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[Manga Dub] My TSUNDERE step sister found out that we weren’t related… [RomCom]


My name is hayate inamoto my father remarried and I suddenly had two stepsisters my sister chinatsu was a freshman in college koyuki was in the seventh grade I wanted to get along with my new family quickly but that idea was shot down immediately.

Just so you know I have no intention of ever getting along with you I don't want to be your sister either don't talk to me they were quiet from the get-go but the second that my father and his wife were gone they completely rejected me they didn't even want to see my face so they ran into their rooms.

What did I do it wasn't like they were super rude to me in front of our parents so it's not like they were against the marriage maybe they're just a little nervous because they're going to be living with a man that's around their age out of the blue I might not have needed to force it at.

This point if I made things awkward here and they may not want to get remarried I should probably get along with them to some extent I want my parents to be happy I want to make sure that we didn't cause any unnecessary stress on our parents so I was gonna try my best to get along.

With my stepsisters good morning don't talk to me I said one line and she was cold and rude to me I can't even say hello and koyuki came down the stairs as I was just getting over being upset good morning koyuki-chan.

She just ignored me and walked by me okay not even responding at all I was honestly tired of it already with how mean they were being I kept trying to communicate but there just wasn't much of a reaction at all to Natsu would at least respond a little bit but koyuki wouldn't respond at all she really doesn't want to talk to me.

I just kept getting more upset when I got home from school I saw kuyuki's shoes at the entrance I didn't see her around so she must be in a room there was the whole thing from this morning so as much as I wanted to say hello I didn't want to go to their room I guess I'll say something when I run.

Into her I put aside the talking to her thing and started cleaning as usual when I live with just my father I took care of things around the house I was cleaning the first floor chiratsu-san showed up welcome home tonight Tucson I said hello I figured she would mean.

Again but this time she looked puzzled what are you doing I'm cleaning you do chores huh yeah of course when my dad is out someone has to take care of the cows huh I see she looked upset and walked back to her room.

Is it really that surprising that I do the chores I didn't see shinatsu or koyuki till dinner that night at night my parents came home from work so we ate food that my new mom cooked I thought about talking to my stepsisters but I figured it would make it too obvious that we weren't getting.

Along so I kept it to myself nothing really improved and before I knew it my parents were out going on their honeymoon for a week wasn't like I was fighting with my stepsister so they thought it would be fine for all of us to stay home together I was honestly a little worried and scared.

Just so you know you better not be making any weird moves just because my mom and dad are gone if you do that I'm going to call the police on you regardless of if your family I had no intention of doing that but shinatsu drove the message home koyuki still ignored me honestly felt like I wish I'd gone.

Somewhere too why do they not like me so much right around lunch I had a thought well my stepmom was around she cooked and now that she was gone who was going to cook wasn't like we could all talk about it I just didn't want to think about it so I decided I'd cook enough for everyone.

Chinatsu can I come in I knocked on a room and she came out cautiously once well I was just wondering what we're gonna do about lunch oh didn't think about it you're gonna tell me to cook or something no no I can cook so if you want you can.

Eat the food I'd cook for you if you didn't want to eat what I cooked then you can just cook your own food going forward yeah huh you made food for us yeah it's on the table so if you want it just eat it and leave the plates after you're done can you tell koyukichan too okay I'll think about it thanks.

Koyuki wasn't going to talk to me at all so I told you not Tucson to take care of it and went downstairs if she didn't tell koyuki then that was that they seem to get along with each other at least so I'm sure they'll figure it out right around the time I finished eating.

They came downstairs but Yuki was expressionless and shinatsu seemed awkward I didn't want to waste food so we'll eat it only if it's good I think you'll enjoy it my dad always seemed to think it's good I served them my food they were checking my food inside and.

Out to check if it was okay who made this yeah of course I've cooked it through and through and it's not burned so don't worry they were suspicious as they took their first bite it's good koyuki who was quiet the whole time said.

Something I was surprised I didn't expect her to tell her honest feelings about my food well it gets delicious I didn't expect it to be this good I'm glad you guys liked it so good at cooking well I've been cooking since I was in elementary school maybe that's why I'm all right at it.

This is pretty normal stuff though I don't know if she was unhappy or what but shinatsu was eating quietly looking unsatisfied as the two finish eating I put the dishes in the sink well wash the dishes no no I put the dishes out I'll take care of them and put them away I made lunch but what did you want to do.

