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[Manga Dub] No one knows that I live with the pretty girl that is always cold to me [RomCom]


No gucci-san you dropped your eraser thank you can I help you no nothing if you don't have anything can you stop looking at me sorry it's okay as long as you understand the girl that sits next to me mahu noguchi is probably the class's most popular girl no in the class no uh in.

The whole school she's so beautiful everyone has to get a look and she's the daughter of the CEO of the biggest company in town she's also kind to anyone so a lot of boys admire her oh wait she's not kind to everyone she's got an exception yo kai what are you doing.

Nothing you ogling her again dude stop is he looking at me yeah he looks like he's in love can you please stop dude what did you do to her her face is so red and not in a good way I just picked up her eraser you didn't do anything weird.

What do you mean touch your hand or something no I'm sorry no Gucci son no it's okay I'll be sure to chew him out so forgive him please he's not a bad guy okay thanks all right let's go dude where what do you mean we got gym class we.

Gotta change oh yeah bye no Gucci son bye she still doesn't like you huh does it look like that dude why'd you do to piss off that angel you should talk to her and figure things out with her what do you mean figure things out I don't know but there's definitely.

Something going on why do you say that you're not the kind of person to be disliked that much thanks you're much better of a person than me I'm not being sarcastic either I know they say birds of a feather right if I'm a good guy you're a great guy too I'm home.

The room was dimly lit no one was home I started living alone at the same time that I started High School what a nice breeze coming out on the balcony a gentle breeze washed over me beautiful sunset in the distance the sun was sinking below the Horizon I really loved this time where the day was.

Coming to an end and the night began I always felt like I could just watch forever suddenly I heard a noise coming from my neighbor's balcony Tycoon are you there yeah I'm here mahosan welcome home thanks it was my classmate Maho noguchi the beautiful girl that sat next to me and.

My neighbor as well um Tycoon yes are you mad why would I be mad well about the thing at school you picked up the Eraser for me but I got all nervous and I couldn't talk to you well um well I'm not mad at you or anything.

Okay I know you don't have to keep apologizing to me okay what it's my fault for ogling you were really looking at me yeah I thought you were pretty that's nice to hear besides I was the one that asked you to keep our relationship a secret.

I think that kind of response is the perfect cover you kind of um show what you're thinking easily if you say that's okay I'm still a little sad that we have to keep this relationship a secret sorry but you're just so popular you know what does that have to do with anything.

Well if people found out that I was destined to marry you things would get complicated you know angry people you heard me right this beautiful Angelic woman was my classmate my neighbor and we were scheduled to be married one day.

That was when I was still in Middle School in town it wasn't large scale but the technique was world renowned I respected him so what is it Dad I think I'm going to close up my factory what.

Wait hang on why is business that tight right now nah business is great then why it's because it's too great I don't feel like I can run the factory and also be a technician you know I just love being a worker so I want to be on site till I die so uh this is difficult for me hey talk to him.

For me how did you run your company like that you haven't been able to explain anything you're not even closing the factory shut up I mean I prefer my technicians to be like that anyway who's that Dad my friend.

Oh come on you can be more specific than that nice to meet you kaikun I'm going to be merging with your father's Factory I'm the CEO of K company you can call me noguchi hey company like okay company ah you know of us.

don't think there's anyone that doesn't know about you in this town hey is he really your kid he's so smart yeah you must take after his mom I think he might be able to handle it what are you two talking about um kaikun right.

I hear you're interested in business yeah I was hoping that I could help out my father's Factory one day I see well I said we were going to be merging but I was going to take on the difficult aspects of business so that Sakamoto can focus on his work as much as he'd like I know it's a little abrupt so I don't.

Expect you to understand so quickly but can I be blunt go ahead I don't trust you a lot of people want my father's technology you're a smart kid I love it I'm going to make an offer so that we can be on equal ground you know as a gesture of good faith.

Huh Maho come over dear come on say Hello nice to meet you I'm Maho noguchi huh oh nice to meet you whoa she's adorable lucky boy what's going on huh you're really slow at things she's going to be marrying you one day she's your future wife.

What my company has been run by relatives throughout its history she will be joining our ranks once she's ready I was hoping that you'd understand my loyalty to your company by asking you to be her husband if you say no I'll turn it down what do you want to do.

Honestly it was love at first sight the skin without a single blemish the silky hair magazine um she suddenly opened her Rosy lips yes let's get along.

what's I bowed as a reflex my dad and his friend grinned it's settled guess so who knew you'd be family huh you really don't know what life will bring dad say I saw this coming either.

That's how we had our arrangement you two will get married after you graduate if you want to call the engagement off you make sure to say something before then you too Maho oh I forgot to ask you don't have a girlfriend do you Kai no.

What about you Maho no I know it's kind of a weird circumstance but I hope you two get along and if you both like someone else just tell us we'll think of something then Kai is kind of a pansy so maybe they should live together to be forced to get along huh yeah that might be fun living together is tough but maybe they can be.

