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[Manga Dub] My step-sister introduces me to her friend… but when I show up, it’s her dressed up!?


I'm Koshi a seconde high school student I lost my mother when I was young my father remarried this year and started a new family I have a new mother and it's your precious day off and you're playing games you need to get a life huh says a person who has enough free time to make fun of people shut up this is why you're not popular this is my steps sister jury.

We go to the same high school she is one grade below me now that we become family I'd like to get along with her but want to play a fighting game no thanks leave me alone as you can see she doesn't treat me like an older brother she just refers to me as you she always makes fun of me for being unpopular or stupid and when I try to talk to her at school she.

Ignores me it's a mystery why she comes to my room so often even though she hates me hey I'm heading out can't be you're not going on a date are you no I'm going grocery shopping for dinner I come from a single father household so I've been doing housework from an early age even with a mother now I'm mostly in charge of cooking but no matter what I.

Make jury will never say it's delicious she always eats in silence grumbly someday I'll make her say it's delicious all right today I'm going to make jury's favorite dish omelette do you want to go shopping with me you really want me to go that much yeah I need you okay then I'll go get changed the supermarket is having a big egg sale but only W Pac is.

Allowed per person so I'd appreciate it if you could come go by yourself why are you angry just kick me out of the room and just as I was about to put on my shoes at the entrance oh I forgot my wallet when I hurried back to my room I was surprised to find jewry laying face down on the bed pressing my pillow against her face okay what are you.

Doing this is you know how sometimes you just feel like smelling something gross it's like that I see well there are some people in this world who enjoy to smell of grass and I'm not one to pass judgment on other people's interests just don't make it a habit shut up you idiot my step sister just keeps picking on me like this will the day ever come.

And we can be friends one Sunday JY came into my room without knocking but Joyce I'm going to introduce you to a girl Mr unpopular so pushy who's the girl my friend I don't know what's going on in that head of hers but she told me she's interested in you it's not like you're busy right what are you talking about there's a big sale at the supermarket.

Today you are free just go and so I had to go on a date with jury's friend we decided to meet at the bronze statue in front of the station after taking a detour to a bookstore I arrived at the station at the greed time according to jury she's wearing a white dress I wonder what kind of girl she is that girl is pretty you're right she looks.

Like a model there was a girl standing at the meeting place she was wearing a white dress H she must be the girl I'm supposed to meet it's true she is indeed beautiful but what the isn't that jury what the heck is she doing wearing a wig and glasses it's obvious it's her as I stood there stunned jury began to approach me.

Hello are you jer's brother kesan right uh yeah my name is Waka Yamada I'm Jery's friend she appears to be in Disguise or at least trying to be what on Earth is she thinking is she trying to make fun of me again ah I think I got it I fall in love with yadan jury reveals her true identity you're so gullible that's why you're a loser.

Stupid it's probably what she's up to must be a prank like hell I'll get caught but it looks like she carefully prepared everything I feel bad to call her out immediately Mister why don't we talk over there at the Starbucks can't be helped guess I'll play along for now while you drink you mod Y Man son huh oh yes sorry I'm not used.

To this what do you mean you're not used to this what is it about me that interested you yaran um that is I like people who are good at cooking Jerry told me that your food is delicious so I was curious H she always looks grumpy while she eats but she actually likes my cooking I'm kind of happy what do you do to make it taste so good oh I guess by.

Thinking about the person you were cooking for you think of me I mean your sister jery yeah I spoke with jory's mother and asked her about Julie's preferred seasonings and other things I see why do you go through such lengths for jury because we're family it's natural to want to get along wait a minute this may be a good chance for us.

To have an honest conversation by the way uh how do you know jury we're classmates let's tease her a little oh then how about I come visit your class next time maybe we can all have lunch together she was my classmate in middle school we enter different high schools but still keep in touch oh come on at least prepare your story beforehand has.

Jory said anything about her school life she never tells me anything about it um I heard she gets a lot of confessions from the boys but she turned all of them down she's very popular isn't she well she is cute after all you really think so she looks extremely happy you look very happy yisan well of course I'm happy to hear.

My friend get praised I'm glad that Joy has a friend like you I know she can be a bit mean oh you think so yeah every time I see her she makes fun of me and calls me names she said she wants to get closer to you really but she doesn't seem to know what to do as a result she ends up acting a little harsh please be mindful of her feelings I see could you.

