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[Manga Dub] Our school celebrity was jealous because she thought I had a girlfriend! [RomCom]


Hey it's yucky yeah you're pretty popular right here's my response to that statement who was she to say something like that this is Sana nanasay she was the standout celebrity of the class next to mine and we became friends for some reason she had a nice face that could easily.

Have been on the front page of a magazine it also had a body that could have easily been chosen to walk down a fashion runway she was at the top of the popularity chain in our high school and was the Madonna of our school it wasn't just her pretty face or her.

Body but she had a friendly personality as well to her everyone in the world was equal she wasn't just nice to the girls that stood in the same popularity rank as her but also to the Nerds troublemakers and elderly hey what is that sparkly card Prismatic Secrets rare.

I've never heard of it but it looks fun honestly just gave me a direct attack I'm dead with zero lives left I totally get how you feel I surrendered the moment she started talking no fighting play Rock Paper Scissors if you guys are arguing over something rock paper scissors yeah I won both of you lost so no more fighting why are you.

Playing too but you're so cute oh what the heck I love you peek-a-boo you laughed you're so adorable ma'am that's too heavy right let me help you carry it to the train station who is it it's Sana just like that Sana Nana say was a ball of friendliness.

She's a really good girl even though she seems pretty wild on the outside don't say I look Wild she read my thoughts what a funny face leave me alone I was born with a weird face huh chiaki I thought your normal face is pretty cute though what you want to even cuter when you're.

Blushing how can she make my heart beat faster just like that she wasn't just friendly but also was good at teasing people without hurting their feelings it honestly wasn't fair speaking of that makes me remember what she'd said to me earlier.

I'm popular no way not possible really yeah because I because you what it's sad saying it out loud but I'm not a leader just a follower do you really like to say things that bring yourself down don't you it's because I've already made my peace with it.

If I was going to introduce myself in one sentence I looked like a troublemaker on the outside but was a chicken on the inside that basically summarizes me chiaki yakaba my face looks a little bit scarier than other people just see tiny bit in addition I don't talk very much.

Because I'm super shy now that I'm in my second year of high school everyone sees me as harmless during my first year he looks so scary is he part of the troublemakers a weirdo or is he just a psychopath I should get away from him before he beats me up.

But I'm just a shy introvert I was a sad guy that had a hard time making friends more girls have indeed started talking to me compared to my first year in high school but Sana has the wrong idea it isn't because I'm popular with the girls be lucky.

Be lucky your face is so red I'm nicknamed piraki a combination of pure I don't know who started this nickname but honestly have to applaud whoever made it up because of how accurate it is I'll say it one more time for emphasis.

It's not that I'm popular with the girls they all just like making fun of me almost like how lazy people are popular for being easy going and how pogs are popular for being so ugly it's cute and how a muscular man with a Boar's Head is popularized I had a scary face with a mentality like jello.

Pewaukee stop calling me Jackie yay this is what I had to deal with you could call it a spark of luck in a burning hell or maybe that a person doesn't believe something until they see it either way Sana should understand once she sees how these girls treat me.

Help me Sana please put an end to this harassment I'm going through Sana you liar you are popular what how did you even get the idea you can't convince me you're not popular after seeing how Mickey and Machi are hugging you yeah yeah.

You can't convince her ah you guys are awful a normal man would have the guts to be harsh and tell them to stop but there's no way I could do that it's not my fault that I can't say anything I'm a chicken you're right though chiaki has been popular with the ladies recently huh right he isn't as close to you Sana.

But he's also friendly with ayasaki-san with ayasaki-san speak of the devil the girl staring at us from across the room is Miu ayasaki if Sana Nanase was the celebrity of the class next door Miu ayasaki was the celebrity of ours Miu had a mature face and a calm presence.

She didn't spend her time in a group and instead was a low most of the time both the boys and girls in our class admired her she was cool mysterious and completely out of everyone's league on the outside he wants everyone to hug the truth was her cool character was a facade just like how people saw me as a.

Scary guy people just saw Mio as mysterious inside she was just a girl who had anxiety over communicating with others it's not that she purposely tries to be alone uh should I help with there's no way we'd make you work hard.

On something we can handle ayasaki-san for the cooking yeah we're going to do our best so you can enjoy the food uh okay I wanted to make curry with everyone too everyone in our school sees her as the cool and mysterious girl in order to meet their expectations she continues to put on a facade.

Miu ayasaki was the unfortunate girl with a clown mask it's not fair that shiyagi gets to be friendly with everyone Mia and I became friends a little while ago why are you so close with ayasaki-san ah.

There's no way I could tell her the truth I can't just say me was actually not the mysterious girl she pretends like she is so we're basically just introvert Buddies sorry no comment why well there are things in this world that.

Should be kept a secret for the benefit of others a secret are you saying you and ayyasaki-san have that kind of relationship that's not what I'm saying don't be stupid it's purely platonic pentatonic you're dating platonically we're not even dating you guys really aren't dating.

We're not why is she so insistent on this topic either way her face is so close really you're not lying I'm telling the truth you swear to God I'll swear it on anyone For Better or For Worse in sickness and in we're not newlyweds you guys have marriage in mind.

What what is this torture it's no use sauna is completely misunderstanding anyways everyone has a secret or two that they don't want to tell people right stop making that face just because more people ask doesn't mean I'll tell you if you're not going to say it willingly we'll make you say.

It Jackie you're so stupid wow I think they're trying to punish me but put marshmallow on my right hand marshmallow on my left hand too a marshmallow in front of me too I was surrounded by softness warmth and a sweet smell it wasn't punishment it was Paradise come on if you don't say it we're not.

Letting you go we're not letting not Lego this is too much for an introverted version like me you stop staring at helping already you're so lucky I am close to chiaki and have fun with everyone too she's hopeless she's most likely.

Thinking about something else the harassment continued I'm going to throw out the trash okay thanks as I walk to the dumpster I thought about it for a little bit am I really popular now but man the popularity I had imagined was a world where a bunch of girls argued over.

One guy basically it's the same feeling as winning the lottery almost like Mario a man wearing a red hat and grabbing a star to head into the unknown or a man from Outer galaxies being able to fight invincibly for three minutes what I'm trying to say is that being.

Popular was something amazing like that but at that time lucky I need to spawn a new one want me to show you Mickey you bones girl then let me show you my favorite one too what three one two.

Three what don't show me Tada pink with flowers paper stripes huh that sucks for you we just wanted to show you our handkerchiefs whoa chiaki were you expecting something naughty dude stop playing around with my innocence.

Yay they're just messing around with me plus both of them already have boyfriends look look Nana said Chun surrounded by boys again where where oh she really is Sana aka Miss popular Philly is a sinful girl oh yeah that's it.

That's exactly what being popular to the other gender is supposed to be like please go on a date with me this Saturday I'm the one-sided trying to go on a date with a movie let's go watch a movie together I'm the one who's going to have a bowling date with Sana I even bought my own ball so I could practice.

