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[Manga Dub] Our school celebrity was jealous because she thought I had a girlfriend?! [RomCom]


Hey it's yucky yeah you're pretty popular right here's my response to that statement who was she to say something like that this is Sana Nanase she was the standout celebrity of the class next to mine and we became friends for some reason she had a nice face that could easily have been on the front page of a.

Magazine it also had a body that could have easily been chosen to walk down a fashion runway she was at the top of the popularity chain in our high school and was the Madonna of our school it wasn't just her pretty face or her body but she had a friendly personality as well to her everyone in the world was equal.

She wasn't just nice to the girls that stood in the same popularity rank as her but also to the Nerds troublemakers and elderly sparkly card Prismatic Secrets rare bit of it but it looks fun uh notice they just gave me a direct attack I'm dead with zero lives left I.

Totally get how you feel I surrendered the moment she started talking hey no fighting play Rock Paper Scissors if you guys are arguing over something rock paper scissors you yay I won both of you lost so no more fighting why are you playing too but you're so cute what the heck I love you peek-a-boo.

You laughed you're so adorable ma'am that's too heavy right let me help you carry it to the train station who is it it's Sana just like that Sana Namaste was a ball of friendliness she's a really good girl even though she seems pretty wild on the outside don't say I look Wild.

She read my thoughts what a funny face leave me alone I was born with a weird face huh chiaki I thought your normal face is pretty cute though what you want to even cuter when you're blushing ah how can she make my heart beat faster just like that.

She wasn't just friendly but also was good at teasing people without hurting their feelings it honestly wasn't fair speaking of that makes me remember what she'd said to me earlier I'm popular no way not possible really yeah because I because you what.

It's sad saying it out loud but I'm not a leader just a follower do you really like to say things that bring yourself down don't you it's because I've already made my peace with it if I was going to introduce myself in one sentence I look like a troublemaker on the outside but was a chicken on the.

Inside that basically summarizes me chiaki yakaba my face looks a little bit scarier than other people just a tiny bit in addition I don't talk very much because I'm super shy now that I'm in my second year of high school.

Everyone sees me as harmless during my first year he looks so scary is he part of the troublemakers a weirdo or is he just a psychopath I should get away from him before he beats me up uh but I'm just a shy introvert I was a sad guy that had a hard time making friends.

More girls have indeed started talking to me compared to my first year in high school but Sana has the wrong idea it isn't because I'm popular with the girls what I'm nicknamed piraki a combination of pure it it's yucky I don't know who.

Started this nickname but honestly I have to applaud whoever made it up because of how accurate it is I'll say it one more time for emphasis that I'm popular with the girls they all just like making fun of me almost like how lazy people are popular for being easy going and how pugs are popular for being so ugly it's cute.

And how a muscular man with a Boar's Head is popularized I had a scary face with a mentality like jello hey Rocky Rocky stop calling me Jackie yay this is what I had to deal with you could call it a spark of luck in a burning hell or maybe that a person.

Doesn't believe something until they see it either way Sana should understand once she sees how these girls treat me help me Sana please put an end to this harassment I'm going through Sana you liar you are popular what how did you even get the idea.

You can't convince me you're not popular after seeing how Mickey and Machi are hugging you yeah yeah you can't convince her ah you guys are awful a normal man would have the guts to be harsh and tell them to stop but there's no way I could do that it's not my fault.

That I can't say anything I'm a chicken you're right though chiaki has been popular with the ladies recently huh right he isn't as close to you Sana but he's also friendly with ayasaki-san with ayasaki son speak of the devil the girl staring at us from across the.

Room is Miu ayasaki if Sana Nanase was the celebrity of the class next door Miu ayasaki was the celebrity of ours Miu had a mature face in a calm presence she didn't spend her time in a group and instead was a low most of the time both the boys and girls in our class admired her she was cool mysterious and completely out of everyone's league on.

The outside I'm so jealous of chiaki who wants everyone to hug me and pinch my cheeks too the truth was her cool character was a facade just like how people saw me as a scary guy people just saw Mio as mysterious inside she was just a girl who had.

Anxiety over communicating with others it's not that she purposely tries to be alone uh what should I help with there's no way we'd make you work hard on something we can handle ayasaki-san let us do the cooking yeah we're going to do our best so you can enjoy the food uh okay.

Man I wanted to make curry with everyone too everyone in our school sees her as the cool and mysterious girl in order to meet their expectations she continues to put on a facade Miu ayasaki was the unfortunate girl with a clown mask it's not fair that shiyaki gets to be.

Friendly with everyone but I don't have the guts to talk to other people on my own Neo and I became friends a little while ago why are you so close with ayasaki-san ah there's no way I could tell her the truth.

I can't just say me was actually not the mysterious girl she pretends like she is so we're basically just introvert Buddies sorry no comment why well there are things in this world that should be kept a secret for the benefit of others a secret huh are you saying you and a.

Hisaki-san have that kind of relationship that's not what I'm saying don't be stupid it's purely platonic pentatonic you're dating platonically we're not even dating you guys really aren't dating we're not why is she so insistent on this topic either way her face is so.

