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[Manga Dub] My twin brother was the hero, but the pretty girl likes me…!? [RomCom]


My name is takumi takakura I'm a second year student at Yuki high school and a member of the baseball club my position I'm a bench warmer and ball boy I'm working hard picking up balls today too dude we're about to run out of balls collect everything and bring it here.

Hurry up God I swear you're so slow sorry I'll bring it right away hmm the guy that was looking down on me earlier is takuto takakura he's my uh twin brother he's the MVP and eighth of our schools baseball team not only that takuto was good at other sports and was smart.

He had extremely good qualities and was the complete opposite of me dude look at you being yelled at again Mr failure of a younger brother or twins really this different if I were you I quit baseball and do another sport I tried to pretend like I couldn't hear them so yeah I'm always compared to takuto this way.

Everyone says he's the better son while I'm just the dumb younger brother I'm not going to argue because I completely agree with that perhaps it's more like I can't argue still I couldn't just bottle up the anger and sadness after practice was over I stayed back to practice on my own my teammates didn't need to tell me.

Twice I knew that I didn't have what it takes to be a good baseball player I also knew that I needed to practice a lot more than the other players even if I couldn't be like takuto I practiced hard so I could at least be on the same level as the starting members un oh Kita murasan the girl that came up to.

Me was our team manager rimi kitamura just like me Kita murazan was a second year student at Yuki high school and was the prettiest girl at our school she wasn't just pretty she had a wonderful personality too she would even nicely talk to a Loser Like Me I secretly had feelings for Kita murasan.

Of course I know that it was a hopeless one-sided love so I kept these feelings locked away in my heart it's good to work hard but don't overwork yourself okay okay here's a towel and water thank you for always bringing me things but you don't need to worry about me I can't just leave you it's a manager's job to make sure the team is in good physical.

Shape hey you can't pitch on your own right I'll be the catcher for you so try throwing the ball at me I can't do that to you it's dangerous don't worry I used to play softball you know walked towards the home base and held the mid at the ready position right hit me.

Tita murassan will let me say no I guess I'll throw a couple okay I'm going to practice with you a little then to go easy when I pitch if I hurt her in any way all the boys in our school will become my enemy just imagining it gives me goosebumps my high school social life would probably.

Be completely miserable I have to 100 avoid her face and try to aim towards her chest focus on her chest area Focus both cautious and nervous I got into position to pitch the ball now that I look closely Kira murastan is kind of wow the ball slipped from my arm when I swung it and headed directly.

Towards kitamura-san's face I'm okay sorry I couldn't catch the ball properly I'm the one who should apologize I didn't throw the ball to where you could catch it at that moment I could only stare at the one thing in front of me.

Hey what are you looking at you sorry didn't you I know you did you smirked uh I didn't see anything what color was it it was white white I mean it's not your fault you saw it but you have to take responsibility for looking at a girl's private area I'll do anything.

Go on a date with me this Sunday then uh a date yup a date you're not allowed to say no if you'll forgive me for that gladly a punishment like that definitely in fact it was like a prize God I'm getting scared it's decided then I'll see you on Sunday as promised I headed to the location Kita murasan told me to go to.

On Sunday I arrived 30 minutes early but Kita murasan was already waiting for me I'm sorry about making you wait don't worry about it I just got here too I was supposed to be here early to wait for her but I made her wait for me instead I was a little disappointed in myself I knew I should have come here an hour earlier but still it's my first time.

Seeing Kita murasan not wearing her uniform she looks so nice um do I look weird oh no not at all you look great I'm glad spending hours choosing what to wear today was a worth it then okay let's get going we first headed to a fancy cafe I wanted to try the parfait here I see it's.

Delicious try it oh I can't just take your food come on give it a try here open wide oh okay then ah it's good isn't it you're right it's delicious wait hold on a minute did we just indirectly kiss did I just indirectly kiss the most beautiful girl in our school my entire body became extremely hot what's wrong your face looks red.

It's nothing are you sure I guess Tita murassan looked confused she might be a little more clueless than I thought after that kitamura-san and I enjoyed our date we shopped at the mall and watched a movie the fun day went by extremely quickly and before I knew it the sun was starting to go down I had so much fun.

