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[Manga Dub] Nerdy shy boy suddenly becomes a player… [RomCom]


Hey where should we go after school's out today well let's see wherever you want well when you're a junior in high school there's bound to be two or three couples in each class it seems nice and all but why do I feel such resentment whenever I.

See stuff like that well maybe it's because I want a girl too obviously I'm just too self-conscious hey chiaki what's with the tears I'm contemplating on my sorry life leave me alone would you that pretty girl is my classmate and.

Close friend Miu ayasaki the most popular girl in our class with her beauty and down-to-earth personality she's one of the coolest girls in class that's right why doesn't she have a boyfriend there are guys dying to go out with her that thought stayed with me so I decided.

To Simply ask her straight out hey Miu I was thinking why don't you have a boyfriend I mean you got the pick of the lot huh how could you well forget I said that the hell was I thinking how could I ask her such a thing me you may look cool and self-confident but actually it's all.

A facade the guys like her for her cool Beauty kind of outward appearance but she's really timid a little like me so MIA wants to do something about her tibetanus and self-conscious personality before she even thinks about having a boyfriend.

I guess you see why she reacted that way I obviously knew how she felt and was stupid enough to ask her I'm exactly like her not the cool part but the self-conscious part and I want to do something about that too what's more I want a girlfriend huh what's going on.

Here I thought I heard ayasaki's voice was it just my imagination it's nothing nothing to see here girls I sort of covered for her but wonder how Mio is uh it's nothing just talking oh shoot hey ayasaki are you pissed at us ah that expression kind of seems angry.

She always makes that serious face when she's trying to put up a front which in my opinion just solidifies her cool reputation okay what exactly did you say to me to me to make her so angry bet you anything it was something inappropriate man you really should think twice about who you say such.

Things to I didn't say anything inappropriate but unlike me with me you it always turns out for the better and her reputation as the cool and confident Beauty just intensifies man what am I going to do about the self-consciousness I can't stand it but with me it always just turns out for the.

Worse besides even if I get a girlfriend I have zero confidence in making it work anyways I really have to do something I don't want to be this shy withdrawn guy anymore hey chiaki any luck with getting a girlfriend I doubt it he will forever be a loner ah leave me alone man do I despise these girls however.

Even a guy like me has one person I can usually turn to for advice hey Chucky what's up haven't seen you in ages hey Sana sorry to call you out come on don't be such a stranger we've been friends for a long time this cute girl is Sana Nana say she's not in my class but she's one of the more popular girls in school some time back I helped.

Her out in the situation she was in and ever since we've been close friends hey you know we've been friends for a long time wanna escalate that a little further uh I really don't know how to respond to that but she looks like the bubbly type but actually she's quite serious minded although serious she still teases me.

Like this but I have a feeling she really wants to go study with me you think as I was conversing with sana a package arrived at my place got a package from my mom wonder what it is from your mom where is she now.

Yeah she's on vacation she went to London but really open it up let's see what it is I opened the package and there was a letter from Mom in a monocle the kind some British Aristocrat would wear huh what's this a single lens isn't this what's called a monocle.

Looks really gentlemanly looks like something a butler is someone like that would put on what's with mom always buying weird things like this my mom's really weird that way she's always buying strange things on her trips guess it's like her hobby or something.

Hey Sana what's the letter say uh let's see here it says here as I was walking through the station I came across a wonderful little village selling all kinds of unusual items like canes and hats this monocle is called the monocle of the heart Thief according to the shopkeeper it seemed fascinating so I.

Went ahead and bought it and finally it says at the bottom a present for you yes we can and also don't put it on don't put it on whoa wonder what that means no way I'm putting that on but I must say it really piqued my interest a British Aristocrat Butler seemed kind of fascinating.

And that don't put it on at the end makes me want to put it on for God's sake might look good on you chiaki say that makes me want to put it on it's not it's not healthy to suppress your urges you can just let it all out you'll feel way better uh no way I'm not putting that silly.

Thing on no freaking way well I ended up putting it on okay so I got it on but nothing what is this what was I expecting hey chiaki you look super cool in that yeah you think wait a sec I don't have time for this crap I have.

To do something about my you know uh hey what the I can't get this thing off come on it should just plop off I'm not horsing around I really can't get it off are you serious I even got Sana to try and pull it off.

Okay stay still on the count of three one two three ow my eyeball's gonna come out what the hell is this this thing would not come off it almost became a part of my face what is this the Twilight Zone wait one sec chiaki looks like there's some sort of explanation here on the back of the letter.

What does it say come on and hurry read it um it says I knew you would put it on now you're a master lover with an IQ meter IQ of 200. that was what the shopkeeper said really didn't know what he meant anyways congratulations on becoming a master lover and then Happy Birthday Cannon.

Fast whatever that means what the hell so what are you going to do chiaki mom probably stuck some glue on it and sent it to me as a prank I'll try to pull it off with some soap later on isn't that what you do when you want to take a stubborn ring off your finger oh yeah.

Huh what's the matter Sana is that strange chiaki you look way cooler than before wonder why huh come on stop joking around yeah right oh well hey let's get on with doing something about that self-consciousness you're so concerned about yeah right but before we start.

Sana thank you so much for all you've done for me oh my I'm gonna faint I'm going to fix this timidness once and for all for you catch me I feel light-headed sorry chiaki I.

what's up wait Sana sorry if I go any further I don't know what will happen to me oh go nuts what's with her I wonder if this monocle nah no way are you nuts so Sana went home oh well I suppose I just have to make the best of tomorrow what the hell am I going to do about.

This monocle how do I get this damn thing off the next morning on my way to school I caught up with Miu hey Miu good morning hey chiaki good MO what's with that thing glasses oh this yeah well it's a long story lucky you look so so huh Mew.

What did you just say uh oh nothing that glass monocle looks neat I want one too yeah well if you want it be my guest it's yours if I could just get the damn thing off have you always had that thing no you know my mom she bought it on one of her trips.

She bought it at some antique store in London England apparently oh yeah London huh that's so cool wish I could go someday I've always wanted to then Miu would you like to go to London with me someday oh my Lord I feel a spell coming on but don't misunderstand me my dear we shall go as friends.

Don't forget oh dear is it getting hot out here I I wouldn't misunderstand I better get going sorry hey mute what's the don't chase after me if you do I will I will what's the matter with her she's acting so weird.

Was the same with Sana what's going on miu's attitude was strange not like her at all I wonder if it has something to do with this monocle no it can't be it was because I said something wacky or did I uh Miss you dropped your handkerchief.

Here you are Miss be careful oh my such a beautiful handkerchief it's very elegant simply gorgeous as are you miss thank you please it's driving me crazy.

Huh what I have a fiance I'm you know engaged so I mustn't I can't for some reason everybody who talks to me just runs off really what the hell is going on for God's sake well I tried to put all that aside and just headed to school in class me would not even look my way did I really say something strange.

Or maybe it was the way I said it she must hate me now chiucky what are you so worried about so early in the morning oh I got it still bothered by what we said yesterday huh don't worry chiaki one of these days a girl would suddenly notice you.

