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[Manga Dub] My stepsister found out that I was her favorite streamer… [RomCom]


I guess I should start streaming my name is Riku shirahishi I'm a senior in high school Mike sounds good setup is good I don't have many friends at school and I'm generally an introvert but on the internet I'm the V tuber Shiro with several tens of thousands of Subs if I'm Shiro I have no problem talking to everyone alright let's get started.

Hey Riku whoa you scared me what's up yui I wanted to talk to you this adorable girl is called yui she's my stepsister she came my stepsister recently nice to meet you my name is yui is something wrong oh uh no my name is Riku shiraishi Riku let's get along yeah of course.

Let's this was the first time I met her she was immediately considered a Madonna at her new school and the men loved her I on the other hand got all the Flack and hate from all the boys in our grade and even from other classes I'm sorry yui I need to do something now can it be later something what is it I mean something.

Important okay make sure you tell me after you're done okay promise all right time to start streaming audio looks good I started changing my voice to fit Shiro and hit the start stream button everyone good do that time I was streaming after yui became my stepsister.

The second I started streaming I received dozens of comments I was already over a thousand comments I would like to start playing this game today the thing he's gonna do is talk to a girl he has someone other than me no way only is number one uh Shiro started streaming I think I'm gonna continue this game like I did before I have to.

Comment this time too her streams are super cool and her voice too I feel like this voice is super familiar though maybe I'm crazy wait Riku he's talking to someone it's gonna be a girl all right guess I'll end around here thank you everyone for stopping by I'll.

Stream tomorrow or the day after again goodbye when you're free that's too long see you guys I ended my stream man today was fun too I love an active chat I never spoke at school so this was one of the best times I could spend Riku ah yui don't scare me like that were you talking to someone what yui did you hear me I knew she.

Could hear me next door you were talking to someone wait maybe she didn't hear me well there was this person who was playing this game in my class and I'm interested so I figured I'd play with him later him huh yeah him okay good but don't play games too much okay brother what what does she mean by okay I understand you'll talk to me like you.

Promised right she's so close I waited for over an hour if you want to talk to me I'll talk to you we promised yay I want to talk to her if she's this happy for talking to me what did you want to talk about nothing in particular I just wanted to talk to you.

Um I have a favor a favor sure tell me what will you come home with me after school she had only moved here a few days ago so apparently she was still a little worried about the town that's why I normally go to and come home from school with her the boys are jealous though of course thank you oh no worries don't mention it.

Oh sorry for sitting on your bed without asking huh you don't have to worry about it really thank you so much what kind of games are you into oh um it's this game huh you like those kinds of games huh you and I talked for about an hour oh it's so late sorry I just love talking to you it's okay I.

Enjoy talking to you too that's good um I want to talk to you tomorrow sure of course really thank you all right I'm gonna go to sleep now I'll make Bento tomorrow okay what you will yeah you're always looking out for me I'm pretty good at cooking you know look forward to it good night uh okay good night yui huh yui's handmade Bento should I really be.

The one to eat it she was more beautiful than an idol and the Madonna of our school and she's cooking for me but she said she'd cook for me so I should just accept it right uh I'm so tired of class you look more tired than usual the girl who was talking to me was kotoha she was probably my only friend and I've known her since middle school I woke up.

This morning at 6am wake up it's morning that's early but if you can go to sleep and wake up early you should be happy I feel like I'm only waking up early though ah I'm starving huh did you change Bento boxes huh oh yeah you made me my Bento today what's this it looks so good whoa it really does yuis bento was gorgeous.

And it looked delicious Huey is cute and good at cooking she should be my sister instead that's a hard no this is gonna be great I'm gonna try the eggs first what is this egg it's delicious the eggs that yui had cooked me had without a doubt been the best eggs I had ever tasted you're so lucky give me some definitely not ah so stingy I will never.

