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[Manga Dub] Plain Jane is actually beautiful… and she’s my fiancee [RomCom]


Hey man why are you reading a book in the corner of the classroom again I shot katari was reading my book during break time like always when one of the popular guys came to pick on me these extroverts have nothing better to do than pick on guys like me whatever I'll just pretend I didn't hear them yo.

You're just gonna ignore me oh my bad I didn't hear you I was busy reading ah you're such an introvert that's where you're such a loner you have no friends okay I see whatever dude this is how I always get rid of these pests I watched his back as he walked away it's none of your business you.

And I stuck my tongue out at him hmm oh himika her name is kimikashino Mia she's an introvert and a loner just like me Sota you should make sure nobody sees you when you're doing things like that can you pretend you didn't see that don't worry I'm not interested in what others do thanks hey look the intro losers are hitting it.

Off oh gosh it's like they're made for each other whatever it's not like anybody cares about anything they do so true man as you can see all of our classmates make fun of everything himachandai do but it's never bothered me here's why Sota.

I have the prettiest fiancee ever plus if you haven't noticed yet she's actually himika the other loner from our class up a loaner act at school but she actually has a cute and bubbly character I don't care what my classmates say to me I live with the prettiest girl in the world.

Hey himika you're home early I wanted to greet you when you got home sorry ran all the way she's so cute she always knows the right things to say to me that's so sweet of you but make sure you watch out I don't want you getting in any accidents oh you're worried about me you are too good to be true.

Hey any boyfriend would be worried you know there is aren't you stop you're teasing me I'm not teasing I really think you are the best um okay anyways there are no more pressing matters do you want to take a bath or do you.

Want to eat or would you like to oh I should do my homework hey dummy you could at least let me finish my sentence well I mean he make up I know you don't mean it when you say yes I do I am so ready for it really you don't believe me.

Seriously though we should get our homework done um you'll regret this soda okay okay and so we started on our homework hey soda how does this work he make up you're asking me questions you already know the answer to oh I don't that's why I'm asking.

Okay well this goes he make us smarter than me she always gets better grades than me she always asks me silly questions just so she can come close to me how can I not adore her we stayed that way until we finished our work hey Shota yeah what's up.

Just wanted to say your name she's so cute Mika you little rascal are you going to punish me for being bad no I won't my gosh where did you learn that line from I thought it would make you happy you can't say stuff like that when we're outside okay.

Don't boo me you don't want people finding out we're dating right no I don't want the other girls at school to notice you they might get jealous and want to take you away from me I don't think that would happen though it will happen for sure whoa.

Sota you don't realize how amazing you are you're kind and handsome I don't know what I do if the other girl started liking you I I think you're giving me too much credit but if that's the case wouldn't it be better for everyone to know that I'm taken.

You don't get it some girls enjoy the thrill of a challenge it gets them fired up himika you read too many manga no I don't I still okay okay everything will be fine himika you've always been such a big Warrior.

What there there oh gosh I don't know how I got so lucky she's the perfect girlfriend and there are two reasons why himika dresses and acts as she does at school the first reason is that she's just too pretty none of the guys will leave her alone if they actually saw how pretty.

She was that's why we had to come up with a disguise the second is to protect himika from the girls getting jealous and bullying her back in middle school hemika was extremely popular with the boys however some of the girls bullied her because they envied her beauty she stopped going to school because of.

It and it took her a while to come back out and I met while she was still a shutting kimika I think we need to start studying now no I want to cuddle you silly we need to finish our homework it'll be fine it won't take too long to get all of it done.

Okay then let's get it done now if you cuddle me a little more little baby come I couldn't help it we cuddled and cuddled in the end see I knew this was gonna happen I couldn't finish my homework and I ended up having to cram before going to sleep.

Go soda you got this humika was already finished with everything being the smartest she is so I was the only one freaking out you did great today soda I did thanks to you hey tomorrow is our day off we should go on a date that sounds like a great idea do you have any place in mind maybe we.

Could just stay at home but that wouldn't be a date I mean we live together you know I'd be happy with anything as long as you're with me oh come on you're such a sweet talker you likey of course I do that's one of my favorite things about.

You I'm glad to hear you say that she's asleep good night kimika I fixed the covers and held her tightly as I closed my eyes and fell asleep wake up shoda if you don't who knows I might kiss you huh.

I think it's a little insulting to wake up so abruptly like that no it's it's not that I don't want you to it's just we haven't done that yet and I I guess I need to prepare myself you need to step up and be a man uh well do you want to then huh I'm up for it you know.

We should kiss if you're ready for it well her um close your eyes humika oh wait just come on hurry hey I can't he make had jumped off the bed and ran away she's always like this she's the most innocent person I've ever met we're both.

Inexperienced with intimacy so our physical relationship hasn't progressed at all I guess we should get breakfast ready both of my parents work full time and they don't come home that often himaga and I have been taking turns doing the housework ever since she started living here.

However when it comes to cooking she always wants to help so we always end up doing it together ah himeka good morning what's wrong you seem to be upset about something then you know it huh what did I do you knew how I was going to react you're.

Making fun of me hey make up you're the one who suggested it first no you can't think of my fault I was just trying to wake you up it's partly your fault I just went along with what you started I'm not gonna help you if you're gonna be mean okay I'll get breakfast ready why don't.

You sit over there and wait hold he nice to me what do you want to do then let's make it together then okay she smiled brightly and accepted my invitation she seems to have forgotten about our fight.

So easy to handle and that's another thing I find so adorable as you can see we have a happy life together I don't think I need anything else as long as I have himika by my side she's honest about her feelings and she may seem childish at times but that's what makes her so Charming I.

Don't care about anything anybody says to me at school because I know I have her that's what I thought until one day I noticed something at school obviously you should care more about how you look I agree you look so shabby I'm embarrassed for you.