Today what about you takamikun I had a lot of fun too I honestly truly had a wonderful day I mean I was able to go on a date with my crush Taco me yeah um never mind I'll see you tomorrow it looked like she wanted to say something was I just imagining it after school one day I was staying back to practice on my own you're working hard today too good.

Job oh her date was really fun wasn't it yeah it was let's go on another date sometime soon I think an amusement park would be fun for our next one I'd love that whoa I didn't think kitamura-san would ask me on another date thank you God hmm so you have time to slack off and play around with girls that's why you're never going.

To get out of being the ball boy takuto takamikun does practice twice as much as everyone else really it only looks like he's playing around during practice uh I couldn't say anything back to him what takuto is saying isn't wrong either way I'm saying that it's pointless to practice like that is that so true he might not be there yet.

You one day hmm you sound very confident kidamura you like him that much interesting Taco me challenge me then what but just doing a challenge isn't interesting enough let's make a bet with kitamura as a prize or something hold on a second there's no way I can do that go ahead whoever wins this challenge I'll agree to be your girlfriend.

It's what you wanted right look at you you understand exactly what I meant are you sure though if you want to back out you should do it now a girl never goes back on a word it'll be okay I believe in Utah but have confidence in yourself trust the work that you've been putting in all this time Kita murasan was right.

I've been practicing I might be able to win against takuto now all right I'll challenge you great let's start before you change your mind we each have 10 tries the one who pitches the most balls with the best catch rate wins I'm fine with that just like that our challenge began.

The challenge was devastatingly one-sided my bat would only swing in the air and all the balls I pitched were batted back to me I had zero hits while takuto had 10 out of those hits six were home runs it was a complete loss this was the reality I thought you'd at least be a little better but I guess this is your.

Best I had no words honestly Everything feels like a dream kidamura you better keep your promise I know ah takumikun I believe in you takuto and kitamura Stan started walking away from me all I could do was stare at their backs as they got farther and farther from me.

I put everything I had into baseball practice after that day I hadn't said a word to kitamuristan since then and we might be avoiding each other too but honestly I wasn't thinking about her much well it was more like my mind had no time to think about her all I had now was complete humiliation that crushed me to the core frustration and.

Motivation that moved my entire body I didn't want to lose any more that was the motivation that pushed me to work harder one day I was staying back to practice on my own when another benchwarmer now Taro kikosaka a pitcher came to me could I practice with you starting today what's up all of a sudden watching your.

Practice made me think that I can't just be complacent like this just like you I want to become a starting member of our team I see let's practice together then we can do this yeah man I didn't know that there were people watching from afar those people were the captain sugru Nakamichi and takuto you think those two are gonna.

Change it's all up to them you say that but I know you're hoping that your little brother gets better everyone has the possibility to change I have a feeling that Takami is going to be so much better if that happens we'd be able to finally beat bishan monten High School I don't think we can beat them that easily but.

Still that would make our chances a little higher a month after that we had a practice match between the starting members and the Bench Warmers this game was in preparation for the regional games and was used to determine which members were going to be on the starting field as the weakest player on the team I was.

Sitting on the bench as usual the top of the first inning consisted of nakamichi's clutch hit and takuto's two-run Homer leaving them three points ahead of us on the other hand the bench team was pinned down by takuto and didn't score until the bottom of the third inning the moment the top of the fourth inning.

Began the incident happened the pitcher of the benchwarming team started painfully clutching his stomach on the way to the field what's wrong matsuo my stomach I think the yogurt I had this morning might have been milk matzo this is an important match where are you going.

Oh I can't do this anymore no I'll leave the rest to you guys matsuo ran off the field in an instant dude is he serious what are we gonna do we don't have anyone who can pitch right no we do have someone right Taco me what he can pitch nah man that's an impossible task for Mr.

Younger brother who spends all his time as a ball boy say what you want after you watch him practice his pitches anyways that's that good luck I rushed to the field to play The Substitute pitcher and started practicing my pitches whoa damn I didn't know he can pitch like that his balls are faster than.

Matzo's own after seeing my throws everyone spoke out in admiration and surprise whoa now that we're looking at him closely I could tell he throws good balls he has gotten better than before but a starting member can easily throw the same way before you knew that takumi can pitch a little but I never put much thought.

