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[Manga Dub] My step sister is avoiding me to hide the fact that she loves me… [RomCom]


Good morning Arisa good morning Nissan you look super sleep no I am not you're probably imagining things your breakfast is ready why don't you go and brush your teeth you don't have to remind me I can remember to brush my teeth on my own whenever I want to uh I'm sorry I a yo katsuragi have a very adorable little.

Sister well I say little sister but we're not actually related by my mother got remarried when I was a sixth grader and Arisa was my stepfather's daughter who was a year younger than me she was a shy girl at first and was reserved with me too she even called me a yadan but after one incident she started opening her heart.

Up to me her step brother uh um a son can I call you Nissan from now on yeah of course I was so happy when she asked me that for the first time for someone who was always growing up with just's mother a new father on and Arisa even if they weren't related to me by Blood we're very important family thank you for the food I'm going to head out first.

Then oh you're early today too aren't you Arisa unlike you Nissan I'm not dumb enough to run to school barely on time you're so harsh at least don't be late okay if you're late I'm embarrassed as your younger sister yeah I'll be careful orisa was attached to me before but ever since she became a middle schooler she started distancing self from me I'm sure.

We act harshly whenever I say something and go back to her room whenever I was in the living room we rarely get to have deep Communications anymore maybe this just means she grew up and doesn't need her brother anymore I guess this couldn't be helped because of her age but I was a little sad I just wanted to be close to Arisa like we were before.

But after leaving the house I Arisa katsuragi spent some time on the platform of the train station I let a couple of TR trains go by and the express train that would get me to go to school barely on time finally arrived Nan should be here soon I'm going to hide myself in the crowd H same time as usual gosh I've told him so many times.

That he should stop being so last minute but he's hopeless every morning I watched Nissan so I could know which train and which train car he would go into it's not like I'm stalking him but if you ask me for evidence to prove that I'm not a ER I'd be a little in trouble Nissan is listening to music again today it's Wednesday so it's probably the.

Usual playlist I guess I'll listen to the same one the reason I leave the house at a different time than Nissan is so that I can watch him without having him notice just like humans shouldn't have their presence known when observing animals I can't have him know that I'm watching him in order to watch his true self I love my step brother but I don't.

Want to cause trouble to my parents so I kept these feelings to myself and pushed push them aside the reason I'm purposely distancing myself from my brother is because I'm scared that I'll accidentally confess my feelings if I stay too close to him gosh he son's of room no matter how many times I smell it it smells wonderful if I bottle this.

Scent up in a jar it'll probably sell things like this are perks of living in the same house as the person you like H he hasn't worn this shirt in a while so it'll be a waste for him to throw it away oh hold on to it before he does that we have to preserve precious artifacts after all in exchange for bottling up my feelings I do things like.

This this should be forgivable I think until one day I saw something unforgivable oh I think this book might be better I see you might be right I saw my brother going to the bookstore with one of his female classmates thank you so much for today kater ragun not at all you're very welcome just depend on me when whenever you need.

Me if you say that I'm going to depend on you for everything go easy on me oh no the thing that I've always feared is finally happening that's true isan is nice to everyone and gets super good grades it's no surprised that there'd be a girl he has his eyes on how upsetting I was always the one.

Who was closest to him I couldn't bear to stay there and I had to run away from the scene even if the place I go back to is the same home as him that day after getting out of the bath my little sister was staring at her phone hey if you don't hurry up the bath is going to get cold you're so annoying I'll take one later make sure you're not up too late.

Yes yes I know when I came back a little while later my sister had fallen asleep on the sofa gosh didn't I tell you so I felt bad about waking her up because she was sleeping so comfortably when I got closer to put a blanket on her I saw something shining on the ground huh her phone still on was on the ground next to.

The sofa she probably fell asleep while using your phone and dropped it on the floor when I unconsciously picked it up I couldn't help but see what was on her screen I'm her family member but I still shouldn't look huh on her screen her search history showed strange words along the lines of stepbrother romance step brother marriage together brother.