You don't need to go on a date with me but please be my girlfriend me too I'm sorry I already have important plans on Saturday oh thanks for inviting me though going on a date might be hard but we should all hang out together some other time okay what an angel.

You're all so easily pleased I didn't know whether they were all just easily pleased or whether sauna was actually an angel eavesdropping isn't cool you know fauna I wasn't doing it on purpose pass by while I was throwing out the trash and heard the commotion hmm.

Anyways did you finish cleaning yeah then let's head home already oh throw this trash away for you so go grab your bag her communication skills are unfair she was so natural in offering her help and making me promise to walk home with her after school thanks for the food.

the flavor of vanilla is so rich I can't believe you made me treat you to ice cream just because you threw away one trash bag for me thank you here I'll share with you what isn't that an indirect kiss open wide no no no we're in public it's.

Embarrassing huh but does that mean you'll take a look if we weren't in public stop making me sound like a pervert Yeah tiaki is going to lick me she's treating me like a monster now you should just eat without being so embarrassed I mean yeah there's the fact that it's embarrassing but her imagine.

If someone saw me the boys that like you are going to beat me to a pulp don't worry don't worry huh what do you mean don't worry just think about it if there were people that would beat you up over something like that he would already be in trouble from being lovey-dovey with me after school like this right that's true but.

Like we're not being lovey-dovey yucky the dupiraki Aki yeah could I make you be like piraki even more uh what is that affection attack what.

Shiyaki you're so warm warm more like I'm about to evaporate from boiling the indirect kiss seems so innocent at this point imagine if the I love sauna fan club sauce right now they're going to go crazy beating me up Sana I think your jokes are enough now it's too much.

Chiaki do you think I would do something like this just for fun I know that I have a friendly personality but still I wouldn't offer to share my ice cream with someone I don't even like and I also wanted to lean against someone I don't like sauna.

I have zero experience in love and relationships but even then I knew if the person I like is starting to become popular of course I'm going to be worried sana's tone it's on a side profile both were the expression of a girl in love.

She's so cute my heart wouldn't stop beating we were so close she could probably tell how fast my heart was beating um if you stare at me like that I'm going to blush what sorry you just had your feelings written all over your face I'm just easy to read.

Yeah you're a young girl after all Sana I thought once again that this pretty girl had the most beautiful smile in the world a smile filled with love and affection so that's that let's hang out together on Saturday okay when did you decide that I mean okay I have no plans anyways.

Yay I gotta pass to keep chiyaki for myself all day I think you can find passes like that anywhere where where I'm going to find and keep them all it's getting more and more embarrassing do you think you can get off now huh should I I didn't know whether I should call her playful or spoiled oh just making sure but are you really.

Okay with Saturday huh because you said earlier in school that you have important plans on Saturday Sana I didn't understand what had happened did Sana freeze up oh is the important plan actually to hang out with me don't say it out loud.

If someone were to see us like this he might not get away with just a few punches right that's absolutely right it's going to be your fault if I lose any limbs don't worry don't worry I'll take on full responsibility to take care of you okay oh it's unfair that she's this cute.

She was cute enough to make me think that I was okay with losing a limb or two I'm probably going to be one of the many guys that fall under sana's spell oh my gosh what should I do my name is Miu ayasaki I'm a junior in high school I actually drew a winning ticket at a.

Lottery in a department store but I lost a friend I came with of course my phone is dead I can't get in touch with chiaki my friend is chiyaki akaba I know it sounds a little feminine but it's a boy's name oh but let me emphasize we are just friends.

Oh gosh are you okay show me what happened oh it looks like you have a little scratch it hurts let's go wash out your injuries okay don't worry I can take care of you all right you're good to go I'll just add one final touch a final touch go away pain.

What is that supposed to do um don't treat me like I'm a child I'm a lady but you really did help me out I appreciate it very much please call me cotton higashi Kujo may I ask what your name is oh uh my name is Miu ayasaki okay Miss Me You.

Uh Miss is extra how about sis this girl could hold a conversation better than I can so cotton what were you running for I was looking for someone your mom and dad um kind of it's hard to explain did I just walk into something I.

Shouldn't have sister me you what are you doing are you unable to find your father or mother uh no are you enjoying the theme park by yourself oh uh I'm here with uh with my boyfriend.

Why am I trying to show off boyfriend lucky so where is your boyfriend well we kind of lost each other um you are an adult right uh well I'll help you since you've helped me okay thanks.

I'm completely under her control now oh did you try using your phone actually it's out of battery that's rough but I'm sure if your boyfriend is smart he'll be able to find you oh well about that oh so are you telling me he's not that smart okay.

I cannot let her meet him I even lied about him being my boyfriend where did me you go she's not even answering her phone my name is chiaki akaba I'm trying to find me you have you found her negative where did she go find her we're done for.

If we don't find her yes sir what's all that about doesn't seem good I finally managed to find me you chiaki I'm so glad I found you I thought you went home because I was boring I would never do such a thing huh this is your boyfriend he doesn't seem very manly.

Boyfriend I'm miu's boyfriend uh come here right now let me explain go ahead miss me you I got a little ahead of myself because that lady was talking about how I was just all alone I see you wanted to seem like you had a date.

Wait that's not your boyfriend you lied uh this meal you tried to trick me no way it's cotton I'm really sorry it's fine cotton oh adults lie they never keep their promises just because I'm a kid.

I'm sorry I lied can I explain I just wanted to make it seem like I was a cool adult I am all alone at school and bad at making friends so I kind of wanted to seem cool so who is that guy chiaki is a friend I made recently I see.

I was really hoping I could be friends with you cotton will you forgive me please is that a no okay fine it's okay Miss cutting is a lady so she must be incredibly forgiving they'll even be your friend too huh oh me hey you made a new friend chiaki.

Uh uh yeah anyway cotton weren't you looking for someone what your mom and dad exactly people that act like my mom and dad did I just walk into something I shouldn't have.

But I'm nothing but a job for these people I think it'll be a problem as long as I stay in the park really my mom and dad were supposed to come but they both ended up having work heavy don't worry about it this happens regularly well do you want to play with us.

Maybe you'll find your friends while you're playing with us I mean we did just become friends you'd be okay with that of course then can I hold your hand sure go for it this is the first time I'm holding hands with a friend yikes but how we're acting now it's not so much like we're friends.

It seems like we're family afterwards the three of us all rode around the various rides around the park we never could find the people that were supposed to be watching Karine but it was cute to watch her being a child again I was quietly imagining that maybe this is what it would be like if I married Miu and had a child like Karine.

Got cream on your face I got it so anyway do you like Mew what I mean we're technically just friends so ah so you do like her got it I didn't say that's not okay you should tell her your.

Feelings as a man you're just gonna be pure forever like that it's not that simple and don't call me pure plus you were literally on a date with someone that pretty and you lost track of her losing points not a date hey guys I'm back what were you two so.

Excited about perfect timing chiaki was about to Chucky why is your face red the day went by quickly and it was dark before we knew it we should start heading home soon yeah it's about that time celebrity time.

