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[Manga Dub] My unfaithful wife leaves us… The CEO’s daughter sees me struggling and… [RomCom]


Me you I'm sorry I was late to pick you up from daycare take dinner in a hurry okay welcome home today to give me any sort of requests now you may start ordering me I will do my best to serve you serve us daddy who is this lady huh uh this lady is my name is Yuta Yamamoto I'm 30. I work for an architectural.

Design firm most of my work is about designing houses let me tell you a little about my story it all started one morning about six months ago I don't know it's time to take me to her daycare daddy where did Mommy go that's weird these are divorce papers it's nothing you you I'll take you to daycare today okay I'm going to get my.

Bag my wife Aya note disappeared one day All She Left Behind was a divorce registration form and letter apparently she found a rich man and was planning to marry him she didn't let me have a say in this decision so I had no choice but to agree to the divorce I had no time to be angry or sad I had too much on my plate raising Miu was my priority I'll.

Pick you up as soon as possible but I might be late again it's okay I'll wait with the teacher me you I'm sorry Yamamoto you don't look too good I know you've got a lot to do I can cover you if you want which needs to be done the fastest I owe you one I don't know how I survived these past six months I feel like I'm going crazy I'm a failure as a.

Dad don't be silly or do work short time just until things settle down a bit short time huh but I'm scared he'll tell me to quit if I ask him and so I was wondering if I could work short time for a while this is the CEO of the company Mr hiakawa he's passionate about his job and he isn't the most patient man I heard he often used to get in.

Fights on site however everybody knows he's a genius designer I joined this company because of my admiration for him okay uh I appreciate it sir I'm grateful for your kindness the thing is working short time won't serve as a permanent solution I have a suggestion that might make things work a suggestion go home today I'll have my secretary ER my.

Daughter prepare for everything okay thank you Mr hiakawa I felt uneasy about his suggestion I had no idea what it was however it was time to pick Miu up from daycare and that's where we go back to the first scene you're miss hiakawa the CEO secretary why were you standing in front of our apartment with that outfit on that's not important we should eat.

Dinner I ordered a healthy organic meal for you from a restaurant you're not going to cook don't be too worried I'll learn eventually so you don't know how to cook how do you expect to be a maid when you can't even cook you're not the type to dress in such a ridiculous costume to start with what are you trying to do here these are my father's.

Orders I was informed that you were aware of the arrangements wait wait wait wait wait he did mention a suggestion this is what he was talking about wow this looks so good I'm so hungry Mio you can't eat that yet but my tummy is growling I want to eat it me you you're allergic to milk let me check to see if there's any in here first okay Miss.

Hiakawa there's nothing I need from you I would appreciate it if you could leave now I apologize for this terrible mistake I should have checked for any allergies before ordering the food however continue both of you out you need some help still I'm begging you please let me stay here I want to help in any way I can she.

Sounded desperate but I had no idea why she was so determined I'm just an employee nothing good will come from hiring the CEO secretary as my maid and two singles from opposite genders should not live under the same roof it's inappropriate the CEO gives me direct orders for this there is nothing to be worried about I hope you can reconsider.

Accepting me yeah kawasan he wouldn't do this for no reason okay I'll accept oh that's wonderful thank you so much however there are a few conditions we'll have a trial period first if things aren't working out by the end of next Sunday you'll have to leave and you have to keep our situation a secret I don't want the other employees suspecting.

Anything between us I understand now that I have your permission to move in I will be here full time at your disposal please feel free to use me for anything that was how it started Miss hiakawa moved in with us the next day hey you're looking so much better I bet you're glad you asked for short time I've had help with cleaning and laundry for the past.

Three days she's been a great help I see I see is it possible possibly a girlfriend why do pretty girls keep getting drawn to you I remember your ex-wife was hot it's not a girlfriend I have a maid a maid lucky you sir it's time for our meeting okay Miss hiakawa's at work like she has always been she must be tired.

From doing all the housework but she hasn't shown any signs of fatigue yet Yamamoto you're doing better but the CEO's secretary isn't doing well now her hands are so chopped she used to take such good care of her skin I didn't notice that at all trapped hands huh she has enough money to solve any problem thrown at her why would her hands be.

Chapped I knew why it was because she did the housework at our place I don't know if she'll even accept this cheap hand cream but I don't have time to get the expensive stuff she'll have to live with this my ex-wife loved high-end Brands she would reject the presents I bought for her apparently I had no taste Miss hiakawa will probably.

Think the same I considered putting the hand cream back however I couldn't watch her in pain anymore Miss hiakawa even picked Miu up from daycare today she's been so good to us but she hasn't told me why she's doing this for us I wish she would I'm home huh something's burning in there me you miss yakawa I opened the door to the kitchen Miu and.

Miss hiakawa were standing in front of the fire their mouths opened wide why is the pan on fire we're currently making white sauce for the gratin white sauce yep white sauce yeah this is black Gunk not white sauce let's hear color why didn't you put out the fire sooner I don't know how give it to me I turned off the gas stove and put the lid on the.