Marriage fate a comply hey hey what does this mean hold on I can understand what's going on once I calm down the owner of this phone has feelings for her older brother and wants to marry him if possible if all else fails she was even willing to fate a comply a marriage the problem was the owner of the cell phone is my steps sister my cold and friendly.

Little sister was searching things like this oh Arisa uh morning good morning Nissan wait isn't it still nighttime seems like I've fallen asleep huh where's my phone huh what the phone it's mine uh it is right I knew it knew what don't tell me did you look through my phone oh uh I just glanced at your search history I'm sorry he he saw my.

Phone my search history that exposes all my desires so you were aware that it exposed or your desires everything is over now I can't show my face in the world anymore so I'm going to kick myself out of this home hold on wait don't say that you're not a member of the royal family from the the.

Hean period life comes and goes I somehow calmed ARR her down and we were now sitting down with her in her room to talk did you calm down now Harissa I'm sorry I got a little ahead of myself I don't think saying that you're going to kick yourself out of the house becoming exiled or bored an Antarctic research ship can be considered a little ahead of.

Yourself but well I guess I'll just pretend that I didn't hear that uh I'm sorry about earlier huh about what you know because I looked at your phone I felt bad that wasn't your fault though you're too nice Nissan and it's because you're nice like that that's why I can't give up on you Nissan can you tell me about it.

You can take your time okay after that Arisa slowly told me about what happened today the fact that she saw me going to the bookstore in Cafe with one of my female classmates the fact that she panicked after thinking that I started dating her the fact that the panicking caused her to search things online thank you for telling me Arisa I'm sorry I.

Know it's childish no it's not also it's a misunderstanding I'm not dating her you're not nope she's in the same class as me and her name is kosan I know that Visa Kato her birthday is June 17th her blood type ISO she used to be part of the tennis team but quit in July she lives about two train.

Stations away from school and stop stop how do you know so much personal information about kosan I was just curious about what kind of girl you were dating so I did a little digging besides I already know a good bit about the people you associate yourself with it's a little scary that you know so much more than me her classmate either.

Way I'm not dating kosan she mentioned that she was looking for reference books for college entrance exams so I was teaching her which ones would be most suitable for her level or the ones closest to the actual exams oh that's what that was about I'm sure you probably noticed already but I have feelings for you Nissan yeah but I.

Didn't want to cause trouble for Mom and Dad because even even if we step siblings we're still technically siblings does that mean you bottled up your feelings yes but I guess you found out anyway honestly there's a big part of me that's still confused but uh my first reaction is probably that I'm happy huh you're happy yeah I'm relieved.

Knowing that you don't hate me plus I don't think there's any guy that wouldn't be happy to have you like him do you think so um Nissan I want to ask will you be a relationship with me of course I like that too if you're okay with it really I won lie to you orisa I I'm so happy yeah I'm happy knowing how you feel too just like that.

Our relationship changed from one of Step siblings to a couple after we started dating we quickly decided to go on a date the next weekend this is so fun isn't it Nissan we just left the house my heart is already so full from just that and this is super fun so fun that I'm getting scared for the rest of the date what.

About you Nissan I'm having fun too I should have been used to seeing arisa's face but my heart couldn't help but skip a beat after seeing that smile of hers wa Arisa I decided to be a little daring uh I feel like this is pretty embarrassing we're a couple so this is normal W there's a lot of people today.

That's true but today just look at me and only me what I'm saying that you shouldn't look at other girls of course I won't Arisa you say things that make me very happy by the way Arisa you're still going to call me Nissan even after we started dating that's true I think it's because I've already gotten used to.

Calling you that also also doesn't it feel special because I'm the only one who can call you that special huh yes even if a super attractive woman appears in your life in the future I'm the only one that's going to call you Nissan I see that might be true I'm probably going to be your only little sister too so please let me call.