For dinner huh it seemed like you kind of forced yourself to eat my food but if you don't want to eat my food I'll only cook my own food if you want to eat separately let's decide on a time to eat at the table so we don't interact huh.

We didn't talk about who did what mom took care of the cooking and cleaning for a week we had to do it on our own didn't answer me son isn't good at cooking huh janatsu-san looked embarrassed it isn't like I'm not good at it I could cook if.

I try but it's not good that's rude I'm never going to come for you again great you little hey I can cook from now on if you want I figured that shinatsu was upset that I had easily done something that she couldn't do oh why would I.

I'd love if you did that I don't want your food how dare you look oh come on chinatsu-san koyuki Tom wants my food so just leave it to me huh fine your cooking is really good and I'd love to try more of your food anyway oh look at you being honest with me well there's no point in arguing with.

Someone against something that I'm not good at but I haven't accepted you completely yet oh so you have partially accepted me no thank you for the meal she ran into a room as at the high that she was embarrassed I don't know anything about you either.

But your cooking was really good thank you Yuki said Thank you still not showing any emotion considering she had ignored me for the longest time this was an improvement I was worried about what would happen but I think I see the light now I think we might be able to get along by.

The time dad gets home I was a little depressed but now I had some hope for the week going forward this is koyuki Chan's clothes I think button is about to fall off well I was folding the clothes I noticed that koyuki-chan's button was falling off so I decided to fix it that's my clothes.

Oh sorry I didn't ask you your button was about to fall off so I figured I'd sew it back on really she stared at me sewing after I finished she took her own along with shinatsu's clothing bath is done so you can go ahead and take a bath first.

Think about looking can you tell koyuki I'm gonna be getting dinner ready and it'll be good to go soon I told you not Susan to relay the message and started cooking dinner was with the three of us we didn't really talk but they both said it.

Was good after they finished eating they went back to their rooms afterwards I finished everything up and headed back to my bed to relax it's been a while since I took care of everything after I had a new mom I didn't have to do as much cooking and cleaning it.

Wasn't that difficult but after I finished everything I felt accomplished then koyuki called me on my phone huh why is she calling me she can just come to my room I was confused but answered what's up koyuki sorry for calling you I get nervous around you in person.

That's fine what's up koyuki looked like she was acting tough but it was clear that she was still nervous the food was fairly good and thank you for the button thing I really wanted to thank you hell don't worry about it it's not that big a deal.

Also I'm sorry for my behavior I've never been good at talking to boys so I kind of just ignore them oh it's not just me then huh I thought you were just ignoring me specifically I used to always be bullied by boys so I figured all boys were like that but I can tell that you're not like that and.

I'd love to get to know you better I'm still a little nervous in person so hopefully we can talk more over the phone sure I can match your pace I want to get to know you better too I'm glad I can talk to you at all thank you I'll talk to you tomorrow good night bro.

She looks shy when she said that and hung up it was a little cute how she was embarrassed ah I'm a bro I was happy that I've been accepted as her brother since I've been alone this whole time a little while later when I was falling.

Asleep shinatsu called me this time again with a video call sorry for calling so late were you asleep I was about to fall asleep what's up I just didn't say thank you so I figured I'd tell you thank you for cooking today it was really nice you're welcome.

I'd love to see you in person when you say it again I can't go to your room this late at night I don't know about calling this late either but shut up I I just say it so I called I should do this kind of thing as soon as I thought about it so you're very kind.

I thought some Twisted person okay I'm going to thank you but I should thank you also I I'm sorry I've been rude to you this whole time we've never been around many men and most people who came to us didn't have the best intentions that's why we thought that we should be cautious around you.

I see but it's not like I understand you you understand we're going to be testing you going forward I wanted to let you know good night she hung up after leaving me with that I didn't realize that both of them had had bad experiences with men both of them told me while on a video.

Call they were both pretty cold but I understood why now so I thought I could improve our relationships good morning shanatsu-san as I was getting breakfast ready chanatsu-san woke up I thought she'd say hello since we had our talk last night but I was wrong.

Don't talk to me yet I told you I don't trust you oh you're a tough cookie huh you can relax a little don't be so full of yourself I'm the one that gets to decide that she apologized to me over the phone but her attitude hadn't changed much then koyukichan woke up good morning John.