Into it since they're easy balls takamikun's playing takamikun let's go I suddenly feel like choking you can I do that no thanks man anyways good luck out there man I believe in you I played a one two three inning but the match began to shift.

During the bottom of the fourth inning with consecutive hit streaks on takuto our teams were suddenly tied while my teammates on the bench cheered I was the only one that noticed takuto had purposely let us tie he had purposely put the match back to the beginning what fools does he think we are.

I'm going to make him regret that decision I roused myself up and got three consecutive strikeouts after that from then on takuto and I didn't give in and continued to allow no runs the game was now in the bottom of the seventh inning kitamura me or takumi who do you think.

Is going to win this time of course it's going to be takamikun you're very loyal aren't you it's making me jealous do you want to make another bet then if takumi's team wins I'll just regard the bet we made before the exchange if the starting members win I want you to seriously consider a.

Relationship with me okay a latter were to happen to be more positive about being in a relationship with the with you seems like takumi and I are similar in that we can't communicate our feelings toward females very well can I ask you something something what do you think about takamikun at the very.

Least I don't despise him it's not like I don't expect anything from him either I see I'm relieved to hear that but that doesn't mean I'm going to lose against him I have things I don't want to give up on too.

Sorry but I'm going to give him his final word here mura you better not forget about our promise the leadoff hitter this inning it's takuto the last time I was here I was too careful and yielded a base on balls this time I'll get it right but he seems different from the last time he was there.

I can't fear Him Now I gave my everything into this sinker this was the first time I did this type of pitch in this game he can't easily hit this but at the next moment a loud noise came from Taco toast back and the ball flew toward the left stand in a straight line he did it as expected from takuto just like that I.

Yielded a big and meaningful point to him we were at the bottom of the ninth inning while the starting members were one point ahead of us after yielding two outs easily to the other team now Taro reached the base with a heavy infield hit with two out and one man on base it was.

My turn to pitch again you can do this you have to win if you win this game you could do whatever you want with me the surprising words said by the idol of the baseball team caused another uproar on the field talk of me let me hit you a hundred times with the Baton gloves I'm going to make Apollo special move on.

You dude I'm going in with cat branding hold on hold on I'm on the same side as you guys gosh I can't believe Kita murasan said that at a time like this but thanks to her my hands stopped shaking I want to win against takuto no matter what especially for Kita murasan who is.

Cheering for me that was the reason I worked so hard all this time I stood in the batter's box the Uproar from earlier suddenly stopped I stood incredibly nervous when Taco pitched his ball with everything I had I swung a loud noise erupted at the Baton at the ball and with a soaring Arch went.

To the center board screen the benchwarming team cheered loudly I did it I did it with my right arm raised Towards the Sky I ran around the baseball ground when I reached home base everyone gave me a warm welcome see you can do it if you put your mind to it takumi takuto look.

Your princess is waiting for you hurry up and go Taco pushed my back and in front of me was Kita murasan I'm so happy you did it I was able to win because you were cheering for me thank you so much love you Takami so please make me.

Your girlfriend I love you too Kita murasan but I already lost to talkatal that bet isn't valid anymore all because you won this game what really yeah that's the deal kitamura and I made so go on and date each other without thinking of me but if you slack off from practice because of your relationship I'll.

Challenge you again and steal her from you you better keep that in mind just like that Takata walked off from the field I got my revenge on takuto and I even got to take Kita murasan after the commotion was over kitamura-san and I walked home together by the way I need to keep my promise to you here do what you want.

Um I think it might be a little too fast for that gosh I like your games you're so afraid when it comes to things like this I mean I'm still doing my best to go against my physical desires I am a boy after all but you need to focus on baseball now so I'm going to do my best to support you.

As your manager that would be amazing thank you the reality was that I still had a long way to go I had once again been reminded that I was far from takuto's level I need to first get my spot as a starting member in order to do that I need to practice even more takamikun take me to the National games.

Okay yeah I'll do everything I can to be a starting member and take you there a little while after that I was chosen as a starting member and even had a huge part in the National games but that's a story for another day thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.