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[Manga Dub] My students hate me, but one day they see me going out with a colleague and… [RomCom]


Good morning everyone son you're as Lively as ever Too Hot Blooded if you ask me I think it's nice to feel some energy in the morning my name is yusuke Sakamoto I'm a teacher at a high school everyone calls me the Hot Blooded teacher my monster is that I'll do anything for my students however I have three students.

Who are already bugging me so noisy first thing in the morning he's full of energy today as well so noisy these girls ayaka Sakamoto honey Komatsu and Rina ishi they don't like me they take care of a belly Assad you whenever they see me I know gyaru and hot bloody dope mix but I can't just leave them alone.

Good morning you three do your best today hmm ignored still since when do they start to hate me I can't think of a time uh I wonder why those three won't open up to me oh my it looks like you sank the ship today as well hey yasi this is my colleague Hara ayasi every day is.

Annoying noisy and ignoring well it's common for girls around that age they're at a sensitive age I'm sure they probably have a lot on their mind it's sad to be left alone at some like that I know I may be imposing and acting selfishly but I think it's our job as teachers to push students even if it.

Annoys them I'm sure if you keep trying one day they'll open up it you're a nice guy anyway tomorrow's our day off so do you want to go for a drink the best thing for a tired soul is to forget about everything it'll be your treat though now be happy no that's what I like to hear thanks for.

Accompanying me we won't be able to drink together like this for a long so I want to listen while I still can you really are a nice guy I know huh hold on look hey what's wrong Arts day hmm hey what are you guys doing at this hour it's you sen looks like we've been found this sucks.

It's past midnight you know better than to be walking around this hour would you do if something happened shut up and just leave us alone it has nothing to do with you teachers yeah what they said of course it does you guys are my precious students this is my ass just looking at you to a loving Derby hanging out together this.

Late at night yeah you guys are really close where are you two-headed huh filthy well that's lovey-dovey what are you guys talking about don't act all innocent you guys are on your way home from a date to our dating right lovers fling it's a misunderstanding I.

Could never with a guy like this what do you mean like this just stating facts you don't have to pretend even at school the two of you are super close I mean we're in the same middle school high school University and even work Elder friend trill oh he's the exact opposite of you.

Sin a good looking guy then that means he's single a bachelor so what if I am I enjoy living alone hmm oh what's for that reaction nothing at all anyway you guys should go home or rather I'll send each of you off one by one.

All right already they'll take the offer go go the day after the incident good morning everyone loud as ever you said you'll ruin our eardrum come on with that loud good morning you sen what I said good morning masamoto you what is it that strange for me to say hello no I'm just happy you've never responded to.

Smell that before oh um yeah well there were a lot of things going on in my end oh here you sen I'll give you this what's this there's a lot of bread I wanted a special flavor but ended up having too many so you can have them but this is too much then I'll throw it away so fast of course you shouldn't let the.

Food go to waste don't fight if you can't eat it all but thanks I'll make this my lunch hmm I never thought that the day would come when Matsumoto would say hello to me oh God I believe that I would reach her someday teacher East Komatsu don't help me out of nowhere nice surprise me what's the deal with.

You I simply wanted to make physical contact with you since I previously ignored you I hoped that it would bridge the gap between us thanks but hugging the opposite sex in that manner is not acceptable why is that precious student geez that's what makes.

You so wonderful how did you say something nothing if you understand then let go oh so heartless both Matsumoto and commandsu are awfully friendly today for some reason it feels like all that hate from before never existed it'd be nice if I could get along with.

Ishi at this rate so sleepy maybe I'll get some rest here uh there there there there what is someone passing my head who is uh easy what are you doing what a lap pillow why since you were sleeping soundly I didn't want to wake you that's.

Your reason yeah you shouldn't just let anybody learn your love like that since you can get attacked by someone who misunderstands you wouldn't of course not you are my precious student I'm having an odd sense of deja for you hmm you don't say the same things like a matsuna when she hugged me who is that so.

What's wrong oh it's fine since I got to see your adorable sleeping face uh please forget about it from that day on the sense of distance between us immediately shrunk they used to ignore me but now they greet me and try skin ship anytime they have the chance I'm happy that they opened up to me but.

