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[Manga Dub] My step sister married for political reasons, but got divorced and told me… [RomCom]


Shen I am going to get married oh yeah that's right you're going to be moving to the house tomorrow yeah Shen I have one last request to ask of you is that okay you can say anything if there is anything I can do I'll do it well then can you squeeze me please sure if you're okay with it so this is your warmth and this is your.

Smell there was a mountain of things I wanted to say but I couldn't say anything that's why all I could do for her was to hug her as tight as I could when I opened my eyes a familiar ceiling was in front of me it was just a dream my name is shinjo kuana I'm a 28-year-old salaryman working at a startup company called hudler in.

Actuality I was meant to take after the company that my father owns called kuana Industries under the pretext of training I left the countryside and moved into the city city of course my father was extremely against it but I ignored him and I forcefully made it happen the reason was because I hated my father that's right I hated everything about my.

Father that's why of course I had absolutely no intention of taking after his company more than anything there was one more reason why I did that and that has to do with Karen it was just in my dream Karen is my step sister who was 4 years younger than me that I gained when my father remarried we met when was 14 years old and from that day we grew up.

Like siblings to me she was such a cute sister and I could look at her all day and be happy however between you and me the truth was that the more time I spent with her the more I had I could tell that conflicting feelings were growing in me and Karen actually got married a few years ago her partner was the heir to the major company Leo technologies.

That was a partner to my father's company when the CEO of that company was looking for a wife or a son my father introduced Karen when that CEO and his son saw the photo of Karen they liked her and it wasn't long before the marriage was decided however I knew that this was an arranged political marriage that my father forcefully moved along.

And I also knew that Karen forced herself to accept the marriage and I can only imagine that she did it for the family but also for me who was supposed to take after the family business to this day my heart was still stuck on Karen that day was my day off and I was relaxing on my living room couch I never have anything to do on my days off well.

Then what shall I do hm another door to- door salesman in that case I guess I could listen to him to kill my boredom then I'll somehow decline I walked over to the inner common looked at the screen what is this real I panicked and opened the door Karen it really was you long time no see Shen I hadn't heard.

Anyone call me Sheen in in a long time there was no mistake that it was my step sister standing in front of me anyway come in for now I'm sure you have a lot to talk about I invited Karen into my place excuse me she really hasn't changed at all in an instant a feeling of nostalgia and happiness started Brewing inside me but something must.

Have happened for her to show up in my place like this I could tell it straight away by how flustered Karen seemed I'm amazed you found this place yeah but that's because he me a letter that you left at the family house and moved here didn't you I relied on the address on that letter and headed here I see so what on Earth happened actually the.

Words they came out of Karen's mouth next were shocking The Heir that Karen married was apparently quite the womanizer and not long after they got married he was going out having affairs with multiple women and because of that she wasn't able to tolerate all of the fighting anymore and the relationship completely fell apart and then again.

The's mom her mother-in-law blamed Karen that the reason her son was cheating on her is because Karen wasn't doing enough for her husband and she started bullying Karen daily Karen had finally reached her limit so she signed a divorce papers and left him on the table and ran away from the house can't believe that happened I drink my cup of coffee dry.

That was sitting on the table that's stupid stupid stupid air how dare he get my cute caring and go off and have affairs I'll never forgive him and not only that but instead of taking her side that mother-in-law would just have her stupid son's back and instead was bullying Karen I'm seriously getting irritated I.

Swear that I'm going to pay them back for putting Karen through all of that so I actually have a favor to ask you it's okay to just be until I find a job but I want you to let me stay here is that okay of course it's okay you can stay as long as you want I want you to think of this house as your house from today and use it as you like.

Thank you Shen I love you sure this was all happening so fast that the voices in my heart were drowning so this is Karen's touch it it's so soft and she also smells so good I can't take it not only that but to hear Sheen I love you for the first time in years those are killer words Karen when you say it so directly this Sheen I Sheen am going to.

Explode Shen oh nothing no no no my true feelings are about to spill out pull it together me um Shen about this can you not tell our family especially my stepdad of course I won't say anything don't worry I actually got into a fight with my dad and ever since I ran away from that house I haven't spoken to them.

So it's fine and so like this my new life of living with my steps sister began next morning was different from the usual what is this why are why there something soft in my arm when I opened my eyes Karen's face was right there whoa why is Karen inside of my bed good morning Shin yeah good.

Morning I mean no why are you in my bed because I wanted to sleep with you so I made my way in you know because we used to sleep together a lot when we were kids that's true back in the day Karen used to crawl into my bed a lot she was say that she had a nightmare or she was scared of the sound of thunder and couldn't sleep but.