Hey come on girls would you not hang all over me in class come on girls stop with the nonsense or else oh my God he's super hot you girls are not my liking harm huh forgive for why they won't tease you anymore so please.

Oh please don't leave us high and dry leave you hired what what's gotten into you two boy oh boy messing with the girls again huh chiaki and what would that nerdy looking glass or whatever that is my dear classmate do you really have to criticize people like that.

Oh my gosh what's happening huh hey shiaki can I have a second I'm I'm sorry about that I guess I shouldn't have said that those that monocle looks great on you uh uh yeah thanks it's not that I dislike you or anything.

On the contrary I mean you know hey is there someone you have your eyes on that you like at the moment huh oh shoot not you too I can't stand witnessing this Charmaine anymore what's the matter.

Yucky can I please have a word with you uh uh yeah sure hey it's Yogi where are you going don't leave us high and dry shiaki I'll wait for you forever come back to me anytime buddy there was this strange atmosphere in the class I just followed Miu to wherever she was taking me as we arrived at the.

Back of the school she suddenly pushed me against the wall cookie what the hell was that back there huh what do you mean back there did I do something avoiding the question huh why are you so angry why were you leering at those girls and even that guy why can't you just look at.

Me I wasn't leering at a guy you made a promise to me this morning that you would take me to London yeah I did say that I suppose but I remember promising that invitation was was you proposing right propose like in getting married huh how did things get this far my dream is to.

Go to London with you build a family with you and live happily ever after they want three kids and and I can even hear you saying I want to name the first child uh you're definitely hearing voices in your head you're living in a dream world anyway chiaki how do you feel about me me what I think of you well.

I think you are of course I feel you're a dear friend so I really have to convey my feelings to her properly if I gave the wrong impression I apologize but to me you are someone very special someone who is always in my heart oh my gosh you are my one and only.

Me you be with me forever casting a spell on me stop playing games with me huh what do you mean I'm always in your heart you want to be with me forever that's proposing isn't it huh why would you take it that way it.

Was then that something came to mind can all this be because of this monocle once worn by the so-called hard Thief before I realized it I stole her heart is that what happened if that's the case I can understand why she's acting like this can this crazy talk be some kind of curse it must be me listen to me you got this all wrong.

Bite close to my heart I meant as a friend okay I understand that I'm going to convey how I really feel towards you okay you've always looked after me you've always been close to me there are countless times you rescued me from difficult situations.

This is the first time I've ever had such feelings that's why I wanted to convey this to you directly I feel me you so this is where I propose to her and off we go to London and have a fairy tale existence well come to think of it maybe that.

Isn't all that bad I mean to be with me and all but right at that moment the monocle just plopped off huh did that thing just come off hey chiaki what's the matter matter uh well what was I just saying oh my God Chucky uh please don't get the wrong idea I was just saying that you were just a really good friend.

Yeah okay no problem just let me go please I felt regret about her not hearing her out hearing how she really felt about me well after things calms down I explained all that happened since getting that package from my mom and so I figured it was all because of this monocle that my mom sent me from London.

Oh I see well glad it finally came off I know that your attitude earlier was not really how you feel so don't get all hung up over it huh my true feelings are about you chiaki your true feelings uh yeah my real feelings towards you well I.

Knew what's the matter well anyways I was really Overjoyed that you thought of me as such a close friend yeah a close okay so from now on let's continue to be close friends it's not just that oh shiaki you're such an idiot why can't you see.

Huh why do you say that then me you just blushed without saying another word and took off hey Chucky hey come on girls get off me man there goes that idiot again well after that thing came off the class seemed to get back to normal and Sana seemed to be back to her old self when I got back there was a letter from my mom.

The shopkeeper in London also told me that one's true love reveals itself there is no longer any need for the monocle huh what does this even mean just a bunch of mumbo jumbo besides she's got time to send these letters why isn't she home I mean she is my mom.

About that yes Miss this is the latest the 2023 Max Wizards broom well to be honest I'm wearing blind towards the electric vacuum cleaner huh you can't fly using an electric vacuum cleaner how about this magic cane short cane is really not much use no thanks apparently she was at some store picking out another strange gift.

Good morning master oh hinatown morning the weather's great today isn't it I'm chiaki akaba I have a small and cute disciple her name is Emma Hinata she's a High School freshman she has an innocent childlike appearance and it's very short her nickname hinachang comes from her last name Hinata she is idolized by all the students and is like.

A mascot for them and she's not just cute on the outside master I have something to tell you I measured my height this morning and I grew one millimeter she melts your worries away as usual she has such an Angelic look over just one millimeter I'll give her three feet of my height if I could.

I'll hold your things for you no no it's fine I can hold it myself to refuse you're the master after all this is a disciples Duty ah I can't get used to this master position and I really can't get used to the hate from hinat Sean's fan club that bastard akaba winning over Hina Chan's heart I'm so jealous what's up with him.

Anyways should we give him a piece of our mind master let me practice a few punches on your face bullying Master is bad he nuts on if you're going to fight you have to go through me first so bring it on those Brave Dependable words were fitting of a disciple but.

Her cuteness is permeating my whole being same she's so remarkable I feel like I might fade away oh my heart is skipping a beat this spectacle was like watching a bunch of yapping Chihuahuas we're sorry um master but I won.

Thanks um you want to hide you oh Inward and outward appearance of an Angel and her name is Emma Hinata my cute disciple wants to be a mature woman so she has someone she admires and that person is not me but my friends A and B their names are Mio ayasaki and Sana nanasay.

These two were the most beautiful and popular girls in school and are Hina Chan's Role Models compared to their peers Miu and Sana are pretty mature that's their outward appearance on the inside to put it bluntly these two are still kids there's a kitty cat can I meow at him sure go ahead.

You're like a Shiba Inu you a big don't hug me OGG I love the way you smell chiaki so after this and that Hina Chan asked to be my disciple seeing that I'm friends with two beautiful girls.

So now we are in the process of our adultification plan Master how do I become cheer lady let's see easiest way is changing your appearance but from my appearance for example how about completely referencing the outfits of people you think are mature completely.

Looks like Hina and I were thinking the same thing we had our focus on the beautiful lady sitting at the counter we imagine he not Sean wearing such an outfit ah yep uh-huh I can't see any visions of her looking mature it doesn't suit me at all.

The world is unfair I'm so undeserving of the status that I imagined the neighborhood kids pointing and laughing at me the heels were too high and I twisted my ankle he nuts on your imagination has gone too far well how about this makeup that should.

Cover it right there's at least cute and mature I have bad news huh not good news I've tried to put on makeup before I did my best to replicate the makeup looks in a magazine and I went out thinking this made me look like an adult every single thing she does is cute then an incident happened.

Uh an incident one of the neighborhood old ladies said this to me my my you look especially cute today Hina Chan are you joining a dance party this happened five minutes after leaving the house my condolences but if an elementary school student put on makeup.

Like that people would think they're probably entering some sort of contest sometimes I see girls make their faces super shiny with glitter that response did you use glitter not just her behavior but every one of her reactions is cute as well that's sharp piercing eyes like you my makeup might have looked better.