Hmm saying anything oh well it's none of your business what the heck you're being so rude you're a loner she probably needs a lesson on how to talk to people right back at you what did you say did she say we needed a lesson.

Do you realize how ridiculous you both sound right now you are so out of line You intro loser I hate people like you to be honest you don't see me going out of my way to bother you just leave me alone you think you're better than us what's going on are they fighting it looks like himika is talking back to.

Those girls it's getting pretty heated up wow why is she doing that she's always so quiet I don't care but she's causing a scene hmm seriously what makes you guys think you are so high and mighty why don't you spend your time doing better things like.

Studying for starters I think that you freak okay that's enough soda oh what the heck my job business will you well you guys are fighting and somebody needs to stop it this is right yeah.

What should I do about this himika tends to avoid conflict since she has such a kind heart however I think today's incident brought back memories of when she was bullied in Middle School that's probably why she's being so aggressive I could just call the teacher and end.

Things but I'm sure himika would not be able to forget and let go plus the girls picking on her will probably mess with her again I guess it can't be held I'm talking to you too will you shut your mouth for a second if you want to fight I'll give you one how about that.

What the heck he's like a different person whoa what does it even matter to you everything concerning himika matters to me she's my girlfriend you can't go attacking the love of my life expecting me to just sit back and watch Shota.

Becca I I've heard stories about him he's odd-eyed soda he's the one who went around punishing all the punks in the area back in middle school why is odd-eyed soda here kidding me I heard that he suddenly appeared around.

Here forced a shutting girl out of hiding and beat up all the students who were bullying her some friends of the bullies tried to get revenge but apparently he beat them all by himself he's the ultimate bad boy around this place I see you've heard of me but there's one thing I need you to know I'm not a bad.

Boy at all I just hate all those punks and Thugs who think they're all that I'm not the one who picked those fights they were the ones who made the first move don't Place me in the same category as them or I'll have to teach you a lesson.

We should have never messed with him bro there are people out there who hate him that's right if we let them know he's here they'll all come to help us beat him stop talking now nobody is stupid enough to pick a fight with online soda now that they know what he can do not to speak of all the odd I'd show the.

Fans out there all of them will come to find you if you dare pick a fight with him now no oh what's gonna happen to us um just in case I haven't made myself clear I won't have to do anything to you guys as long as you don't hurt my girlfriend.

Of course off this time the only ones contributing to the conflict however if you hurt her in any way I will hunt you down and make you regret it do you understand I promise not to do it again.

Please forgive us it's fine just don't go out of your way to hurt her shut up please accept our sincerest apologies we will never talk back to you again wait you guys have nothing to do with this after that the extroverts who always.

Made fun of me bowed down and kept apologizing all I wanted was to protect himika but I guess the guys thought I was out to get them because they always picked on me that's why they apologized but I didn't care about what the guys had done to me all I cared about was himika and her safety.

Wow that was awesome he make us seem satisfied on our way home but you really surprised me I couldn't believe it when you started talking like the old soda are you sure you're okay with them knowing you said you wanted to hide it through High School.

It's fine I realized that pretending to be an introvert was easy but it wouldn't help me protect the people I need to I oh thank you Shota you are the best boyfriend ever hey you can't jump on me like that we're outside well I just can't help it.

You helped me come back out into the real world and you kept the promise that you made to me then that you'd promise me no matter what happens you don't know how much that means to me I was just a kid fixated on beating thugs up I think in a way you're a victim of my insane obsession.

Because I didn't know each other when I transferred to her school in Middle School I just heard about a girl who couldn't come to school because of some bullies it made me angry and I used her as a reason to beat them up I was a different person back then I enjoyed targeting rule Breakers and.

Punishing them in my own way but still I am thankful for all that you did for me if it wasn't for you I would probably still be in my room afraid of people and the real world I wouldn't be here laughing with you I know everybody is terrified of you but I know there is so much more to you than what they see you are the kindest and.

Gentlest person ever that's why I fell in love with you I remember you trying so hard to get me to date you back in middle school hibika was open about her feelings for me she said The more time we spent together the stronger her feelings got I couldn't help but start liking her.

Back and that's how we started dating the reason I call her my fiance is because she got permission from both of our parents when we first started dating I mean I can't imagine myself dating another guy well we're dating now thanks to your persistence yep I know.

Anyways what are you going to do about school I don't have to hide Who I Am anymore so I think I'll go back to dressing as I did in Middle School oh well if you are then shimika gave me a little smile the next day she came to school as her regular self she has nothing to fear since everybody.

Knows she's dating me she didn't have to hide her true self anymore all of the girls were astounded and I saw all the guys staring at her the whole day he may get told all of them straight up just in case nobody has ever taught you you should never judge a book by its cover.

That's my girl my name's sunsa kirishima and I have a girl who I like her name is akina nari Mia the reason was simple I saw her one day in the city thank you so much for helping me out I'm about to go see my grandchild oh don't worry about it I hope you have a great time with your grandchild when I.

Saw her smile I fell for her right then and there she was beautiful and smart and kind to everyone she met and had a great smile she was called the angel of the school there was no way that I would be able to go out with the angel that's when you have to ask you for help karishima.

Please please please please please one day I was stopped by Mizuki hoshino on my way home after school she was gnari Mia's friend and called the school Madonna the reason she was stopping me I want you to show me pre-care what pre-care like princess care yes I was watching it when I was in.

Elementary school but I don't understand it recently so please I'm going to be dumbed unless I know about it by tomorrow help me please what how wait just calm down she wanted to teach me about a famous anime maybe this was 20 minutes later we were at a restaurant.

