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[Manga Dub] My stepsister is a tsundere… [RomCom]


My name is sosa uhara I'm Just Your Average everyday high schooler but I have one worry that worry is oh it's Avery a beautiful girl walking towards me is irie uhara When We Were Young my parents got remarried and she became my little sister my Rory also involves my stepsister hey irie what a coincidence.

Well she just ignored me well I expected her to have that reaction but it still hurts We've Ended up growing apart now but when we were younger we got along well as siblings that suddenly changed when we got to Middle School suddenly drifted apart and she started ignoring me like she does now.

This has been going on for years I guess I'm used to it but even with that said I still feel sad that we grew apart I wonder why she hates me I don't know the reason I want to at least have a regular conversation with her these were my thoughts on that certain day Sota the food's ready could you get a ride huh me yes please my hands are full.

At the moment yeah but still fine irie food's ready hmm irie hey no response she could be ignoring me or sleeping if I don't get her out of her room mom will be mad oh well irie I'm coming in if you don't like it say something irie what is she doing.

Is she studying I guess she didn't answer me because she had headphones on hmm manga I didn't know this was her hobby looks like a love story her drawings are good too the main character kind of looks like me on top of that the heroine kind of looks like irie is it just my imagination no wait the characters names are Soldier.

And irie too first page done what did you why did you come in here oh my bad I came up here to call you down for dinner but you didn't respond so I came in dinner but forget dinner did you see sorry I saw a little bit I didn't know you liked drawing manga well that's um character's names are the same as.

Ours and they look just like us could it be you didn't have any other people to draw you didn't have anyone you know you know the character so you just drew us instead Elise that's what I thought um that's right there's no way you could be for any other reason.

Uh yeah that's what I thought but honestly I'm happy she used me as a model the fact she thought it'd be okay to draw me means that she still likes me deep down right if that's the case I'll take this opportunity I see well how about I help you with drawing your manga help what do.

You mean of course I can't draw so I can't help out in that area but the fact that you use me as a model means you don't have any guy friends if that's the case I'll help for example we can head out somewhere together on the weekends together.

Yeah those type of scenes show up in reality too right so basically a date well you do irie are you cool with it yeah what's wrong you started spacing out her reaction is kind of lackluster but she said she would go so well how about we hang out Sunday I'll give more details later.

Okay so me and Iris started hanging out together on Sunday today I'm gonna hang out with Irene it'll be good to talk about her manga but to be honest I'm a bit nervous even though I'm the one who suggested this I have no experience hanging out with girls I read a popular romance manga for.

Tips but I have no prior knowledge on the subject so I wonder if it'll even help I'm a bit worried sorry for making you wait no it's fine I just got here too I see you already sound like a romance manga don't they weird things anyway where are we going oh am I bad there was a conversation.

Like that in the romance manga I was studying as for our destination this was also from the romance manga but how about the aquarium the aquarium hmm well I guess that's not a bad suggestion all right then it's decided by the way it's been a while.

What has us hanging out like this I think it's been since elementary school yeah probably yeah I'm happy huh I've always been thinking about us being on good terms again good terms you probably have a lot on your mind the size of manga stuff I'll be happy if you had fun today.

Hmm we chatted like this while heading to the aquarium two tickets for high schoolers please thank you by the way if you two are a couple a couple oh I see I apologize two normal tickets are fine are you okay.

With not using the couple discount huh so you say you wanted us to be mistaken as a couple well no I thought it would be better since it's way cheaper oh that's what you meant well I didn't say anything so it's fine we can deal with the regular tickets after that we enjoyed taking in the.

Sights of the aquarium wow so intense yeah it's really amazing oh look that takeover there is huge no kidding let's go check it out I'm glad irie is having some sort of fun I was worried how this would go since she's usually standoffish with me but we were able to talk with each other normally today seems like this guy that.

Went back to how they used to be I'm happy I got to talk with Ivory like this after the aquarium went to eat and enjoyed some shopping for Ari's manga and then in the evening we sure did a lot today well Irene do you think it was helpful huh helpful you know for your manga that was the whole purpose of today oh yeah that's right it sure was.

Thanks to you it helped a lot yup thanks a bunch I see that's great yeah um thanks for helping me out no worries I had fun today yeah I really had a lot of fun today we went to the aquarium ate delicious food and went shopping I think everything was fun because I was.

With irie it was like I we had fun too my other goal was to fix our relationship if things kept going like this I think we can honestly I thought if we mended our relationship that'd be fine it was my hope after all but I realized something of this came true in the end if that happened I If You Mend our relationship.

