel into my classroom morning ah here he comes hmm good morning good morning and alsan you're as energetic as ever her name is the Nami Yandel a bride and Lively gal who is kind of everyone he's a popular girl in our class.

like that oh nice how did you seduce her it's not like I seduced her but lawyer what there's no way Haruki got a girlfriend before me yeah this must be Hello Kitty's fantasy because there's no way such a pretty girl is sharuki's girlfriend.

What's wrong with you guys that's so rude just think about it how could such a pretty girl fall for her okay that's right get real horrible game no you guys did a face reality she's my girlfriend although I was a happy accident and brought us together.

We won't improve no matter what you say all right out of the way it's not cool to get involved out of jealousy Anderson leave these idiots alone and tell me more I'm really curious it's not that interesting though already interesting when it's someone else's love story that's not cool I don't want to talk about it.

That's why I won't tell me hey stop hug s or people are gonna get the wrong idea an notification cheating is not allowed what huh what's wrong nothing this message means that she's watching from somewhere.

There she's glaring at me blurry I couldn't help but feel fear when I saw mikachan he was emitting an aura of Darkness is this what they call the yandere wait isn't that hugachin's girlfriend and alsan what are you.

Cook a teen's girlfriend you're welcome girlfriend if you say so I can't say no what is this girl she's so cute I want to take her home what Chico what's your name you little cutie come play at my house what is this Senpai please help me cook a chin give me this.

Girl she's so cute I already like her of course not come on let her go ah you're so stingy stingy it's not good to forcefully hug a girl it doesn't want to be hugged is it he was just trying to pamper her what she was saying earlier was dangerous in many ways Amica John are you okay.

I was scared yeah I bet you were here I'm looking totally in the way I think I'll just leave I was consoling a mikachan and ando-san simply backed away maybe she wasn't that serious mikachan quietly returned to her classroom since the threat was gone for.

The time being come to think of it and why was she in my classroom after school hey Amica John why did you come to my classroom in the morning weather so I went to check out to see if anyone else was in a hurry to approach.

You I didn't think she was thinking that far ahead I don't worry so much I'm not that popular Senpai you don't know anything about yourself hi I'm Mika Chan I was a loner in junior high school and you were very kind to me not only that.

You were very considerate and helped me fit in with the others girls like kind-hearted people like you you should have more confidence in yourself sorry her to be honest I'm scared that someone will steal you away from me that's why I want to get married as soon as possible I thought that as long as we get married.

I wouldn't have to worry about you running away that's why uh sorry I was gonna keep this quiet but I'm gonna be honest with you when I said that I love you message it was actually a mistake while I was sleeping what so.

Originally I liked you was a cute Junior almost like a friend but since yesterday I've been thinking you were cute as a girl so I like Amica Sean as a girl that means we don't have to break up of course not Eve should have said so earlier so worried that I would be rejected.

I'm sorry but I thought it would be better to talk about it properly I didn't think I could get rid of the insecurities in such a casual relationship like that remove insecurity yeah I'll say it again make a Chan I like you I want you to go out with me officially now and we'll get married Alabama style.

As soon as I start working it's okay my answer was obvious from the beginning Senpai no hurricane please let me be your girlfriend thanks Amica John once again please take care of me from now on and so hamikachan and I became an official couple.

Three years later we had our wedding since I didn't go to college and started working as a high school graduate we're able to get married of course I thought seriously about finding a job with my parents and Amica John but I thought that this was the best choice I'm making chance started going to college and she's very happy.

That she was able to get married as a student from now on I'll do my best to keep her happy thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well