Every time that happened I in turn could never sleep at all I was really happy that I could sleep next to you for the first time in years your back is so big and warm and that's why I fell asleep hugging your back so tightly what did you say whoa my step sister has her guard.

Down completely with me but more importantly why was I fast asleep as the best part why was I fast as sleep at the best part but Karen is already a grown adult woman so that's definitely crossing the line if you do that to me your brother's going to turn into a wall what's the matter Shen wait did you not want to sleep with me did I bother.

You Karen suddenly looked like she was about to cry now if she makes that face I truly don't know what to do with myself oh uh no I never once thought I didn't want to or that it was a bother at all it's just that from next time I want you to tell me beforehand you know I mean because I also want to be mentally prepared I.

Understand next time I'll tell you before Shin yeah please do that if not things would be seriously dangerous in a lot of ways Shin breakfast is ready I'll be right there when I walked into the kitchen a fe was waiting for me wow when was the last time I had a breakfast with hot steam coming out of it well this.

Looks delicious have it before it gets cold thank you yeah delicious I'm glad you were always good at cooking weren't you Karen I did my best to hear you say that it's delicious so I'm really happy to hear you compliment how can Karen be so cute I can feel my heart growing warmer here.

Shen say uh what I always wanted to try doing that to you once but do you hate it Karen's face quickly turned sad who please don't cry my sweet steps sister no I don't hate it at all I'm glad well then let's start over uhh whoa It's a situation of way too happy first thing in the morning I never.

Could have dreamt that I would have Karen feeding me in this lifetime this is bad my heart is beating faster and faster if my heart explodes like this I don't have a single regret in my life what's the matter Shen why why are you slapping your cheeks like that so much oh nothing I guess this was my way of getting ready for work in reality it.

Was because I wanted to hide my cheek that were getting red I definitely can't go to work looking like this after that I got dressed and headed to the front door there Karen came running over the quick steps Shen here a lunchbox wow you even made me a lunch boox you didn't have to you're letting me stay here this is a given.

Thank you well then I'll get going now have a good day at work come home soon it almost feels like we're a newly wet couple no I can't be thinking things like this now I'm getting embarrassed all right starting today I'm definitely going to leave work on time when it was time for my lunch break I took out the lunch box that Karen made me and opened.

It the moment I opened the lid to the lunch box I froze overall it was very cute and it was a really delicious looking lunch box but the problem problem was the part with the rice in large letter she had written I love you and that's definitely not good that was dangerous I'm so glad that I have the title of Vice President.

In the company otherwise a lot of people would have seen it that being said I could feel Karen's love and it made me really happy at the same time it almost felt like a waste to eat it now no no this is The Lunchbox so of course I should be eating it to eat or not to eat that is the question well well this is such a passionate.

Loving wife lunchbox isn't it crap Rea I mean Miss president standing there was the president of hudler who was also my classmate from college Rea hiia since when were you standing there just now I knocked but I didn't get a response so I just came in but then I saw you sitting there playing the role of Hamlet and I was curious so I came.

Closer what did what the hell I was so caught up in Karen's lunch box that I didn't notice at all so since when did you get yourself a wife that's not what this is this is oh that's right I got it from a fan this is stupid to say to myself but I am way too bad at lying where on Earth would there be a fan of me anyway is that so well I.

Have heard that there are quite a few fans of yours in this company so I guess it must be one of them well yeah that's about it what is she really going to believe such an obvious lie but also are there seriously fans of mine in the company I had no idea about this anyway let's put that aside for now I got an interim report on that project looks.

Like it's going steadily at this rate it's probably going to be done earlier than expected but are you really sure you're okay with this that the target this time is For Better or For Worse this was something I decided myself so inside of my heart there was a dark smoke that was tickling me and lately that smoke was.

Only getting hotter well if you decided that far then there's nothing I can say sorry for making my personal request go through don't apologize this is nothing it's what you're asking for shinjo nowadays we may be president and vice president but personally we're best friends and I would go to war for you that's why you don't need to hesitate I.

Feel the same way you as president and Raina thanks to you I was able to gained the strength to face this that's why I always be grateful to you is that so well then this time as well please turn it into food for hudler although most importantly this won't even be a snack for us on this day off from work I was out at a cafe with Karen wow this is.

Super big and the garnish is really cute too this is really amazing and a lot of ways I can't believe that this is what Karen said she wanted to drink Shen let let's drink it together at the same time what at the same time that's right because this is a drink that's meant to be had together you you're right come on Shen.

Hurry sure I watched Karen put her mouth on the straw and now went in from my side of the straw too oh Karen's cute lips are right in front of my eyes like this this is basically a kiss isn't it is it right this counts doesn't it Karen please please don't make your brother a criminal what's the matter Shen Shen are you okay I'm fine the.