Talking pre-care so you must have asked out hayato then what did you know yeah yesetta is a serious anime nerd and one of my only friends if you Google pre-care you'd find his name at the top he's so good looking and popular I see so you asked him out.

You didn't know that he was into pre-care yeah then are you interested in pre-care huh free what I'm only interested in dating people who have similar interests I totally am interested so let's talk about.

It in a way that I saw you walking by and that's the kind of thing that he can figure out in about two seconds that's why you talk to me because I'm always around him yeah if you really like him you shouldn't lie to him no what do I do well you should just go.

Tell him you lied and get dumped I don't want to do that you're not a kid I guess you really like him huh how about we bring the LIE closer to a truth then huh what do you mean if you really like him then I can try to help you by tomorrow I decided to help her out and brought her over to my house.

Huh you really live in an otaku Heaven all these mangas you don't seem to dislike otakus you probably won't have any problems dating him all right let's get started get started like you're gonna do something to me because you're helping me out oh I don't need you to goof off like that so take me serious.

Sorry huh what is this these are novels and documents along with DVDs this is all pre-care the pre-care series has gone on for almost 12 years their 12 seasons wow that's a lot of course hayato knows all of these Seasons inside and out he knows the.

Things off the screen too he just really loves the anime if you like him you will learn as much as you can about all of this but I don't have the time I'll make sure to tell you which points he really likes and narrow it down to that afterwards we continue till around 9pm.

Studying about pre-care she seemed fairly intent on learning but it was way too much to remember everything I handed her all the remaining material and she went home thank you for sending me off oh I needed to go to the convenience store anyway guy.

Now with a liar like me I'm doing it for hayato he's my best friend so I want someone who will judge him for his personality and not his looks I was talking about hayato like he was great he's been turned down several times because he looks good but is actually a severe otaku.

I'd be glad to see a best friend with a girlfriend you're a really good guy do you like anyone I do I won't tell anyone can you tell me Miss nari Mia oh it's a I get it she's cute she's definitely cute but it's her personality.

Too I saw her helping out a stranger in the city and I just fell for her akina is a great girl I have an idea I'll help you out with akina too since you're helping me huh but but I'm not confident in myself too don't worry you're a good guy I think you'd make a good fit with akina.

You think but I don't look good like her you said it yourself personality is more important I mean sure but if you can't tell much about how you look I can help with that besides she'll fall for your personality too this is how we started helping each other out with each other's Romance.

The next day ah you like that scene too huh I'm also interested in yeah it's super emotional I'm glad to see they're doing well it looks like she studied hard at home so I was able to talk to him and have a great time I'm glad what happened to going out.

Well we said what start off by being friends thank you so much you don't need to thank me it's your hard work paying off okay it's answered now huh huh you don't have to worry about me nope I already said I'd help you and I'm the kind of girl that likes to return the favor I will make sure your life is.

Real satisfying too oh um I don't know about uh how did I end up here you look good I like it the pricing is good too that weekend the Saturday I was at the shopping mall with Miss hoshino after buying a few sets of clothes to wear we went to the beauty salon.

Like this please haircut is 55 dollars I could go to the barber two or three times for that man it costs so much money to change how you look but this is me good good we have one good looking dude I was surprised at what it looked like.

In front of the mirror I didn't realize that hairstyle and clothing could change the way someone looks that drastically also we need to swap over to contacts from these dinky glasses oh huh what's going on oh nothing you could just keep the glasses for now.

I can't see anything if I don't wear them so um thank you so much for today let me pay for this as a thank you no I made you pay for all of your do-overs I told this whole thing to my mom today and what you're going on a date with a girl dad listen.

No we're just going out as friends need we could draw as much as we need from Dad's bank whoa what and so if I don't give you my proper thanks my mom will scold me dates huh oh don't worry about it I'm not thinking about this like that I should have kept that to myself.

Awkward um about akina uh yeah she doesn't have anyone she's interested in at the moment ah I see but now you look so great so you should be more confident yes ma'am I was a little unsure but my renewal was complete and we went our.

Separate ways the following Monday what kirishima who are you though apparently the renewal worked and it was the first time in my life that people actually complimented me on my looks what's going on you're trying to stop being an otaku if that's true I don't.

Think I could be happy for you oh that's not all don't worry about it long story short it's all for you what wait you like me haha very funny after class that day Miss hoshino had brought Miss nari Mia let's all go home together today I don't mind but.

What do you say shunta oh yeah I don't mind at all this must be miss hoshino making a chance for me we were all walking home together and we ended up pairing up somehow we haven't talked together much even though we've been in the same class for two years huh.

Yeah I've never had this kind of problem with Miss hoshino I'm so nervous with Miss akina and that scene was so emotional get it trying so hard to fit in I need to work hard too get along well huh.

Yeah huh why does she look so sad we're this way so shunta you send off nari Mia oh sure see you all tomorrow here we are it's just us now I think you wouldn't be surprised but no matter what I said Miss nari Mia didn't.

Seem interested I realized it a second ago um do you mind if we go by that park there first before we head home huh sure I sat down on the park bench and decided to tell the truth sorry if I'm being rude but do you like hayato.

What I knew it how did you know I could tell when I hung out around you you looked pretty miserable watching those two I see can you keep this from izuki of course Secret.

You liked hayata from when I was a freshman it was love at first sight he always just seemed to be having so much fun and Shining but I heard that he kept rejecting people so I couldn't Buster up the courage to ask him out decided to watch him from afar after listening to her story I understood you heard that hoshino liked hayato and.

You backed off yes I like hayato but Mizuki is my friend so but if hoshino and hayato end up dating you'll oh Mizuki seems to be studying really hard for hayato she said you were to think oh.

Did you update your style because of Mizuki yeah I had her help why did you change your style I had a girl I liked what happened to her uh-huh actually I wasn't sure if I should tell her but I decided to tell her this I was rejected.

