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[Manga Dub] My super strict boss is a COSPLAYER!?!? [RomCom]


My name is Yuri yukasi I'm a 24 year old that works at a food company I'm being lectured right now your proposal is seriously difficult to understand I don't know what points you're trying to make I don't care if your idea is worth a million dollars this isn't enough yes ma'am.

The woman who's lecturing me is yoru yozoragawa she's a 27 year old manager who's super Elite she's also very tough and strict and has been a tough boss quite a bit answer me louder come on come on she's almost like a coach that's it there you go I want to give this out to everyone.

Called go for proposal Master give it a shot tell me what you think wow you had made this thank you so much I want you to fix it up and resubmit it tomorrow what you can't handle it no I can do it good she's tough but she really loves her employees she works hard too so.

Everyone respects her I actually kind of admire her a little bit on the weekend being the anime otaku that I am I went to a cosplay event for my favorite anime hakaris bakoiru by the way there are girls that work at a restaurant hako hako but they use super powered boxes to fight enemies for the country alright I'm going to take so.

Many photos with my super nice camera I was getting ready to take photos of a cosplayer that I liked when there was a chisaki cosplayer that was basically taken straight out of the anime it was super loyal to the anime and she was very pretty honestly it might be the best cosplay I'd ever seen before.

I asked if it would be all right for me to take photos excuse me would it be all right if I took some photos of you I wonder what's wrong she looks like she was looking for someone that would kill her if you looked you're fine you can look at me.

um so about the photos is that a no she was shaking her head almost as if she didn't want her face to be recognized did she have some kind of neck shaking machine she didn't want to be the subject of a photo shoot that bad.

Something came out of her pocket because she was shaking her head so rapidly I picked it up and huh this fountain pen how is it worn down this is like the fountain pen that Jose ragawa-san uses does that mean you're the mystery is solved you are yoza ragawa-san.

Yeah but wait uh how could you tell just by looking at the fountain pen because you always lecture me when you shove it into my cheek braggy about the fact that you're constantly lectured what are you doing here I'm kind of an otaku and I like cosplayers so I came here to photograph.

Them why are you trying to chase me off the fact that I like cosplaying is a secret that I keep hidden from all Humanity me being the tough pause that I am cannot be seen as a cutesy girl who enjoys cosplaying people wouldn't stop teasing me I mean there might be some people that do that but I'm not going to mess with.

You why I don't like talking smack about things that people like and your cosplay is really great it's like you were plucked out of the anime it's cute I want to keep looking don't you're complimenting me too much I mean I'm glad you're complimenting me.

But you have to keep this hidden from everyone at work I'll allow a private photo shoot with you as a way to keep your mouth shut a private photo shoot that sounds wonderful but I won't tell anyone even if you don't do that it's not that I don't trust you I just need to repay you for something it's how I am.

I mean okay then then let me take your photos today okay thanks Ah that's perfect go over here I was surprised after finding that out about yozo ragawa-san a week later she was going to let me take a private photo shoot of her as.

Promised I thought we were going to rent out a studio or something but she invited me to her house man going to a single woman's house I rang the doorbell and out came the leader of the spy team in the anime spy instructor Kiki of the star Garden why is Kiki here have I reincarnated.

Into a different world no dummy it's me you asked me to cosplay this character oh yeah I did but hang your cosplay is great it's so cute I feel like you're going to do something clumsy at any moment if you're still complimenting me way too much.

Why would I make a mistake Anyway come on let's start a photo shoot I don't know why but I get nervous when you cause a compliments me what's going on great all right this pose next great can you say the line for me codename star Garden it's time to shine whoa.

We took a break from the photo shoot and we're heading to the table when she slipped and are you okay you must really be full of service mentality you're pretending to be ditzy I'm so nervous with how close she is yeah I'm the type to get really into character when cosplaying playing the part I'm just gonna let them.

Think that I asked her something that was bothering me you were holding on to that fountain pen during the event too do you carry that everywhere yeah that was a fountain pen that my late mother gave me to celebrate me finding a job what I do things that make me nervous like a cosplaying event I use it as a.

Little charm I started doing cosplay because of my mom your mom was a cosplayer too yeah at first I was just someone that was interested in reading or watching and had no interest in cosplaying but she suddenly said let's cosplay together I was worried about my age but I should stop worrying about that I kind of.