Drink just got into my trachea that's all it's been a long time since I've gone out with you like this Shin back then we used to have so much fun out of nowhere Karen was looking off into the distance I couldn't help but notice that there was a feeling other than nostalgia in those eyes we can never go back to those days anymore can we Karen.

It's true that we can never go back to that time but my feelings haven't changed no matter what happens I will always protect you Karen no matter where or when I'll always be by your side Shen I knew you haven't changed you really haven't no matter what the situation you always think of me first of course I would because I'm your big brother.

Brother huh thank you Shen I love you more than anyone else in the world Shin there it is the killer words if you say it to me with that face your brother's going to collapse on the spot one month passed since then some time had gone by when one particular incident was being broadcast on the news it was a case of corruption in National businesses that.

Bribes were being paid in return for favors it was discovered through whistleblowing and the people that were rested in unlawful business were those in the company's Leo Technologies and kuana industries from Leo Technologies was Karen's ex-husband and his father and from kuana was my father even though it was internal whistleblowing I knew it.

Didn't come from somebody within either company it was simply because that idiot son of Leo Technologies fell for the Sweet Honey Trap that we set up that being said that idiot aired it much more for us we could have imagined he even easily revealed not only the information about the bribes but also the locations where they kept that double ledger to.

Raise those funds even then it did mean that my father was also indicted as a result I don't have a single regret or guilt over it if anything I think it's an obvious punishment when I think about everything he's done until now my father would only flatter those in power and in turn would use those in weaker positions and Destroy them he only ever acted in.

His own favor and on top of that simply for his own company he offered Karen as a tool for his own success I will never forgive that guy that was the only thought I had as I led this case I can leave the rest of the president for now my job regarding this is done at that moment Karen came over to me and with a sad look on her face I.

Had no idea that our father was doing such a thing I wonder if my mom is okay you don't need to worry about mom I've made sure that I look after her properly thank you Shen of course neither Karen nor Karen's mother knew the truth and I have no intention of telling them either that's because I want the two of them to live.

Happily without knowing especially Karen who was so pure and innocent I don't want her to know about the dirty side of human business and dark side of that it's enough for me to hold on to it myself Karen now you can finally be free now you can take your time here to find whatever it is that you want to do or you can also go to live with your mom.

Too I have enough asset to be able to look after both of you too what I want to do Shen I want to be your wife what I froze on the spot am I hearing things or am I having a delusion I always had a crush on you Shen you Shen who was always thinking of me and always so nice to me but I knew that you only saw me as a little sister so I.

Thought that this Crush was never going to come true forever that's why my feelings for you started to get more and more suffocating and that's why I chose to accept the arranged marriage that my stepdad was forcing on me in order to give up on my feelings for you I didn't know that but now that I'm once.

Divorced and saying this all of a sudden it's probably just going to be Troublesome for you you must hate it and it's not what you want to hear from Karen's beautiful eyes round tears full of sadness started to fall when I saw my step sister like this it was over for me my body reacted on its own and and I got up from the sofa that's not true at all.

There's no way I would feel that way I'm so sorry that I was never able to realize how you felt I thought it was something that you decided so I hesitated and didn't do anything about it and that was my mistake when you came to say bye to me I should have just been honest with myself and with you about my feelings that night I should have just.

Ran away with you I love you too Karen of course not as my steps sister but as an independent woman that's why I also want to marry you Karen I'm so happy this feels like a dream that you and I feel the same way after all these years I feel the same way too but this isn't a Dream well then show me that this really is reality she said as she closed her.

Eyes kiss me Shin are you sure yeah if anything I'll be upset if you don't all right my heart and my body were shaking but I was pushed by Karen's words and I got close to her I can't contain my logic anymore I love you we jumped over the wall of being step siblings and took one step towards an.

Unknown World from there the days and months went by and Karen and I got married and not too long after a small angel came down upon us and now our beautiful family of three has Lively days rinka you're so cute again today for the record the direct orders from the president I am currently right.

In the middle of my paternity leave that's why I'm helping with the chores and the baby at home that's my beautiful job right now hey no rinka you can't stick your finger in my nose and then pull look at you shuno you're being teased by Reena again today Reena come to your mommy now mama.

Mama papa papa H what's the matter ouch ouch this time of my ear looks like she's telling you to come here too shinjo I see wait a minute maybe she's asking for that thing she always likes with ranking between us Karen and I stick our cheeks together and this was the completion of Team.

Rinka she's in a good mood now shindo I'm so happy right now and I hope we live happily just like this forever yes from now on I'll be holding back on work and we'll be making my family my first priority the president told me to do that too anyway having been given this paternity leave this atmosphere had become an Irreplaceable.

Time in my life and that's why from now on more than my job I'm going to keep working hard to make sure my precious family is happy forever thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well