What she said no yeah she seems to already like someone else so I see we're kind of in a similar situation huh not really getting it with the person be like different situation but yeah maybe it'll all work out if we go out together with each other huh.

After she said that I could feel my heart beating out of my chest but you still like hayato right you can't say that even as a joke sorry for saying something so odd what am I talking about I was considering the idea a little but we pretended nothing happened and went home together.

I couldn't slow my heart down what would have happened if I said let's go out I was confused the next day could I have gone out with her but she likes hayato shirishima yes um will you hear me out.

After listening to what happened yesterday they apparently talked about pre-care the whole way home but our conversations never really went anywhere you could talk about pre-care right yeah only that though he really is only interested in pre-care what about that whole going out thing.

That was on hold they were only talking about free care so I never brought it up what happened between you and akina oh uh it didn't work out I mean not directly but yeah it wasn't gonna work so good now if I don't waste it can't be helped.

Do you still like her yeah a little but I need to move on then how about we go out huh you're kidding I'm serious I like talking to you it's calming I could feel calm with him around you really you're pretty kind and reliable I feel.

Like it would be bad for me to just pass you up you're gonna date me because you don't want anyone else to date me seems pretty messed up I don't think so so what do you say want to date me that's pretty wasteful if you ask me you're too pretty to be going out with a.

Guy like me okay no more negative comments like that why are you hugging me because I'm a wasteful ghost I don't understand at all you say that I'm your second girlfriend and until you like someone else you can keep our relationship a secret or I could be a side chick even if you're.

Dating someone else let's practice smoking that's pretty much just friends with benefits I don't mind as long as I get to be a part of your life that sounds pretty hot actually oh so I'm gonna apologize to hayato now I'll say that I'm not interested anymore.

And that I actually don't really care about puree care wait hang on hoshino she apologized and walked off and then so let's make more secrets today um are you sure you want to stay this way if you're still against it let's go public and you can make me your number.

One girlfriend maybe I'm a cheat they had a chance to go out with each other but I convinced myself that this is fine and we have this secret relationship going on yo ayumu did you watch count on romance manga yesterday yeah Canon was so cute my name's ayumu Fuji I'm a freshman in college and kind.

Of a nerd I go back with this extroverted popular good looking guy shuichi Akino he looks really extroverted but he's actually an otaku like me I want to have a romance like the romance comics I know but I don't have anyone.

Me neither you're so good looking though it shouldn't take you too long my girlfriend is on the other side of the screen and won't come out they're just couples everywhere once we get into college right you don't want a girlfriend ayumu.

It's not that I don't want one I just told you I don't have anyone I'm a geek and well I go taku so you're interested but you can't find anyone but if you did find someone you'd be interested I mean yeah aha how about a rental girlfriend.

Rental girlfriend you pay someone to be your girlfriend for a day I mean paying someone for romance isn't real love but you're not even used to women yeah but you should just take it as practice for when you meet the real deal.

Then why don't you just try it out yourself I'm used to talking to girls but it's different from falling for someone yeah he's a good looking guy so he's always getting along with girls quickly he doesn't need to practice all right I'll look for someone if I find someone I'll contact you I have to.

Go to my lecture now wait shuichi he left me quickly with those words a few days later after I'd forgotten about it I received a call from shuichi ayumu you free yeah what's up I actually found a perfect rental girlfriend so I reserved her for you what you gotta warn me.

I'm going to send you some location info meet up at room 301 at this apartment hang on I didn't say I go what but I already paid and the girl said she's waiting so you can't cancel now but relax I paid because I want to cheer for a friend that's not the problem.

Good luck oh and don't eat lunch let me know how it goes you're so pushy and what does he mean how it goes I guess if I can't cancel I didn't want the rental girlfriend to have to wait around so I got ready in a hurry and headed to the location that shuichi sent me.

I came here but she's not here yet I don't think he'd mess with me but I'll try ringing again sounds so cute um I'm ayumu Fuji oh I was waiting for you I can't get to the door right now but it's unlocked so come on in oh okay.

You can walk in and go straight to the living oh okay I walked into the door and headed to the living room like she said but oh whoa Elementary School no Middle School wait where are her clothes there was a girl who hadn't worn any.

Clothes and she was Tiny is it her Pablo why aren't you wearing any wait you're wearing clothes oh I'm so glad you're not crazy excuse you treating me like I'm some kind of crazy the girl's clothing was hiding behind her long hair so I couldn't see it.

Sorry I see then why don't you just cut your hair um how about lunch this is why shuichi said don't eat lunch yet I was hungry so I decided to eat the lunch that she had cooked it's so delicious.

Really I'm glad you liked it I would love to eat it every day um I haven't introduced myself yet I'm kohara Sakura oh uh I'm ayumu Fuji wait wait I said that already yes and I already heard from shuichi he's got an adorable smile and she looks kind of like the character that I like.

Miss Sakura looks just like the female hero in an anime I'm into she's not as small as Miss Sakura but her face was nearly identical that must be why shuichi thought we'd make a good fit wait no she's absolutely younger than me and even if she was in Middle School she's too young and she might even be in elementary school but.

But I didn't know you could rent girls like this we're thinking something rude weren't you no how does she know can she read minds it's very obvious looking at your face I mean I look like a child but I'm a freshman in college.

We're the same age yes I came to Tokyo when I started college so this is this is your room yes where else would it be I mean I didn't know anything about rental girlfriends so I thought there was a room for dating or something I mean looking around now it definitely looks.

Like she's lived here and it's all neatly organized she must look after this place well I didn't know you took rental girlfriends to their houses I always thought it was the person who was doing the hiring yeah this is totally normal I see.