Close really you're not lying I'm telling the truth you swear to God I'll swear it on anyone for a Better or For Worse in sickness and in we're not newlyweds yeah you guys have marriage in mind what what is this torture it's no use sauna is completely misunderstanding.

Anyways everyone has a secret or two that they don't want to tell people right stop making that face just because more people ask doesn't mean they'll tell you if you're not going to say it willingly we'll make you say it Jackie you're so stupid wow I think they're trying to punish me.

But the marshmallow on my right hand marshmallow on my left hand too a marshmallow in front of me too I was surrounded by softness warmth and a sweet smell it wasn't punishment it was Paradise come on if you don't say it we're not letting you go we're not letting go this is too much for an introverted.

Version like me stop staring at healthy already they're so lucky like close to chiaki and have fun with everyone too she's hopeless she's most likely thinking about something else the harassment continued.

I'm going to throw out the trash okay thanks as I walked to the dumpster I thought about it for a little bit am I really popular now but man the popularity I had imagined was a world where a bunch of girls argued over one guy.

Basically it's the same feeling as winning the lottery almost like Mario a man wearing a red hat and grabbing a star to head into the unknown or a man from Outer galaxies being able to fight invincibly for three minutes what I'm trying to say is that being popular was something amazing like that.

But at that time I just bought a new one want me to show you Mickey you bones girl then let me show you my favorite one too what three one two three don't show me.

Tada pink with flowers black zebra stripes oh oh that sucks for you we just wanted to show you our handkerchiefs whoa chiaki were you expecting something naughty stop playing around with my innocence yay they're just messing around with me plus both of them already have boyfriends.

Look look none is a Chun surrounded by boys again where where oh she really is Sana akame is popular Philly is a sinful girl oh yeah that's it that's exactly what being popular to the other gender is supposed to be like Santa Senpai please go on a date with me.

This Saturday I'm the one-sided trying to go on a date with a movie let's go watch a movie together I'm the one who's going to have a bowling date with Sana I even brought my own ball so I could practice you don't need to go on a date with me but please be my girlfriend me too I'm sorry I already have important plans.

On Saturday oh thanks for inviting me though going on a date might be hard but we should all hang out together some other time okay what an angel you're all so easily pleased I didn't know whether they were all just easily pleased or whether Sana was actually an.

Angel eavesdropping isn't cool you know fauna purpose I passed by while I was throwing out the trash and heard the commotion hmm anyways did you finish cleaning yeah then let's head home already I'll throw this trash away for you so go grab your bag.

Our communication skills are unfair she was so natural in offering her help and making me promise to walk home with her after school thanks for the food the flavor of vanilla is so rich I can't believe you made me treat you to ice cream just because you threw away one trash bag for me thank you.

Here I'll share with you what isn't that an indirect kiss open wide no no no we're in public it's embarrassing huh but does that mean you'll take a look if we weren't in public stop making me sound like a pervert Yeah tiaki is going to lick me she's treating.

Me like a monster now you should just eat without being so embarrassed I mean yeah there's the fact that it's embarrassing but huh imagine if someone saw me the boys that like you are going to beat me to a pulp don't worry don't worry huh what do you mean don't worry.

Just think about it if there were people that would beat you up over something like that you'd already be in trouble from being lovey-dovey with me after school like this right that's true but like we're not being lovey-dovey Aki the piraki.

Yeah could I make you be like piraki even more uh what is that affection attack what shiaki you're so warm warm more like I'm about to evaporate from boiling the indirect kiss seems so innocent at this point.

Imagine if the I love sauna fan club sauce right now they're going to go crazy beating me up Sana I think your jokes are enough now it's too much chiaki do you think I would do something like this just for fun I know that I have a friendly.

Personality but still I wouldn't offer to share my ice cream with someone I don't even like and I also wanted to lean against someone I don't like Sana I have zero experience in love and relationships but even then I knew if the person I like is starting to become popular of course I'm going to be worried.

Sana's tone sana's side profile both were the expression of a girl in love she's so cute my heart wouldn't stop beating we were so close she could probably tell how fast my heart was beating um if you stare at me like that I'm going to blush what.

What sorry you just had your feelings written all over your face I'm just easy to read yeah you're a young girl after all Sana siyaki what are you saying are you Clueless I thought once again that this pretty girl had the most beautiful smile in the.

World a smile filled with love and affection so that's that let's hang out together on Saturday okay when did you decide that I mean okay I have no plans anyways yay I get a pass to hit chiaki for myself all day I think you can find passes like that anywhere where where I'm going to find and keep them all.

It's getting more and more embarrassing do you think you can get off now huh should I I didn't know whether I should call her playful or spoiled oh just making sure but are you really okay with Saturday huh because you said earlier in school that you have important plans on Saturday Sana I didn't understand what had.

Happened did Sana freeze up oh is the important plan actually to hang out with don't say it out loud if someone were to see us like this he might not get away with just a few punches right that's absolutely right it's going to be.

Your fault if I lose any limbs don't worry don't worry I'll take on full responsibility to take care of you okay uh it's unfair that she's this cute she was cute enough to make me think that I was okay with losing a limb or two I'm probably going to be one of the many.

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