Master I have bad news for you it's not makeup I just have bad eyes I went to the photo booth with Miu and Sana this is embarrassing I don't have to be in the photo oh my first photo booth experience should be with you and Sana if you protest any further they might just put.

It on couple mode okay fine I get it say cheese when I looked at the picture I was so pale did you end up looking like a ghost yep ghostly looking with scary eyes he really did you're glaring like a Hitman or an assassin.

From then on I swore to never go to those photo booths again hinaton did you know not even photo booths can fix my scary glaring eyes a sharpened Knife Only becomes sharper not rounder so cool cool I'm starting to worry if she thinks that mature equals delinquent.

Guys you're tall and cool-headed too thanks getting complimented on my looks is embarrassing I'm not really cool-headed it's just that I'm socially awkward I drink milk every morning you know but I haven't gotten any taller in my boo um my chest hasn't gotten any bigger.

Either even with hard work there's things about your height that won't change I wonder if Hina Chon understands that just the outwardly appearances and everything on top of that we are high school students we want what we don't have and.

The Grass Is Always Greener when I was younger we had to line up by height so I never saw the backs of my classmates Gina Chan's shorter than what she is now that short I was casted in place without my in elementary school I was a Little Red.

Riding Hood in middle school I was a platelet sorry but I'm replaying it in my head I'm imagining it when we all went out for karaoke I was the only one that was offered a free campaign for Elementary School students that's great no it isn't I'm in high school watching.

Her blow bubbles in her melon soda is very Elementary student-ish but why are you going so far to be mature is it because you don't want to be seen as childish putting my title as Master aside I'm simply interested in the reason behind it.

Um well promise you won't be shot yeah I want to try Falling in Love I'm small but I'm a high school student I want to have the thrill of talking about love with my friends and go on dates with someone I like I guess her friends left her out saying.

It was too soon for her she doesn't have any confidence in herself so I guess she thought to prep for love childish for wanting to grow what an innocent look but that's the expression a young high school girl would have my answer was so simple you can't help but laugh huh.

Not at all master I told her from the bottom of my heart I think it's cool that you're trying to boost what you think you're lacking are you serious yep standing up and not backing down is no easy feat I was complimented by Master it's not a.

Complex or matter of circumstances but since she's giving it her all I'll pitch in and give her a hand time to get on with it I'll think more seriously about it so let's do our best to get you to be more mature okay I'll give it my all all right adultification meeting continued on almost to her curfew and thus we.

Executed phase one of our plan in order to become mature we pushed the limits of extreme training you're in the home stretch last ten okay come on sir there's green peas don't lose to this a strong adult isn't picky thanks for the food.

Okay that's the spirit hinach on I'll give you one piece of karage as a reward we summoned a special coach as well when thinking of an adult coffee comes to mind getting a hold of coffee means you'll be able to get a hold of being an adult okay you ready.

I'm ready one two three two waters please and some milk and sugar too jeez at least try okay I'll be teaching the approaches for romance and love I'll do my best all right we will use shiyaki as a model for practice huh me.

The rest is easy so watch closely give Chucky a squeeze what the theory to happiness by showing it through actions okay Hina you try too okay if Master a squeeze squeeze your approach is too extreme after this and that the training went on for over a week.

What do you think of me now aura's overflowing flowing achon I ended up sounding like a bodybuilder without thinking but the hinatown now is full of maturity I have a question for you what's the first thing you ask for at a sushi restaurant muscle so mature the old hinach on would have.

Ordered french fries one more question your favorite mascot is in front of you what will you do could I have a picture if you don't mind so I don't like if you were a kid you would have ran up and hugged them without permission somehow we got these results you aren't he nuts on your hina-san.

when you get praised your cheeks soften you're still a kid I'm not a kid if you sweet talk me I end up reverting back to my old ways sorry my bad but we got great results from the training didn't we you think so yay when her guard is down a cute girl comes.

To say hello master yeah can I ask you one favor for my favorite disciple I hear her out for four or five I feel like more of a grandpa doting on their grandchild than a master please go on a date with me huh.

A date yes it wasn't a joke you know time was serious I want to clearly see the results of my training I think now I can probably play the role as a girlfriend I see not a real day but more of a simulated one okay if that's how it is I hope you can accept me.

You a friend don't worry I'll do my best too alrighty for your final exam let's go have fun on a date okay on our day off we went to a mall with a ferris wheel Master hurry up you don't have to drag me along.

Sure is excited Chihuahua or Angel is definitely a suitable expression we look like lovers don't we yeah I'm sure others can see that as expected I'm nervous but of course I am even if this is a simulation I'm still on a date with a super cute girl Master say uh.

Good we're delicious I want you to feed me too say ah yours is good too she's super cute the impact of the simulation if she was my real girlfriend how many one-ups would I have to collect for her.

As a master or a high school student I think Hina Chan could be a great girlfriend just as I thought oh we have an event going on so please take a look oh thanks thank you very much what event is it um this is.

Could it be a couple contest just as I thought people think we are a couple what is it ah you can't look it was too late sweets Battalion here here on the fly it was an ad for a popular anime show for little girls honestly I don't want to think about the.

Meaning behind receiving this but I know someone who will think too much about it the facts that we thought this means we aren't lovers siblings no that's not it it was making a face that made it seem like I liked cure cure it's the same face I made when I look.

Like I'm eating cheese beef bowls even I don't understand what the heck I'm saying let's go ahead over to the ferris wheel I told hinatan it was nothing to worry about but we just carried on in the line for the ferris wheel and I couldn't think of any helpful words to say.

I'm a lost cause after all peanuts on no matter how much I struggle or grow taller I'll never become mature even though you are with me till the end they couldn't show you anything good that's not it I've only seen good things but I don't want her to say such desolate things but.

No it's because I've been so timid that he nuts on feels uneasy next person please wow what a cute little sister thank you looking from the sidelines I guess someone probably think she's my cute little sister but I know I'm the only one who knows just how hard.

He nachan worked you're wrong master you're wrong he's not my little sister she she's my girlfriend she gives it her all in everything she does and she's my girlfriend the worker gave us a puzzled look and other people in line were staring at us.

Tina charm was wide-eyed oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were a couple I ended up saying something rude oh need to apologize I I'm sorry for suddenly shouting it looks like you really love your girlfriend s are getting on.

Peanuts on hurry up and get on okay sorry we did this for practice but I ended up acting like a real boyfriend sorry for giving you a bad memory I don't feel that way at all if anything if anything um well well everything it made my heart beat.

Fast the fact she told me that of course I'd blush but above that I'm relieved because there wasn't an ounce of sadness in Hina Shawn's bashful expression plus I realized something yeah what it's a secret why.

There's no way I can say it what true love is and that the opinion of those around you don't matter Hearts won't stop fluttering he nuts on I'm your girlfriend till the date is over I'll be in your care from.

Here on chiaki senpai oh you called me by my name I'll be calling you by your name when the date is over too chiaki Senpai I love you the botsu game will be to ask chiaki akaba out from class B for a week oh shiaki is that guy with the scary face right there's a rumor that he's so.