You Nissan for a while got it Arisa we talked about random un important things inside the house too as if we were filling in for last time Arisa um what is it don't you think you're a little too close maybe you should scoot away a little I'm sorry but I'm currently re charging with vitamin Nissan not even is that it's a special substance I can.

Contain only from your smell body heat and voice I didn't know something like that existed do you know how hard I had it until now I had to sneak into your room and take deep breaths feel your leftover warmth after you got up from the sofa or purposely take baths after you stop I feel like like I shouldn't hear anymore it seems like orisa's love.

For me was a lot more intense than I thought it's going to be a huge problem if I don't get enough vitamin niss on okay in order for me to get my nutrients please pet my head okay okay I realized that Arisa hadn't changed because she still got lonely and wanted to be spoiled this relationship was very comfortable for me too when I was a.

Fifth grader my father got remarried Nissan was the son of my new mother nice to meet Arisa I'm going to be your big brother from now on I was a scaredy cat and a shy girl but aato tried many times to get me to be more comfortable but as a young girl who was confused with the change in her environment I had a hard time grabbing onto his outreached hand I.

Wasn't a big fan of socializing either so at the time I was being bullied at the new school I transferred to even on that day in the classroom hey why don't you say something huh um uh well I don't understand what you're saying I couldn't find any words to say back to her and became quiet it was at that moment hey stop that who are you I'm Marissa's.

Older brother aato son L said up everyone if you make my little sister cry I won't forgive you it's not like Nissan was strong in fights either but he stood up for me in front of a big crowd um thank you so much you need a f me I'm your older brother orisa um can I call you Nissan from now.

On aatan yeah of course you can everything that happened then is a precious memory for me now I became a middle schooler after that and before I knew it I discovered that my feelings for my brother were love I I love Nissan but Nissan and I were technically siblings if people found out that I had feelings.

For Nissan it might cause trouble for Mom and Dad too if I might even ruin their marriage I had to prevent that from ever happening that's what I thought but Nissan had opened my closed heart once more he has always been and still is my hero and Prince I was hoping that peaceful and Blissful days like these would last forever when one day.

Hey katagi son there's something I need to talk to you about with me didn't I say so hurry up and come here Sasaki asked you to be as girlfriend a little while ago didn't he um Sasaki stop acting clueless we're in the classic store and we know I finally remembered that a boy had confessed his feelings for me a month.

Ago the truth was I immediately turned him down and ran away from the scene so I didn't remember his name maky likes Sasaki you know what does that have to do with me I don't like your attitude are you making fun of Maki just because you have somewhat of a pretty face or something the part of me that doesn't like.

Socializing hasn't changed from when I was a child I never knew what I was supposed to say in situations like these in the end I became quiet after having nothing to say you say that there's someone you like but there's no one who's more good-looking than Sasaki at her school you're just being cocky now aren't you those aren't my intentions.

Apologize to moy exactly why don't you say something what are you guys doing what I can't just ignore all of you guys ganging up on one girl look this has nothing to do with you Senpai we have business with this girl and her only you're were talking about the guy Arisa likes earlier but what Arisa is my uh.

Girl friend so if you have complaints you should say them to me the reason Arissa didn't accept to be the guy's girlfriend is because she likes me what the hell is that damn it let's go Arisa are you okay yes how did you know I was here ayato I coincidentally saw you go into.

An empty hallway so I got curious I'm glad I decided to follow you just in case Nissan I actually love you Nissan I do too Arisa you don't understand how much I love you Nissan my love is probably a lot deeper than you're imagining that makes me happy to hear thank you so much Nissan after that we decided to tell our parents parents that.

We were in a relationship we knew that we couldn't hide it forever our parents strangely congratulated us and claimed that they would support our relationship maybe they saw through everything from the beginning yes well what Nissan I'm here to surprise you I was living on my own after starting college and Arisa often came to my room.

Once she gets accepted into college she's planning to live here too we might not be far off from a day that Arissa and I become a family not in the form of siblings thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well