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[Manga Dub] My stepsister fell in love with me after I helped her [RomCom]


My name is mitsuro minigawa I'm a junior in high school my father and I have lived together for most of my life but he recently remarried good morning good morning mitsuru my stepmother is kind and beautiful I'm glad my father found such a perfect partner however.

Morning hmm hello you listening her daughter or my stepsister is glacial the only thing they have in common is that they have a pretty face her name is Minato minigala and she is the most difficult stepsister anybody has had to deal with.

As you can see we don't have the most healthy relationship I'm leaving done getting ready want to go to school I'm so sorry mitsuru I don't know why she's so grumpy all the time oh no don't worry about it I guess it can be helped I mean I would.

Freak out if I found out I would suddenly be living with a brother only a year older than myself not that I agree with how she's handling it but I get how she's feeling hey wait up what do you want from me stop following me that's impossible we leave the same.

House go to the same school then move or transfer to a different school you're really something you know I take it back I don't understand her why did she treat me this way I'll see you later then don't come near me it's annoying you don't make any friends like that jeez.

Minnesota and I go to the same High School but I didn't know her previously since you're a great apart I didn't even know she existed in the same school until my father married my stepmother I found out the day she came to our place.

None of my friends seemed to know her either she was a mystery hey you're here to bother me again what are you alone do you have eyes why bother asking the obvious I looked for her during my lunch break and finally found her sitting alone on the school roof.

As it turns out I'm not the only one who she acts Colts Awards she doesn't have a single friend she's always alone whenever I see her at school what did you come here for well I was wondering if you wanted to eat together being by myself.

Throw me a bone will ya talking to me anyway I'm so mean to you we're part of the same family now is it weird that I want to find a way to get along with you her family on paper not connected by Blood leave me alone don't be so blunt about it.

I'm just saying the truth all I need is my mother I don't need anything else I understand you're in love with your mother but do you have to shut the rest of the world out it's not that I'm trying to shut everybody out then why I can't trust anybody not a single person in the world.

Huh my father he cheated on my mother and tossed us out like trash we were such a happy family my mother and I loved him so much he showered us with love every day too I'm sure he loved us our family ended in a matter of seconds it was like he was a different person.

That's when I realized love and Trust were just illusions just because your father did that doesn't mean we're all the same I know but who knows which one of you will turn out to be that way if my real father can change like that anybody can Minato that's why I don't want to trust anybody.

If I don't trust in so betrayal I won't give anybody the chance to hurt me ah talk time is over now that you know how I feel I'm sure you understand why it's a waste of time to talk to me if there's no trust there's no betrayal huh the girls got a point I know but still.

That's just so it's so heartbreaking to hear okay we're heading out now a few months after a parent's marriage they decided to go on their honeymoon during summer break so it wouldn't affect our studies we'll be fine hmm are you sure about that uh yeah I.

Think make sure you call us if anything happens or if you can't take it anymore please go have fun oh thank you mitsuru let's see Minnesota brought her own for a week let's make the best of it you want to go out for dinner.

I'll be lying if I say I'm not a word at all hey come on Hell let's go dinner are you sleeping minutes out ah it's only been four hours since our parents left for their honeymoon Minato hasn't stepped out of her room.

Since it's starting to get late I'm sure she's hungry we should eat something I I made dinner for you and it's getting cold shut up eat it without me hey you're awake come on out no why not please it won't be as bad as you think I said no.

You are so stubborn Auburn one I don't want you to annoy me but you still because we're family stop saying say that you're irritating me well it's the truth follow me to school every single day and.

You're making lunches for me now plus you keep talking to me about meaningless things every minute we're together aren't I fun no why won't you just leave me alone I really need you to stay away if you keep doing the hotel oh I must have fallen asleep without.

Realizing it still hasn't eaten her food I know she's starving why won't she just eat hey Minato are you sleeping I'm gonna leave your plate outside your door since you didn't want to eat with me hmm.

I can't hear a thing she really sleeping minute cell hello what the door isn't locked oh no where the number you have diode is outside the service area or.

Crap an hour passed since I first realized when it's all was not at home I called her numerous times but none of the calls have gone through uh unless what the clock and realized it was already past one o'clock it's too late for a girl in high school to be.

Walking around alone what if she's been in an accident or something yeah it's none of my business whatever just let her do her thing she doesn't have any friends to rely on anyways she'll be back soon since there's no way she can go.

She probably shut off her phone to avoid me on purpose she's having a blast while I'm sitting here at home I can't trust anybody not a single person in the world huh damn it I can't help it I can't stop worrying about her.