Time flies when you're with your friends we could go find the people we were looking for are you sure you can go home alone yeah do you want me to go with you I'm okay oh I have an idea I'll buy you a gift okay.

Yucky hang on okay chiaki is too kind of the fun time passes too quickly true I had so much fun thank you guys I had fun being your friend and getting to know you too it was an incredibly incredibly special time to me are you okay thank you so much for everything.

Cotton do you have a wish for me Mio I have to repay both of you oh don't worry about it we're friends no let me repay you I have an idea do you like chiaki Miu wait wait wait what what are you suddenly asking it's very important please tell me um.

I don't have to worry about anything when I'm around him I can just relax and besides we're just friends I think that's my answer wait hey but looking at you two it doesn't seem like anyone wants to take the first step you don't understand cotton that kind of negativity is what slows everything down.

You have to tell your feelings you can't just be waiting around like that forever who is this kid that is like half my age telling me how to date it's okay let me work my magic magic I can only use this once a day but I'll use my magic to make sure you two become lovers I'm the Sparks fairy actually fairy.

You don't believe me just wait out here I couldn't believe what she was saying but it didn't seem like she was lying either then chiaki came back hey Miu hey chiaki wait where's Karine she was just here I guess you went home I had something to give her I thought we got along well.

Chiaki just go ahead and sit here cotton said that she was a fairy fairy what she said she was the Fairy of the amusement park and that she would use her magic I see what kind of magic what's up.

Hmm she said she'd show us so just sit here but it's almost closing time yeah but huh fireworks they're so pretty some kind of parade or something maybe what is that projection mapping I can read something me me you likes me you.

What's going on Miu nothing don't worry about it no way maybe cotton is talking about this this was her magic but not even on that kind of level shimaki chimaki Like That Snack I mean it is good but is something wrong Miu nothing.

I don't really get it this Mew person really wants to appeal to this chimaki stuff I guess so I do like snacks I guess we got to see fireworks you want to go home yeah oh yeah I guess I'll give you the present I just bought I actually just bought something too the same keychain.

Just different colors I guess we're matching I guess so I wonder if those two got together miss Karen are you sure we are allowed to do this even though this is our amusement park should we really have had fireworks just for them.

If it's for happiness I'm sure mother and father would approve anyway you really shouldn't have gotten on the Merry-Go-Round without me I've been hearing that you had a lot of fun I'm sorry I thought if I was spinning around I would find you quickly Karen cotton Mom Dad I'm so sorry daughter please.

Forgive me my little fairy I'm so sorry it's okay I had a lot of fun with my friends by the way I had fireworks you did it for your friends what a wonderful job you really are my amazing daughter dad I get it relax let's go eat some Berg it's your favorite bird for dinner.

Tonight please don't say Berg just say Burger I really don't like it I think I might have made a typo earlier oh well I like snacks I chiaki akaba have a certain look that appears a little bit scarier than normal whenever we change class seats people.

Like to avoid me at all costs calling me things like psycho but okay what are you up to what don't touch me like that you're so naive as always so cute as you can see people are finally starting to realize my true character and treat me differently.

Or so it seemed you're the worst I should have known you know I always had a feeling this guy would do that one day something happened which turned all my classmates against me why what did I do wrong.

So why don't you put your hand on your chest and think for yourself I put my hand on my chest like she said yeah I still have no idea wait a minute everyone calm down do you guys have proof that he did it me you she's Miu ayasaki one of the very few friends I do have.

She's the class Madonna cool and pretty she tried to have my back but no proof but it's chiaki isn't it I heard it was him just look at him that's all the proof you need what's that last guy on about wait what are people saying I did wrong not that I did anything.

Um yeah why are you backing him up you're the victim use the victim what's going on so tell me what did I do to me you swimsuit Thief what why would I ever do such a thing it's hard to watch why don't you just admit it.

What you is this what all the fuss is about hmm I wonder what you're talking about see she's the main culprit the moment I saw her everything clicked yesterday after school looking closely you're actually pretty handsome huh what does that mean I'm ugly from far.

Away go out with me and just like that she asked me out I responded um I'm sorry how come do you know how much I'm Into You this is the first time we've even talked I rejected her in an instant something.

Was obviously off hmm is it because I'm a little clumsy no clumsy people don't say they're clumsy oh is it because you don't like my style well speaking of style that is something very attractive about you it's not that I don't like you or anything like that it's a problem with.

Me well to be honest I'm not so good with girls who show me a lot of affection a girl like her an introverted guy like me wouldn't match anyways I see I understand very well do you like me you that much huh what what makes you say that you should really give up on me you or.

Else something very bad might happen after what happened yesterday there's no doubt all of this is her fault you know I was so surprised when I found out that chiyaki was a swimsuit connoisseur what the hell is that when no one's watching you like to look into other girls swimsuits right.

You enjoy looking first and then the smell and then the taste test comes at the end why would I do that no one seems to believe me except me you there's no way chiaki would do that I'll prove his innocence right now me you first of all swimsuits are not a type of food.

Um Mew the crime took place around three hours ago if he actually ate it he wouldn't be here right now since his stomach would be in pain that's not the point I see the proof is the fact that chiaki didn't go to the Health Center what.

She's saying does make sense no it doesn't if you guys agree with this nonsense don't blame other people in the first place then where is her swimsuit chiaki let me check your bag just in case I mean sure not like you're gonna find anything what.

No that's hard evidence right there Yaki you were a swimsuit connoisseur after all no this is all a setup everyone wait a second I can prove his alibi you could have started there gym class was fourth period and it was gone by then and I were together from first to third.

Period she's right I saw those two talking during lunch there was no timing for him to steal it that means chiaki what's with you since the beginning of class how I envy you you were with the class Madonna for the.

Entire day who cares about the swimsuit you're guilty either way you're missing the point what a bunch of idiots well there could be a possibility that isn't actually my swimsuit um Miu what are you saying you could have bought a girl's swimsuit and then put my name on it afterwards no wait what are you going on about.

Because of miu's logic I was about to be turned into quite the unique pervert but actually there is one suspicious person and it's you what me during gym class well I was sitting out from class teacher is it okay if I use the bathroom and then I saw her head to the bathroom.

In the class building instead of the one right next to the pool why did you head to the one in the class building oh well it's because the poolside bathroom is harder to use it's dim smells bad and kind of dirty that's I can understand you can.

By the way didn't she bring something with her to the bathroom could it have been mew's swimsuit she's the one that started saying chiaki stole it now that I think about it how did she know it was chiaki were you sneaking around behind the scenes just to frame me.

Uh oh why would I do that there's nothing I would gain from doing that I didn't want to say this but is this revenge for yesterday when I rejected you no I don't even like you my stomach kind of hurts I gotta go she's running let's get our chiaki Miu and I ran after her.

And then we went all the way to the Rooftop uh oh why are you chasing me stop running were you the one that stole my swimsuit and put it in chiaki's bag yeah got a problem huh she's playing this now cause chiaki rejected me I had to get revenge.

