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[Manga Dub] New basketball player grinds hard and proves his worth [RomCom]


Year are the results of the basketball team tryouts I ikoto miyagoshi have decided to challenge myself to something new students start basketball during Middle School although I had no experience whatsoever I was at tryouts for the high school basketball team everyone else here has experience with.

Basketball I'm not sure how I did it all 10th Place ikoto miyagoshi yes ah last place just as I thought I guess it can't be helped the others have been practicing for many years after reading the rest of the tryouts the coach called me over to talk to me.

About something ikuto I know this sounds harsh but are you sure this is what you want to do oh are you saying I should leave because I'm inexperienced no that's not what I'm trying to say it's just your skills aren't caught up with the other tryout members we decide.

Who we put out on the court depending on how well you do if you keep playing like this you might not get a chance to play any games I would never kick you out of the team but I need you to remember that you will have to practice hard and get better fast if you want to get a chance out on the court.

Okay I understand although the coach made it clear that the chances of me playing at a game were slim I decided to join the team anyways three months have passed since I first came here incompetent boy you forgot the floor over here okay I'll be right there.

My teammates all called me incompetent boy I wasn't allowed to join them for practice all I did was mop the floor and other miscellaneous matters ah I wish they'd let me practice stop you have to stay positive just wait until you get the chance I think I spent more time holding the mop than I held a basketball.

Okay I should start practicing now I always stop by a nearby park to practice alone since none of my teammates would let me join them during our team practices wait there's somebody there I've never seen anybody sitting on that bench I wonder what she's doing there alone.

Hey that's kusanagi-san from the girls basketball team is she crying we've never talked before maybe I should leave her alone I'll practice over there so I won't bother her uh oh she's looking at me oh miyagoshi Senpai are you here to practice.

Yep they won't let me hold the ball during team practices what about you um I just stopped by because I had some thoughts I wanted to sort out I see I shouldn't butt into her private matters I'll leave her B but it's getting late she shouldn't be out here crying alone hey why were you.

Crying earlier damn it must have been a better way to ask that I'm sorry I know it's none of my business it's okay I shouldn't have been out here to cry like a baby kusanagi-san explained why she was tearing up on the bench all alone I started playing basketball in middle.

School but I'm not good at it practice always reminds me of that and it's tough oh I see are schools girls basketball team is pretty good I'm sure they go hard on you at practices yeah one of the older teammates told me to quit the team today she said I'm pulling everyone down that's a pretty harsh thing to say uh-huh but I don't.

Want to quit because I love basketball I know how she feels my teammates have told me to quit the team at least a hundred times in the past three months but she's been playing for a lot longer than I have she must be feeling a lot more pressure than I do if you don't want to quit the team there's only one thing you can do.

Huh like trying to convince my teammates to let me stay I don't think they will listen even if you try that then what should I do you gotta practice and get better to make them see you're worthy of being on the team I wouldn't be sitting here crying if I could do that plus it's not convincing.

Coming from you they call you incompetence boy and you suck at basketball hush I'm sorry I shouldn't have gotten so emotional I didn't mean to lash out at you hey it's okay really here let me show you then you can decide if I'm convincing or not I dribbled the ball in front of.

Kusanagi-san to show her how my basketball skills had improved well I didn't think he would be this good I saw you struggling to dribble the ball at the boys basketball team tryouts well I practice at this park every day after team practices I'm not as good as my teammates yet but I believe hard work pays off.

Gosh I'm sorry hey why are you crying again let's take a deep breath here blow your nose with this thank you sorry I just realized how much of an idiot I am you don't let anything get in your way you're doing your best and I'm just sitting here crying over a few comments thrown at me it's.

Embarrassing hey I'm doing this because I'm inexperienced I need to practice plus I still can't make any goals kusanagi-san if it's okay with you do you want to practice together are you sure of course let's prove that we deserve to be on our teams kusanagistan and I got together after team practices every day.

We should take a little break I don't want you to get hurt I had no idea you practice this hard every day well I mopped the floors during practice it's not too energy consuming you on the other hand work hard during team practices don't overwork yourself okay thank you.

I was at the bottom the only way I can go is up uh yeah I understand that's how you feel I was asking more like practicing methods and stuff oh well the thing is I started basketball in high school I'm not experienced enough to know any practicing methods I watch my teammates.

Dribble and shoot during practice after that I try to copy them while I'm here yeah I guess that's the best way to go about it yep Saturday tomorrow do you want to practice I'm planning to go to an outdoor basketball court to practice shooting.

Yeah that sounds like a great idea I think I've been there before back when I was in Middle School great how about we meet up at this park at 10 and we'll head there together okay I'm looking forward to it yeah it's gonna be great huh we're just practicing why is she looking forward to it the next day.

Whoa It's so much bigger than the park we usually practice in yeah it has all the necessary equipment unlike the park we go to that's true this is great we've got the whole place to ourselves kusanagi-san and I practiced for the next two hours but there weren't too many people we got.

To practice so four got crowded hey how about we eat some lunch okay where's the convenience store well um huh is something wrong actually I made some food today you can have some if that's okay with you wow thank you.

No problem the bench looks like a good place to sit down and eat okay sounds good kusanagistan and I left the court to eat the lunch she had made for us whoa it looks so good kusanagi-san I didn't know you were good at cooking should I not seem like the type to cook.