I'm a little confused and bothered by the sudden change one day I wait from scratching my hand you son what's wrong you three we want you to help us study teachers teach us ah oh what's with the silence you don't want to teach us something what don't suddenly burst into tears what's wrong does your stomach hurt or.

Something are you all right no it's not that I'm happy you guys finally want to study what's more you Percy came to ask for help I'm so moved you're so dramatic even we want to do our best before a test yeah yeah even so all right I will teach you with all my might so let's get a good score uh what's going on what do you mean we're studying it will be.

Easier to learn if we stick with you like this right great progress ah safe you're too close you shouldn't recklessly stick to people ah you guys need to be more aware that you're attractive ladies then will you put your hands on us like I told her too earlier I have no intention of laying my hands.

On my precious students that you guys aren't serious about studying that I'm going home we will we will study properly sorry please don't be angry we study we listen alrighty then I'll explain from the beginning hey teach if I score well I'd like a reward reward a reward would.

Certainly be motivating highly motivated even if I say that I can't give you guys special treatment we want you to take us seriously what do you mean you take what we want to tell you seriously that will be our reward easy peasy you guys are okay we're just there if that's all not in mind all right you just watch I'll definitely get a good score perfect.

Score this is how I ended up aiding Matsumoto Komatsu and ishi with their studies we didn't make much progress at first because they were too focused on me but after I promised a reward they began studying then one day as I was tutoring them is it true it's missing yeah I think we'll lose the question sheets I wonder who the culprit is you.

Definitely won the problematic kids like the gyaro trio wait a minute that's if I remember correctly it's like a moto Sensei you're in charge of him right they would never do such a thing plus they've been studying hard recently so what it's still true that they behave badly they really think they changed merely after doing something good ones.

Bro we know they could have gone to detention the town went to steal the papers they would never what's that supposed to mean you guys what are you trying to say about us how could you doubt us when we haven't done anything shocker this is uh we hate you all wait wait guys you think we're the culprits right bad guy villain no I don't it's.

The way you go to steal you'll believe us of course I doubt you'd do anything to let all your hard work go to waste that's why I'm sure what the corporate really wants us to answer she I'm sure they come back again to steal it so I'll catch him then we'll hope to no I can't let you do such.

A dangerous thing please trust me and wait for me is what I said yeah while you guys here because we were worried and wanted to help I can't just make them go home on their own this late all right for now just follow me if it gets dangerous you have to run away all right got it okay leave it to me now then the answer sheets are in the stuff room if.

The criminal is coming to steal it they will definitely have to pass through here I will definitely capture he's here leave it to me oh he ran away I'll chase after him don't act on your own it's so fast me next I won't let you get away he dodged but up ahead is yeah.

That's a teacher we knew you could do it you got it to be careful all you do if you get her but because hmm I didn't want you guys to get hurt by doing such a dangerous thing but thank you for your help I'm so glad you guys were here satisfied hey get off me after this we called the police after detain the.

Culprit his motive was to sell the answer sheet as a result of this the teachers apologize to the students for having suspected them and the girls astounded their teachers by scoring 80 or higher in every subject so the reward right that's right even though what did you want to say to me.

Ready and I love you I love you I love you wait a minute like I said we really like you for real you may not remember this but you saved me from a scary upperclassmen and so I fell in love with you I was stigmatized because of the way I look they thought that I'm a total flirt but you weren't like that you treated me as the same as everyone else.

That made me happy when I fell you carried me on your back you were nice to me you've helped me when I was feeling sick too teacher you are kind very warm I like that about you but you guys hated me because we thought you were going out with Miss ayata we were trying to suppress our love for you we thought we had to say goodbye to this.

Feeling but we found out otherwise so we can't stop feeling this love love is a hurricane that's why you said we really like you love love smooch smooch she was one of us as your lover I'll make you happy your Destin partner is me uh thanks but I can't be a lover didn't I tell you.

That several times before I will not touch my students is that right I understand then I'll keep shooting our shot until we graduate on the graduation ceremony pick one of us huh be prepared love doesn't end easily love will push and push and knock you down seriously all right so please.

Accept or love ah calm down the fierce love battle between me and three girls is another story thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well