I've never done rental girlfriends so I didn't even consider that I might be coming over and having you cook why did you decide to start doing a rental girlfriend service Miss Sakura right now I'm your girlfriend so you're not allowed to talk about things like that.

Yes ma'am also don't be so uptight call me koharu but are you sure it's not too soon stand ayumu oh okay afterwards we started playing games and watched a movie that koharu rented she has movies and games that I'm interested in I Didn't Know rental.

Girlfriends do everything that fits your wants but I looked at koharu who was next to me while I was thinking is something wrong no nothing she's so close and she smells so good I'm going to blush I was getting nervous.

At how close koharu was sitting like she was my real girlfriend it's not like I like little girls but she's super mature unlike what she looks like I on the other hand I'm not used to girls it makes me feel like maybe she really likes me she's so cute umu.

Yes about the movie we were just watching oh yeah the movie was it boring no not at all I see I was just really nervous because of how cute you were huh I've never gone out on a date with girls like you so so I get super nervous yeah.

I guess she's pretty grossed out that I've never been around a girl I'm happy huh I'm glad you were thinking of me that way how people look at me like some kind of kid so I was a little worried about what would happen if you looked at me like I.

Was a little girl too and what if you were bored today I think you're pretty young looking but you're cute and Charming yeah I'm nervous now though anyway you really nailed the choice of movies and games how did you know oh I asked shuichi about it also I like anime and manga games too.

Really wait he said he reserved under my name so I thought she didn't know about shuichi oh well maybe they know each other outside of this dating thing there were some things that stopped me but I left it alone and continued enjoying our date with anime manga and.

Games before I knew it it was time and I was getting ready to go home all right I'm heading home now yeah thank you for today I had a lot of fun yeah me too oh um.

Can you tell me your contact info are you sure yeah why wouldn't we trade contact info oh um I just wasn't sure if a rental girlfriend was allowed to trade personal information like that you Convent to me again this is how my one day romance with koharu ended but even if I ignored the fact that she was.

Pretending to be my girlfriend we had a lot of common ground so I was okay with renting again yo ayumu how was it yesterday oh what's up shuichi I saw shuichi the day after I hung out with koharu at Uni oh I had fun I figured I'd rent her again um that's it.

Yeah oh but we traded contact info so we're gonna hang out again I mean still rental girlfriend and all but uh I see seems dissatisfied but I was planning on going out with koharu again on the weekend the weekend arrived we were at Akihabara.

The Oasis of otakus you can come here frequently sometimes what about you I'm not used to it I'll have so really ah you did say you just recently came to Tokyo so let's have a lot of fun today okay sure let me show you around also.

Koharu said that and I felt a warmth in my hand what it's a date so let's hold hands yeah sure I mean she's a rental girlfriend so it's probably pretty normal for us to be holding hands during a date her hand is so small and soft and warm.

I'm so nervous we talked about anime while going to various anime shops the only person I could talk to about anime was shuichi so it was fun to be able to talk to koharu I have somewhere I want to take you after this are you okay with that sure where do you want to go.

It's a secret she said she rarely comes here she must have looked stuff up we're here this is the place that she took me was where we would try cosplaying you think I look like a hero from your anime right.

Yeah but wait did I tell her about that that's why I figured you'd like it if I reserved the cosplay for it wait did I tell her about that she talked about her reservation to the desk staff and headed to the changing rooms I didn't have anything to do so I was just sitting and waiting.

After a while the doors to the changing rooms opened how's it look it's adorable I'm so shocked at how close you look to her it looks great on you really that's great she looks like she just came directly out of the anime I just wanted you to be happy so I'm.

Happy if you're happy I even watched all the anime and remembered all the poses she started doing all of the poses for me she's a cool character but koharu looked pretty embarrassed at times but that made it even better okay let's take a photo together we took a photo with the two of us for.

The Memories yeah the cute koharu was cosplaying the girl that I love in anime this whole situation left me anxious for the whole time thank you for today I had so much fun me too but I'm a little sad that it's already over.

Me too after the whole date we were both happy with the Afterglow oh I have to pay you for the rental fees from today koharu I don't need it what but I need to sorry I'm not actually a rental.

Girlfriend huh what do you mean I just wanted to go on a date with you so I asked you Richie I'm actually shuichi's cousin cousin yeah I saw you walking with shuichi and getting along so I wanted to get to know you and I asked shuichi for help he said how about pretending to be.

A rental girlfriend and for what I like you I was supposed to tell you last time we met but I was too nervous to say anything but I didn't want to just be a rental girlfriend to you so um why did you agree to the rental girlfriend thing anyway should we just figured that if he just.

Introduced us both of us would be too nervous to do anything so he suggested the whole rental girlfriend thing then once we got used to it I tell you the truth and yeah I mean I mean I guess if I had known that she was shuichi's cousin I'd be pretty nervous and scared if she's a rental.

Girlfriend I could just see her as a light friend and she's not really my girlfriend so I could talk to her like it's nothing so can I hear what you think huh oh I was shocked that she was shuichi's cousin but she's totally asking me out right.

Um we met the first time last time right I mean you seem to have a gun but we have actually met before what it was during summer break last year but we were at the same anime event I had come over here and I ran into you in the train train I don't remember at all you know how the trains are always so.

Packed around here I didn't have any experience with it from where I'm from so Ike was getting squashed it was so small so they barely even noticed and you saved me oh I remember it was last summer there was a girl who looked like an elementary or middle schooler and she.

Seemed like she was getting squashed so I acted like a sort of barricade for her apparently that was koharu at the time her hair was shorter than it is now so I didn't realize it I really wanted to thank you sooner but you had disappeared so I couldn't say anything I wasn't used to talking to girls so I.