Figured I'd do that too just to make her happy you know then you just fell in love with it yeah I love pretending to be the character I loved in the anime and mangas they loved looking at the photos that were taken I was happy to have shared a common hobby with my mom we got even closer than before but.

That only lasted for about a year my mom didn't have much longer to live because of terminal disease but she didn't tell me that's why she was doing what she wanted to before she died one thing was cosplaying I guess she wanted to do it with her daughter you've made her dreams come true huh yeah I guess so my mom said that she.

Wanted me to keep going even after she passed but I felt a little guilty is it really okay for me to keep enjoying it when she's not even around of course you can huh of course you can your mom is probably so proud and happy that you're still carrying on her Hobby I think she's probably enjoying seeing.

You in various cosplay from heaven that's kind I kind of find that attractive yeah true my mom is that kind of person yeah if she was your mom I'm sure she was a kind person too I'm not kind or anything so you are kind you're always making sure we're comfortable with our work and you.

Critique us yeah but really watching me huh he's accepting me huh that's nice she's such a lovely woman she really loved her mother after the photo shoot she cooked some food and we talked about anime while eating I think the strongest Heaven's fruit is.

The one where you can shift into animals nah the natural effect ones are stronger I don't know you can make those useless with magic but still thank you so much for today I had so much fun and your cooking was amazing as well yeah I had fun too also um would you like to keep talking about.

Anime every once in a while I wanted a friend that I could talk to about with if you're interested of course I'm interested let's be anime friends we became anime friends during lunch or on the way home we'd eat and talk about anime and we got closer I couldn't believe I could be this.

Friendly with her I was so happy I must have been falling for her one day something nice happened you should be proud your proposal has been selected we're going to be doing an anime collab for a curry whoa thank you I'm so glad it's thanks to your proposal Master document it's because you worked hard but don't.

Let it up now this is only the beginning yes ma'am after I kept working at it we had a character printed on the front and on the back we had a recipe that was from an anime there was an event for the new Curry you could try the new Curry and there was supposed to be an event with a cosplayer.

Announcing it but the card that the cosplayer was writing is stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident I don't think she's going to make it what do we do I don't want to cancel it but I don't know what to do what to do in place of replacement I got it.

Yours are where gawasan do you have a moment I have a favor to ask of you can you cosplay and go on stage for me no I'm not good enough the customers will be angry that's not true you're one of the cutest cosplayers I've ever seen and I can tell.

You really love the character it feels like you really met the character in real life I know the customers will love it please trust me okay fine I'll trust you but today I didn't bring my fountain pen I didn't think that I would cosplay I'm nervous then I'll go up on stage with you to be your lucky charm is that good enough.

I'll put stage together huh I have one condition what is it I want you to be the partner character of Cosplay takino no no no what are you talking about of course I can't yes you can you have a cute face like a girl I think your cosplay will.

Absolutely look good just do your cuteness the customers will love it and I want to see you in a talk you know cosplay show me I feel like you're mixing personal matters into it you just want to see it don't you if you don't do it I won't either but I can't say no to that thank you for coming to the event today.

We hope you have a good time I had to make an appearance if I talked they would find out I was a man so I just kept my mouth shut luckily no one figured it out and the event was a success but it was the most embarrassed I'd been in my life after the event I went back to the office and was handling the reports.

On I'm finished thank you you could go home but I loved your cosplay of talk you know look I made it my wallpaper what are you doing I'm so embarrassed please change it you know who you can delete a photo but you can't delete my memory it's not the problem.

Ah whatever I'm tired so I'm going to go home see you when I turned around and started heading home wait hang on I want to tell you something what's going on I like you I think I like that you work hard and give.

Everything your all clothing your hobbies I love that you give me positivity too how kind you aren't your cute face I love all of it are you only interested in my cosplay what about me the real me are you interested in me I want to know how you feel of course I'm interested.

I love your cosplaying but I like you even more than that I just admired you up until the cosplaying event but I was so glad that that brought us closer I wanted to get along with you more and be your boyfriend I'm so glad to hear your feelings I didn't know you admired me I thought.

You didn't like me Oh I thought you were scary yeah but I like that about you too it's all part of the package will you be my girlfriend ah of course that's how we started dating there was one thing that changed after we started dating I started taking.

Photos of her out of Cosplay as well I want to keep all photos of her in my heart because I love her the most in the world today's video please check out our other videos as well