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[Manga Dub] Our parents got remarried and my childhood friend became my step sister… [RomCom]


My name is yasuyuki hoshino and I'm a third year student at Alice High School my father is getting me married and we are visiting a restaurant in front of the station to meet his new partner if I remember correctly she has a daughter too I wonder what she's like I hope she's nice I'm sorry to keep you waiting no.

Worries we just got here too huh her voice sounds familiar nice to meet you I'm asada huh what the yasuyuki and Coco why are you here my line the girl that still look is a side of Coco that childhood friend and classmate of mine looks like a surprise was a success you mean to tell me that.

Coco's mother is your partner yep that's right my father and her mother work in different departments but it seems that they happen to have a point of contact at work because of that they had more opportunities to meet and they hit it off and decided to get married that about sums it up we can get along.

Yasuyuki Yuki likewise but to have a son like yasuyukicoon I can feel that he is and trusting Coco to you I was at a loss for words after this the foo was brought out and dinner began the parents were having a normal chat but when it came to the children it was awkward so she's gonna be my.

Sister-in-law from now on what's more we're gonna live under the same roof am I supposed to interact with her my worries were so intense that they overpowered the taste of the food ever since my childhood friend became my sister-in-law my life has become Lively oh yeah with the kitchen at the same time Coco screamed just leave it I'll.

Clean it up so see what I tell you actually this scene has happened before I'll be back with a Band-Aid so stay right there I went back with a first day kid and wrapped a Band-Aid around her finger they should do it you all right Koko runs away as if to avoid me hey.

Coco it seemed from a few days ago was replayed things have become so Troublesome in the past we were childhood friends and got along well the thing that becoming step siblings would change things this dramatically to be honest it's Way Beyond what I could have imagined at.

Times I don't know how to interact with her that's why I assumed it might be the same for her in any case it was an issue that needed to be addressed right away one day after school we were both doing our assigned chores that's kind of awkward even outside the house real awkward hey oh oh Coco don't overdo it here I'll take.

The papers that's okay I could do it myself besides I need to learn to do things on my own Coco tries to do everything on her own she began acting this way after becoming my stepsister and it's clear as she's pushing herself Coco consequently tripped in the paper scattered all over the hallway.

Are you okay I just did it again she frequently trips like this for whatever reason and in the middle of nowhere this happens a lot so I wasn't too worried as soon as I approached her I saw something I shouldn't have seen contrary to your appearance you were.

Quite the mature close what a worrisome lady I didn't try to look it just so happened that I saw it which is the excuse I made in my heart she was lying I know what you are because whenever you lie you've always glance up at a 45 degree angle to the right I've known you since you were little so I know.

Oh my God I have a habit like that I had no clue huh so your gaze turn to the left that's the eye you make when you get found out why are my eyes that stupid honest I'm impressed by our Keen observation skills no time for that yes you are stupid responsibility by marrying me I don't.

Know what to tell you never mind your expression shifted as she gathered the papers awkwardness swooped down once again and after this remains silent until we got home one day during break time our friend akane sagawara came over yatsuyuki did something happened between ikoka recently why do you ask.

ing a little strange lately I mean she's been a clumsy kid to begin with but the clumsiness has gotten worse and there are so many times I catch her in a daze that's why I figured it had something to do with you so any ideas I mean I have no clue just that I told her about our situation and how.

We became step siblings oh my I never would have guessed that hey but this could be a great chance for Coco being under the same roof means she has many opportunities to tempt you what are you talking about we're just shouted friends sure sure is it really how you feel though uh of course also you're too close I became nervous since akani was.

Very close to me I see let's leave it at that for the time being then well then do something for you buy something I don't mean anything sexual by the way he better not have any weird dirty thoughts like I would we're like the same age wow rejected in a Flash I'm a bit hurt I'm.

Pretty confident in my body the fact that you could ignore that must mean you only have eyes for Coco how did you end up with that conclusion here you can have these tickets these are tickets for the world baseball tournament these aren't easy to get and how did you get your hands on them they won it at a prize I have no.