Innocent he's called purkey oh what the heck so Mega me you should play the game with us too huh me party pooper alert come on get over here I don't want to do this but I don't want them to hate me either my name is chiaki akaba and I'm a junior I try my best not to look scary but people say I glare a lot but some have found out about my.

Innocent personality and they've started calling me puriki I don't have a lot of friends but I have a few chiaki let's go home oh hey Sana yeah let's go home this is one of my friends that I was telling you about her name is Sana nanasay she's the most popular girl in school and then my mom started freaking out like crazy Sana.

Looks like a Japanese cow and she knows how to have fun let's not forget her nice body she's always friendly and cheerful a lot of guys have crushes on her I still can't figure out why she hangs out with a geek like me it's a mystery hey you are looking at me right now weren't you no I wasn't dude your face it's too close.

You are so cute and innocent she's always like this towards me joking and teasing and I think we have a pretty good friendship going on but Sana seems to want to change our friendship into something else in a nutshell she's developed feelings for me so have you considered dating me at all I don't think that's a good idea are you.

Sure about that any other girl would give you the time of day you know I actually agree with you on that no girl in their right mind would even consider dating me will you go out with me let me take that back the day after I walked home with sana a girl came up to me after school.

She said her name was Megami kohinata I didn't know what to say she was a completely different type of Beauty from Sana but extremely attractive huh do you have feelings for me um well anyways please go out with me is this a part of a botsu game or something how did you know oh so it is a part of a.

Batsu game I shouldn't have asked her I'm so pathetic if that's the case I don't think I can date you I knew it sorry for making you come out of your classroom for this you should be I mean I knew it was a botsu game from the beginning so I'm not hurt at all but still what should I do what will I tell.

The girls oh I can't I just stand up for myself oh boy cause trouble for this guy too whoa she seems to have a lot on her shoulders I wish I was better at communicating with people huh communicating oh um yes I've never been good at.

Expressing my thoughts to people sorry well it wasn't very nice of you to ask me out just for a bat suit game but I'm willing to listen if you want to talk I decided she needed somebody to vent to according to megumi she recently transferred here in the middle of the school year having her shy personality didn't help her make any friends and.

She's still mostly a loner in class she has trouble saying no to her classmates requests because she doesn't want them to hate on her hearing her story reminded me of myself I could imagine how she felt all alone in a classroom full of students but I really shouldn't have done this to you I know it's too late but I'm really sorry.

I should have said no no matter what I think so too I wouldn't have done it even if they ended up hating me but to be honest I understand how you're scared about people hating you I wasn't expecting it but I found myself feeling sympathetic towards megumi I get where she was coming from she just did.

It because she was scared of being alone so Mega me do you want to continue having this kind of Friendship with your classmates if so I'll do it you just don't want to be left out right well yes but what do you mean you'll do it I'll date you for a week I'll pretend I don't know anything about the batsu game what but it won't do any good for you it's.

Too much to ask I'll be all right I'll just be pretending it's not a big deal but you know whether it's a boyfriend or a friend you should try to find somebody that you can open your heart to someday okay I promise I will and so Mega me and I decided to pretend to go out for a week fake relationship day one.

Well I didn't realize just how purine it is that you are well that's why they call me pure key well I like it I think it's really cute fake relationship day two look I made this open till for you would you like to try it thanks it's amazing Mega me you're good at cooking too that's so nice of you to say it's the.

Only thing I can do fake relationship day three Mega me you have an older sister yup but she's the exact opposite of me personality wise I bet she's pretty if she looks anything like you huh fake relationship day four um would it be okay for me to call you chiaki from now on you see I thought we would get closer if we decide on how to.

Call each other that's fine with me I mean my friends all call me chiaki so then you can call me megu okay then megu H what is it your face is red about it oh gosh what what the thing is he's only dating me because it's part of the batsu game I don't know what to do you should try to.

Find somebody that you can open your heart to someday why is chiagi being so nice to me I can't help it I really like him I wonder what shioki thinks of me fifth day of our fake relationship you don't have any time for me these days let's go home together today okay oh my bad startup but I can't today.

Did you wait long um who is she oh well she's sort of my girlfriend I don't understand a word you're saying I said she's my girlfriend calm down let me explain what about me what do you mean you have a girlfriend oh my gosh is this my fault.

No it's not what you think chiaki and I are not dating for real but she Huggy said you're his girlfriend I'm his girlfriend kind of but not really things were getting complicated so I decided to start from the beginning geez so you guys are just pretending to be dating for a week so she could finish her batsu game so glad you understand.

Now I shouldn't have gotten so worked up that's right now you know that it's not like we have feelings for each other what I'm sorry I started liking you since we spent so much time together these past few days what should I do Mega me just told us that she has feelings for me but I'm aware that shiaki has no intention.

Of dating me after this week I know that we are just dating for the batsu game it doesn't mean anything more I am thankful for everything you did for me chiaki oh she seems like such a nice girl and so I'm totally fine with breaking up in two days but that's what we had planned that's right we're going to be breaking up in two days.

Laughs hey it's yucky can I borrow Omega me for a second huh uh uh okay I left the room to give Sana and mega me some privacy to talk so tell me the truth how do you want this to end um to be honest I don't think I deserve to ask him if we can keep dating I mean obviously I'm not good enough for him oh.

My goodness you are so frustrating what is this crap about you not being good enough if you like him just say it I apologize no I am the one who has to be sorry I lashed out because I was jealous of you Sana do you like chiaki as well yep I do I really do I like him so much I don't know what to do about it but no matter.

What I do it's hopeless he won't say yes to me but I wonder why chiaki is so hesitant to take the next step with you Sana I don't know maybe it's because of his personality chiaki is super shy and he doesn't have a lot of confidence I wish he believed in himself to me he's the most attractive guy in the world I know what you mean he's so innocent it's.

Adorable I know right but at times he is so reliable and I feel safe with him and he's willing to do so much for others oh why are we getting so excited talking about him you tell me seriously though he's amazing such a pure and honest person that's what I like about him the most I didn't know.

They had this conversation until later on after that I ended up walking home with Sana so what are you going to do about it megumi well we're planning to break up in two days so are you sure about that she's such a nice girl and we hit it off earlier after she said her feelings for you are real.

She regrets putting you in a messy situation with the whole batsu game thing she feels so bad I see to be honest I think you guys make a nice couple she's not like me she's modest and caring what's going on seem a little different today what am I always like oh well you I just don't know why you're complimenting her so.

Much even I think I'm weird even if the person I like doesn't like me and like someone else I feel like I'll be okay as long as the person I like is happy with his partner I don't know why Sana I'm jealous obviously but he wouldn't blame you if you chose her I could see why you would start liking her so chiaki I want you to promise me that.

You'll treat her right okay anyways I have to be somewhere so I'll get going chiaki you need to seriously think about what you're going to do hey Sana Sana ran off without trying to hear my reply me dating Chucky is Sonic gonna be okay with that but I don't even want to imagine.

Spending my days without him in my life megumi dad has something important to say to us okay just a sec I'll be right there Mom the next day I went to megami's classroom during lunch break but she wasn't there felt this weird uneasiness so I looked around for her huh what do you mean you can't keep doing the patsu game that's.

