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[Manga Dub] People made fun of me after I lost in a tennis match… [RomCom]


The hirayama High School tennis club is all about results nothing else matters although I'm uncoordinated I worked hard to overcome my clumsiness I somehow became a regular member and it felt nice to see my hard work finally paying off however your right knee will get better but.

You're going to need more time to fully recover even if you do continue we can't keep you as a regular member it was like when a big wave washes away the sand castle you've been building for so long after that my father was transferred to another location for his work and I left.

Hidayama High School my name is hayato suzukaze it's nice to meet you all I returned to my hometown my new school was called Yuki gokuan there I met what hayato you're back um who I'm Anna Anna Sasaki do you remember me who used to play back in elementary.

School in a Sasaki she was my childhood friend but we were separated when I moved you're so tall now oh I I guess and you're so handsome really um so.

Ham and up we're still in the middle of homeroom oh I'm so sorry I just got so excited I'll forgive you if you sit down now ayato you can sit in that seat at the back of the classroom the one by the window okay Anna started telling all our classmates.

Stories from the past and I was already feeling uneasy about reuniting with her seriously hayato is the nicest coolest guy you'll ever meet hey Anna get off hey guys I'm going to the bathroom do you want to tag along no no you stay right there I left the classroom because I needed a.

Break from her ah it's so tiring talking to all those people I didn't have many friends since my father's job required us to move around a lot I wasn't used to gathering around and chatting with people after spending some time on the School.

Rooftop I heard somebody approach me I turned around expecting it to be Anna but it turned out to be a boy you're the new guy right he was glaring at me I heard your Anna's childhood friend don't get too full of yourself okay I wasn't planning on it whatever this is my territory so you better watch it.

He didn't tell me his name he just warned me and stomped off after I came back to the classroom I pretended nothing happened between the guy and me I didn't want Anna to get worried about me that took a while number two no number one you drink way too much water then.

Give me a break that afternoon Anna stopped me as I was leaving the school hayato are you going home aren't you joining any activity clubs oh I still have some unpacking to do I already told the coach I'll be starting tomorrow one of the rules at Yuki gakuan was that.

All students had to join an after-school activity Club so which club are you joining I was thinking tennis what the tennis club I'm in the Tennis Club I played soft tennis in middle school and I started playing regular tennis in high school I see.

Now that the upperclassmen are gone I'm the captain of the team uh you shouldn't be late if you're the captain Oh no you're right I'm so excited we'll be in the same Club activity aren't we separated by gender still you'll be there we'll get to be together all day Anna left with a broad smile on her face but I didn't.

Understand why she was so excited gosh the first day of school is so tiring oh this is I went straight home to finish unpacking my stuff I found a toy necklace inside one of my boxes and it gave it to me back when we were kids as a goodbye gift.

Promise me again it's been five years it's nice to know Anna never forgot about me it made me feel warm inside the next afternoon I changed into my uniform and headed out to the tennis courts I saw Anna in her uniform waving.

To me yep what do you think I look good huh guess just then the guy who warned me on the School rooftop the previous day came up to us you guys these courts are here for tennis players.

Stop fooling around winosuke so his name is ryunosuke and Anna seems to know him dude why are you here I'm joining the Tennis Club what you are what about you I'm ryunosuke togawa the captain of The.

Boys Tennis Club so you're here because of Anna aren't you no this was unplanned it's true this was a coincidence yeah right I don't believe you are you an experienced player well kind of oh were you a regular member no a sub.

Seriously this sucks we don't need any more dead waiters in this club dead waiter our team is a meritocracy we call the useless players dead waiters since they're no good oh come on you're the only one who uses that name you nosuke if you ask me everyone in this club is a.

Dead waiter except me see ryunosuke only judges people on how well they play tennis you shouldn't be flirting with your buddy right now you should be training to be better so your team can finally win enough matches to go to bigger competitions.

You're just upset because I dumped you and I know you've been hitting on my club members behind my back I also know they dumped you as well duh just because you're pretty doesn't mean you can act that way towards me I see so these two don't get along well usually they fall in love eventually in.

Anime but that doesn't seem to be the case here hey you guys huh what shouldn't we start practicing already see him coming he moved in between us so fast yeah hey transfer student you'll be.

Doing the miscellaneous work with the underclassmen ryunosuke stormed off after leaving that last comment I was left with Anna and we looked at each other awkwardly so he's the captain yunosuke has been playing soccer since he was little and I admit he's a skilled player it's just.

He has a rotten Personality yeah I noticed just as I expected I was forced to do chores for the players for the next four days I wasn't allowed in the tennis courts and he wouldn't even let me hold a tennis racket however it didn't bother me since I was still recovering from my.

Knee injury Anna came over to check up on me every time she had a break she seemed worried about me hey hayato can I help no it's okay I'm actually enjoying this it's so unfair what a jerk this isn't a meritocracy.

It's just a tyrant the rookies match is this Saturday don't you want to practice it's okay I'm satisfied with what I'm doing right now plus I should tell Anna about my knee no she'll get worried if she finds out I'm injured plus it feels nice to be helping everybody.

Someone has to do it we can practice together after everyone goes home if you want it's okay you don't have to do that for me thanks though but the workies match wouldn't Ryu Northgate get angry if he sees you talking to me again whatever I don't care what he thinks.

Damn it why does Anna keep giving him attention like that she'll see what a loser he is at the rookies match the next day I noticed ryunosuke was in a cheerful mood hey guys the rookie match is coming up I'll let you dead waiters practice it was three days before the rookies match and ryunosuke.

Finally allows the 14 sub-members to practice on the tennis courts however he told all of us we were only allowed to use one Court how are 14 players supposed to practice on one chord all the sub members were amateurs who started playing in high school they had almost no experience since.

