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[Manga Dub] Nobody can get near her because of all her body guards, but we make an agreement, and…


My name is Tadashi okita I'm an average junior in high school that you would find anywhere I chose this High School for the sole reason that it was close to my house and that's why I go here however although I chose it for such a Mindless reason I do have some regrets about it that is that until 3 years ago this was an all girls high school good.

Morning Madame miabi yes good morning as usual taka shii is popular amongst everybody I've gotten used to this Atmosphere by now but it still feels heterogenous hey we are all classmates after all so can we please stop calling me Madam you call everybody else normally by their first name don't you but I don't want to because ever since.

The acting Club was established you're the legend that plays The Majestic male roles Madame miabi I would also like for you to stop with those over-the-top descriptions too morning aita oh morning another rough day isn't it yeah I'm sure none of them have bad intentions but everyone is so formal that it's exhausting I always feel the most.

Relaxed when I'm talking to you okita is that so but I also have a hard time relaxing because there aren't any other guys in the class so it saves me that there's somebody like you who's easy to talk to miabi Takashi she's a member of the acting Club that's been going for over 50 years and not just the underclassmen but her.

Classmates and even the seniors everybody treats her with the utmost respect well I guess I am your one and only friend after all okita yeah that's true perhaps because of her boyish appearance and her kind personality she and I hit it off pretty well and we were getting more friendly with one another but hey okita is once.

Again trying to talk to Madame Miyabi shoot I've been caught OK get away from Madame Miyabi right now all right see you later Takashi hey I'm talking to him because I want to be talking to him he's no match for you Madame miabi hey that's not Takashi it's fine and plus I was just thinking about going to the bathroom.

Anyway if you say so then sure if only I could talk to Taka Chi more easily I'm sure it would be fun lunch break oh I knew I would find you here oh it's you Takashi were you looking for me I guess that you could say I'd feel lucky if I found you that's about it plus I just came up to the roof because.

I wanted to calm down oh really more importantly I am sorry about this morning what about what you know how sat was being cold and attacking you like that oh that it happens all the time so it's fine I said it this morning too but they don't have any bad intentions there's no point in getting mad at them either that might be true but and plus.

I'm just happy to be able to talk to you whenever I can anyway yeah you're right me too I'm glad well then we can just keep things as is it's not bad but keeping things exactly like this isn't what I want wait why is that um well that's oh actually for our next play in the club I'm going to be playing a female character because all.

Of the club members are girls I heard before that you were always playing the male roles but I guess this can happen too but what does that have to do with this if I spend more time with the guy then I can practice more for the role of being a girl right what do you mean the role of a girl but you are a girl plus even if you're not with me don't you.

Think it'll be a better practice for you to be around the other girls and be naturally girly nobody else treats me like a regular girl so that doesn't work oh I guess people do call you handsome all the time exactly it doesn't make me feel bad but you know but I think I also interact with you like a guy friend who's easy to talk.

To not I don't feel like I have been able to treat you much like a girl though that's not quite the case though oh but if that's what you think then why don't you become my fake boyfriend what how did that lead to this because that way I thought maybe you would treat me more like a girl you wouldn't treat your girlfriend like just.

Another guy friend right and plus the story of the play is a romance story too well even if you say that even if we fake that you and I are dating there's no reality to that are you saying that it's unbelievable for you to date me well I mean yeah of course your face is a little bit boyish but you have nice.

Structures and you're beautiful me on the other hand I just have a regular face that you would find anywhere if you pulled yourself together I do think you're pretty goodlooking though okita thanks even if it's just flattery that makes me happy I'm not just flattering you though so are you going.

To be my fake boyfriend for me or not H well I guess it's fine for me what really yeah if it's going to be practice for your acting then there's no reason for me to say no plus even if it's fake it seems fun to be able to go out with Takashi thank you well then why don't we go on a date after school today what already.

