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[Manga Dub] Plain Jane from the library says she can set up a date with my favorite idol, but…


Shto come over here for a moment huh what happened you caught a cold I shago yam and a mediocre High School sophomore yeah I've been feeling off since I woke up this is the worst you can have this this is a ticket to an Idol's fan meet yeah it's happening at 1 today I'm giving it to you cuz I can't go I mean I'm sorry to.

Say this but I'm not interested in it at all I won't even go if you give it to me I already have pretty important plans to lie around and do nothing at home anyway but you have to it's a waste of a ticket if you don't and I also want you to get some of the limited edition event merchandise for me and there it is why should I do something so Troublesome to.

Help you oh are you sure you want to talk to me like that maybe I should tell my mom about the reading material that you have secretly stashed away on second thought I'd love to attend the fan meet after that I reluctantly headed out to the event venue this is a really big place just what youd expect of a super popular Idol group for now I should go.

Buy the merchandise before it's sold out but there's more stuff than I thought I wonder if I'll have enough money right that's mission complete I guess I can just go home now but I've already come all the way here and getting to shake hands of an idol sounds kind of nice an online search tells you that Konomi always treats all of her fans like VIPs.

Maybe I'll go to her I don't normally come to these types of things but since I'm here I should just go for the nicest Idol in the group but I wonder what's the right thing to say when you meet an idol thank you for coming today too if I'm not wrong this is your third time attending one of our events that's exactly right you never disappoint.

Gabi well she doesn't just remember his face she even knows how many times he came for an event huh this feels promising next please uh hello KY it's nice to meet you uh um I I wish you luck in the future too I'm not at your real fan but my sister loves you huh why isn't she saying anything.

Sorry your time's up huh already yes sir even though it wasn't much time at all that was pretty anticlimactic she didn't even say anything is this what they call VIP treatment nowadays oh hello Koo you're here today too she was super nice of both the guys before and after me why am I the other one out well it is my first time coming to one of these after.

All I guess even an idol like her would find it tiring to keep up that energy for every single person I returned home in little Spirits after school the next day why don't I just go borrow something at the library before going home I have nothing else to do anyway now that I think of it isn't Kai on Library duty today huh she's the only one here the.

Line's pretty long too koono let me give you a hand oh yam thank you Mommy koono she's in the library committee with me and she's the only Junior I really get along with we have similar tastes in terms of what kind of books we like so we quickly became fast friends even though we were in different grades please from a line over here too sharing.

The work between the two of us we were able to get through everyone in around 5 minutes they always all come at once huh it seems so sat was down with a cold today so you showing up was a big help no problem it's a good thing I decided to drop by today but she could have just asked for my help from the beginning you know I thought about it but then I'd.

Have to go to the software classroom to find you I get why you wouldn't want to I don't have your number either huh you don't I thought I'd given it to everyone should we add each other online then huh just like that sure I'm I mean you'd be in trouble if something like this happens again right in the first place I thought you already had my number if.

That was all it took maybe I should have asked him for it sooner can I text you once in a while while you're free yeah of course I also like to send people my thoughts on good books that I've read please do I'd be happy to hear them okay you got it we're in different grades after all so we didn't have much chance to really talk before this yes we're.

Grouped by grades too so we're never on duty together the truth is I've always wanted to get to know you better Yamato how does she say things so casually when we first met at the committee meeting too 3 months ago okay let's add the meeting here if there are any books you want add it to the library write the titles down on the handout I gave you.

Just now pass it back to me the novel that was published recently seems pretty interesting doesn't it hurt to make a suggestion I'll forget about it once I get home so I should probably write it down for us oh looks like great minds think alike wait everyone introduce themselves during the meeting but I forgot her name hey I suggested that.

Book too huh uh sorry for peeking at your list I don't mind you're interested in this book too yam yep I've read some of the other works from this author and they're always good also I'm impressed you remembered my name of course because of my work I'm good at remembering names your work do you have a part-time job or something no never mind it's not nothing.

