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[Manga Dub] Plain Jane is actually beautiful… and she’s my fiancee [RomCom]


Hey man why are you reading a book in the corner of the classroom again I shot katari was reading my book during break time like always when one of the popular guys came to pick on me these extroverts have nothing better to do than pick on guys like me whatever I'll just pretend I didn't hear them yo.

You're just gonna ignore me oh my bad I didn't hear you I was busy reading ah you're such an introvert that's where you're such a loner you have no friends okay I see whatever dude this is how I always get rid of these pests I watched his back as he walked away it's none of your business you.

And I stuck my tongue out at him hmm oh himika her name is kimikashino Mia she's an introvert and a loner just like me Sota you should make sure nobody sees you when you're doing things like that can you pretend you didn't see that don't worry I'm not interested in what others do thanks.

Hey look the intro losers are hitting it off oh gosh it's like they're made for each other whatever it's not like anybody cares about anything they do that's so true man as you can see all of our classmates make fun of everything himachandai do but it's never bothered me here's why.

Sota I have the prettiest fiance ever plus if you haven't noticed yet she's actually himika the other loner from our class she puts up a loaner act at school but she actually has a cute and bubbly character I don't care what my classmates say to me I live with the prettiest girl in the world.

Hey himika you're home early I wanted to greet you when you got home so I ran all the way she's so cute she always knows the right things to say to me that's so sweet of you but make sure you watch out I don't want you getting in any accidents oh you're worried about me you are too good to be true.

Hey any boyfriend would be worried you know there is aren't you stop you're you're teasing I really think you are the best um okay anyways there are no more pressing matters.

Do you want to take a bath or do you want to eat or would you like to oh I should do my homework hey dummy you could at least let me finish my sentence well I mean he make up I know you don't mean it when you say yes I do I am so ready for it really.

You don't believe me seriously though we should get our homework done um you'll regret this soda okay okay and so we started on our homework hey soda how does this work he make up you're asking me questions you already know the answer to no I don't that's why I'm asking.

Okay well this goes he make us smarter than me she always gets better grades than me she always asks me silly questions just so she can come close to me how can I not adore her we stayed that way until we finished our work hey Shota yeah what's up just wanted to say your name.

She's so cute excuse me Mika you little rascal are you going to punish me for being bad no I won't my gosh where did you learn that line from I thought it would make you happy you can't say stuff like that when we're outside okay oh.

Don't boom me you don't want people finding out we're dating right no I don't want the other girls at school to notice you they might get jealous and want to take you away from me I don't think that would happen though it will happen for sure whoa.

Shota you don't realize how amazing you are some I don't know what I do if the other girl started liking you I I think you're giving me too much credit but if that's the case wouldn't it be better for everyone to know that I'm.

Taken you don't get it some girls enjoy the thrill of a challenge it gets them fired up you read too many manga no I don't I swear it's true okay okay everything will be fine hemika you've always been such a big Warrior.

What they're there oh gosh I don't know how I got so lucky she's the perfect girlfriend and there are two reasons why himika dresses and acts as she does at school the first reason is that she's just too pretty none of the guys will leave her alone if they actually saw how pretty.

She was that's why we had to come up with a disguise the second is to protect himika from the girls getting jealous and bullying her back in middle school hemika was extremely popular with the boys however some of the girls bullied her because they envied her beauty she stopped going to school because of.

It and it took her a while to come back out and I met while she was still a shutting kimika I think we need to start studying now no I want to cuddle you silly we need to finish our homework it'll be fine it won't take too long to get all of it done.

Okay then let's get it done now only if you cuddle me a little more you little baby come here then okay I couldn't help it we cuddled and cuddled in the end see I knew this was gonna happen I couldn't finish my homework and I.

Ended up having to cram before going to sleep go soda you got this himika was already finished with everything being the smartest she is so I was the only one freaking out you did great today shoda I did thanks to you hey tomorrow is our day off we should go on a date.

That sounds like a great idea do you have any place in mind maybe we could just stay at home but that wouldn't be a date I mean we live together you know I'd be happy with anything as long as you're with me oh come on you're such a sweet talker you likey.

Of course I do that's one of my favorite things about you I'm glad to hear you say that oh she's asleep good night kimika I fixed the covers and held her tightly as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Wake up shoda if you don't who knows I might kiss you huh don't you think it's a little insulting to wake up so abruptly like that no it's it's not that I don't want you to it's just we haven't done that yet and I I guess I need to prepare myself.

Shota you need to step up and be a man uh well do you want to then huh I'm up for it you know we should kiss if you're ready for it uh well her um close your eyes humika oh wait just come on hurry.

I can't he make had jumped off the bed and ran away she's always like this she's the most innocent person I've ever met we're both inexperienced with intimacy so our physical relationship hasn't progressed at all I guess we should get breakfast.

Ready both of my parents work full time and they don't come home that often team ago and I have been taking turns doing the housework ever since she started living here however when it comes to cooking she always wants to help so we always end up doing it together ah himeka good morning.

What's wrong you seem to be upset about something it's your fault and you know it huh what did I do you knew how I was going to react you're making fun of me hey make up you're the one who suggested it first no you can't make it my fault I was just trying to wake you up.

It's partly your fault I just went along with what you started I'm not gonna help you if you're gonna be mean okay I'll get breakfast ready why don't you sit over there and wait you're being so cold you should be nice to me what do you want to do then I want to.