What the heck am I doing out here I don't have anywhere to go I love to the house without getting prepared or anything I wouldn't have had to if it wasn't from itsuru I made my feelings clear but he won't let me be how could he be so kind to me when I am being so mean to him and why is he always smiling at me like nothing is.

Wrong why why won't you just go on with your life it would be so much easier if he minded his own business and stopped caring for me I wouldn't have to push him away so much if he kept his distance from me he just doesn't get it hey you're alone aren't you.

Must be feeling so lonely why don't we go boy you would drink over there somebody's crack here well that work a blight egg we like strong women who what stop don't come near me look how beautiful you are you're perfect.

Something seems to be bothering you we should blow off some steam together if you don't want to bleed what do I do there's two of them and there's nobody who found I can ask for help excuse me could I butt in for a second uh what are you odds I'm your older brother.

I would appreciate it if you could pick up some other girl we all don't want any drama with you bud whatever let's go why are you here let's go home hey wait ah hey what.

Are you looking for me this whole time yeah why would you do that I I told you to leave me alone I know I'm only trouble for you how could I do that you have no idea how worried I was about you don't say that I don't want to believe you I said I don't want to believe you but.

You keep making me tell my decision and it's confusing me huh betrayal is never easy it's painful and scary but I also think not being able to trust others is just as painful it's your life and you're the one who has to make your decisions.

Make my own decisions you've got to be kidding me you've made it clear I have no control over my decisions on whether I trust you or not ah what does that mean shut up idiots the next day yes these are great I'm so good Minato it's morning let's have.

Breakfast together what are you surprised well I wasn't expecting you to open the door you must be stupid but wow yeah but come on for eating right let's go downstairs oh okay.

I almost forgot good morning mitsuru what why are you so quiet cat got your tongue I mean what did you just call me mitsuro we're family what's wrong with it or do you want me to call you big bro or something no that's not what I'm saying you weirdo you're the one who calls me Minato all.

The time oh we're family huh I didn't know she was capable of saying such sweet things after that okay where are you going I need to go grocery shopping I'm going with you the way minute so treated me did like a complete 180.

So um what do you have to hold on to my shirt like that it's kind of hard for me to walk you're such an idiot what will we do if we get separated how old are you again she was a completely different person is there anything I can help you with no I'm okay I can go take a nap or.

Something no I want to help you mitsuru oh um well can you cut the carrots for me then okay I got this I'm finished oh thanks minutes huh so I did a great job didn't I huh oh yeah you did great hmm huh I need you to give me more more yep.

Um there there how could you be so cute you're like huh a puppy you know you I'm a human can't you see nah she looks like a puppy to me fine then if I'm a puppy that means you.

Betrayed dog and are responsible for taking good care of me stray dog up until a few days ago she was like a stray dog barking and trying to bite anyone near her I agree with her I have to take good care of her so she doesn't lose hope in humanity.

Hmm the fifth day of spending time alone with Minato our parents are coming home the day after tomorrow I don't know how I did it but I seem to have succeeded in building a trusting relationship with Minato I think I'm doing okay Mom my mother always taught me to cherish.

The connections with people I cried every day while my mother was sick in the hospital I was terrified of the day she would pass away I used to think it would be so much easier if I didn't make any connections with anybody if they were going to be gone someday anyways I was traumatized from watching my.

Mother wither away however I now know that's not true even if I had to say goodbye to my mother I never felt like I should have met her I still Cherish All the memories I have with her I should start getting ready for bed but what I can't believe you made me wait for so long.

What do you think you're doing I'm trying to sleep well yeah I could see that then don't ask you idiot why did she talk to me like this I'm not talking about that why are you trying to sleep in my bed hmm don't me go back to your room Minato.

No did you say no can't fall asleep huh I tried sleeping in my bed but my heart keeps stirring up I couldn't fall asleep oh so um I wanted to sleep here just for tonight.

Uh can I just for today okay huh damn it my heart is beating so fast I know I said it was okay for her to be here but I'm still a regular High School guy I mean we're siblings but not related by blood isn't this a little inappropriate.

sorry for this what you're the first person I've Trust did other than my mother since my father left us I'm terrified of losing you oh huh I get anxious at night what if I wake up one day and you're gone you're the one who ran from home.

Shut up you're the one who loved for me all night so you better watch out for me I know don't worry I'll never disappear on you I promise really you better not be lying I'm trusting you I know by the way you can't get married.

What what did you expect if you get married you'll have a new family you won't want me around anymore isn't that going a little too far oh no don't tell me you want to get married well I mean not now but maybe in the future.

Fine then I'll marry you when you are ready huh that way we can get married and we can stay together thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well