Okay but anyway that's the talent I want to have it's not as hard as you think you just have to look at the defining features of a person and connect it to their name Sato with the hair pin for example oh I see it seems like it makes it easier to remember yes please give it a try so I'll be koono with the bangs and the glasses hold on don't put words.

In my mouth besides at this point I don't think I'll forget your name even if I don't use that trick huh why because you're the only Junior in the committee that I've had a proper conversation with really well it's true that I've never said so much to the senior before can I continue calling you yam then sure.

Call me whatever you want I don't really care about the whole Junior should respect their seniors junk anyway I think we're going to get along just fine you may be my favorite sophomore so far really that's good I guess why is this embarrassing you don't have to be shy about it it just means you're good.

Senior she did surprise me of how straightforward she was but I think she's also the junior that I'm the closest to right now a penny for your thoughts oh it's nothing I feel like blushing when I think about that maybe it'd be better if I change the topic ah right I went to an idol groups fan meet yesterday oh I didn't expect you to be.

Such an idol fan no I'm not the fan my sister was actually the one who was supposed to go oh I see she made you go because she wanted a limited time Edition event merchandise didn't she whoa you hit the nail on the head huh I didn't tell you whose fan meate it was though you didn't I was squiring through social media yesterday and it popped.

Onto my feed by chance I was just making an educated guess ah so that's how it is anyway I went up to get a handshake with this Idol called Konomi but she was so unfriendly oh is that so what a Pity but I guess there's no helping it it's not like I'm a real fan anyway I actually think it's good that she doesn't actually treat her regular fans.

Like she did me you're a really nice guy yam and kind of a strange guy too is that supposed to be praise it's totally praise you're strange but in a good way just look at how you're going to all that trouble of helping me out today even though you're not even on duty of course I am so a lot to handle by yourself the fact that you offer to help.

So easily just proves my point don't praise me too much my head's already in the clouds but thanks sure and I think that Idol probably has a good reason for treating you so coldly huh perhaps it's cuz I have bad breath or Worse body odor why are you so pessimistic what if and I'm just positioning possible scenarios here what.

If she's actually a friend of yours and she was just afraid of her identity being exposed when you approached her she's using a stage name after all it would cause a lot of trouble for her if you suddenly blurted out her real name to everyone because you're surprised oh I see what you're saying but there's no way huh why not I mean she's so.

Beautiful I think I'd instantly recognize her if she was really one of my friends beautiful you really think so yeah my sister showed me some live footage of her before but she was way C comp in person man meeting an idol in the flesh is just a whole different experience you don't have to go that far but thank you very much huh why are you.

Thanking me oh have I been talking to a fan of Kies all along well something like that um so what if you could go on a date with Konomi would you want to huh you're asking a lot of what ifs today well I am single and available so why not right is that so I didn't Peg you as someone that likes pretty faces No not particularly I'm just saying that no guy.

Would refuse if they got to go on a date with a gorgeous girl well it's not like that would actually happen if I had to choose rather than looks I'd go for someone with similar interest Konomi likes to read too so I think you get along well with her huh she does if I'd known that I wouldn't have had to stress over what to say when I went up there to.

Meet her I know right though if you had started with that it might have fed some more Panic Konomi is actually my friend so I can make it happen if you really want to meet her huh for real so that's how she knows all the details about Kony and the fam meat yes but she isn't Idol after all so the meeting can't be out in.

The public understandable a scandal like that could cause quite a lot of trouble for her exactly so I could set up the meeting at my place huh are you sure you're okay with me coming over of course I keep my room pretty clean as a habit so it's no problem at all about the time though I'm fine anytime Konomi can decide since she's probably way.

Busier than me in that case I only have one more hour left on Library Duty why don't we go to my house together afterwards huh today but wouldn't it be a bother to go to me if we decide to do it so suddenly no I just got the okay from her online apparently today's the only day she'll be free for a while she applies fast but I'm not mentally.

Prepared you seem like the kind of guy to change your mind last minute if I gave you the time to think about it so i' prefer you do it as soon as possible you know me too well of course you're my favorite senior after all but are you really okay with me going on a date with Konomi yes I can allow it with Konomi but not with anyone else huh what.