Flirting with Miu and it pisses me off happy now you liked chiaki that much that doesn't concern you it was my swimsuit that got stolen so answer my question not really I just wanted a boyfriend so I asked him out randomly let me get this straight you tried to.

Make shiyaki your boyfriend even though you don't like him and then you go all the way to do that just because you got rejected oh why do you defend shiaki so much are you into him don't a what don't part your Twisted sense of love and our friendship together.

Me you you better apologize to chiaki and to the people in class you involved we were both stunned by Muse rage her pretty face had quite the effect in her angry expressions I'm I'm sorry Chucky Mew um I'm fine after seeing Mew scold her like that I.

Had nothing more to add after a while miyu opened up her mouth as long as you apologize properly and feel remorse I'll forgive you but promise me that you will never do anything like that ever again okay I promise afterwards she walked back to the classrooms to apologize.

Thanks Miu what's wrong you okay I'm fine it's just I used up all my energy back there and now I'm feeling it all at once it's right considering her quiet personality doing things like what she did back there is.

Not easy for her nevertheless she gave it her all just for me thanks Miu you really helped me it's fine you're my friend chiaki I'm so glad you consider me as your friend and most importantly thanks for trusting me of course.

I took her hand and stood up but Miu still drained of her energy oh her weight caused me to fall over sorry I lost my balance no it's my fault wait did you hit your face it's red all over um no this is it's not fair that I'm the only one.

Blushing all of a sudden everyone started flooding over to the Rooftop sorry chiaki sorry for doubting you we're sorry chiaki it was a misunderstanding um what sorry to interrupt bad timing sorry.

What the hell are you doing what are you doing George beautiful Madonna this is what you call a misunderstanding it's not what you think I was about to be misunderstood for something entirely different later that day on the way home good thing that case was solved.

Yeah what a day that girl seems like she did feel remorse about it but she might cause another scene with that kind of personality we knew she would feel uncomfortable in class after this incident so Mio and I followed up with everyone about her we told them she was sorry and that we.

Already forgave her but we were left feeling a little skeptical nevertheless there was a lot on my mind as I walked beside me you she's helped me through a lot this case was solved mostly thanks to Miu I felt I had to do something for her.

At the same time there was a part of me that felt hopeful I know she's a good person at heart but is her kindness to be a product of being her friend or or does it come from a deeper place in her heart which is something I can only hope for hey me you I wanted to ask you something Mew.

I heard a familiar voice coming from behind just as I expected The Voice came from that girl sorry for stopping you guys what is it still want something from us I couldn't thank you guys thank you for following up with everyone in class.

Oh it's nothing and I wanted to tell you guys something oh what is that I thought about it after the incidents seeing Miu properly faced tomoaki like that I felt I needed to do the same they want to become someone who can face.

People head on with honesty listening to those words made me feel ashamed of myself am I facing people head on with honesty am I just using my shy personality as an excuse to run away from these situations although Miu is just as shy as I am she puts in the effort in trying to face people honestly.

All I could do was hope for the best with Miu as I was too afraid to get hurt I saw Miu face challenges head-on right next to me and the best thing I could do was hope for something more than just being her friend I'm so ashamed of myself for selfishly interpreting her attitude the wrong way when she was desperately trying to.

Defend me thanks for caring for a person like me I was really happy and so I thought this person is the only one for me which is why I can't give up can't give up does she mean please go out with me.

I'm sorry I still akazaki what I want to change just for you Mew please be mine um wait a minute I thought you liked Chi hockey no that's a true I've always liked you.

From the start meal so why did you ask me out I'm sorry for all that all I wanted to do was get in the middle of you too so apparently her plan was to get in the way of me you and me first and then break up with me after that she was going to switch over and go for Mew even if you're not into girls I feel.

Like we could both connect with each other just as well um I'm just really shy there's no way a cool girl like you would be shy what I beg your meal please be my girlfriend chiapi help me out here.

Um give me a second I'm really confused to wrap it up I'm really not popular with girls oh this girl's into me looking back I feel all sorts of Shame for thinking that Jackie can you grab the boxes over there sure my name is chiaki akaba I'm a junior in.

High school this girl that looks easy but isn't is Sana Nanase I'm helping her clean after the band club that girl is the club manager hibiki Iwata thank you both so much for helping out don't even mention it thanks chiaki it's not a bad feeling to help out every.

Once in a while I have a feeling something good is going to here we go whoa what's up chiaki um nothing wow Sana you're expressing your pureness by wearing white what are you talking about hibiki hey don't be shy.

And there's the payoff thoughts chiaki I didn't look if you like the pure innocent white I want to see mine hey hippie stop flirting with chiaki you two aren't dating right chiaki is mine when did I become saunas.

Please come to the principal's office huh I'm being called to the office come to the office at once oh man and they're really mad too maybe it's because I had a surprise live at the school meeting that wasn't planned they thought it was part of the meeting the whole time and no one can handle me.

Don't try to be cool and just go to the office that's so metal and so as soon as it was just me and Sana alone hey we're in a room with just the two of us do you want to do something how about continuing to clean do you want to kiss this is kind of my dream.

Situation stop messing around I'm not joking ow chiaki are you okay are you hurt ow what is this old electric guitar it does look old maybe it's vintage.

What do you think I knew you'd put it on do I look good yeah yeah I'm going to play a love song for you can you even play the guitar not at all hey you should try on the guitar what no I'm good just try it how do I look oh whoa hello there.

Handsome it looks really good you really think so play a song for me I can't play either I'm going to take some pictures stop that uh why are adults so boring oh hey picky I'm back wait what are you two doing.

Oh sorry it just looked cool oops sorry that guitar should not be touched what why that guitar is cursed cursed what do you mean there's no such thing as a curse How Could You Believe in such a thing at this day and age.

Wait are you serious I'm serious what kind of curse I was told by my former classmates to never touch it but if you two already touched it it's too late what hibiki explained what was going on after this and all the details about the curse.

This is something I heard from one of the other students over 10 years ago a boy fell in love with a girl but the girl never really did pay any attention to him because he wanted her to like him he saved all his money and bought a guitar to play for her he practiced his hardest for the school.

Fair in the day of he played and sang his love song for her then he asked her out but I have a boyfriend what and he got rejected on the spot that had to hurt there's actually more to this story.

The jealous boy chased down the girl with the guitar then he smacked her from the back with the guitar I'm so done with you and so he attacked the girl yikes after that we learned that if you touch the guitar it's over the opposite sex never likes you again.

That's that's it don't underestimate the curse everyone who has ever touched that guitar has been rejected over and over again are you sure they weren't just unattractive the teacher.

My fiance had some serious issues and couldn't get over it you probably couldn't see through his BS by the way this guitar is called the couple breaker are you being serious right now we believe this crap there's someone who would oh you must be.

Able to get married just just like your old teacher oh that's what you're scared of let's get rid of this curse of the shrine chiaki Sana calm down please to Yogi I don't want to end everything like this Sonic stop pushing me oh Chucky Chucky I'm cursed this has.