Walked away quickly and then I had some time so I was walking around looking for you and found you a chewy tea I asked chuichi about you later and you said that YouTuber pretty good friends I wanted to come to Tokyo to school anyway so I started University over here also I heard that you liked girls who had long hair so I.

Grown up for you I see thank you koharu I'm happy to hear I'm sorry I can't answer your question right now why I haven't had any experience with girls at all and have little to no experience in Romance but I think you're a beautiful girl so I can't answer you.

Besides I didn't even think about actually going out with you because I considered you to be a rental girlfriend I see so at first we can be friends then go from there okay uh that's fine because going to be fair be funny with you you better be ready.

Yeah take it easy this is how our fake relationship ended and we became real friends it kind of feels like shuichi was just playing me a fool but I have to thank him for letting me come across such a beautiful girl however she really did turn it up to the max when she started.

Flirting with me it probably wouldn't take much time before I fell for her I'm gonna be living here for today that was when I was in my junior year of high school I came to live at my childhood friends the himekawa's household my parents were going to be going.

Overseas for work and since our parents got along with each other I was gonna be staying here for two weeks but just so you know don't get any weird thoughts while you're here as you can see she wasn't exactly happy to see me here we're the same age and she's called a school Madonna so she always looks down.

On me as a geek to be honest I like her and I like that I can live with her but I'm a little confused there is one nice thing her younger sister Aki welcome nobody hey Aki it's been a while she's gotten cuter I'll show you to your room.

Thanks Aki she was Cod and as you could see very welcoming but hey Auggie you're too close to noboru this is where everything started to go wrong my room was apparently being used as a guest space so it was pretty clean and organized.

Are you sure I can stay here yeah feel free to use whatever you'd like but this bed is a little old so it squeaks like squeak squeak squeak oh I see come over here and Chuck oh okay huh it really does squeak huh all right you can tell immediately what.

The person is doing in bed with a bed this squeaky huh I'm only going to sleep don't worry I'm right next door so even if the bed squeaks my sister won't see her thing what am I supposed to be worried about oh come on you're acting like you don't know what I'm talking about I'll tell you what we're gonna do.

Let me tell you right now hey Aki what are you I'm coming in hockey you're still in here what's up sis what were you doing with nubaru huh nothing whatever Mom is calling you so I came to get you come downstairs okay bye now Peru we can pick this up tonight I don't understand what's going.

On but phew um pick this up tonight what was that about does she still no wait she was just messing with me has to be oh I forgot whoa Aki what's up I forgot something it's super important huh what did you huh what I didn't understand what.

Happened for a second after my brain started to catch up to reality I realized that she just kissed me was that this was a welcome kiss you can't tell sis okay oh uh thanks I still couldn't really fully understand what exactly was going on.

Afterwards I was invited to eat dinner with a himekawa family and we were all eaten and all I could think about was that kiss what the hell is Aki thinking it's like we have a son hey sweetie can I have another beer oh you're drinking too much because you're happy.

I was really confused but Aki just seemed to be having a great time eating oh crap I dropped my chopsticks she went under the table to grab the Chopsticks but right around here I think whoa Aki what are you doing what do you mean I'm looking for my Chopsticks oh I found it that's not hey Aki did you find.

It I found it oh what are you doing oh launch don't laugh at me afterwards we just had regular dinner and Aki seemed to be having a regular conversation but I couldn't what the hell is she thinking about I'm.

So glad you and her parents didn't catch on I don't know what's going on but I need to be careful I finished eating and was doing my regular workout in my room while thinking you and Aki have always gotten a long well and we often hung out together.

You we always took great care of Aki and Aki was always kind of spoiled in a free bird Aki probably is still a little spoiled then I heard a quiet little knock on the door do you have a second yui huh okay I was happy to see that the person at.

The door was yui instead of Aki no Peru you always have liked working out here I'll help you out no don't get on top can I help you yeah it's about Aki oh I'm a little worried about her worried um how she's kind of easy looking recently she was kind of bland up until.

Middle school but after she started high school she started changing her hair and doing makeup I see I feel like she might like someone or or maybe she already has a boyfriend for sure no she definitely wouldn't hide anything from her sister uh I see he definitely is hiding that she kissed.

Me anyway I don't like her attitude if you have a chance to talk to her can you ask her about it what me I mean you're such a geek I doubt you could do any harm ah that makes sense but if I'm the reason she's working so hard.

No way she seems to like you too so maybe she'll relax and tell you something okay can you get off me now just so you know don't do anything to her just listen to her I know if something happens to her I'm going to seriously no Barrow the shower is open now.

Okay get dressed whoa Aki what do you mean this is how I always dress what are you doing in his room I'm not doing anything the point is noburu is in our house so you need to stop dressing like no one is around you two are being suspicious there was a lot going on but I headed to.

The bath Aki is hiding the fact that she kissed me to yui maybe she really is interested in me nah I'm just just being too confident in myself huh Aki what are you doing reading for you I wanted to talk to talk to you this isn't good.

What were you talking about with my sister um did you tell my sister about us no of course not there's no way I could tell her then what were you two talking about just to be honest with you he was worried about you worried about me what about me she said.

That you're behaving a little odd recently how you've changed your hair or started doing makeup maybe you like someone or have a boyfriend things like that I see so what do you think about me uh I'm not sure yes you are.

I do like someone ah I see it's you there's no way you don't figure it out after me flirting with you this much I thought you were just messing with me why not generally girls want to flirt with a guy they're not interested in like this.

Ah I see am I cute now yeah I think you're pretty cute am I your type I'm more interested in quieter girls I'm actually really nervous right now you want to check how fast my heart is beating huh how.

Like this she slowly brought my hand towards her win yui suddenly came running into the room hockey I knew you would be here what the hell is going on no fifth this isn't what it looks like what does it look like you're trying to touch her no.

