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[Manga Dub] My worker got injured so I let his daughter stay at my place [RomCom]


Oh I guess I'm done here my name is Ryoma inamoto and I'm the boss manager of a painting company two years ago my father passed away and so the age of 30 I became the boss of a small firm consisting of about a dozen workers by my position having so few workers meant that I had to go out almost every.

Day to assist my employees giving me little time to rest ah it's Sato you should still be working I wonder what happened hey Sato is anything wrong Lily boss who actually yes Mr okiaba fell from his ladder and he slept pretty bad oh how bad is it love from the looks of it it's nothing life-threatening but.

I'm pretty sure his leg is broken we've already called over water we're just waiting for the ambulance to arrive see then tell me which hospital you're going to as soon as the ambulance arrives I'll be there right away told me to tell you that he still has work he's supposed to finish by today and to ask you if you take his place for.

Him he's still thinking about work even though he's injured it's just like him then I head to his Rogue place instead of the hospital so I missed all under control not to worry got it boss make sure you get on the ambulance with him just in case oh and it's probably hard for Mr okiyama to.

Even talk right now so borrow his phone and contact his daughter for him kill a thing after hanging up I headed for Mr okiyama's workplace and took care of business Mr okiyama are you all right I'm sorry for troubling your boss how's the workplace situation now don't worry about it I went over immediately and.

Finished up with the remainder of the work thanks boss oh you won't yeah it wasn't any trouble and more importantly how's your leg they say it would take three months to heal completely and that I'll be here for at least another Fortnight I see well I've been feeling like you've been working yourself too hard lately so.

Think of it as taking a little break and arrest yourself properly thanks I'll do that but there's just one problem Oh you mean your daughter yes I'm just worried about her living alone for two whole weeks I understand if I remember correctly Mr okiyama is a single parent with no relatives in the area come to.

Think of it hasn't your daughter arrived at the hospital yet she did but she went home to pick up some clothes and other necessities for my stay in the hospital oh yes of course she's been brought up well I think Mr okiyama said she was in high school right now boss I know this may come off as a bit rude but could you let her stay in Drew Blaze until I get.

Out um I don't think that's a good I mean I live alone please balls I don't have anyone else I can trust that's hard to say no when you put it that way fine I'll do it but it'll all be a moot point if your daughter doesn't agree to it yes I know after a while Mr okiyama's daughter came back with his.

Change of clothes amongst other things oh hello it's been a while you're my dad's boss right hi that's right I'm glad you remembered it's been about six years right I was in elementary school then so yes that sounds about right Rio I want you to go stay at the balls his house for the next two weeks huh dad what are you saying he's fine the boss.

Has already given his permission you for real Mr Boss well I try to refuse him but Mr okiyama I really don't think we should go with this plan after all I could live by myself if it's just two weeks absolutely not it's too risky for a kid in high school to live by herself if it's just for two weeks maybe she.

Could ask one of her friends if she could stay with them for a while I don't have anyone close enough to let me stay in their house for an entire Fortnight I I'm sorry no it's it's probably my fault for not having any real friends Rio I know you don't like the idea but why don't you give my.

House a try yes please in the end we drove to riel's house to pick up a few things and headed to my place um to start off I'll take care of the housework so don't worry about it you can use a gas futon as your bed thank you I was entrusted with keeping you safe by Mr okiyama I'm not gonna let you hurt yourself cleaning the house or.

Cooking meals my boss you're treating me too much like a child I may not look like it but I'm already 17. that's still just the kids of me by the way what's your name Mr Boss my dad only refers to you as the boss I guess you're right I'm Ryoma inamoto okay then I'll call you Mr bioma Sure.

Call me whatever you want Mr Roma didn't underestimate me too much just give me 40 minutes I'll give you a sight to see I'm okay without knowing what to do I just sat in the other room waiting wow how's that still feel like treating me like a kid.

Now you're saying that is what's making you look childish to me right now but I'll admit it I was wrong you're pretty mature for your age Rio there wasn't so hard save was it right I'm starving and then we ate the dinner Rio had prepared together holy delicious real the.

Film from the looks of it and she's not gonna let me cook if I tried okay then we'll both do the housework how about we each do our own laundry let me do the cleaning and the cooking in turn I'd have been fine doing all of it myself but I'll take it that's how living together began I'm home welcome back you're earlier than I expected I.

Know I've been making sure not to go into overtime really you don't have to do that for me don't worry it's no problem I've been working a lot lately so there's no problem with me taking it easy for a while I guess if you say so thanks it's fine I'll just get to making dinner then I don't think I'm that good at it.

Hint of rooms always so clean thanks I guess I've just gotten used to it from living by myself for so long I see it's nice to know a man who can cook though at home I have to do all of it so it's kind of refreshing to eat something someone else had prepared for a change I'm glad you think so I didn't know she did all the cooking at home.