Interest in baseball and I don't really have anyone to go with so I'd like you and Coco to go together I recall Coco saying she wants to go so I'm confident she won't refuse get excited and feel good at the game then after that you know hey oh by the way yasuyuki Coco has grown up quite big up there and down.

Below so it's voluptuous even I get a little jealous what are you saying again too close my my my your face is so red so cute you react just like Coco so it's fun to teach you too that's why I think the two of you really suit each other so promise me you guys will go see it akani thank you you're welcome oh and don't forget.

To tell me how the date went I may not have any interest in baseball but I'm definitely interested in that okay the stadium is packed to capacity that day Coco in High Spirits it's been a while since I've seen her like that and it makes me happy too but let's go sorry it.

Is OMG yes the tables have turned wow what the heck are these why is he holding a pepper mill stop spinning it after the baseball game was over the area was dark I had so much fun it was an interesting game plus we made a comeback and won so it was great.

It certainly was a good game time passes gracefully I feel a gentle and Nostalgia and a feeling of recollection all this time I must have had a small crush on my childhood friend without realizing it final or they can I want to see the finals next time the WBT is held every three years so we were gonna go to the next.

One it will be after we graduate from high school Coco stops unexpectedly uh what's wrong it's nothing the air shifted again clear that something's up but before I could ask Coco started walking well she probably wouldn't answer even if I ask in the end all I could do was keep quiet and follower two weeks later.

I was walking home from school alone after the baseball game the awkwardness between us got even worse so now I often go home alone isn't that Coco over there notice in the situation I rushed over to her stop don't come near don't be so cold come on goalie call Sherry to our looks we're 100 made of kindness well you really got a nice bottle.

Hey get away from her yeah all the hell are you what are you two are anyway don't get in the way damn it yeah I fall to the floor after receiving a full blow let's get it Brothers Let's Have Some Fun they beat me to a pub it's an average high school student.

There's nothing I could do in this outnumbered situation someone call the police crap they saw us we better get going before we get reported hey go leave me behind yasuyuki are you okay yeah thankfully it's all my fault don't worry about it it's normal to want to protect your.

Childhood friend what what I love you coca is that true is that so I'll tell you the truth I actually like you too not as a childhood friend but as a woman you might just say that get married really I don't think that's an issue they should be permitted to marry as long as.

We're not connected by Blood why would I ever lie like that yeah that means I've been misunderstanding everything up until now oh hey Coco hang in there it's not that bad why would you faint at a time like this I walked down the road with Coco on my back.

On my back I don't need you're almost home I said hiding my desire to stay this way what Coco hesitated a little but otherwise complied through my back I could feel Coco's warmth and faint heartbeat her breasts tickled my ear pass back then I'm sure it's gotten.

Bigger believe it or not I'm growing besides you've grown as well you're clearly heavier than you used to be are you saying I gained weight Am I who knows although you do seem a little squishy it's fine just hit me with less Force please thinking back I used to carry on my back a lot more kids and triple.

Playing and crying stating you couldn't walk any longer and then have me carrying you home I don't think I tripped that often funny that's all I remember though man she trips a lot I used to think oh you're so mean what I love you I love you too Coco a refreshing Breeze caresses us a little different from when we were charted.

Friends yes so go of course she falls asleep I couldn't help but smile it was just like the old days I deliberately took a short detour before returning home about a month passed after that Goku and I were able to get along as we did before we went from.

Being childhood friends to lovers but there hasn't been much of a change however there was one thing that did which was whoa Coco you're on my bed again good morning yasuyuki I was able to admire you cute sleeping face today as well to be called cute by you how unfortunate I was engulfed in an Indescribable sense.

Of humiliation while I was asleep recollection of that I'm a little disappointed because I don't remember Coco you become oddly aggressive huh you think so I'm just trying to do things that can only be done when we're together even if it's just a coincidence gotta take.

Advantage of the fact that we're living together also I was thinking maybe we could take a bath together since we're also lovers now this is so embarrassing don't get embarrassed you're making me feel embarrassed too as you can see Coke was become more.

Daring which is a little concerning let's suppose it's okay and I like that aspect of her as well I secretly vowed to protect my pure and innocent childhood sweetheart from now on video check out our other videos as well.