Yeah sis this is all the misunderstanding they argued a little and yeah so you're just completely misunderstanding in other words Aki was just massaging your hands because your hands were exhausted from exercising indeed Aki had skillfully navigated the situation and so I just corroborated her.

Story but a girl and a guy that are of this age should not be in each other's rooms at this time of night you're not going to be misunderstood got it okay understood you really are misunderstanding though the next day I was called out by yui and decided to talk to her at a cafe.

So were you able to get something out of her no no really really whatever you two were in the same room alone at night that's a big No-No nothing happened but no means no why is she being like this does she like.

Me or something hockey is my important sister I don't want any guys around her uh just so I understand correctly you she doesn't like me yeah I have a sister complex is it a problem no but she's popular and doesn't go out with anyone because of that.

I'm going to be with her for the rest of our lives I'm not going to let anyone get between our selling love I see yeah but she seems interested in you what really happened last night nothing you're of age I understand if you get some thoughts about her she's adorable.

I'm not gonna try to seduce her or anything seriously if you're going to get those kinds of thoughts why wouldn't you consider me first what why is that your conclusion your childhood friends so I wouldn't mind going out with you that might actually help me get over my obsession.

With Aki that's not why I want to start going out with you if she's going to be tainted I'd rather take the hits if you look at me like that just stop messing with Aki right that sounds like I'm a pretty disgusted man it's just me making a pretty disgusting.

Suggestion but if you really can't contain yourself you can come to my room I promised her that I wouldn't do anything to Aki but when I got home Aki was waiting for me in my room welcome home no Peru hockey what are you doing here wanted to talk to you after I saw you leave with my sister.

She knows I went out with yui Cafe she said that she wanted to talk to me so did you talk to my sister about how I asked you about yesterday no I couldn't talk to her about that if I wanted great my sister has a pretty severe case of sister complex.

I see interested in me she keeps getting in between us so I never had a boyfriend see but I've only been interested in you anyway so it all worked out uh-huh sis is trying to get between our relationship too huh that's why I wanted to keep our relationship a secret but I'm afraid she'll find out.

We should just make a reason why we can't stay separated if we just do it now she should give up you can't do that I never said I'd go out with you if anything I like yui so I won't ever be able to go out with you I told her how I really felt to make it so she would give up but I know that huh I'm not going to give up though.

Why I've only ever got hand-me-downs for my sister toys clothes but I want you I'll give you all my Furs so your first crush might be with my sister but please give me all of your others first Aki just kidding I'm not trying to force it oh okay.

Phew I was about to go with it but I only just resisted but I hope you fall for me going forward but don't tell sis I started having to keep a secret at the himekawa household since then the next day we were all heading to school together.

Natsuki you're too close to noburu I've always admired him so you jealous you two get along it had only been three days since I've been at the himekawa household there was still 11-ish days before my parents came back I wasn't sure if I could keep it in my.

Pants huh they said you weren't allowed to go to college yep my sister called me to ask if we could talk she told me that our parents were against her going to college why akane you've been studying so hard they tell me they don't have enough money for it.

Why don't you get a scholarship they don't want me to because then I'd have to suffer with student loans I guess I mean I know some of my friends are having a difficult time paying student loans it's a lot of money hmm but you want to go to college right yeah okay let me see what I can do about that.

I'll talk to Mom and Dad about it okay really of course anything for my little sister I got this thanks you're the best I know what I said to akane but there's no way mom or dad would ever listen to me our family is poor that's all our.

Parents fault they used up all the money we have on having their fun plus they don't do the housework my parents are unreliable that's why I've taken care of akane since we were little she's always been a good kid I feel more responsible than a regular brother I'm more like a father to her.

I've watched her work hard studying all day and night I don't want to make her give up on her dream I don't have enough money saved up I graduated high school two years ago I don't spend much money and I try to save as much as I can but it still isn't enough to pay for her school fees I wish there was some way I could get my.

Hands on big money fast no I can't these all look too shady it's too risky life is not that easy as they say money doesn't grow on trees stocks and foreign exchange hmm they're both too risky for an amateur like me wait this can't be true.

Date an introvert for 10 million yen I found a comment while looking through numerous websites it was too good to be true but it was written in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't read through the comments if it was fake the author would probably write it somewhere more visible.

What if it's true I can't believe I'm here I got on the shinkansen to meet with the person who wrote the Shady comment as far as I could see it was a high-rise condo with an exceptional exterior that means the person who wrote the comment was wealthy I just hope she isn't weird or too crazy.

To handle I contacted the commenter to tell her I had arrived and she opened the lock for me through her door monitor I walked into the lobby which looked like the entrance of an expensive and luxurious Hotel I definitely do not belong here only rich people should be here.

I followed her instructions up to her room welcome are you the one who wrote that comment online she seems a little unique but it looks like we're about the same age I'm surprised you found the comments I wrote.

Huh you found it means you are competent I didn't think I would come across your comment I really wasn't expecting it but I guess it was a test I'm sleepy huh can you do a housework.

Huh yes I can what about cooking I can cook too so can you live here what you're not from around here but if you were going to be my boyfriend you need to be near me.

Wait what about my job you will quit are you ready to do that I'll have to quit my job but I can look for one over here right well I guess you can it's easier to find a job in the city but that starts oh you're worried about your sister.

She's so cute you researched me of course I did I needed to know what kind of person you are what exactly do you want from me huh exactly what I wrote online you will be asami's boyfriend okay who is Asami Asami oh that's your name.

I forgot to introduce myself Asami narugami nice to meet you narugami I've never heard that name before I guess her family isn't a zaibotsu or anything I'm looking forward to knowing you miss narugami.