Nothing to do with the curse we headed to the shrine that hibiki had told us about it's apparently a very old Shrine with a long history of getting rid of curses like this stop crying already we're not even dating yet you want to date me I didn't say that.

See I'm I'm good this is no different from normal as we talked we made it to the shrine and then what are these stairs holy we have to climb this ah as we started climbing the stairs I.

Could see Sana was starting to have some difficulty Sana you alright ducky I'm a little tired insane how long are they sauna hold on.

Oh chiaki are you okay I'm okay are you sure yeah because this is all because of the curse no you just slipped sorry it's fine to tell you something else.

What I can't really move because we fell seriously sorry chiaki don't mention it not too heavy nah you're light soft too if someone were to be behind me they would see right on my skirt is that really something you should be worried.

About right now don't look okay I'm not looking sell up your skirt this morning as we finally made it to the top who the heck are you two are you the priest here we're hoping you could get rid of a curse oh we don't do that sort of thing here should just go to some cheap Shrine that.

Says they get rid of curses here I don't think people just get rid of curses on a daily basis I don't care get out of here please we really need your help the guitar is really cursing us what's that guitar why do you have that it was in our band club room what okay I'll get rid of the curse wait he's.

Actually thinking about it is this curse real come with me he followed him inside but um Mr priest that statue oh it's our holy item rad Rock demigod this doesn't seem legit our God is actually a god of rom-coms rom-coms this has to work I'm amazed.

That we found this Shrine yeah I'm not sure about the history of this shrine the de-cursing began I need you two to believe strongly in your hearts do you understand your hearts be Soulful and young Souls yes sir Hearts huh I don't really trust this blah blah blah.

Etc etc Mantra hymns blah blah blah blah nonsense Mumble whisper can we seriously trust this priest if you can hear me right now you have your volume set way too high hey your prayers don't sound correct priest problem with my.

Pretty make sure you're twice as cursed what the dancer on Prince or on Jabba and blitzing the so-called prayers ended all right we're halfway done there's still more unfortunately breaking this curse takes a hot and passionate heart but your friend here is awfully bad at.

Being passionate so you need to play a love song what then the guitars curse and all future curses will be lifted but there are no buts or else you'll stay a virgin forever no please tiaki the kids get married if you don't sauna.

Sana is seriously worried fine I don't know how to play guitar just try play with your soul come on tiaki ah fine here goes nothing backyard beaches dreams come true karate double what Would You Do The World Is the End I got diapers come true my love.

Is so slimy like a firefighter I played random notes on the guitar for at least an hour after that I just randomly sang and mixed lyrics with love and passion in it I did wonder one thing though is this something you do at a shrine I think the curse that was on the guitar it's gone yeah.

Good job kid I underestimated you don't call me kid ah thank you so much chiaki I didn't really do anything I love you so much oh uh just go home get a room man I haven't seen this thing in ages you remember this guitar how could I forget.

I'm just gonna break this stupid thing ah ah stop don't stop me no you don't understand I really feel your passion but you have a boyfriend I feel bad for him but now I'm in love with you so you and you dumped him for me.

Yeah it's been such a long time I thought you left it as a symbol of love I don't know how but it made its way back apparently it's now a cursed guitar I guess it technically is a couple breaker considering I stole you from him it's so metal all right I'll play a song for you.

Oh thank you I love you so much those two get along too thank you for today chiaki I didn't do anything that big do you think the curse has been lifted I don't know I'm just glad that priest accepted the guitarist payment.

Now that everything is handled let's date no I didn't agree to that oh my gosh I'm still cursed yeah it's not the curse I just made sure that the fact that I serenaded sauna would stay a secret Shrine maidens the traditional look almost defines the Japanese culture most healthy boys have.

An attraction to them please serve me and not God everyone has thoughts of that at least once I chiakyakaba I'm heading off to a shrine to see one myself or maybe not even though I'm in the middle of puberty I'm not that wild or desperate why do I have to listen to my freaking sister.

To explain the situation hey it's yucky huh yeah what's up hey you know that famous Shrine that's near where you live shrine yeah can you go by the healthy birth charm there healthy birth.

Yeah it turns out I'll be taking on a new family member after a year of marriage wow congratulations thanks so I'll be waiting for that charm oh okay life can be strange I can't really turn down the suggestion considering how happy she was.

How about she tell me about her pregnancy without asking or something a favor did seem like something she would ask for I'm just gonna buy that charm and go by the bookstore Excuse me yes how could I help you can I have a charm please chiaki huh I was surprised when someone called my name I couldn't hold myself.

Back when I looked up at The Shrine maiden's face me you surprise the maiden's face was none other than my friend the cool looking but inwardly sweet Miu ayasaki my head was full of questions why is Mio working here was he hiding it how long has she been working here but Above All Else.

So cute hmm she's probably why this place is considered lucky Chucky are you okay huh hello are you okay oh you're back sorry you were just so cute I didn't mean to say it no oh seriously enjoying the various seasons.

Various Seasons it's the middle of summer don't ask me to explain myself I didn't really understand either he's gone why was he being so strange he didn't come here just to mess with me right I thought he came to buy a charm or something what kind of charm did he want.

Health Family Wellness Traffic Safety hmm money business school none of them makes sense graduation love hmm love that explains why his face was so red that had to be it I'm sure of it this is.

A popular Shrine for good luck I'm sure he came to ask for help curiously enjoying the changing seasons maybe he's saying that his season is almost here chiaki always did have a poetic side to him but who could he possibly like I really hope no I pray that it was me.

The day after I took off in a Sprint I couldn't come up with a valid excuse how can I explain why I ran away good morning chiaki oh morning it's a good weather today yeah it is a great day laughs this is so awkward her cool and collected demeanor that she usually had.

Was gone do you know I wanted her to stay cute who does he like but it's a perfect question I shouldn't cry screw it just ask be honest just explain why I ended up at the shrine and it'll work itself out probably me you so about yesterday I it's okay.

Huh how's their secrets huh do you you don't have to tell me okay she's totally figured it out her calm demeanor makes me even more confused and fantasizing tiaki I know you were going to say that I was cute.

You can't hold yourself back with how cute I look in this Shrine made an outfit huh hey little dog you chiaki what why everyone has Secrets they don't want to tell by the way why do you work at The Shrine.

Oh about that you know how I'm not good with people I really don't like that about myself so I figured I'd go ask a God for some help really learn how to get over your fears more effectively what could I expect from a slightly strange girl that only looks cool she's incredibly shy and keeps to herself.

So how does that lead to working at a shrine well the priest there said I'd make a great addition and they're looking for help right now anyway I went to ask God for help and ended up helping God that was a good one have a cookie or a slice of apple anyway I'll have a slice of apple that makes sense though so that's how you.

Started working there yes sir that's exactly right I'm actually very surprised I thought she would turn down the offer with how shy she normally is you're probably surprised aren't you huh how did you yeah I am a little surprised to be honest I would be surprised too to be honest I.

Probably would have turned it down if I hadn't met you but because of you I slowly started opening up so I was able to move forward me you it's only short term though she says it's thanks to me but I know how hard she works at it even though she's super shy she's trying to push.

