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[Manga Dub] No matter how many times I rejected her, she was insistent… [RomCom]


The name's Yuki Hasegawa I'm a freshman in high school I spent my days pretty slow in school as a geek hey hasakawa want to play basketball with me when I was reading a novel a girl in my classroom Minami started talking to me what's going on you're tall so I figured you'd be good.

At basketball just being tall doesn't mean that you're going to be good at sports that's not true you can train and practice all you want afterwards but you can't just grow that makes you have an advantage I don't plan on playing sports that much anyway well how about as just a hobby it should.

Be fun to play basketball as a hobby I mean it's just a hobby why not go ask someone else when I saw you I just knew it had to be you I figured playing basketball with you would be so much fun so I want to play with you what's that about I don't want you to drag me into this just because you had.

Some kind of Spidey Sense besides if you want to play basketball just join the club the girls basketball Club doesn't have enough players so it's benched replay because we all enjoy basketball but we're basically just practicing for when we get more club members I need more people to play with if you want to rebuild the club why.

Don't you just invite girls they should help you out later I already looked around and asked for people to join but no one came come on play with me at least until we get more players sorry not interested wait she would just keep pestering me so I left the classroom.

I thought we'd be done with this conversation but she kept going let's play basketball I'm going home now oh come on just for a little after this it'll be fun I said I'm not interested want to eat lunch with me why with me because I want to get to know you better.

I mean we can have lunch together you eat bread for lunch huh yeah it's easier if you want you want me to make Bento for you next time why I figured you'd joined my little Basketball hobbyist Club if I did if you're going to talk about basketball can you eat somewhere else.

Wait hang on I took my bread and left the classroom morning why are you here for some reason Minami was at my door I figured we could go to school together you live around here oh don't worry about the details yeah that's a very important detail.

Worry she came and held my hand why are you holding my hand I want to get closer to you for what because I want to play basketball with you of course I threw off minami's hand why are you running away because you're annoying I tried to lose her but no matter how.

Far I ran I couldn't get any distance between us So eventually she just caught up with me you can't turn away from me that's rude fast huh yeah I play basketball I see so you have stamina you're pretty fast too if you've unlike.

That in basketball you'd have so much fun why do you keep trying to connect the dots between basketball and me they're two completely different points but moving your body is fun right not really she wouldn't stop trying to convince me that basketball was the most fun thing on the planet but I did not agree to.

Join her little get-together I made you lunch just as promised I didn't make any promises I told you I'd make you a Bento just like the day before she sat at my desk and offered me food I never said I'd joined your Club but I already made it so go ahead and eat it I don't expect you to join just.

Because you ate it giving it for free yeah to get closer to you okay it seems a bit pushy but I figured whatever I take it why do you hate basketball so much it's not that I don't like it I just don't feel like moving basketball is so much fun though hey if I offered you a light novel to read.

Would you read it you probably think that you're not interested and leave it alone right if it's a book that you suggested then I try it you don't have to be like that you wouldn't have fun anyway why you're suggesting it because you think it's fun right then I'm sure if I.

Read it I'll have fun too everyone has different standards and definitions of fun so your fun is not my fun basketball isn't fun so people don't want to play it nah basketball is just not popular here other schools have girls basketball then you chose the wrong School if you wanted to play basketball you.

Should have gone to a different School I don't want to take it that seriously what exactly are you trying to accomplish with your club to go to a tournament or just to play I just have a fun time playing basketball so you're only interested in the fun huh eventually maybe we could go to a tournament but not yet until we have.

Enough players I want to have a fun time playing wasn't sure what kind of games they had because I hadn't seen them play but I could tell that she really did want to have fun you should join us and not think much of it we're just trying to have fun you'll definitely understand what I mean I don't want to play if you.

Need more people just ask other people I saw something in you I figured I could have a fun time playing basketball with you you're seeing way too much in me I don't have any skill I'll make you Bento every day I'd rather you just stop after today I'll come by your house tomorrow morning too you.

Don't have to I'm going to follow you around until you join basketball why are you stuck in me it had only been three days since she started bothering me but I knew she'd do it I'm not good at giving up I play one time will you leave me alone he'll join can't just let the Bento go.

To waste although you brought it Without Really asking me I do feel bad so I want you to promise me it's only this time yeah if you come even once I'm sure you'll understand how much fun basketball is it definitely seemed like I fell for her plot but I didn't want to have her.

Pester me more so I decided to fold after class we went to the old gym there were four other girls besides me after she introduced me she showed me how everybody played huh you guys are actually pretty good huh everybody started taking shots and they were pretty good.

She handed me the ball and I threw a random shot of course the ball didn't make it in yeah it's not that easy I guess it's just practice if you keep shooting you'll eventually make it don't slow down just keep shooting I joined their shooting practice there weren't enough people for any team.

Plays so we all just kept shooting from wherever we wanted to do you want me to teach you how to shoot she saw that I was having a hard time making shots so she talked to me oh I'm okay I'm not being serious but then you won't have fun with basketball like this since you joined I want you to have fun it'll go in.

Eventually even if I'm not good excuse me a couple male students came in while we were all practicing you here again takanaka Minami was clearly irritated she was glaring at takinaka and the boys around him I told you to hand over this space you're still playing huh starting.

