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[Manga Dub] Mystery girl keeps asking me to marry her, but how does she know me? [RomCom]


Let's Get Married oh no no what kind of joke is this I'm not joking I'm serious I mean it how could I possibly believe you I've never even met you before a random Friday I was feeling a little bit tipsy when a beautiful young girl came and grabbed onto my arm I had never seen her face before and yet she was proposing to.

Me I'd only just met her a mere few hours ago ah I'm feeling pretty good today a drink always hits a little different on a Friday my name is casuke Wakita I'm a regular salary man that works for an average company.

Today was the long awaited Friday on my way home from work I grabbed one drink and I was slightly Tipsy and heading home when tomorrow's a day off so maybe I'll go to the gym in the morning I can't wait to go swimming in the big pool um excuse me you the young man over.

There young man as in me yes I was talking about you um how can I help you um okay Wakita right yes I am but how do you know my name please marry me sorry what did you say.

You heard me like I said please marry me so I heard her correctly but wait why is this beautiful girl suddenly asking to marry me oh it's that new type of scam using pretty girls to get your guard down she probably targeted me because I look like a drunk man walking home alone if you'll excuse me I don't have time.

For this wait wait want to I Won't Let Go until you agree to marry me why do you want to marry me and plus we've never even met before have we how could I possibly marry someone that I met today for the very first time.

Never met but you know they say that marriage is like a traffic accident I certainly feel like I'm being hit by a car right now can't you see that I'm about to get severely hurt well if you're going to get hurt I'll nurse you back to health so let's get married are you actually listening to anything I'm saying.

Yeah I can hear your voice in my heart and please understand what I'm saying and accept it before you reject me completely please hear me out what is it I'm going to sell myself to you now excuse me if you make me your wife you'll have delicious meals every day since I work.

From home all of the tours and the housework will be done by Moi since I'm earning my own money we can split the rent and all of the bills on top of that I'm very good at massages so when you come home from work I can help you relax I see your point that you would make a pretty amazing wife right so marriage but even then it's.

Impossible to marry someone I just met oh wait no please don't run away the next day I went to a new gym that opened up in my neighborhood lately I've been so busy with work that I hadn't been exercising at all so I wanted to get myself back into shape but sheesh what was all that about last night.

Well I'm sure I won't be seeing someone that strange ever again so I guess I don't need to worry about it I really do love swimming I forgot how great it is I'm glad this gym opened up in this neighborhood even if I wanted to swim I'd have to go to a gym pretty far from home and I'm just glad I can swim and without.

Having to think too much about it I had been on the swimming team through elementary school middle school and high school when I was in college I had even won a few competitions and had become somewhat famous in the sport when I graduated and got a job I retired at the same time but I still loved to.

Swim so I used to go to the gym far away from my house just so that I could get in the water well then maybe I'll go for one last lap um excuse me wait this voice it sounds familiar where have I heard it before could it be oh I knew it was you Mr Cascade The Proposal person from yesterday what are you doing here I'm.

Not the proposal person my name is Anna harata I heard that the new gym opened in the neighborhood so I came to check it out and I was surprised to see you here I never would have thought that I would be able to see you again this to be fate that leaves us with no other choice but to be together let's get married.

Please give me a break we only just met yesterday we barely know each other certainly not enough to decide our futures love is a hurricane well then have you realized that I'm about to be gone in the Wind if you get blown away by the wind don't worry I'll be sure to catch you so let's.

Get married no thank you ah please wait please don't let away then please don't chase me then marry me I said no all right enough already please just give up I don't want to I can't let's get married why me why are you insisting on marrying me don't you realize how weird.

It is to ask someone you just met to marry them the reason why is well it's a secret a secret it's a secret then we definitely can't get married and that's that goodbye Mr cases this chasing game with Miss Anna lasted.

For over a month no matter how many times I said no I know again every time I would see her at the gym she would come and ask me to get married I was convinced that this had to be a new type of scam or an invitation to join some kind of cult but after all this time she was still going.