Good morning she looked at me and then looked away quickly I guess at least she didn't ignore me I guess it would be weird if she changed that much I was hoping they would be more friendly but at least they didn't think badly of me I thought.

I didn't see much difference in their behavior at all chinatsu's son was full of empty responses and koyukichan was still quiet I try to get close to them but I was clearly the one that was trying harder than they were after finishing the chores I was in my room and getting things ready when I got.

A call like yesterday I'm sorry I know that you were talking to me but I just couldn't respond to you Chan over the phone seems sad it's okay I told you your pace you're okay with phone calls though I'm more comfortable than last night's you're different from other boys I like that you're so kind I didn't really take.

A good hard look so I didn't know well knowing you're looking makes me a little nervous but I'm glad you think so I want to get along with you as a family you know I want to get along with you hayate I'm going to try to be able to talk to you like a normal person.

Yeah I'll be waiting after finishing my conversation with koyukichan I got a call from janatsu-san this time you up barely I was just about to go to bed great I just thought I'd say something before I go to bed thank you for the meal today it was good.

I'm glad you're thanking me but I want you to tell me in person I'm telling you while looking at you so a phone call should be fine you're always cleaning around the house and stuff do you ever relax and do you ever complain about us not doing anything I always claim regardless so I'm just doing what I normally do don't worry.

I've always cooked so I think a little bit more doesn't change much you're incredible my old dad didn't do anything around the house he was sloppy and then cheated on my mom I kind of figured you were a good person but I just was worried because I had to look after koyuki you know what does koyuki have to do with it.

She doesn't have good memories with them either this is her private story so don't tell her I told you sure I heard from koyuki already but I decided to keep it to myself she's quiet because of a boy I didn't want her personality to be even more shut off because you are here it sounds.

Like she's accepting you a little bit but I wanted to make sure you wouldn't betray us you really care about your sister huh of course she's a little annoying sometimes but she's my sister just so you don't don't be catching any weird feelings for her weird feelings.

Come on figure it out man but you can catch feelings from me if you want what did you say hey anyway good night she hung up nervously it was the first time she had called me by my first name maybe she finally accepted me.

However just like before chinatsu had acted like nothing happened the next day in person she was quiet and kept to herself but a night when she called she was super cute and honest with me it was weird that they could only be honest with me over the phone when they lived together my parents had returned from their trip.

I finished everything off as usual and waited for a call from koyuki when I heard a small knock on my door I'm coming in bro hey are you sure you're okay coming in yeah I'm a little nervous but I think I'm okay with you Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow so I wanted to show off that we're.

Getting along I'm sure Mom was worried about us okay then let's talk here tonight I'd finally figured things out with koyuki she just seemed to have a hard time talking to me in person because she was willing to take a step forward we're able to talk like we did over the phone.

Hey can you spoil me more spoil you how hug me I hugged her on my lap I was a little nervous at first but I had to hug her since she was being brave is this good enough yeah I feel happy I wish I had done this sooner if I know that you weren't a bad person I see.

Can I let go now a little longer I was happy that she was opening up to me but I didn't expect her to be so attached to me I thought I wanted to get along with her but I felt like I was doing something wrong can I sleep with you what are you talking about.

I don't know if that's a good idea her siblings it's fine we're step siblings though I think even if we were real siblings it would be going a little too far then my door suddenly swung open violently shinatsu looked at me holding her sister and she was panicked.

I try to get away from koyuki but then she grabbed my arm we're having some sibling time is there a problem when did you start getting along with him so much you're always so cool so cool to him you were doing this where I wasn't looking you killed him from me.

No I figured I didn't have to tell you everything with her weren't you I told you not to catch feelings I wasn't going to do anything doing something no I wanted you to mess with me what are you talking about grabbed her sister and pulled her off of me then hugged me tightly.

What are you doing sis you're too young for stuff like this I'm going to take on his desires what are you talking about shinatsu-san you like him too yes I've liked him for a while now I couldn't tell him because I was so shy and stuff but I was doing my best to get closer over the phone you too huh shanatsu-san.

If you're thirsty for a woman then I'll put your thirst it'll be mine no he's mine this time koyuki John tried to pull off janatsu-san a chinatsu-san was hanging on to me play hang on this is getting a little weird but aren't we step siblings we're not related it's fine.

Let go says he's mine you stay back you child I'm not giving you to him waiting along with the sisters but I didn't realize I'd be the reason they would fight they started arguing over who could have me and then I had a new problem on my.

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