Frying pan the fire will go out once I cut off the oxygen all we need to do is wait for the temperature of The Frying Pan to go down I'm sure we'll be fine I am so sorry this is all my fault miss yakawa that was close please be careful I'm sorry I was cutting the vegetables I forgot I had turned the gas stove on all of a sudden the frying pan was on fire.

How about I do the cooking I do it is she was trying to make fat and so that I could eat it too I was planning to use soy milk instead of regular milk that way miu-san would be able to eat it but it's all burnt now you did this for me you I didn't want you to be left out she deserves to be included daddy you.

Hate Miss Mead no of course not do you like her I really like her new son she shouldn't ask such sensitive questions so daddy do you like her yes I like her she was willing to try something she's not used to for you that proves she's kind he likes me I wonder if the fire is out yet let's make rotting together we should wash the frying pan first Miss.

Yakawa started uh okay after that we made a Groton with soy milk together we all enjoyed the subtle flavor melting in our mouths is he akawa are you working do you have a second to spare I was checking my father's schedule for tomorrow what can I do for you I'm not sure if you'll like it but I was worried.

That your hands might be chapped because of all the work you do for us hand cream is this for me that is so sweet I never thought I would receive a present from you yamamoto-san miss hiakawa held on to the hand cream suddenly tears began streaming down her cheeks there's no need to cry it's just cheap hand cream I bought at the drugstore I am so touched.

That you took the time to pick this out for me yamamoto-san thank you for being so considerate it's okay I'm glad to see that you like it I would like to give you a massage to show you my gratitude I'm here as a replacement for your ex-wife huh your father would be angry if he heard I can't make his daughter massage a lowly employee but I'm sure.

You must be tired I looked at massaging techniques on line I assure you it will feel good that's okay good night the way Miss yakawa is acting it's not normal is it we're not even close why would she want to live with us hey she said it was her father's orders maybe I should ask the CEO why he suggested she come here.

Ayano used to freak out whenever I gave her anything besides products from luxury Brands it felt so rewarding to give Miss hiakawa her present I never expected that reaction from her sports day was coming up in miu's daycare Daddy are you coming to watch me of course it's this Sunday right it's missing babe coming too well I'm just a maid Sunday.

Is the last day of my trial period I should stay here and wait that sucks Miss hiakawa you're welcome to join us it sounds like Miu wants you to be there thank you I appreciate it I will think about it tonight that night the doorbell rang soon after Miu fell asleep who is it it's so late it's me come on open up oh I don't know.

Ayano mother so how have you been what did you come here for is there a problem this is my home the divorce papers have been submitted this is not your home anymore don't so mean anyways who is that woman I've never seen her before we work for the same company she's been taking good care.

Of me you and me pleased to meet you my name is hiakoa I can't believe you let the into our apartment I don't want any misunderstandings with the neighbors you need to leave now your overstepping boundaries Miss yakawa is helping us you can't talk to her like that you don't need her as long as you have me I broke up with that old geezer you broke up.

With him but you tossed us out to be with him his relatives wouldn't agree to us getting married they knew I was with him for his money oh miu's sports day is coming up I'm going with Miss yakawa it's what Miu wants where does she got to go no way are you trying to steal my husband I am not you I admit I did hide my feelings when I asked yamamoto-san if.

I could move in however I am confident when I say I am in love with him huh you probably don't remember this but you saved me back in high school I'm sorry I wasn't know where we knew each other from that long ago do you remember your welcome to the company party it was held at my place yeah I remember admiring the intricate designs at the time I was part.

Of the basketball team I had short hair and I was tall people often mistook me for a guy that's why I felt so insecure about my appearance oh I remember now you came by to say hi when you came home from Team practice everybody complimented me by saying I was handsome but you said I was pretty you were the only one that said that well you didn't.

Seem to like the compliments everyone was giving you I knew you were a girl I figured it would be better to say you were pretty instead of handsome I fell in love with you instantly you were the only one who gave me the words I longed for but I never got the chance to tell you since you got married soon after so that's why you suggested to be a living.

Maid I get it now I have been in love with you for seven years I haven't thought about anybody else since that day my father eventually accepted my choice I prefer a woman who loves deeply I know somebody like that would treat me right you heard us I don't know so what this is not your home anymore you left you don't get to come back I plan to.

Build a family with Miu and Miss hiakawa I'll ask you to leave one last time before I kick you out I am no side angrily and left the room without another word miss hiakawa about Sunday it would mean a lot if you could come are you sure about that me you wants you to be there and I do too I would like you to join us on Sunday not as a maid.

But as a member of the family as my future wife if that's okay what you've loved me for seven years it's my turn to give back now I'll be looking forward to it but don't overwork yourself um if it's possible you 'd always imagine what oh me Ray son here to son am I blushing.

Yes you are me Ray if we had a rocky start to our relationship but we made it official that day we promised we would eventually get married Mr hiakawa here's your tea yep father can you stop being so intimidating well one of my employees promised to marry my daughter without my permission ah I apologize it just happened to turn out.

That way you don't deserve my daughter until you become a first class architect I promise I will for my family you've always been the motivated type see you honey you're doing great if you're curious I'm happy to tell you that we became a family when Miu started Elementary School.

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