I oh nichon what's wrong oh well I was thinking that maybe it'd be good if you practice with a guy other than me huh why and this is just my suggestion but I don't think you'll learn much since we are siblings no matter what we do in the end we are only siblings that's why next time it should be someone else uh Irene why did you say.

That huh nothing I'm going home every she was crying just now I a certain feeling came to my mind and ended up saying something thoughtless to irie but I didn't expect her to have that reaction so I stood there dumbfounded after we got home I went knocking on Iris door to go talk with her but I.

Didn't get an answer I thought it was bad to barge in her room after what had happened so I waited till dinner however it looks like she told Mom that she wasn't hungry in the end she never came out of her room and I didn't get to talk with her the next day Ivy finally came out of her room but she didn't talk to me and completely ignored me it's almost.

As if yesterday was a lie our relationship went back to how it was before I guess it ended up like this well I know I have something to do with it I I only took my own feelings into consideration and told irie to go on a date with another guy but to be honest I thought irie hated me I didn't think she'd have that reaction to have that.

Reaction to what I said does that mean irie no if that was it then why has she been dissing with me until now but Iris manga characters were definitely me and her if I read her manga my questions might be answered I waited so iry was out of the house and went into her room and read her manga oh here it is I realize I'm in the wrong for coming into.

Her room and reading her manga but I at that time I didn't look at the details but now that I'm looking again there's no doubt this is me and irie and the story step siblings who actually both have feelings for each other on top of that the scenes of them going out and getting along it's all stuff that actually happened why are you in here.

Huh irie and that manga did you read it well this is I'm sorry irie I went in your room without asking and read your manga I wanted to apologize somehow I've been thinking about it since I hurt your feelings I read it to find out why you were angry with me I see I'm really sorry I had plans to apologize for this.

Later too but it's fine it's my bad for not telling you the reason it's fine yeah plus there's no reason to be angry now since you've read the Manga I can't fool you any longer thanks to your weird misunderstanding I went out of my way to fool you but it's all out in the open now he realized right that I really like you that's I really like you not as a.

Brother but as a guy I lied to you since the day we met then my dad suddenly went and got remarried to be honest I was worried and scared but you are so kind and welcoming and I was saved by your kindness many times after that that's when I realized I liked you but I knew we couldn't be together and I hated that realization of.

That since I knew we were siblings so I decided to hold back in order to not fall in love any further I acted cold towards you but it was pointless no matter how much distance I put between us my feelings wouldn't go away so I put these feelings elsewhere and started drawing manga the fact that it used us as characters wasn't because I had no.

Other people to model for me this was for my self-satisfaction there's no reason to draw any other characters besides us irie so then why did you hang out with me that day a goal was to help you with your manga but you wanted to keep your distance from me honestly it was so sudden that I was surprised I said yes without realizing afterwards I.

Thought about saying no but I couldn't I see sorry for saying all this weird stuff suddenly you don't have to worry about it I ended up liking you and going rampant so we could just stay how we are now I see so you like me too huh Irene what I'm about to say isn't a lie it's my true feelings I've always liked you the fact that you like me too makes you.

Really happy huh what do you mean it's just as I said I've always liked you too I realized that when you put distance between us I was really surprised at that time I realized that I like you Alabama style more than a sister you like me yeah but even though I realized that I couldn't do anything you hated me so I immediately hit my feelings away we.

Didn't have a connection and plus we were siblings but it was really tough so I always thought that it would be great if we could be friendly again like before even if we weren't close on a man-to-woman level just having a regular conversation together was enough so that's the reason I helped you with your manga and since yesterday that day was.

Really fun those feelings I hid away started bubbling back com I thought about that after the date I really do like you after this if I'm together with you I might not be able to hold back so that's why I said what I said to put distance between us those words weren't directed to you but more so myself I'm your brother so I can't have that.

Connection with you and it's natural for you to date someone else well I didn't expect you to react that way though so you're saying we've misunderstood each other both of us felt the same but we couldn't say it yeah it looks like it I'm actually really surprised so we don't have to hold back anymore it's okay for me to say I like you yeah if.

You don't mind it's okay with me sure we are siblings but that doesn't change my Alabama feelings for you so I like you Ari please be my girlfriend like this me and Ari were connected I think we just took a roundabout way however it wasn't meaningless because we took the slow route we were able to.

Conform our feelings for each other today's video please check out our other videos as well