Herself I can't help but smile at how much she's improved chiaki maybe that Shrine does have some powers you got that job just showing up as you were going to ask for help huh that's true right all right God Is Watching Over Me I'm gonna get over being shy it sounds a.

Little silly when you hear it out loud but I'm never going to stop supporting her as a friend I miss ayasaki huh we have PE next get changed oh I'm gonna go get ready he's so popular she should just be calm oh by the way chiaki huh this is for you what's this it's a charm you left without buying it.

Oh thanks thank you so much my sister won't be mad at me now uh well here's the money for it Mew seems to be getting closer or maybe it was just me shiyaki well yeah face is really close what's up.

Shiaki to you like you can have the rest of the apples uh thanks do I like apples that much I don't get it but I guess I'll pay her for the charm later I successfully got.

The charm that my sister wanted oh it's from sis hello were you able to get the charm yeah I had a rough time but I got it you have no idea how hard it was you better take good care of huh what the what's wrong I was surprised after I opened the baggie that Miu handed me love this.

Wasn't for a healthy birth which makes sense considering I never told her what charm I wanted but why did she pick love uh I'll be back I needed to go buy another charm and so I was making my way back to the shrine I'm not sure I want to be at a shrine during the evening it was a little different seeing the shrine.

During the evening the evening sunlight was dying to shine a different color I probably watched too much anime while I was having some flashbacks to when I came before I was even more nervous I wonder if me was working today I remember the school Madonna's look with the uniform if you keep looking like.

That I'll have to perform an exorcism on you oh my gosh what am I fantasizing this is the holy place of worship I'm going to be punished I just came to buy a charm not to come see me you in her Shrine made an outfit I don't even know if she's working here today let's just get the charm and leave please stop.

Me you I hurried towards the familiar voice I'm gonna draw another one there's no point in drawing that many but I'm gonna because I'm rich some strange old man is messing with her that's the lotto guy waddle guy who's the lotto guy every time he finds someone cute he.

Keeps pulling the lotto until they give up he's Infamous I didn't expect him to show up here I never would have expected that kind of behavior look here I got the best draw if you are patient you will find the one of your destiny wow congratulations.

You can't get anything higher than that but I'm going to draw anyway why would you do that because I want to talk to you you cutie I'm so scared calculated huh please be calculated in how much you draw the angry boyfriend I'm not her boyfriend don't come back.

Again not only did I get to see her in her outfit she came hugging me she was definitely wearing underwear right what was going on with that strange man me you you okay huh I was so scaredy hockey I don't know but squishy oh you came to buy a healthy birth yeah so you have a child.

No I'm not pregnant how confused can she be my older sister is pregnant so she asked me to go buy the charm does that make sense yeah laughing I really thought you came to buy a charm for love.

Seriously why would you think that do you remember how red you were I figured you were too shy to be honest ah that makes sense too but why did you run away that day huh I can't tell her that it was because of how cute she was I'm not sure I don't remember what I was thinking you're such a bad liar.

If you don't tell me I'm gonna tickle you why are you hugging me again because you're warm that's it I was so glad it was the afternoon thank you for saving me today you are so cool oh yeah she definitely would have noticed how red my face was if it wasn't dark maybe this Shrine does have some powers.

Why do you say that it's a secret I could never admit that one of my secrets that I had was that I wanted to get along with chiaki I hope my wish comes true this might sound abrupt but I chiaki akaba and feeling very uneasy I'm looking at a desk surrounded by many.

People Miu ayasaki the ick girl of our class is sitting in the middle of the crowd she's known for her cool but somewhat cold personality and is the center of everyone's attention he's the reason why I'm feeling uneasy Miu is known to be cool but it isn't.

Something she purposely made up becoming the cool girl is just the result of her lacking communication skills added with her extremely attractive physical attributes but only I know that Her Image is maintained by her actions but inside she's very sweet and loves animals I think that the gap between her image.

And her actual personality is one of her attractive traits however there's something different about her today only I know of her actual personality so I was the only one who saw right through she seemed different almost like she really thought she was.

A true Queen I always noticed she had a soft side even if she was acting cold but she looked very dominating today which felt weird however her well-balanced face and her dominating presence was definitely gaining her popularity from boys who liked strong-willed girls.

There were guys lined up just to get a taste of a scolding from Queen Miu if I may I'd like to show you an example of what I mean you I bought you breaded juice from the school kiosk are you tired do you want a massage I found a flower that suits your beauty.

Will you be so kind to accept it even though they offered her their kindness I don't want it oh don't come near me she rejected them quite bluntly rejecting the offers isn't out of the ordinary but she's usually a little more gentle with the words.

Today Miu doesn't seem to be the cold but gentle girl she always is she's acting like a real queen bee it seems as though she's looking down on everybody but still so much I think I like it better thank you for your existence all the boys are enjoying the change of.

Character they're loving her bluntness boys keep talking to her I think they actually wanted to be scolded by her I guess I shouldn't think too much about it everybody has their bad days she's probably just in a bad mood maybe her period started and she's just feeling sick of everything it's not a.

Big deal that's what I was foolishly thinking at the time a few days had passed but mew's Behavior hadn't changed back to normal on the contrary it seemed as though her arrogant Behavior kept getting worse but it was a huge hit between all the guys the number of boys hitting on her.

Was bigger than ever why would anybody stop her hey Miu yeah what she seems back to normal whenever we're talking alone maybe I'm actually overthinking things never mind don't worry about it huh.

Mew seems so different from the attitude Queen she's become when she's with the others and I was about to find out why oh can I ask you something what's on your mind Too Close me you I'm really nailing the cool attitude thing these days right.

Huh cool attitude yeah I've been trying to act cool in front of everybody is she talking about being Queen Mew she was just trying to act cool really not so much of a cool attitude more like arrogant slash egotistical no way I thought I had it down I can't believe this.

Mia was shot apparently she thought she had the cool thing all under control why would you turn yourself into such a self-centered nightmare while just trying to be cool well it's not like I was trying to be such a selfish person well you have great talent at becoming a hussy but still queen bee huh I thought the.

Name Queen beef did her quite well and it definitely triggered some images I am a teenage boy after all Mew with a black whip I have to admit I like the image wait stop it I shouldn't be imagining things like that she's my friend I tried to shake off the image if she was trying to act cool on purpose maybe something.

Happened to make her feel a need to so I'm curious Miu why did you want to start acting cool in the first place as I asked her about her intentions Miu smirked at me glad you asked that question question chiaki why are you acting like that to tell you the truth she pulled out a book from her bag and.

She started explaining 100 guaranteed overcome your communication fears I wanted to use this book to overcome the troubles I have interacting with people I swear the lying 100 guaranteed sounds so full of crap I was feeling uneasy again listening to her rant on about her book it's typical.

Mew getting tricked into believing all sorts of crap sure enough this book had a rating of one star on Amazon just asking which part did you use to guide you I didn't think I could do everything it said from the beginning so I started with small things.