Please tell jury you shouldn't expect me to understand how you feel I can't know how you feel unless you express it properly oh okay oh looks like I'm getting true to her I hope this will soften jury's attitude a little now it's a lighten the mood so uh where should we go next wherever you want to go is fine with me you know let's see I would like.

To go to the theme park this attraction seems to be popular right now H oh you have the same model as jury even the cover is the same we are very close after all we just decided to get matching cell phones I watched over her with warms as she struggled we arrived at the theme park your wig is falling off I had to.

Hold her wig from flying off when we rolled the roller coaster okay you're too close and Jory got so worked up in the haunted house that she forgot about her disguise and called out my name that was scary you m on your glasses did you drop them in the haunted house let's go look for it okay are you.

Okay without your glasses oh oh no I can't see anything it's hard to walk could you hold my hand not to mention the terrible acting there are a lot of happenings but this is the first time we've gotten to hang out and have fun together excuse me I need to use the bathroom okay then I'll wait here h a call what could it be jury is she really.

Calling from the toilet looks like things are going smoothly yep I'm having fun you said going smoothly sounds as if you are observing us huh are you here huh uh yeah yeah well I thought I'd see how Mr unpopular would act yeah you definitely got the front row VIP view you're by yourself what a loner get I'm alone I'm here with a man of course that.

Man is me though you guys seem to be hitting it off so maybe you can afford to be more daring daring you know like kiss before parting ways or something what no way you can't even kiss that's why you're such a loser making fun of me again huh time to strike back oh jury I'm thinking of dropping your Maan off of my way home can you tell me where she.

Lives her house her house is um hello hello oh that connection see you thanks for waiting I just received a call from jury she said she is also here with a man H are you concerned no not at all it's me anyway I see ouch uh sorry what the heck man after about an hour of playing we were tired and sat on a bench to rest today was fun yeah this is the.

First time JY and I have played together since we became a family I got to know a little bit about jury this might have been a meaningful day um uh yes I like you would you consider going out with me that was a little annoyed she totally ruined the fun mood is she really just trying to make fun of me if so there was only one response I'm sorry it's time to.

Put an end to her prank I looked up at her and was surprised huh what why are you at that moment I recall my conversation with yadan she said she wants to get closer to you but she doesn't seem to know what to do could it be that jury disguised herself not to prank me but to try to get closer to me if that's the case then huh cut the act.

And tell me how you feel okay you knew this whole time yeah I figured it out as soon as I saw you no way what should I do I'm so embarrassed I feel like my face is on fire even though I tried really hard to disguise myself he was able to see right through me I even gave him advice to kiss me should I curse at him and flee like I.

Usually do then I Beall my brother's words I can't tell you how you feel unless you express it properly that's right if I run away here it'll be the same thing all over again I know what I have to say I wanted to get along with you uh-huh but because I'm always so conscious of you I end up always reacting in a harsh way and eventually.

The distance between us grew and grew I thought by pretending to be someone else I'd be able to reset and face you honestly I know it's foolish but why'd you go so far because I like you that's why I didn't call him brother I wanted to be seen as a woman you always made delicious meals for me and took care of me I wonder why I'm confessing my.

Feelings when he already rejected me but I couldn't stop sorry for confusing you wait H okay yes I am definitely confused you who is normally so mean to me suddenly confess me that you like me that's why I need some time to process everything but but you already projected me no I dumbed you m son not you I'll give you my answer in a week.

Could you please wait until then yes I will definitely make you fall for me by then in the weeks since then jwy has been making moves on me she is following my advice and being honest so much so that she started saying things like k I love you I win how could I concentrate after being told something like that she also comes to see me at school whenever.

She can now okay let's eat lunch together who's that cute girl that's his sister to top it off she always clings to me on her way to and from school mind if I go shopping for dinner with you today yeah there's a big egg sale so I'm back per person so can you help me of course I'm happy to be able to help you I've always wanted to get along with her.

So I don't mind it then a week later I gave jury the okay thank you K let's get along forever and ever giving in so easily maybe I am a loser in that that sense let me told Mom and Dad they were very surprised but they said they would support us and gave us her blessing but please refrain from having children while you're still a student mother said.

This JY turned bright red M your food is the best thanks hearing you say that makes it worthwhile I'm happy to be able to live with the person I love and eat delicious food but I feel like you aren't conveying your feelings for me in the same way that I do for you that might be true jory's expressions of Love are so intense that.

I often lose my balance you said it yourself I won't know how you feel unless you properly express it either oh all right I'll do my best from now on since it's my beloved's request good she's started to make fun of me in a different way but I honestly don't mind thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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