Mega me and some girls from her class I have developed real feelings for chiaki now so I don't want to keep fooling him you actually have feelings for that guy he's pure cute with scary eyes what's there to like don't you dare insult him he's sweet and wonderful he's done all of this just to make my.

Life easier he knows it's a batsu game but he's kind enough to go along with it for my sake hey so that means you broke the promise you made with us jeez whatever happened the chicks over dicks hey there you are Mega me huh sauna oh it's that Sana from class C Mega me did.

You forget we were supposed to eat lunch together uh um oh do you guys want to join us too Mercury is going to eat lunch with my friends and me from now on let's go Sana came at the right time and the girls immediately left they knew better than to fight with Sana the most popular.

Girl in our school thank you for saving me hey stop it you did a great job Mega me you straight up told them what they needed to hear I guess Sana is handling things after that I took Mega me over to a nearby bench to talk to her guess what I've been thinking and I.

Think you are the perfect match for chiaki huh what do you mean why don't you continue dating Chucky for real that way his life would be fulfilled he deserves it what did I say something wrong it's not that you didn't say anything wrong I need to tell you something but I want you to keep it a secret from chiaki the.

Next day was the seventh day the last day of our fake relationship I met up with megumi um chiaki I just wanted to thank you for the past week hey I had a lot of fun too thanks megu so we'll be parting ways now but I have one more favor to ask you a favor what is it I want you to treat Sana right.

Sana why please she really cares about you she likes you more than you think I want you to put a smile on sana's face Mega me never came back to school after that I heard later on that she moved to Hokkaido because of her father's work she wasn't coming back dear chiaki akaba.

Are you doing well are you being nice to Santa like I asked it's been a month since I moved to Hokkaido I feel really bad for just disappearing on you and leaving you without saying goodbye I've gotten used to the life in Hokkaido it's a nice place to live I wanted to tell you about the friends I made in Hokkaido they're so funny and.

Sweet I'm having fun every day it's all thanks to you and Sana you guys changed me I keep wishing I could meet somebody like you over here it would be great to have a boyfriend but it hasn't happened yet I hope I find someone someday someone I can truly open up to I'll never forget about you guys.

Mega me KO Hinata P.S make sure you never do anything to make Sada cry I'm glad Mega me is having a good time at Hokkaido yeah I agree are you crying chiaki I'm not crying yeah you are no I'm I'm not okay okay just let it all out then we'll go home I'll buy you something good to.

Eat hi taru I've come to marry you Mary I'm a bit confused Marika just another evening with a bride to be on my doorstep her name is Marika tachikawa and she's a year younger than me well we're fiances if you didn't know it's going to take a lot more than that.

For me to understand the situation but okay why don't you come in I invited Marika into my house but so anyways what's all this about you and me getting married is it true that we are fiances it's true it's more true than the truth there's no way she's telling the truth.

You're lying aren't you I swear on my parents life I'm not lying are you trying to prank me no I'm as serious as I can be so you're willing to marry me no you and your friends thought this would be funny huh it's not funny and you should know that I have no friends oh yeah.

Sorry I almost forgot Marika is a total Beauty but she's incapable of communicating with people therefore she has zero friends she has a mature demeanor and always seems a little cold towards her fellow students for some reason I'm the only one she talks to.

So since I am your fiance I will be staying at your house to live with you from now on not that I want to hey what's up with that last comment are you trying to say this is against your will I'm a tsundere no you're not aru don't you like girls who are.

Tsundere when did I ever say I liked tsundere girls that's strange then what about that girl who are you talking about none of your best you made it my business the moment you brought this issue into my life you need.

To tell me fine the first thing I need to say is you are a lying cheater why am I being scolded I saw you you know it was a few days ago oh it's toru hey hold up toru writes what I was about to talk to you that sooner a girl suddenly came in between us you have entered in.

Your science project yet have you oh yeah I guess I forgot just get it together anyways this is for you huh a notebook you took notes for me to help me hey don't get ahead of yourself I only did it because you not turning in your papers will cause all of us trouble how is that possible my tardiness can't.

Affect the whole class who the heck is that girl toru who was that awful girl she's the class president she seemed to be acting very soon very towards utoru I wonder what she's like when she's sweet she's just soon right now very cold she never acts sweet towards me.

I'm relieved to hear that I was scared you liked girls like her well I don't have anything against them but the class president and I aren't like that I'm not saying I don't like tsundere though hmm ew do you know how worried I was I won't forgive you unless you stroke my hair hey what are you trying to do.

I did soon now I'm daradare stop it you're no dairy dairy toru are you saying you don't want me to be sweet it's just I never said I like dairy dairy that's strange so then what about that girl what are you talking about now I said it's none of your business and I said that you made it my business when.

You came over with a ridiculous issue explain to me so I can understand happened the day after the tsundere girl on mess with you oh it's Tarver again I will succeed in talking to him today so come on toriel just what I was about to talk to you a teradera girl came in between us now when are you going to agree to go on a date with me oh well.

I'm not quite comfortable with what why it's just one date going on a date is a big deal for me it's special I need to be sure I have feelings for the girl before going on a date with her are you saying you don't like me no I like you just not in that way oh my gosh get off of him you Dara Dairy.

And wait to gumtoru toru who is that Dara girl how dare she talk to you like that she sits next to me in class and you're kind of starting to scare me judging by what I saw she was pretty dare dare towards you did you see how she was flirting with you well yeah I guess so but you saw that I wasn't acting sweet towards her I wasn't.

Dairy dairy yes and I was relieved but I wondered if you had a hidden desire for her I swear it's not like that I'm not saying I didn't like it though hmm hey toru I was so worried you liked her oh I know who you're trying to be that's my teacher right yes that sweet voice pretty wrench oh come on she's married and please do not refer to her.

As a wench seriously though Marika can you please tell me why you are here already please don't tell me you came all the way here just to do impressions of all the girls that talk to me at school I'm so confused about the whole getting married and you're my fiance stuff you were talking about.

Hmm you know you have such pretty girls that stand out around you anything for them they all like you and it's frustrating don't worry you stand out enough yourself toru tell me the truth how do you feel about me well I guess she deserves the truth I should tell her Marika you are cute.

And pretty oh and my friend oh the way you express yourself with just one word it's amazing you don't take me seriously I'm just a cute school mate to you nothing more I don't see what the problem with that is.

No there's a huge problem it could end the world you're being over dramatic and you know I still don't get why you are so upset you may not know this about yourself but you are quite popular at school the girls like you so much they go out of their way to talk to you it's because you are nice to them it's all your fault.

It's not like I'm trying to get them to like me and why is my class teacher in the group of girls she's married doesn't that take her off the list how could you and you have a fiance like me what are you jealous yes I am jealous of hey watch your language anyways I want you to know nothing is going on.

With the other girls what are you doing don't you enjoy being treated like this oh I don't don't treat me like a child in please do more you're making no sense I stroked her hair for a while until Marika started telling me she was going to sleep over no my parents aren't even home today.

That's not a problem I'm your fiance it's a huge problem you can't just sleep over fine rock paper I won the game but she insisted it was a loser wins round in the end I didn't have a choice but to give in you know you're an amazing cook how did you get so good at this because I'm your wife.