That's not what I meant I'm amazed because you seem to be able to do anything you got some pretty high scores on the test from last week I think you knew well they put the scores up in the hallway that's true the top scorers are in.

Bolded letters I didn't have much trouble improving at studying or cooking the basketball is just the high wall I can't seem to overcome it's sucks because I love it yeah I guess everybody has their pros and cons I know there's no need to give up there's.

Always a way to get better as long as we work hard for it yeah I believe you you said something similar to me when we first met at the park I tend to speak my mind without thinking about it first I like you better when you're enjoying playing basketball I want you to keep having fun while you play huh.

It doesn't mean anything okay I just meant that it's rewarding to see you smile now since you were crying the first time we talked don't worry I know what you mean I was just a little surprised at the word like okay I guess it's subtle then thank God I stopped myself from confessing my feelings for her I'd hate.

To ask her out here I want to do it in a more romantic setting but wait this is kind of romantic Sue she made me an obento it's like we're on a date what's wrong you should eat the Alberto if you're hungry oh okay thanks no I can't do it right now I gotta wait for the right moment to.

Come thanks let's eat then hey this is delicious really yay I was a little nervous I've never cooked for anybody before what a waste you could open a restaurant if you can cook like this okay well how about I make your lunch every time we practice together on Saturdays wouldn't it be too much work.

For you no kusanagistan and I practiced at the outdoor basketball court every weekend for the next two months she never forgot to bring lunch for me and it felt great this is great thanks for an amazing lunch really I'm glad I know she doesn't.

Consider this a date but I have a feeling we look like a couple right now you know there's a rumor at school that we have been going on dates what no way the US way apparently somebody else saw us eating lunch together on the bench oh I see you know I guess it does look like we're.

On a date I guess so you want to start practicing yeah but he should I could tell we were both blushing but we both tried to hide it by practicing harder than ever hey it's incompetent boy and a girl oh yeah I didn't know you practice your kusanagichan senpai.

We're gonna practice here you guys should find somewhere else that's not fair we reserved this court you can't make us leave we still have some time left you can wait until we're done what how dare you talk back to me what is it you acting all tough because you're with a girl the court will be put.

To better use if we practice you won't get any better anyways that's true kusanagichi town we don't need useless players like you get out of here but so this is the Senpai that told kusanagi-san to quit the team Excuse Me Senpai how about we decide what the game of basketball.

Whoa you've got guts how will we play two on two if that's okay with you we'll leave the court immediately if you guys win but if we win you owe us an apology okay fine by me you're gonna lose anyways don't worry just trust me okay it's a two on two game positions don't.

Really matter you go ahead and take the lead of moving the ball around I'll do my best to make as many shots as I can huh but we usually practice the other way around let's just try it I have a feeling you'll do better controlling the ball okay I believe in you are you finished babbling.

Yes thanks for waiting let's get the game started although I don't understand why you would want to go up against us and so the game started oh I see you've gotten a little better well I practiced out of school with miyagoshiku's help but you will be getting past me maybe there's no need for that anyways.

It all goes to waste if you can't make a good shot Senpai I have a feeling you'll regret playing this game oh one no way you couldn't even dribble with your left hand when you first tried out for our team that's true but hard work pays off kusanagi-san and I demonstrated.

Excellent teamwork we ended up winning the game Senpai I think you owe kusanagi son an apology I I'm sorry gosh I guess we misplaced your position you should be a shooting guard I guess so I only realized playing today's game so I apologize to kusindagi-chan you.

Should apologize to the boy too guess I have to accept defeat miyagoshi you are no longer incompetent boy I'll make sure the team lets you practice with the other players what what really proved your worth man yeah well we'll get going then.

Mia goshikun this is all you're doing thank you hey it wasn't just me we won because you and I both worked hard for it thank you I never thought I would be able to pass the ball around like that well I noticed you had mad passing skills while we were practicing together I'm glad we tried it out today.

Didn't you think it was risky to try it out during an important game well I knew we wouldn't regret it I wanted to get that Senpai to apologize to you no matter what I couldn't stand to know she insulted the person that was the cause of my starting basketball huh what do you mean uh it's nothing.

Hey I deserve to know fine but don't laugh at me okay I had such a lackadaisical outlook on life while I was in Middle School huh Middle School we didn't go to the same middle school yeah but there was this one time when I saw you playing basketball here.

Wow seriously yep I saw you playing with some of your friends here you were having so much fun oh I think it was when we first gathered all the team members to celebrate our graduation yeah I think so you seem to be so happy playing back then I realized I wanted to feel the way you.

Felt that's why I decided to start playing basketball in high school you don't know how shocked I was to find out you were at the same school I had no idea so that's why you saved me when I was crying my heart out yep I wanted you to smile again I couldn't stand seeing you cry well I've always felt thankful for.

Everything you did for me it's nice to know I have a positive effect on your life too yup I'm so glad I started playing basketball I owe you everything for it and I've always wanted to thank you thank you kusanagi-san likewise we've still got a lot of work to do.

It's true we should keep practicing oh I was thinking we don't want weird rumors spreading about us maybe we should invite the other members of the team to practice with us do you know I want people to think we're dating I don't mind but wouldn't you want to avoid it.

So you don't mind the rumors have already spread I don't see the harm in making them facts what we'll continue practicing to be better players together and I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot more time together.

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