Ryunosuke never let them practice on the courts however I could see they were doing the best they could we worked together to make the best of the little time we had to practice you're doing well for a dead waiter but what a shame you're a loser no matter how much you practice.

What do you mean you'll never win practicing like that I understand we need to practice to win since that's what we're here for but captain isn't it also important to encourage fellow teammates to build a stronger Bond what are you talking back to me hey vinosuke are you picking on hayato again.

No I'm not seriously stop coming here go back to where you belong it's so unfair of you to ban them from practicing until three days before the match you're not even trying to give them a chance if you don't like the way I'm doing things why don't you prove to me your way is better by winning what your everybody is equal nonsense that's.

Why you girls never win a tournament hey Captain did you ever consider making the team stronger as a whole so we can all benefit from it that's an unrealistic idea it never works out that way what's the point of letting dead waiters practice they won't get better anyway but we joined the.

Tennis club to play tennis who do you think you are you're just a newbie just shut your mouth fine will you listen to what I have to say if I win the rookies match on Saturday so get ahead of yourself loser I'd love to see you try though how about this I'll let you become Captain if you win.

The rookies match great if I lose I'll keep doing what I do until I graduate or you can make me quit if that's what you want don't forget you're the one who suggested it fine by me hey you can't do this.

And so we decided the rules while Anna desperately tried to come in between us the day of the rookies match I was paired up with a freshman to play in The Doubles tournament however I'm sorry hayato I'm pulling you back no it's not you I'm sorry my performance isn't the best today.

The situation was looking bad I was overworking my unhealed knee and it was starting to throb I should have practiced more damn it don't worry about it your serve was impressive you know and in the end we lost we did the best we could.

But it wasn't good enough to be honest though we did pretty well considering we only had three days to practice said to me ryunosuke found us losing hilarious and he laughed hard he seemed happy that his plan worked he had purposely set me up with a freshman.

So we would lose all your hard work just went down the drain yep we lost why aren't you upset whatever you promised me you'll quit you better keep it hmm just then Anna came rushing toward me.

She had just finished her match oh why won't you defend there's nothing to defend I lost why aren't you angry I'm so frustrated I Otto I know you worked so hard for this day I've been watching you the whole time I know you helped all the sub members practice after everyone else.

Went home you even practice with them in the mornings and you just use up your lunch breaks to do the chores you couldn't finish during practice just so you could help the other submembers practice you did so much more than anybody in the club you don't deserve this real skate was right.

Ayato is such a loser after all he said about hard work and winning the competition he lost the first match ryunosuke's friends started making disrespectful comments about me that's right hayato has been kind and supportive towards us he taught us when nobody else cared for us Outsiders.

Should keep their mouths shut uh oh guys stop why you didn't do anything wrong hayato I agree with Anna this is so unfair to you we need to do something hey it's not over we still have the singles tournament what singles tournament coach didn't tell me you were playing in the singles.

You should check the list you probably didn't realize it since you referred to everyone as dead Waiters when did you register uh I just asked the coach to put me on the list she's whatever there's no way you're winning the tournament since I'll be playing well just make sure you don't.

Lose before reaching the final match shut your mouth you're just a sub honey are you sure you could win against him not at all not at all but you'll have to quit the club if you don't win I don't really care whether I win or not Plus.

I haven't given my hundred percent in a while so I'm not sure uh hundred percent to be honest I don't do so well when I play doubles since I lack experience I'm better at playing one-on-one hey you'll see when I get out there I'm not so good at explaining once the singles tournament started I had to play with my injured knee but I.

Won every match even the semi-finals what the heck yo is that hayato from hideayama high school he's known as The Undefeated Champion I heard he was injured that's why he wasn't in the Nationals what no he can't be wow yotto.

Anna is it just me or do you have feelings for hayato I've had feelings for him since a long time ago he's my first love and I've fallen in love with him again yeah I kind of thought so the finals match my opponent turned out to be ryunosuke um hey.

What you're the one who wanted this but you're well you're hyatta from hirayama high school your knee is injured right I'll apologize for my attitude and and I'll make you a regular member so so can we just quit the game and make up you said our team was a meritocracy right.

Come on stop fooling around let's get started I'll let you target my knee if you want I won the match by a landslide I was glad I won the competition but my knee wasn't too happy I know I was Reckless but I have no regrets now the Yuki gaku and boys tennis club.

Won't be ruled by a tyrant things will be better now why didn't you tell are so talented I'm not talented I just worked hard for it plus I hurt my knee and became a sub I wasn't lying about anything ayato why would you agree to do this when your knee is like that do you know how worried I was jeez my bad.

I couldn't think of any other way and Anna you're heavy don't say that word to a girl a few days later I became captain of the tennis club and I changed all of ryunosuke's rules we all decided to build a powerful team where everybody had equal rights I plan.

On coaching all the players Anna introduced me to a famous sports medicine doctor and he set me up with a great rehabilitation program to get me ready for the Nationals next year oh and as for ryunosuke Rihanna Stay you said you want to get better stop slacking off I'm sorry.

Ryunosuke is a jerk but he has talent I gave him another chance to grow as a player and as a human just so you know this is not my way of getting revenge on him everyone on your team looks so Lively I am loving the energy Vibe well it's because ryunosuke isn't ruling anymore he seems to be changing little by little.

And I'm hoping the team will too you know I'm So Glad You Came Back hayato yeah me too oh here I think this is yours this is the necklace I gave you you still had it of course I kept it I wanted to give it back to you when I got back.

You're the best I'm looking forward to playing at the Nationals next year I have a lot of work to do till then as for Anna and me well our relationship is just getting started that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.