Doesn't really answer my question after that we decided to take turns taking a bath taru I can't take it off help me maybe I can bring you some scissors I'm fine with it if it's your thing ah she's too weird to handle I took out some futons so we could both lie down I'd do anything for you even change my.

Personality there aren't any girls out there who are willing to do that for you that's true alright let's get some sleep go to sleep before we sleep can I ask you one question what do you want to know all jokes aside what do you think of me do you think I'm annoying for coming.

Over and putting you in the situation so suddenly before answering that question there's something I need to ask you about what is it I witnessed something the other day at school what did you see it was when I was about to head home.

It's Marika what's she doing in front of my shoe Locker that's when I saw you slipping a piece of paper inside the locker can that be a love letter so I opened it what the heck.

There were five papers inside with the words love me written all over front and back in small letters you saw me putting the letters inside oh how embarrassing no that's not the issue here if it was a love letter why wouldn't you at least write I love you why did you write love me I just found that a little.

Strange so what did you do with the letter Zen did you throw them away I don't know if we can call them love letters but I didn't throw them away this is from the past week wow you keep them in such good condition for me yeah just so there would be evidence if.

Anything were to happen to me do you understand how deep my love for you is then well there was nothing written about your love for me but you made it pretty clear you wanted my love you know coming here and telling me we're getting married since I'm your fiance if you have that determination you could.

Have just told me you liked me I couldn't do that it's too embarrassing she thinks telling me how she feels is more embarrassing than this plus I think you're emotionally unstable you're not at tsundere or dairy dairy you're a yandere right is that important to you of course I'm a yandere i Fallen deeply in love with you you are so kind.

And reliable all I could think about is being with you you're aware that you're emotionally unstable that your actions are a little extreme uh it's your responsibility toru you make me fall for you and then you turn around and do the same for the other girls I already told you it was a.

Misunderstanding so those three girls mean absolutely nothing to you please leave the class teacher out of this jeez I think you're going insane Marika insanely in love as your fiance whatever you say I don't care you are desperate aren't you that's why.

I'll go out with you obviously what just made my heart skip a beat why would you do that I'll tell you once more just in case I'm not sweet to just anybody I'm only sweet to you Marika what why are you acting like this toru why am I acting this way because I've already deeply fallen for.

You do you remember the first day we met back in middle school hey are you lost do you need help no thank you I'm fine she's obviously lost although she's trying hard to hide it I'm going to school you want to come with me no I don't okay well I'll be on.

My way then wait stop right there what is it you're so cruel huh I'm cruel if you're going to be nice you should be nice till the end to be honest I could see you had a complicated personality but for some reason I felt like it was fate I always wondered what it would be like.

To get to date you so you see I've had feelings for you ever since the first day I met you you didn't have to go through all that you should have just told me oh so I didn't have to go through all that worry and pain taru I'll say it again you are cruel you knew how I was feeling and you still.

I'm sorry about that but you don't know how happy it makes me to know how much I mean to you I can't believe you you have a lot to make up for so you better be ready I was planning on doing that even if you weren't my fiance speaking of which I like you as a yandere can you stay that way I love how needy you've become.

Well it's all your faults but if this is what you like then I'm willing to stay like this and so I started dating Marika who had become a yandere we walk to school together and we decided to walk home together as well Haru I feel like I'm on cloud nine I should have acted on my feelings sooner.

Me too but let's focus on waiting for us in the future hey why don't we just live together hmm I gotta go ask my parents they're going to be pretty shocked wow they won't be shocked at all huh what do you mean by that toru you're home great you brought Marika as well what's going on Dad Mom.

Who are those people they are marika's parents we were just talking about when you will be moving in together huh marika's parents seriously of course did you not hear from Marika yesterday we thought it was about time you guys are fiance so you should start living together to prepare for the wedding what fiance's what the heck is going on.

Marika back in middle school when I first fell in love with you I asked my parents to talk to your parents about arranging a marriage for us so that means our parents already knew what I was doing when I came over last night I see.

Everything was a part of your plan I wasn't lying I told you I came over to get married to you how many years did you spend planning this hearing about your scheme you didn't turn into a yandere recently you were always a yandere am I too yandere for you do you hate me of course not I love it you're just.

Perfect yay after planning everything out with our parents we ended up living together but I'll save that story for another day my name is chiaki akaba I'm in my second year of high school currently I can feel a ferving gaze coming from behind me just the thought that girl is following.

Me that's right I'm in trouble and it's nothing to laugh at by the way this girl transferred to my school a week ago she's beautiful so from the day she transferred she got popular she has a great attitude and there was always someone around her.

And she's right behind me as we speak anyway I have to do something about this situation oh chiaki morning ah sauna you've come at a good time oh it's nothing the fact that I've met up with you this morning makes today a good day huh I know let's walk to school together and.

While we're at it I want to go home together too chiaki don't make my heart flutter so early five minutes later so what's actually going on tiaki huh what do you mean you're saying a bunch of stuff you'd never say and you've made me swoon this.

Morning what's up with that well that's sorry Sana first could you take a quick glance behind us isn't that the girl that recently transferred to your class staring daggers at me sorry for getting you involved I'll explain everything later so for now let's just run away chiaki wait my hand uh huh a stalker.

Yeah I started being followed the day she transferred every day I feel her fervent stares from behind me um you sure this isn't a misunderstanding no there's no mistaking it it's serious well there's no way the socially awkward chiaki is popular hey what happened to you saying you.

Liked me me I'm a special case by the way this girl Sana Nana say is the beautiful girl in the class next to mine she dresses in garu fashion but she's actually hard-working and earnest we're close so crazy stuff happens but for right now she's settled as a friend but in my time of trouble what if you just went out with me that's gonna be a.

No yup I helped Sana in the past and because of that it seems like she ended up falling in love with me however I'm socially awkward with scary eyes every day I feel like dating one of these main character girls would be difficult but anyway why do you say it's not a misunderstanding well she.

Confessed to me three days ago nice meeting you all I hope we can all get along with her refreshing smile she soon became popular in the class she's cute like me you and Sana well she's someone who'd never crossed paths with me when I was walking home that day huh I feel like that transfer student has.

Been stalking me is it my imagination is our way home the same but when I got home and looked out my window on the second floor girls in front of my house after that she established her spot in the popularity rankings on the other hand she followed me around so three days after she had transferred I finally.

Talked with her um do you have a minute yes what is it I'll be blunt why are you following me around well that's it's a bit embarrassing but could you hear me out so cute no I can't be fooled by her cuteness I like you AKA bakun huh why we haven't had any contact up until now there's no way you would like me but we.

Did please think back of the day I transferred the day you transferred um did something happen how mean even though you were so nice to me that day me when didn't you pick up my Eraser for me oh you dropped your eraser it'd be Troublesome if you didn't have it uh thank you um what's your name oh a guy like me.

There's no need to be interested in someone like me hey there you dropped your eraser you Troublesome little thing you ah thank you um what's your name hmm you're interested in me if that's the case try and catch me so basically that's it.