Yeah I don't have rehearsal today so it's perfect well I'm not in any clubs anyway so that's fine I guess then it's decided if we go together from school then it would probably cause a commotion so can we just meet there sure that sounds better I live nearby so I'll go home and change it to casual clothes first yeah that might be better so we.

Don't stick out well then I'll go in casual clothes too what do you also live nearby I feel like most of the kids in this area went to the same middle school as me though I don't but in the acting Clubhouse I have a few of my personal clothes there that are sometimes used as costumes I see yeah well then I'll think about where to go during class so I'll.

Send you a message later sure got it after that we attended classes as usual and by the time I realized it was already after school I haven't been to this shopping mall in a while the last time I was here I think I went to the movie theater by myself that's going to make me sad so I should stop thinking about it ok sorry.

To keep you waiting oh I didn't wait at all wa wow what what's with the reaction oh I knew it the shoes look weird don't they I had everything else there but I didn't have a pair of shoes so I had to keep my uniform loafers on no that's not what I meant this is the first time I've seen you outside of the uniform and I thought.

You look pretty what thank you but if you're going to say that then you okita um you do look a little lame I know it already you don't have to say it out loud sorry sorry well then I'll help you choose some clothes I mean that was my plan from the beginning anyway what really yeah remember at lunch break when I told you that if you pulled yourself.

Together you would be handsome that's why I thought that I could choose a few things for you and make you handsome wow well you do very clearly have better taste than me but I haven't brought that much money with me so cheaper things please got it well then let's go around and look at some stuff how about this I think it would look good on you.

Okita uh but isn't the color a little flashy I only have t-shirts in white and black though isn't that why you look lame uh good argument am I right also if you just wear something like this over it I think you would be handsome already and as for bottoms hey I can at least choose my own bottoms what are you particular about.

That yeah more than pattern or tyght ones I prefer the simple boxer type hey I wasn't talking about those bottoms I was talking about genes or genos those types oh my bad those obviously there's no way I would suddenly talk about something like that but I didn't know that you were the boxer type okita you really don't need to be interested about.

That soon after I went into the dressing room and I bought a T-shirt and a shirt to wear over it I think this is the first time that I bought something and just warn it home straight away yeah but I think you look a lot more handsome this way well that's true I really wanted to buy jeans too but I didn't have enough money this time yeah we can.

Get those next time though at least your pants aren't that lame so sure well then I'm going to fix your hair too so stay still what but I haven't bought any hair wax or anything don't worry I also brought that from the clubhouse now that I think about it you're having your way as you please with me.

Takashi after that that I let Takashi have her way and she did my hair for me W this is amazing yeah looks good right yeah it feels weird to say it myself but I guess I do look pretty handsome I know right I think you should have more confidence in yourself yeah thank you with this I'm not going to be so embarrassed walking next to you I don't.

Think it was embarrassing to begin with but I guess we look even more like a couple now yeah even though I'm a fake boyfriend you don't need to call it fake or whatever right now especially when it was feeling like a real date oh my bad but I guess even we can go on a pretty normal date together yeah I guess so since we're here already should we do.

Something that's even more dat likee what what do you mean something more dat likee um well when you ask me I don't actually know this is my first time going on a date so uh yeah oh really it's also my first time so I don't really know what to do either what really I've heard stories about some of the girls in the class going on dates.

With you though between girls even if there's no romantic feelings we call going out together as girls dates too what I didn't know that's how it worked that's right anyway what should we do now H well do you mind if we go to the bookstore there's a manga that I want good idea you can tell me what the good mangas are from there we went to.

The bookstore and after we bought a few mangas we decided to relax at a cafe this tastes good do you want a bite sure thanks well then give it to me hm you can take as much as you want by yourself you're going to do something date like right tell me to say a and feed it to me no wait that's definitely a little bit too.

Embarrassing what but you said it yourself that you would help me uh all right fine ah M delicious was that helpful to you yeah sure was super helpful I feel like this isn't acting practice anymore and that she's just teasing me.