Do you mean I was asking if you really think that I'm worthy of going out with Konami please stop saying misleading things I misunderstood completely huh which part not telling think about it on your own okay I don't really get it but I'll do that after that we finished up the remaining hour of Library Duty before heading to Cano's.

House this is it we're here uh okay now that I'm thinking about this more calmly it's been a long time since I've been to a girl's house and the nerves are coming back again oh no uh um could you please please wait here for a while sure I don't mind but what will you be doing and what's in that bag you're carrying nothing you need to worry about just.

Some preparations I need to make before Konomi arrives I see go ahead then I'll wait here and then I was left alone in the room for about 20 minutes keno and Konomi are taking a really long time sorry to make you wait so are you surprised yes I am right of course you would be yeah is that one of your Idol costumes huh yeah it is I was already.

Shocked that you agreed to come on such short notice you didn't have to get all dressed up on top of that wait don't tell me you still haven't noticed even after hearing my voice huh notice what I knew you were a little slow but this goes beyond my imagination even at the fan meet I thought I'd be busted for sure if I.

Spoke so I did my best to hold it in if I had known you were this dumb I would have just treated you like any other fan uh I'm sorry but I have no idea what the situation is right now let me spell it out for you yam can you grab the spare pair of glasses on the bedside table for me oh sure but aren't those canos huh she's calling me.

Yam like Cano do if you still don't realize after this I'm really going to get mad how about it if you still don't understand I'll untie my hair too no need I think I get it to think Canó is a twin who works as an idol but man you two really are identical huh that's it I will hit you if you keep this up I'm not kono's twin I'm Kono herself huh really.

You do realize that it's a sin to be this dumb I'm sorry it's true that I always thought you were pretty even when you triy to hide it under those bangs and glasses but the thought of my junior being a famous Idol never even entered my mind well I guess I could understand that well don't you have any thoughts about this no no nothing other than pure.

Shock but is it okay for me to know such top secret information yes you're not the type that goes around telling this to others right no of course I wouldn't then it's fine and I plan to quit being an idol before the university entrance exams anyway huh why you're so popular and you always look like you're having a lot of fun when you perform I'd be lying.

If I said I didn't enjoy it all the time but if anything I'm just putting on an act as a brighter and more energetic version of myself I see it does sound like you're pushing yourself a little too hard yes and my dream has always been to become a librarian to make that happen I need to give my full undivided attention to the.

University entrance exams I see you only do love your books huh I think you make a great Idol but from what I've seen I can tell that the liveliness and joy that you put into your librarian work comes more naturally to you yes I think so too you may be slow when it comes to certain things but it looks like you do understand me quite well I'm glad I got.

It right me too but I do still want to be a little quicker on the uptake okay I'll do my best in that case why don't you give it a go now huh give what a go why do you think I told you about my plans for the future uh this is a hard one maybe it's a declaration of your resolve some people get more Motivation by announcing their plans out loud so.

They're held accountable for them you get their out of 100 points for that I'll help you out this time but next time you're on your own sure I'll try my hardest the idol group I belong to forbids us to have any romantic relationships oh okay also I want to focus on exams so I don't really have to date while I'm in high school anyway.

That's what I thought too so even when you move on to University can you please wait one year huh you mean yes could you please wait one year for me to finish my exams yam do you still not get what I'm trying to say no I understand perfectly well I'm just shocked I know how serious you are about your work and your studies so I completely understand you're not.

Wanting to date why you're an idol and how you want to focus on your exams so I'll wait I'll wait until you quit being an idol and you're accepted into the university that you want when all that's done will you please go out with me huh I don't think you'd be the one to ask me out first yeah it'll be long enough to figure it out it'd be super uncool if if.

I waited for you to pop the question that's just like you you already know my answer let's officially start dating when I'm accepted into University okay until then let's continue getting along well with each other of course we're not technically a couple yet but I still won't forgive you if you cheat on me as promised we started dating after Cano's.

Admission to University was confirmed we've waited two years to get to this point and we'll only get closer from now on thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well