No that's all wrong your memory has been altered into a romance novel well that's how I heard it girl it's kind of scary so was that kindness all a lie even though from the day I've been so into you I can't tell it myself sorry if I made you misunderstand oh no my stomach has started to hurt.

It hurts this is seriously bad I might have to stay home from school tomorrow and it's all your fault great this girl is a landmine so with that said please take responsibility and marry me till death do us part like go out me and I won't take that responsibility I'll work so you can stay.

At home lounging around drinking alcohol when I get home you can shut down language at me why are you making out to be a scum of a man so with that I'm in a pickle I don't know if she's a natural born con artist but she doesn't act that way with anyone else and because I'm socially awkward no one would believe me if I said anything I'm really in trouble.

Here so that all happened if you've got quite the girl liking you guess she'd be a yandere anyway I'm scared on what to do next I gotcha how about I go with you if we can properly talk with her after school is that all right if you get mixed up in this it's fine I'll be with you how reassuring.

Maybe if sana's there that girl will stop so then Sana and I told the transfer student to meet us at school but so with that said chiaki's inconvenienced by all this so could you please stop Sana you sure are dependable I thought this would definitely get her to stop but who the hell are you why are.

You calling AKA bakun by his first name are you his girlfriend a fling from an affair if that's the case you need to be fully prepared some switch inside of her suddenly got turned on anyway that's the breaks so see ya wait a minute this conversation isn't over yet are you running away how awful I'll chase you both down I got you.

Locked in on my sights so from then on we were on the Run Sana we can split up here look it's all my fault son I got roped into this I have to get the girl to chase me and give Sana some time to escape we thought we split up but after a few minutes Sana why are you here he was running.

Away and ended up here great minds think alike this isn't the time for that where are you foreign let's have a fun chat together Nana says soda's with you too right she's coming this way no way isn't that the girls dressing.

Room it's fine Sana pulled me and we ran into the girl's dressing room we hid in a locker all the way in the back of the room it's a big cramped but let's stay here yeah is there a reason for both of us to hide.

In the same Locker oh this is a tight squeeze and sana's so close she's soft and smells good chiaki don't tell me the situation is making your heart beat fast it's from Fear don't get it twisted didn't but your heart should be fluttering just a little bit this is not the time to be saying that.

Just then the door to the dressing room opened up you in here I can smell you you're in here here Nowhere to Run then we started to hear the opening and closing of lockers near the entrance the sound gradually got closer Sana and I were shrouded in fear sorry.

Sana but I think I'm about to be my pants she finally stood in front of the locker we were hiding in you're in here Santa's gotten stronger hello are you in here just when I thought it was all over huh what was that noise I know you're in.

There I won't let you out until you say your day to me we've attracted is that all right if you stay in there the girls will be troubled when they come back what the heck you profound like this it'll be horrible I'll give you only 10 minutes.

Back again so think along and hard what should we do if we stay like this I'll end up being called something like the girly Locker boy calm down Chucky I'm with you so it'll be okay but with the two of us won't that make it extra bad I got it let's date the hell are you saying in this.

Situation no listen well just pretend pretend it's fine I can say we got excited from asking each other out so we jump to the locker this is not a joke they'll just think what the heck were we planning to do in the dressing room uh we only have three minutes left what should be ducky what should we do what should we do I know Chucky take off your.

Sweater just what the hell do you plan on doing 10 minutes past okay could you let me hear your answer um that voice why are you really here not a son where's akabakoon I I don't know but that's strange I smell alcohol it's because I'm with him 24 7.

Now I'm angry oh is that girl behind you she she's my friend she hid with me oh well where's akabakoon uh I don't know he probably ran away when you trapped Us in the locker no way how come and with that she left the room we somehow got away crying.

I have a lot of become a silent but you'd get a wipe isn't that good this rough looking girl is me I used the clothes in the locker and changed into them to look like a girl but this took a hit on my mental even if it was just to get by why did I have to wear a girl's uniform we seem to have fooled her for now but she'll come back and chase you.

Extra hard when the time comes I'll do something something other than wearing a girl's uniform stop your weeping if you don't want to be a son-in-law then just take me as your wife I see thanks for caring the way Chucky can I take a picture of you yeah that's a no.

With our horrible timing a girl came in to change clothes but huh sonican and chiaki me oh it's Mew somehow it was Miu ayasaki she's the class beauty and my friend oh why are you in the girl's dressing room with a girl's uniform on uh well a lot happened on top of that it's my uniform.

The girls dressing room and wearing a girl's uniform is already a red card but the uniform is Muse if this rumor gets out I'll lose my place in the school this is checkmate meal can I talk with you Chucky really does have his reasons what kind of reasons does he have to.

Wear my uniform so what happened was this and that oh so that's what happened she unexpectedly just accepted it can't be helped if you're trying to run away from a stalker it was so scary me you I'm sure it was rough for yuchiyaki there there.

You such a good person okay I'll let you borrow my uniform for now no I'll give it back now don't be shy I have another uniform so it's okay uh but the uniform I'm wearing now that's it look look I put on chiaki's uniform it's so loose Mew that looks good on you damage you those look cute okay let's take a.

Commemorative photograph don't take a picture will I really be okay after doing this by the way at that time the transfer student was I'll definitely make you say you love me and Ben will be married for life oh the uniform do your hops have business with my chiaki.

Are you chiaki's potential wife how cute how cute you are I may just have to eat you up I'm sorry I won't chase after him anymore so please my my chiaki's been dumped I wonder why so after that the transfer student didn't stalk me anymore if I have any other problems after this I'll immediately go to my mom.

Attention everyone I'm chiaki akaba I get nervous as summer break gets closer if we end up on break I won't see my classmates which means if I don't reach out to anyone I won't have anyone to hang out with.

Doing so is quite the hurdle for someone socially awkward like myself that's why I have to make plans before it's too late but even saying that making plans myself is difficult so I'll just join some other classmates conversations that'll be the easiest so now's my chance.

Anybody want to come to the Summer Festival with me here it is I don't have any plans so if you can go come see me this is my chance to naturally get in the mix is what I thought pierogi sounds like there's a festival going on let's go as a group of three.

I've lost my footing why just the three of us it'd be nice if everyone could go we thought it would be fun it was just the three of us it seems interesting right these girls were they planning to tease me I had a look in my eyes that would hurt if you touched it but I was just an ordinary.

High schooler just a bit if I was unaffected by them just a bit but because I'm the pure chiaki they teased me and called me piraki but I can't stay Pure Hockey forever sorry but I have no plans to go with you two huh why I have plans no way I'd rather go with my classmates than.

These two I've decided I'll go to the festival with my classmates and enjoy my high school life I see you have plans huh don't tell me what's coming next well I guess if you have plans you won't be able to join no wait alrighty no way it ended up like this I plan to turn down those two girls in order to go to the festival with.

Everyone but there was a misunderstanding and now I can't go and those girls are going instead but it's too late to say that I can go now that I can't go because of this misunderstanding I don't have the courage to speak up it'll be scary if.

They stare at me with strange looks being socially awkward is tough while I was crying on the inside I talked to the girl that was sitting next to me staring me you are you not gonna join is cool and called the beauty of the class however her true nature is well it's it's hard to talk with.