That must be why she's so good at it it's only the second day but we got along with each other surprisingly well at first I thought it would be impossible to live with a high school kid but maybe it's because I do my own housework anyway but it was hardly any trouble at all by the way do you have a girlfriend Mr Ryoma huh why so sudden.

I've been wondering since yesterday but isn't it strange that you have two futons even though you live alone as I said yesterday is for guests sometimes a friend comes over to stay for the night I see I thought maybe it was for your girlfriend or something well I am almost 30. I guess that would seem more natural I've been so busy with work I just can't.

Seem to find a chance to settle down just yet oh right it's your workplace is full of guys too right that's right there is a woman working as a clerk but she's already been married a long time and the others are all men I didn't realize adults have so little time for romance then how about I become your girlfriend you really shouldn't.

Make fun of your elders huh it was just a joke but hearing you say it like that is kind of annoying why are you annoyed you said it yourself it's just a joke it's a matter of Pride you really are clueless when it comes to women aren't you well I don't have a girlfriend so I'm still so depressed you're the one who said it well you're the one who.

Began his conversation in the first place what about you do you even have a boyfriend um well no but I'm still a kid so it's okay but you said earlier that you're already oh never mind oh shut up after that we live together quite well swapping jokes and sharing the chores until it had been a fortnight before we.

Knew it Mr okiyama's getting out of hospital tomorrow right you should pack your bags today since you'll probably be a bit busy tomorrow I guess so is anything wrong Rio huh what why nothing you're just acting a bit strange there's nothing wrong with me just didn't want to go home yet why is.

That aren't you glad your dad's coming home after all this time that's totally meant it's just I was having so much fun living with you I kind of wish dad would stay in the hospital for a couple more days Rio you can never say that even as a joke why not it's not like I really mean it or anything dad can hardly even cook plus he doesn't clean so the house.

Is always a mess that may be so but you can still talk about your father in that way why are you getting so angry I didn't mean it like that wait Rio where are you going I'm going out please don't follow me uh what am I doing why'd I get so angry he was a kid now.

Anyway I have to go find her I ran all over the neighborhood trying to find her I can't find her anywhere we have to find her soon she doesn't even have her purse or her phone hey young lady you're looking fine wanna go somewhere with me oh there she is please leave me alone come on it'll be fun you won't regret it I promise hey stop bothering that kid.

Huh what do you want old man that's my question to you I'm here as her protector what do you want no it's nothing he backed off more easily than I thought are you all right Rio did he do anything to you after me what do you mean why I was worried about you sorry about that that was totally my fun.

So let's just head home okay I promise I'm sorry afterwards we went home together I really am sorry about earlier I totally let my feelings get the better of me there no it's my fault I mean it's not like I hate my dad it just came out a little wrong I knew you had every right to scold me but you were so angry.

And I didn't know what to do I see I really did get out of control there didn't I to tell the truth I lost my parents in a car accident when I was young yes well that's why I got so angry when you said you didn't want your dad to come back plus I know firsthand how seriously Mr okiyama takes his work and.

I just couldn't take it but that had nothing to do with you and I'm so sorry I know I said that you were so childish but today that was me but I really want you to take good care of your family after all you'll be the one who regrets it when they're gone I know I'll never say anything like that again and although I know I ran away from the.

Shock I'm glad you corrected me when I was wrong I'm glad to hear that and anyway the only reason why I said I didn't want to go home was because I was having so much fun with you oh thanks you don't seem to get it I'm trying to say I like you what at first I thought it was just because you were kind and fun to be with but I like you all the.

More now because you tell me where I'm wrong you please go out with me um this isn't a joke like before is it do you want me to run away again sorry I just wanted to be sure like to hear your reply now um okay sure you told me how you really felt so I'll return the gesture you're.

Cute sweet and good company so I'd like to date you love with my responsibilities as boss manager I can't date a school girl I'm really sorry I see so the only problem is that I'm still in high school yes I'm really sorry so what you're saying is you date me if I wasn't in high school I'm sure I guess.

That's one way to put it that's fine we'll just go out after I graduate huh you did say that you wanted to date me right I mean I did but there's still like a year and a half right by then you'll probably have found someone else to go out with you really don't trust me do you no that's not what I meant.

Ready a year and a half from now sure and no cheating on me before I graduate not to mention after we start going out but how could it be cheating when we haven't even started going out just don't do it promise fine I promise I'll be waiting for you a year and a half Jesus it's like you're all grown up but I am.

Though uh what am I gonna say to Mr okiyama you come back down to earth too fast Mr Ryoma we still got a year and a half to worry about things like that okay okay I'm sorry although she's younger than me by more than a decade I doubt I'll even win against her my married life with Rio that would begin five years later is a story for another.

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