Neighbors to see how things are get to know each other better I think they should learn to be independent sooner let's do that I can't believe my son would be leaving the house this soon yeah seriously you're just deciding everything without summer.

Say Sama um Tycoon yep what's up mahosan are you okay with a girl like me uh what about you though I'm um of course okay with you if you're okay with it I'm okay with it too we started Living in one of the dorms.

That K company provided when we started High School oh yeah you seemed like you were in a bad mood are you okay I was all right why you remember when he talked to you and you seemed a little upset that's just uh I just kind of uh you know what do you.

Mean well I knew that you were a good person even if you didn't say in other words you were jealous that's what I mean sorry you're cute oh you always say things like that as if it's easy you don't like it no that's not it at.

All ah strong no but I want you to just tell everyone that willy-nilly I choose the people that I called you don't worry really of course I only call people I seriously consider to be cute cute I still don't like that huh why.

Because I wanted to be only me you're pretty selfish huh sorry you don't need to apologize let's get ready for dinner huh is it all right if I go over tonight yeah sure come over your cooking is as good as ever thank you I feel like it's worth my efforts when you're happy with what I.

Cook are you sure you're okay with it though with what I mean with just spoiling me like this you know huh you think you're being spoiled a house specifically you want me to put you on my lap I'll spoil you as much as you like yeah that's not what I'm saying sorry I.

Lost control there no I mean about the cooking I buy the food but you always get the food ready you know I was just worried you might think that it's unfair okay I like it really I'm just glad that you consider my feelings but if there's anything I can do for you just let me know okay.

Anything within reason yeah I want to go hang out oh okay I'm sure you want to go hang out with your friends every once in a while too sorry no it's you with me yeah we're technically engaged but I mean we've never gone out with just us that's true yeah then how about after we.

Finish our next rounds of exams are you sure of course okay um is this oh yeah it's a date or not yet I would like to invite you out of course I'd love to go a few days later we actually had our first fight it was on the way home as usual yo kai.

A random girl that started talking to me uh who are you wow rude How Could You Forget the mega me huh Mega me a long time no see huh you went to a pretty tough school after leaving the house huh I mean it is pretty tough where do you go you're curious huh never mind come on be a little curious.

There aren't many people like you at my school nowadays it's tiring did you just say tiring you did didn't you no no I was walking home as usual after school when I saw someone that I recognized I wanted to say something but I was holding it back when some cute girl.

Suddenly talking to him as if they were close friends I could feel the pain in my heart it was like a beat in my chest mahosan huh what is it is something wrong you're studying for your exam but you seem completely distracted oh it's nothing at all you don't need to.

Lie like that you've been acting weird ever since you've come home you seem like the usual you huh yeah there's something you need to tell me sorry huh I don't know what I did you don't know at all.

I see then fine whatever she's acting so uninterested like when she's at school whatever I'm not that outspoken or cute or bubbly what are you talking about you're still going to act like you don't know I really just can't figure it out you know it's not an act you seemed like you.

Got along well with the girl on the way home on the way home you're having an affair you never look like you're having that much fun with me oh about Mega me her name is Mega me funny you're a lot more creative than I.

Thought and jealous apparently you're completely mistaken that's my niece niece yeah we went to the same middle school but I hadn't seen her in such a long time we were just catching up is all sorry for making you worried I'm sorry for misunderstanding I didn't know it's okay it's okay I'm sure if we.

Had a good relationship I wouldn't have made you so worried over this you know I didn't tell you this but yes I really like you I like you so much I know my parents brought me to you but I'm glad that it was you are you sure yeah it was love at first sight I couldn't.

Tell you because I was too worried but I gotta tell you or you don't know we really did like each other yeah we gotta communicate better come over here but don't worry this isn't school no one is here okay how's this.

I'm so nervous I could feel my heart pounding can you tell how much I like you so warm and big not too hot I might get burned something happens you've gotta tell me okay okay I'm looking forward to our date oh I had something I didn't tell you yet what is it can I tell you it's.

Really important that makes me a little worried but go ahead I really like you too it was a love at first sight for me too I see yeah that's how we concluded our first argument the day of the day it was pouring rain so we were about to cancel the date but then as I told her and she was shocked.

The rain seemed to understand immediately stopped raining that's why I'm getting ready for the date in a hurry now kaikun are you ready oh yeah I just need my wallet where did I put it I saw it on the Shelf last night got it thanks mahosan you're nothing without me.

You know you might be right where are we going today it might be a little boring but I want to take you on a little tour of my hometown you know Elementary School Middle School bookstores that kind of thing that's so nice and next time you can show me around.

Your hometown we held hands and prayed that we would never have to let go it's beautiful yeah it's beautiful let's go yeah let's go we headed out to our first date after the rain there was a beautiful rainbow after some sorrow there's a.

Beautiful smile after arguments and dates I'm sure we're going to become husband and wife one day laughs thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well