Everyone as expected she ended up looking cool because of her social awkwardness I'm the only one that knows her coolness as a front we're both socially awkward and she's the only person I can talk to normally so because of that I wanted Miu to at least join the other classmates.

Me you really think about it about what you saw what happened to me right I've been marked as not attending so saying I want to go now is difficult but you haven't said if you could go or not yet yeah that's right plus they're looking for people to join the hurdle to start up a conversation is lower than usual.

Everyone would be happy if you say you can go and I think it would be good to start up a light conversation I see that makes sense I'll go okay good luck Yep this is fine as her comrade I want Miu to join the other classmates.

Is this how a mother bird feels when her chick leaves the nest feeling a bit lonely I got ready for the next lesson however I couldn't do it why I was too awkward I was also misunderstood wait huh both of us were kicked out of our groups how about we go together huh.

I wasn't able to enjoy the exciting festival with my classmates but I ended up going with the class Beauty on the day of the festival me it was running late even though I messaged her she was late sorry for making you wait you're late when I turned around I saw Mew in a Yukata uh uh Yukata I'm just in regular.

Clothes though I should have told you earlier I thought since it was the Summer Festival I went all out because of that I was late sorry yeah it's fine let's go dang I'm hella nervous what's wrong no it's nothing every day me was cute but seeing me when a yucata feels special it makes her look even more cute.

To put it simply today's Miu is super rare really then let's hurry up and go yeah there's a lot of food I want to eat is that okay yeah what do you want to eat first I want to eat a candy apple then takoyaki Ika Yaki oh and a snow cone hold on just how much do you plan on.

Eating well it's a Summer Festival you can only enjoy it in the summer right plus I never had anyone to go with don't say anymore I'll get sad too conclusion being socially awkward is rough then hey chiaki they have target shooting oh.

You want to give it a go I want to eat yucky soba I am getting a bit hungry let's go eat chiaki they are selling masks too I uh don't have the courage to walk around in that what in order to bury away the loneliness from being socially awkward we're both giving it our all to enjoy.

The festival Mia went from one attraction to the next when she spotted the candy apples she went to go buy one thanks for waiting oh you bought cotton candy I thought I might as well while I was waiting how nice could I have a bite sure getting flustered over an indirect kiss isn't like me it should be fine to rip a piece off for her is what I.

Thought but huh she bit it off not only that it was also for where I've been off last wait me you what's wrong did I eat too much no that's not it sorry you could have a bite of my candy apple I'll pass really but it's delicious I can't just take a bite of her apple I'd be Overkill hey you want to eat taco.

Yaki next sure you said you wanted to eat that from the start but I wonder how it'll be eating takoyaki after dessert don't you want to eat something salty after having something sweet you've got a point so then excuse me oh one takoyaki please coming right up Miu quickly found the takoyaki.

Stand and called out her order to the man me was usually reserved but she was very assertive this time just how badly did she want to eat takoyaki I wonder hey thanks for waiting you're such a handsome and Charming couple I added a bit extra thank you.

So we both bought takoyaki but ah this is awkward since we were called a couple we haven't spoken a word we probably look that way since it's a guy and a girl walking together I thought about it a bit but in the end we were left out of our friend group and we came here just as friends.

What is it uh I want a yo-yo Mio pointed to the yo-yo game that was surrounded by children you see them a lot at festivals it's the balloons filled with water tied with a rubber band how about you chiaki uh I'm okay I'll just watch in the back gotcha well I'm heading over Mew joined the children and went fishing for the.

Balloons I wonder if she was concerned about it no that doesn't seem to be relevant I thought maybe she spoke up to get rid of the awkwardness in the air but me was just having fun and wanted a yo-yo Chucky I got one that's great but thanks to that the awkwardness went away if she showed this smile I think.

She'd be able to talk with everyone more seeing that smile suited just for her made me a little happy I'm the only one who's seen Miu like this I'll remember this special feeling at that time hey it's piraki in ayasaki-san it is we encountered our classmates but that made sense everyone came to the festival.

So there was a chance we'd bump into them but meeting everyone here probably gives us a chance to mingle with them is what I thought they are probably thinking my plans were to go to the festival with ayasaki-san no it's not I see if it's like that it can't be helped uh-huh but we wanted to walk around with.

Ayasaki-san too somehow I'm getting extremely misunderstood we also asked ayasaki-san but we couldn't get her to join us huh what are they talking about Mew said she couldn't join the group due to a misunderstanding but she wasn't invited in the first place ah we don't want to get in the way so excuse us we'll be heading over there.

You two have fun wait just when I thought I'd be able to hang out with my classmates that wish didn't come true I I was so nervous hey Mew what's wrong didn't you say you couldn't join everyone because of a misunderstanding but from the conversation we just had it seems like.

You had no intentions of joining in the first place yeah that's right I had no intentions of going with everyone why I didn't want to leave you by yourself is that bad no it's not I'm happy to hear that I'm glad we came to the festival together all right let's get back into gear and enjoy the festival yeah let's yeah.

Hiding our blushing we started to head back to the festival but then me you let out a cry sorry I'm okay are you hurt I'm okay me you collided with a kid that was running around it's good that it was just a minor incident but but I got your clothes wet it's okay since it's summer it'll dry.

Quickly okay when they collided the yo-yo the kid was holding popped and got Muse Yukata wet here you can have this the yo-yo yours popped didn't it yeah but this is yours don't worry about me but make sure from now on you don't run and be aware of your surroundings okay thank you be careful me you are you okay yep I'm all.

Good here use this it's better than nothing thanks looks like we're just in the way here should we move somewhere else I want to but but I ran into that kid the strap of my sandal broke I'm not used to walking in these and I got a blister seriously so I can't move there's a lot of people passing through so we can't.

Stay here but even saying that me you can't walk in other words what I should do is chiaki I'm sorry to ask but could you carry me laughs just as I thought is that really the only option please sure up you go.

You holding on tight yeah I carried Mew to a place with less people on the way there I felt soft things here and there and my mind went completely blank okay here should be good thanks uh more importantly you really knew you'd way around on how to quickly fix a broken Sandal strap I saw it on TV and.

Just happened to remember plus we had a handkerchief and a nickel so I'm glad we could fix it but I can't really do anything about the blister only we had a Band-Aid it'll be better than nothing but what should we do if you wait a bit I can go to a convenience store nearby and buy some you don't mind don't worry about it I'll go okay thanks.

Yeah I'll be right back so I headed to the convenience store for Band-Aids then I'm back thanks wait is that oh you gave your yo-yo away to that kid right I thought maybe you'd want another one I handed the yo-yo to Miu on my way to get Band-Aids I stopped by and got her a yo-yo as well who wants out of your way for me it's the Summer Festival if we.

Went home like this wouldn't it be kind of sad thanks Mia was able to walk but it was difficult due to the hastily fixed strap and the blister we stuck around and watched the fireworks thanks again for today same here it was fun if she showed this smile she.

Could get closer to everyone but I was happy this smile was directed towards me her smile was shining brighter than the fireworks thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well