Does that mean that she actually likes me I started to think if this continues it's only going to get worse maybe I'll come up with a defense strategy all right today's the day please marry me sure what oh really marriage a marriage out of nowhere is pushing it so I'll give you a compromise.

Compromise I'm not going to marry you however I will agree to live with you and you can take your shot hey are you okay with living together and then I will be the judge of whether your love is real or not okay I'm in thank you so I decided to live with Miss Anna for a bit.

I'm sure she's going to show her true colors in no time I'm going to leave things like my bank account information and other valuables in obvious places once things go missing I'll come after her that's what I had planned and expected but not once did Anna touch any of my valuables or any of my things in general if anything she.

Really did support me in all the ways she said she would what is this good morning Mr case k I made Japanese food for breakfast but what I've heard some bread instead if so I can prepare Western breakfast for tomorrow what you can make western food too.

Yes both Japanese and Western are my specialty okay then I would like to have bread tomorrow forward to it lunchbox did she seriously hand make this the layout the colors it's a balanced meal and it looks amazing I've never seen a lunchbox so perfect.

And the taste even when it's cold it's absolutely delicious wow who is this Anna she's amazing ah seriously this is so delicious I'm home welcome home would you like to have dinner or a bath or would you like to have me would you mind if I had dinner first.

Wait a minute we're not even dating there's no way I could even lay a hand on you well I would have no problem with it anytime I have a problem with it jeez Mr Case cake you're so shy are you saying that while knowing that that's not the issue here I'm looking forward to the night that comes crashing in like.

A hurricane please throw all of the expectations right in the trash can anyway like I said I would like to have dinner first but am I not allowed to choose any of the other options besides you yes I have no choice I'll give up for today.

Not just today please give up Forever by the way what's for dinner anyway today is Chinese food you really can make anything can't you I studied just for this so oh by the way the button on your shirt was coming off so I sewed it back for you and I finished all the cleaning around the house too.

Carson is actually perfect what's the matter nothing anyway why don't we eat first Miss Anna truly was a perfect woman cleaning laundry cooking every single thing she was able to do perfectly on top of that she actually was really amazing at massages when I came out of the shower I had her.

Try a massage and all of the exhaustion in my body flew away wait a second why is she so perfect and she hasn't done anything wrong or anything bad either is this just to make me let my guard down maybe it's about time I stopped doubting her well this could be the last time I.

Need to make sure that she really hasn't done anything bad I'm the type of person that acts quickly once I decide something so I went ahead and bought a security camera online after I secretly placed and hid it in the house I pretended to go to work and left the house that day I was headed towards an internet cafe.

From there I would open up my laptop and watch what was happening at home that was my plan I bet that while I'm at work she does whatever she pleases her home she says she works from home so that means that she's home all the time well then let's see what exactly she gets up to.

She's really just working I didn't know that she wears glasses when she's working she looks cute oh come on what am I thinking I should be keeping watch for anything suspicious I'm tired maybe I'll take a breather and do some cleaning.

Take a breather and do some cleaning she should get some proper rest instead although if this is what helps her relax then maybe it's okay isn't she a little bit too serious even though I kept watching her for a while Anna didn't do anything even remotely suspicious much less what could be perceived as wrong.

If anything anytime she would take a break from work it was just to clean every now and then she would say that she was tired and have a stretch but other than that she wasn't doing anything the valuables that I had purposely left lying around she didn't even bet an eye.

Towards who is this woman if she's a bad person and she was left unattended for this long wouldn't she have done something by now could this mean that she actually isn't a bad person after all looks like she's going out.

Maybe this is where she might show her true colors maybe I should follow her so that means she's just getting groceries got a lot of stuff for purchase that have a low malt beer I can get some nicer things today I hope Mr Casey likes it are you serious Anna.

Hasn't done a single thing wrong at all and everything she's bought is something that she knows I like why is someone like this would would ever want to chase after me for marriage the more I think about it the less I understand it would have been easier to believe if it was just a scam or a cult trying to draw me in however after.