Oh next Saturday we have a performance by the acting Club so please come okay I'll show you the results of this all right sure I'm looking forward to it the next day yesterday was really fun we should go on another date again yeah I had a great time too let's do it again well then let's choose the next place we go to together hey you're talking to.

Madame miabi again get out of the way ah not again I could just back down like I used to but if I do that then it won't be good practice for Takashi I don't want to can't you see I'm having a conversation with Takashi excuse me you're no match for Madame Miyabi though that might be true but we're dating so please don't get in the.

Way anymore what no way that's a lie right Madame miabi it it's true true anyway I just want you to leave the two of us alone no way Takashi it looks like it's going to turn into a commotion so let's go upstairs sure the two of us ran up to the rooftop where we would always meet I'm.

Sorry what why are you apologizing I didn't think that you would be able to continue your practice in that situation so I talked back to her but it was a huge mistake to say that we were dating but I didn't hate it though what really but once your play is over this relationship is also going to be over and doesn't that mean.

Unnecessary rumors are going to go around it's fine plus you were almost like the hero of a romance manga and it was a little bit hot what do you really think so thanks yeah and this time I'm going to show you a cute side of me so I hope you watch me closely on Saturday today sure you got it I don't need to see it in the.

Acting I saw plenty of cuteness from her when we were on the date though as expected the rumors that we were dating flew around the school but we both tried not to let it bother us and before I knew it Saturday arrived Sebastian I can't believe that you're going to be leaving me without you there's no reason for me to live anymore.

Takashi really is good good at acting isn't she wow she drank the poison herself and collapsed and that must be the end of the story that was pretty interesting it's true that she was playing a female role but this play was set in the Middle Ages I wonder if there was any point of that date or for me to be a fake.

Boyfriend well I guess I can ask her later I was thinking about asking her right after the play was over but after the show Takashi was surrounded by her fans and she looked busy so I decided to just send her my thoughts in a message and then when I went to the school on Monday everybody was still talking about Takashi in the female role Madame Miyabi.

I saw the play you were so cute in the female role I loved it too yes thank you you seem really busy how are you yeah more importantly why did you leave early on Saturday well you were surrounded Ed and you seemed pretty busy so I left that might be true but OK do you have a minute like I said before can't you see.

That I'm talking to Takashi wait you want me yes as it turns out it seems that I was in the wrong so huh what were you wrong about you saw Madame Miyabi's play too didn't you she seemed like she felt a lot more alive than she does in the mail roles oh is that so well Takashi is a girl after all so that's obvious H I guess so as her boyfriend.

You must be pulling out the girly side of Madame miabi before her hey sat I hate to say it but you were the one that pulled out the true beauty within Madame Miyabi's feminine side I have no choice but to approve of your relationship with Madame miabi the other fans as well I'm sure they would approve if it's you sure.

Thanks uh so what do we do from now on for whatever reason it looks like I've been approved of but what's going to happen now if we reveal that I was just a fake boyfriend hey then maybe we don't need to reveal that what what do you mean I'm saying that we could date for.

Real what but don't you think it's not good to date under such loose feelings that would make me really happy but I'd feel bad for you to have to date someone like me just to hide a lie do you still not get it what this fake boyfriend and saying it was all for the play it was all a lie all it was was that I like spending time with you and I.

Like you okita I've always liked you what are you serious yeah I'm serious even Sato noticed the Chang in me why haven't you noticed uh sorry that's true I must be really clueless even if it might not be possible for me to tell just by her expression like Sato could the contents.

Of the play had nothing to do with this relationship and maybe I should have realized it when I saw the play but then why didn't you just tell me how you felt normally um because that's embarrassing you really are so cute Takashi are you making fun of me no that's how I really feel I like you too.

Takashi if you don't mind that it's me please go out with me for real yeah thank you looking forward to being your real girlfriend but everybody around us will be confused so let's just tell them that we started dating a while ago yeah today can just be a secret between the two of us after that we became the Talk of the school with.

Everybody calling us the dream couple but the anniversary of our relationship is our own little secret thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well