Today the boys team will be taking over this area this is the space for the girls basketball team we have a right to be here you guys aren't even a real team you're not going to go for a competition so just hand over the gym don't you think it makes more sense for.

People who will be going to a competition to use the gym the boys basketball team has a new gym why are you trying to steal this one too we actually have a lot of members unlike your team or what are you gonna gather more players right now I was going to keep going here and wait for more players to come if we.

Completely stopped the girls basketball team is gone it's already gone no matter how long you wait you're not going to get more players just give up I'm not good at giving up I'm going to get more players you really don't listen do you let's just play some ball then if you guys win.

I'll admit that you guys are a legit basketball team no reason to accept that offer if you can't even play the game then you shouldn't play here we're going to be using the chords now the boys basketball team started practicing completely ignoring the presence of the girls okay wait if you're planning on taking.

The place without asking we'll take on your offer seriously I don't want this place taken without doing anything please guys help me out the girls were looking at each other all worried let's go for it if we win you never complain again if you all win we'll stop.

Messing with you from now on the boys basketball team laughed clearly entertained they were ready for a game that's not fair we lose everything but you lose nothing who the hell are you hussagawa if you lose I want you to add the condition that you will disband your.

Club if you lose to a small get-together like us you probably shouldn't be a team anyway he laughed at my taunt fine then this is an official match to settle whose Club is real and whose isn't don't complain after you lose how's it going why would you do such a thing.

She looked at me confused as to why I would keep going forward with this I don't have anything to do with your little Club but I don't want the boys team to be doing that crap and getting away with it you're all newbies right don't worry I'll help let's win this thing don't know how good everyone is but I.

Could tell that they had some experience I figured it wouldn't be a complete loss wait guys even if we don't take it the you're gonna mess with us but we haven't practiced a game so how would we win if we give up we lose anyway I'm not going to give up stubborn as usual fine let's do it the other members agreed like we started a.

Game against the boys team the game was one-sided the girls almost never had the ball in possession they couldn't block any of the shots and the first half ended 30-2 that's it huh I thought you guys were going to get rid of the boys basketball team you really thought that you could win with that kind of amateur play.

Take Naka came to mess with us during halftime the girls looked tired and demoralized it was clear they hadn't practiced as a team at all you're pretty nice huh only scoring 30 points against the team with no practice what are you whining about you haven't even scored a single point whatever have fun with your last basketball game.

The boys basketball team were playing around at this point that was why the point stopped at 30. hosagawa you have some kind of plan it's not a plan I just wanted to see how all of you moved during the first half I'll make more chances so you make sure that you're open for passes.

Everyone looked at me confused as I didn't really contribute in the first half didn't really explain either we started the second half I'll give you the ball first go ahead takanaka handed me the ball the whole boys team were full of mocking laughs.

Oh what a gentleman I swiftly cut through the opposing defense and scored a layup what they were confused at how smoothly I scored my shot I was moving like a different person from the first half so it made complete sense huh you can't stop me what a weak team what the hell did you say don't mess with us.

The boys team suddenly looked serious they weren't playing around anymore too slow I stole the ball and ran past their defense again they couldn't stop me and once again I scored we can win the girls also seemed rallied by this makes a difference.

Basketball team made a mistake they thought too little of the girls team at all he had three players strictly on me for defense you're really not thinking this through basketball is played with five players I give a sharp pass to Minami who is now open she shot the ball and easily made the shot I got it.

Damn it hurt too if the girls could take free shots then we would have a chance I would attack if they didn't have defense on me and if they had defense on me they couldn't stop the girls from shooting to add to things the girls team were also picking up on their team plays you guys aren't half bad I saw the first.

Half they had the basics down I made sure that I played hard enough so that they could play to their fullest and eventually we won with a score 50 to 40. all right just so you promised the boys team will be disbanding correct who the hell are you just an ex-basketball player I know you were the hasagawa.

You knew me I'm a basketball fan so I was watching all the middle schools that went to Champs there was an MVP that took a no-name school and won I figured there was no way that he would come to our school but I saw your name and took my chance you were that good that that doesn't.

Count that's bad sportsmanship a new boys member walked into the gym I heard you guys were making deals without me the boy everyone was calling Captain stood in front of me I'm sorry for my team's Behavior can you.

Let me handle their punishment I don't mind I don't care if you leave us alone hasagawa was it are you interested in joining our team I had a lot of fun playing basketball I'm satisfied now so I'll have to pass okay thanks for your time.

The boys were taken away by the captain guess they wanted to outplay the first string players and so they came here I heard later that all of them were benched AWA but why did you quit playing basketball when I was in Middle School they didn't appreciate my merit-based thinking but.

When I was in eighth grade I had a bunch of friends that agreed with me and I figured that would be the last time I played sure you want to quit you were so good I only wanted to play as a team when I said I wanted to stop playing basketball my friend supported me so it's enough.

I see if you ever want to play again you can come here though you can play to your heart's content afterwards I grew very close with Miss Minami as the person who saved the girls basketball team I stayed away from it for a while but eventually I joined the girls basketball team as a coach.

I didn't know that yet though thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well