Share eggs that taste this good hey Riku what yui why are you here I had to stop by but why I wanted to hear your opinion on my Bento should I not have come by oh it's not a problem good so how was it I really hope you enjoyed it it was great.

Probably the best Bento I've ever eaten really I'm so glad to hear that I didn't know you were this good at cooking I told you yesterday I'm pretty confident in my cooking if you want I'll feed you what I don't know about that I wanted to feed me but I know that the kids around me will start talking is there a problem it's the people around us they're.

Watching I see I'm sorry later okay I cannot miss out on this chance to get fed from yui okay I'll see you later then yeah see you oh man it's raining I wish it waited a little bit the forecast said it wouldn't rain yet I brought an umbrella so I don't mind too much I have a small portable umbrella so I should be fine all right see you.

Tomorrow see ya yui uh Rigo yui smiled when she saw me and she headed my way what's up I forgot my umbrella can I share yours what this is a little romantic but she's family hey if you don't get a little closer you're gonna get wet oh sorry it's okay if I get wet but I don't want you to get wet She's So Close hey how are you talking.

To today oh kotoha she's someone I know from middle school I see I have to be careful of her what did you say uh oh nothing I'm home hey you're what here don't worry about it I'm gonna go get changed okay and how could I share umbrellas with my sister I'm so glad I could be her brother great job dad I gotta get ready.

For my stream I should hop in the shower real quick hey bro hey yui what's up um I just wanted to talk to you tonight too sure I have something I gotta do from nine to ten but before or after that I'm free what are you gonna do I can't tell you but it's important I see sorry I guess we'll talk after then okay he's got something to do again huh.

He definitely has someone maybe kotonou huh I have to find out I guess I'll start streaming I sat in front of my PC as usual and hit the start stream button hello everyone I was planning on continuing the game that I played yesterday but someone suggested a horror game that I try out so I'm gonna give that a shot oh by the way I'm terrible.

With horror games so I suggest you guys lower your volume but the title doesn't look too bad maybe I'll start laughing instead ah Shiro started streaming but I have to find out what he's doing he seems to be having so much fun he's never left that much around me uh it's not a bad thing but you're so mean.

This isn't a horror game at all this ghost is trolling guess we're almost done with the game bro what yui who is it maybe his girlfriend but didn't she say bro Shiro didn't have any sisters though right yeah he said he was an only child oh um I'm gonna mute for a sec.

Um what is it Riku you eat this is Shiro you were Shiro huh Shiro you know Shiro yeah I'm a huge fan what I didn't know you were Shiro sorry I didn't tell you all right yeah yui likes Shiro not me who likes Shiro of course but I love you too why I'm just gonna end the stream real.

Quick hang on oh wait sorry guys I know it's sudden but I'm gonna end the stream here I'll let you guys know when I'm going live again later you done yeah I just finished so about what I was saying earlier earlier why don't we sit down on the bed sure I like Shiro and you I've always liked you since I met you but we're family you're my stepbrother there.

Are no problems there I mean yeah but it's fine I can even marry you Mary yeah you can marry me you don't want to marry me I I mean it's fine but then let's get engaged what engaged yeah just between us if you stream I'll be there and I'll moderate your chat what why so I can stop any woman who tries to approach you of course.

You have to do that is there a reason you don't want me to do that maybe there's someone besides me no I'm not planning on having any relationships with any viewers then it's settled also you can't talk to any other girls at school why because there might be a girl who tries to take you from me.

Then what about kotoha you can't talk to her as much as possible she's my worst enemy enemy you only need to look at me I'm the only one that's good enough to be by your side that was just dumb luck I have to be closer to you than your viewers you literally live with me no I have to be by your side you're going to be by my.

Side during the streams yes I don't know about that it's okay I'm your fan I don't understand how that's okay you're my older brother I mean you're my only sister so yeah that's not what I meant I mean you're only mine what you can't go out or play or talk to any.

Other girls besides me okay oh okay I love you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well