Observing her for the entire day I was able to confirm and wholeheartedly believe that she was indeed completely innocent this only confused me more and more I couldn't think of a single reason why a beautiful girl whom I had never met before would propose to me like that and do so much for me.

Up until now the word popular had never been anywhere near my vocabulary either why did Anna propose to me girl that cute I'm sure I would have remembered if we had met before but I don't remember at all but if I hadn't met her before and something hadn't happened there's no way she would just propose to me out of.

Nowhere like that it's useless no matter how much I think about it can't wrap my head around it at this point the only thing I could do is ask her directly Miss Anna I have to ask but have we met before somewhere that came out of nowhere you're.

Beautiful and kind and you have an amazing personality no matter how much I think about it I can't think of one reason why someone like you would be interested in someone like me that's why I thought that maybe we had met before somewhere in the past I want you to try your best to remember.

You're telling me to remember then it must mean that we have met before who knows what do you think ah I'm confused because I can't remember anything well then can I take you out somewhere with me take me out yes perhaps if we go outside together you might be able to remember.

Something true you have a point all right then our next day off we can go somewhere together of the date that day we decided to go watch a movie that we both wanted to see I can't remember anything maybe we never had met before after all even while we were watching nothing came.

To mind and time just kept passing by before I knew it it was already in the evening yeah it was but I really tried today but I still can't recall any memories of you Anna can you just tell me hmm did you hear that I thought I heard.

Something oh oh there what is that kitten doing in a place like that that cardboard box did someone throw it away into the river we have to do something to save it I'm going to go over there if we don't do something quick the box is going to stink sorry can you hold on to this real.

Quick hey case it's a dangerous place don't go I can't not go I can't just leave the little kitten out there hang tight I'm coming to save you phew I'm so glad you're safe are you worried about me now thanks little kitty okay Miss Anna the kitten safe now.

I'm glad you're okay but this is not okay I love and hate this about you please you have to take care of yourself more you haven't changed one bit since back then back then oh I remember now I remember once just like this I saved a drowning kitten and the girl that was trying to save it too and wait a second.

What's that do you finally remember me now that's right the little girl that you saved that day was me and that day I fell in love with you at First Sight I'm amazed that you remembered all this time that day after you pulled us out of the river you put your jacket over me so that I don't catch a cold you said then.

You called the ambulance and as soon as the ambulance people arrived Eve disappeared I didn't get to ask your name that day but there was a handkerchief inside your jacket your name was written on it and that's how I came to know who you were all this time I never stopped thinking about you until one day I happened to see you at the gym.

You did have the same name and I thought it must have been just a crazy coincidence but that I saw you swimming and it was exactly the same as when you saved me that day that was when I knew that you were the person that I had been looking for my whole life but then I couldn't hold it in any longer and that day I masked it as a.

Coincidence and the proposal fell out of my mouth that was way too aggressive that's that's had been holding it in for so long even then you wouldn't go straight to a marriage proposal plus you wouldn't tell me about the incident or explain the situation to me at all.

Because I wanted you to remember it for yourself really wanted to believe that it got me I'm not lying and I'm not joking I'm completely in love with you you are my soul mate you are the only person for me so please marry me.

I can't just jump into a marriage like that out what I'd like to reassess our relationship one more time knowing what I know now do you think we could start as friends would that be okay yes that's okay I'm going to work really hard so that.

Hopefully someday you'll feel the same way about me even after that incident Anna and I continued living together my suspicions about her were completely gone and the more I started to accept her feelings towards me the more I could feel my heart being gradually pulled by her.

About six months after we had started living together misana there's something I wanted to talk to you about why so serious you're not proposing now are you just kidding that's exactly what I'm doing eh Miss Anna will you marry me really are you sure I.

Want to walk towards the future together with you by my side so happy we're going to be together forever and ever and ever and ever I love you Casey I love you too Anna as it turns out Anna and I were indeed tied together by a little red thread called fate I can't wait for the rest of our lives.

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