Make breakfast with you okay let's make it together then okay she smiled brightly and accepted my invitation she seems to have forgotten about our fight she's so easy to handle and that's another thing I find so adorable as you can see we have a happy life.

Together I don't think I need anything else as long as I have himika by my side she's honest about her feelings and she may seem childish at times but that's what makes her so Charming I don't care about anything anybody says to me at school because I know I have her that's what I thought until one day.

I noticed something at school I agree you look so shabby I'm embarrassed for you hmm anything oh well it's none of your business what the heck you're being so rude a loner she probably needs a lesson on how to talk to people right back at you.

What did you say did she say we needed a lesson do you realize how ridiculous you both sound right now are so out of line You intro loser I hate people like you to be honest you don't see me going out of my way to bother you just leave me alone you think you're better than us what's going on.

Are they fighting it looks like himika is talking back to those girls it's getting pretty heated up wow why is she doing that she's always so quiet I don't care but she's causing a scene hmm seriously what makes you guys think you are so high and mighty why did you spend.

Your time doing better things like studying for starters it okay that's enough soda oh what the heck my job business will you well you guys are fighting and somebody needs to stop it asked you.

That's right get out of our way hmm what should I do about this himika tends to avoid conflict since she has such a kind heart however I think today's incident brought back memories of when she was bullied in Middle School that's probably why she's being so.

Aggressive I could just call the teacher and end things but I'm sure himika would not be able to forget and let go plus the girls picking on her will probably mess with her again I guess it can't be held I'm talking to hockey too will you shut your mouth for a second.

If you want to fight I'll give you one how about that hey what the heck he's like a different person whoa what does it even matter to you everything concerning himika matters to me she's my girlfriend you can't go attacking the love of my life expecting me to just sit back and.

Watch uh the intro loser just like you Mecca hey look at his eye I've heard stories about him he's odd I'd showed up he's the one who went around punishing all the punks in the area back in middle school why is odd-eyed soda here.

Kidding me I heard that he suddenly appeared around here forced a shutting girl out of hiding and beat up all the students who were bullying her some friends of the bullies tried to get revenge but apparently he beat them all by himself he's the ultimate bad boy around this place.

I see you've heard of me but there's one thing I need you to know I'm not a bad boy at all I just hate all those punks and Thugs who think they're all that I'm not the one who picked those fights they were the ones who made the first move don't Place me in the same category as them.

Or I'll have to teach you a lesson we should have never messed with him what if what you say is true there are people out there who hate him that's right if we let them know he's here they'll all come to help us beat him stop talking now nobody is stupid enough to pick a fight with odd-eyed soda now that they know what he could do.

Not to speak of all the odd I'd show the fans out there all of them will come to find you if you dare pick a fight with him now what's gonna happen to us um just in case I haven't made myself clear I won't have to do anything to you guys as long as you don't hurt my girlfriend.

of course I'll let you guys off this time since you guys weren't the only ones contributing to the conflict however if you hurt her in any way I will hunt you down and make you regret it do you understand I promise not to do it again.

Please forgive us it's fine just don't go out of your way to hurt her shut up please accept our sincerest apologies we will never talk back to you again wait you guys have nothing to do with this after that the extroverts who always.

Made fun of me bowed down and kept apologizing all I wanted was to protect himika but I guess the guys thought I was out to get them because they always picked on me that's why they apologized but I didn't care about what the guys had done to me all I cared about was himika and her safety wow that was awesome.

Satisfied on our way home but you really surprised me I couldn't believe it when you started talking like the old soda are you sure you're okay with them knowing you said you wanted to hide it through High School it's fine I realized that pretending to be an introvert was easy but it wouldn't.

Help me protect the people I need to I oh thank you Sota you are the best boyfriend ever hey you can't jump on me like that we're outside well I just can't help it you helped me come back out into the real world.

And you kept the promise that you made to me then that you'd promise me no matter what happens you don't know how much that means to me I was just a kid fixated on beating thugs up I think in a way you're a victim of my insane obsession I didn't know each other when I transferred to her school in Middle.

School I just heard about a girl who couldn't come to school because of some bullies it made me angry and I used her as a reason to beat them up I was a different person back then I enjoyed targeting rule Breakers and punishing them in my own way but still I am thankful for all that you.

Did for me if it wasn't for you I would probably still be in my room afraid of people and the real world I wouldn't be here laughing with you I know everybody is terrified of you but I know there is so much more to you than what they see you are the kindest and gentlest person ever that's why I fell in love with you.

I remember you trying so hard to get me to date you back in middle school kimika was open about her feelings for me she said The more time we spent together the stronger her feelings got I couldn't help but start liking her back and that's how we started dating the reason I call her my fiance is.

Because she got permission from both of our parents when we first started dating I mean I can't imagine myself to hitting another guy well we're dating now thanks to your persistence yep I know anyways what are you going to do about school I don't have to hide Who I Am.

Anymore so I think I'll go back to dressing as I did in Middle School oh well if you are then kimika gave me a little smile the next day she came to school as her regular self she has nothing to fear since everybody knows she's dating me she didn't have to hide her true self anymore.

All of the girls were astounded and I saw all the guys staring at her the whole day kimika told all of them straight up just in case nobody has ever taught you you should never judge a book by its cover that's my girl.

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