It said that by doing things that make people happy and treating everybody equally people will be attracted to you so I tried doing that how does acting cool fit into this I'm treating everybody equally with my cool attitude everybody says they like my cold piercing eyes I think I'm doing it right.

So it's not like I'm a queen bee I'm just doing this for everybody does she think having cold piercing eyes makes her cool honestly she's just acting like a real queen it was obvious she was very confused she's got this totally wrong thing going on.

Wait you want to be able to communicate better right you're doing everything wrong all you have to do is smile nicely while you're talking I suck at talking with people I do that stuff like just start from small things I have a strong feeling that putting her back on the right track is going to take.

A lot of my time and effort I'm not trying to lecture you or anything but why you want to change yourself anyways I want more friends I want to enjoy talking to people then you should really change your attitude you're building up Walls by acting the way you are now you know.

Wait no there are more people talking to me now than before those guys are talking to you for a very different reason ah you might have more guys around you but there's a better way to get everyone to like you you want to make more friends right.

Acting like you are now won't get you any friends huh you haven't gotten better at communicating with people and it's not like you've made more friends let alone being on friendly terms with anybody the only people around you are freaks that get turned on by your queen bee.

Attitude and want you to scold them I said too much but by the time I realized it it was too late miu's eyes were filled with tears her face was in a pout and she was trembling me you I'm sorry leave me alone Jackie yeah it's not like I haven't thought of that.

You don't have to be so mean about it you stupid dirty-minded loser she stormed off right after she bashed me with her insults I mean yeah I am a loser and yes everyone thinks I'm pure and innocent because of my facial features and character but I'm a teenage boy with an age-appropriate imagination.

Is the right word for me because I couldn't shut my mouth before blurting all of my thoughts to her but damn she really hit me where it hurts however I know that it was wrong of me I shouldn't have said that much I should apologize to her the problem is I don't think Mia will even want to listen to me even if I.

Catch up to her now I decided I would apologize to her the next day after her anger calms down a little however the next day me you about yesterday hmm and the day after that I'm sorry for no.

Thank you wow talk about a fast response I tried to apologize several times but she just wouldn't accept any of it she hasn't even given me five seconds to try to apologize I know I said too much I wish she would give me a chance to say I'm sorry I'm worried about her she's never gonna get friends if she keeps up.

With what she's doing Miu had become more and more like a true queen and it felt like she was trying to push it in my face Queen me you huh what do you want oh those piercing eyes thank you your highness she was starting to nail the queen thing though ah I don't care anymore if she wants to.

Be that way just let her be she ignores me when I talk to her and she's doing everything I told her not to just to annoy me there's only so much I can take from that day on I gave up on trying to make up with her hey chiaki yeah is it just me or is me really cranky.

These days not that I'm complaining she looks pretty with those piercing eyes not him too hmm I hadn't noticed really Mia was always popular but she's gotten famous for a different reason now The It Girl of the class has become the queen bee the only reason she's still.

Popular is because the special fans with their weird fetishes worship her still there is a lot of people surrounding her but she hasn't been able to make any friends like she has said she wanted to I know all she wanted was to make friends that she could talk to and have fun with but right now it just looks.

Like a queen with her Faithful Servants just then mew's eyes met mine but she quickly turned away she's so stubborn I don't care about her she should do what she wants despite my efforts to forget I can't stop thinking about her but as the days went by more and more.

Guys were gathering to win her heart they even followed her on her way home from school are you thirsty here's some tea let me hold your bag for you please use me as you wish that's not fair guys I I'll be your horse no thank you.

See I told her Miu seemed to have lost her cool character I could see she was kind of freaking out but you reap what you sow she's responsible for the situation she's in she should just fix it herself just then her eyes meant mine again she looked like a lost kitten desperate for help.

Fine I guess I have no choice letter B guys you're making her nervous oh no what have we done damn it I can't believe we didn't realize we were making her feel uncomfortable we're sorry we should stop bothering you for today they're all quite well-behaved servants.

They all backed away when they realized they were causing her trouble thank you you're welcome this is awkward but I realized this was my chance we've been avoiding each other but I knew Mia wouldn't be able to reject me in this moment.

So um I'm sorry for the other day I feel bad too I knew you were trying to apologize to me but I purposely avoided you I guess I was just being stubborn you know you were completely right I can talk to people now well no a lot of people talk to me now but it's not because I've made friends.

They want something else and I haven't been able to improve my communication skills either it's not something that gets better overnight if communicating with people was that easy I'd be so much more popular than I am now wise words from an experienced man in that area I am a pro when it comes to.

Not making friends I could tell the awkwardness was over because we were back to how we were before joking with each other you know I kind of really missed you the whole time we weren't on talking terms you were the only one who knows what kind of person I really am and I can be myself around you.

I realized I feel really safe when you're around I'm glad you think of me the same way I wanted to say I felt the same but I was feeling shy and embarrassed but to be honest I felt really happy that Mia was feeling the same way as me that she missed me let's make up I don't want to be apart.

From you anymore we need to be there for each other felt like we were proposing to each other I was trying hard to keep my cool but her sweet words were making my heart beat really fast and so the feud between us had ended Mew took one step forward and one step.

Back actually she took a step backward and then she took one step forward so that means she's just back to her old awkward self nothing had changed from when all this started the guys who became her servants eventually faded away once she went back to her old self I mean she's still extremely popular but I'm just relieved.

To see Miu back to normal I'm the only one who knows what she's actually like I guess I feel good about being the only one who knows the Secret side of her that nobody else can see and how many times have we played I haven't lost once to you yet.

You are too good at this game it might be that you just suck hey Sana why don't we stop playing who had more time I can't quit now I gotta win at least once huh I don't know how this happened but I'm playing video games with the prettiest girl in school right now.

I guess it started this afternoon ah damn it why can't I win you're too strong no you were doing a great job you're totally looking down on us one more time I chiyaki yakaba was playing games with some friends I don't usually stay after school to play games however everybody in this.

Class loves this game and I wasn't an exception I practiced at home so I could become friends with people but I'd gotten so good that I beat everybody that I went up against human first again what are you doing Sana.

Don't feel it's not it's not a ghost you were super super like the red and green Super Brothers game no I was saying you were super close this is Sana Nana say she's known for her attractive looks and is considered the it girl of our school any healthy guy would be surprised if.

Such a pretty face suddenly came so close to them on top of that for some reason she really likes me ever since I helped her out with something once she's liked me she's even asked me out there's no way I could stay calm when such a girl comes close to me.

Oh no she's so bright it's blinding me need to gain my distance hey you guys huh they ran away I wonder what's up with them I don't know maybe they had something else to do I see so chiaki what game are you.

Playing this one here look I showed Sana the screen on which I was playing a fighting game she doesn't know many games but I was sure she had heard of this one because it used a lot of famous characters oh I know this one great I'm glad you do I'm actually pretty good at it.

Huh Sana you play games yeah from time to time didn't expect that from her I have one of my own too I want to play with you how about tomorrow after school no huh in the end Sana got her way so here we.

Are at my place playing games together did you have to come over we could have done this at school no way I want to play on a big TV screen then playing online would have been fine what it's more fun to play with friends in the same room I get what you're trying to say but let's start playing you better not cry.

When I beat you we turned on the game for a battle Yeah I lost I thought you said you were good heard the problem you're too strong we decided that the player who knocks down three characters first would win I won very easily.

Playing professor I wouldn't be wasting my time on high school if I was good enough to play professionally I'm just saying you're that good this sucks we need to play again it can't just back down on this okay fine we kept playing for a while.

There's one thing I noticed while we were playing she wasn't bad at it she's actually pretty good it's just that her guards down at critical points in the game she just needs to notice her weak points to overcome them there were times when she put up a good fight but I always won in the end.

Sana never gave up and we played many many times one more time seriously this is the last time I promise ah maybe I'll just go a little easy on her so she can win once then she'll stop.

Bothering me I was tired I just wanted the whole thing to end oh no one of my characters died hmm I guess I might lose this one chiaki yeah you're not doing this on purpose are you.

Huh you winning because you went easy on me defeats the whole purpose do your best oh okay look at her menacing eyes she has the eyes of a true gamer not again there was no chance of her winning it.

Was like taking candy from a baby chiaki one last game I thought you said that last time I can't just give up on this okay but it's getting late we should turn it off and continue this on another day what no I promise we'll make some time to play again soon okay.

You really promise yeah you're not just saying that right yes I promise okay then I'll be looking forward to tomorrow okay I'll see you tomorrow I finally convinced her to go home but shiaki let's do it sauna.

Game time she came to play games the next day let's fight again and the next day and the next day a week passed and Sana was still coming over every chance she got Sana hasn't won once against me the past week she's tired me out it's finally the.

Weekend I need to sleep in to regain my energy like a moth to a flame my body was drawn into the bed however I really don't want to know who that is maybe I can just pretend I'm not here chiaki it's me I know you're in there.

I knew it geez how long does it take for you to answer the door I was trying to find a way to get out of seeing you I wish I could have just ignored her but she was very insistent and I was afraid the neighbors might wonder what's up so what did you want from me today.

Oh come on you know let's play ah fine if you hadn't noticed I was starting to get sick of playing games with Sana day after day don't get me wrong I like playing games just not the same game every day I keep winning and it's just getting really old.

Please you gotta at least give me a day off no I practice after I got home yesterday and I woke up early for my training to go up against you give me a break man well I thought you might be getting tired of the same old thing over and over so I brought something that might give you a little motivation.

Something to motivate me yep look at this tada a maid costume we can have a penalty system every time I lose I will have to wear this and do anything you ask me to do what do you mean anything I can cook for you or maybe give you a.

Massage I see I haven't told you this but my classmates called me pure key because they say I'm very innocent and have no immunity to girls however I'm a very healthy teenage boy I'm authorized to have naughty fantasies and dreams right right now there's a 100 possibility that I would win and then she will have to do.

Everything I tell her to costume yes please okay you can Count Me In see I told you there's no way I could fight the Temptation I wasn't thinking at all I had said yes before I knew it wait so what would happen if I actually lost.

I was so excited I forgot to ask her my feelings got way too ahead of my head hold on a sec you said the loser has a penalty right that's right if you lose you will wear the maid costume and have to do anything I say nobody will want to see that I will I'm so excited for it she's excited.

She must be a freak who would want to see a guy wearing a maid costume that's just gross you know actually I'm thinking maybe not I thought you were a man of your word yes ma'am stupid now there's a chance of having the most humiliating experience of my life.

I put everything I had into the game there was no way I could live with myself if I were to be given the penalty go go go Sana must have practiced a lot she was much better than the last time we played yesterday the results were.

Yeah I lost again the battle was fierce I gave it my all and yes victory was mine I was so close to winning I seriously thought I was gonna lose when I killed off my own character acquainted I'm so glad I escaped having the most.

Embarrassing moment of my life well I was actually really looking forward to seeing you in the maid costume oh come on well I lost I guess I have to keep my side of the promise then yeah so Sana changed into her maid costume here we go.

cuteness overload okay but seriously this is a weird situation the prettiest girl in school is in my bedroom wearing a sexy maid costume okay chiaki don't get all rational you should enjoy the sight The View just take it all in man.

So let's start what do you want me to do I guess it's almost time for lunch so I'll make you something to eat I felt relief and a little bit of disappointment Sana went to the kitchen to make me some lunch voila in omelette with rice Palace Sana wow that smells incredible.

I know and you get a little ketchup on top enjoy catch up in the shape of a heart don't think this is all there is you also get a cute ah toads of dogs she's killing me FYI this line said by a mate is considered Top Class cuteness in Japan after I swallowed down my omelette with.

Rice does it feel nice uh-huh it feels amazing she cleaned my ears for me it was awesome not to mention her soft thighs as my pillow don't move they could hurt you you caught me off guard.

stop it you're so cute after she carefully cleaned out my ears I can feel your muscles are stiff here I know I need to get rid of these naughty images in my head okay think of bald men beer belly chest hair dirty fingernails.

Yes I know I'm just getting a regular massage there's nothing sexual about it but I just can't help it ugh so I have my doing okay does it feel good yes it feels good but why are you so out of breath well you're a lot harder than I expected.

I'm a guy I guess I have more muscles we're only talking about muscles nothing else Sana was doing a great job of serving me but I'll be honest I didn't feel relaxed at all having to fight back my urges the whole time was exhausting although I did enjoy the view very much thanks for everything today.

No problem I don't want to imagine how things would have been if I'd been the one to lose that battle hey that would have been fun too but I enjoyed it because I wanted to do all those things for you anyways that would have not been fun wait what were you.

Planning on doing this from the start huh what I don't know what you're talking about you didn't lose on purpose did you I fought very hard I would have enjoyed winning but I didn't mind losing because I would be able to do all those things to you I'd forgotten Sana had feelings for me.

So this was probably another plan to appeal to me maybe she didn't lose on purpose but she definitely prepared the maid costume because she was positive that she was going to lose I should have realized this sooner still chiaki you liked it didn't you huh.

I feel like I would be losing to her if I said yes I didn't know what fight I would be losing but I just didn't want to give her the satisfaction you should be more honest I know your heart was racing we can do it again sometime okay no more games though.

What I just stopped playing games together would be fun you weren't good at all despite what you said at the beginning but that's cuz I just wanted to have fun with the person I care about the most I wanted to enjoy playing games with you oh okay I had a lot of fun I was actually really.

Into it so um Sana came close and whispered something into my ears how much longer do I have to wait until you say yes to me the prettiest girl in school in a maid costume whispering in my ear.

I'm called puriki I don't have tolerance for such titillating situations wait chiaki where are you going please don't come find me you can't just run away from me like that I was so embarrassed I couldn't stand it anymore I left Sana still wearing her mate costume behind I'm sensing that this it girl will continue to twist me.

Around her pretty finger yet if I had to tell the truth I wouldn't mind playing games with her but only if there are no more penalties thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.