Sami huh we'll be dating call me Sami k I will so why are you rolling around in bed it's not an invitation yes I'm aware of that I'm not stupid I just can't be bothered um she might be a little more than I can.

Handle wait how do I know she'll pay me for sure um so what should I do now you take care of Asami you need to come live here or it won't work maybe you should get a housekeeper or something they're also annoying I need.

Somebody who will love me so they won't be annoying that's an unusual way of thinking so what do you think will you live here I'm willing to live here if you're going to keep your promise this place is bigger than I thought would it be okay.

If my sister moves in with us she'll be starting College soon which means she'll need a place in the city plus if we live together I'll be able to save more money than if we live apart this is our love nest you are bringing your sister do you have to phrase it that way well okay your sister can come.

I appreciate it so when will you start talking casually oh whenever if that's what you prefer of course because we'll be dating well I guess so it's settled then oh I'm so hungry blue oh I'm hungry do you have anything in your fridge.

No nothing what do you usually eat then I don't know oh I've noticed that ever since I got here she hasn't acted like an introvert at all she just looks like an extremely lazy girl do you want me to get some food I'll.

Make something what about snacks or a cake okay you like snacks and cake I'll be back soon you can wait here I want to go with you oh wait why are you holding on to my arm I don't feel like walking then why are you coming with me it sounds like fun.

Uh I'm just going to the supermarket you know everything is expensive around here you'll need my wallet to buy things you shouldn't offer your wallet to people like that it'll cause trouble if you say it to the wrong people I didn't expect you to be so funny is that supposed to be a compliment but you are too loud.

My bad I'm so hungry okay okay let's go shopping then hmm she's lazy and she's kind of weird I'm going to have to prepare myself before moving in here but at the same time she's kind of cute.

What do you like Ramen huh I wasn't expecting that but weren't you saying you wanted dessert I'm so confused shut up I'll eat anything you want to make okay how about chocolate cake I used to make it for my little sister.

You love you your sister yes but it sounds weird when you put it that way weird it's true no well I love my sister in a healthy family way it's not a bad thing huh it's good you are treating your sister well.

Family is the most important thing uh what oh nothing I didn't think you had any interest in anything other than yourself Asami doesn't have a family huh it's nothing nothing wait.

Why she wanted a boyfriend so does chocolate cake sound okay to you I wanted to ask her but I decided it would be best if I didn't yep if it starts yummy I have a 12 a bit oh after that we finished shopping and I started baking the cake for Asami I never thought I would end up making.

Chocolate cake in a high-end condo but I have nothing else to do and Asami seemed satisfied once the cake was finished yum it's good awesome me loved the cake I'm glad you like it I wasn't sure if it would be good enough you probably don't have much experience.

Eating cheap food like this the price of food has nothing to do with how good it is right plus I feel warm warm well I lost my parents in an accident right before I started High School oh since then I've been trying to keep my mind off them by making a lot of money.

That must have been tough stocks mostly it was fun for a while I guess but that's how you got this rich nope I own a business now I still do stocks but my main income is for my company wow I was thinking we were about the same age but you've gotten to a point.

Where I would never imagine myself it's amazing but I'm tired now I don't like being alone so that's why you were looking for a boyfriend yes but didn't you consider the risks of meeting a stranger to be honest I researched before meeting.

People there were others who contacted me before you but I did my research and a lot of them kind of failed then why did you pick me you love your family you care for your sister yeah my sister means a lot to me but to be honest I don't care about my parents.

Your parents are not good but tsukushi you haven't cut ties with them I wanted to see you in person so I invited sukushi you didn't make a face when you saw me you were willing to hear me you made proper decisions and you are kind plus you're funny that's why I would love for you to be my.

Boyfriend if you still want to oh is there a problem of course not I would love to but it wasn't fair for you to hide a face like that for this long I didn't want to show you until the end I see I mean I'm here because I'm up for the job but are you sure you want me as.

Your boyfriend why not I'm only here because you offered me money but you're hoping to find a family you can rely on emotionally no problem it is lettering for me.

So that's why you held onto my arm huh your face was red even before you saw by her face and thoughts was lazy that's how I know you will fall for me you will care for me eventually thought this through huh are you angry bruh you're too close Plus I already liked you before I saw your.

Whole face it's nothing if I said what I thought now she'll only think I was saying it since I saw how pretty she was no sulking off of me cushy you're being a little what.

You need Allah said before you go home today wait what huh before I forget did you reserve a hotel room yeah you're the one who told me to get a room you can cancel it now why you can stay here don't worry.

I have many empty rooms that's pretty solid I know right awesome he wouldn't let me off until I canceled the hotel room I wouldn't expect anything less from a businesswoman once she made her choice she was stubborn.

And so um you said there were empty rooms we should sleep together now that we're dating but but this is a bit he votes me sleeping tonight do you even know what that means she was right I couldn't sleep at all that night.

Awesomely is my first girlfriend how could I sleep when I could feel her body next to mine but I could tell that Asami was nervous too so I'm glad it wasn't just me the next day we went to an amusement park as atomy requested she seemed lazy yesterday but she was anything but lazy when it came to having.

Fun on dates we had a great time hey tsukushi hmm I want you to come as soon as possible I know I promise I won't make you feel lonely okay I'll be waiting for you awesome he seemed like a completely.

Different person she was sweet and cuddly unlike yesterday I went home straight after enjoying the day with Asami at the amusement park I talked things over with my parents once again and we found a way akane could apply for college without a scholarship two months later I quit my job.

Akane and I decided to visit Asami so we could all spend some time together akane's a shy girl she was hiding behind my back at first however after a while akane and Asami seemed to get along pretty well they even look like real sisters Asami and I will be living alone for the next few months but akane will be.

Joining us before starting College I don't know how I got so lucky but I'm looking forward to my future with Asami my name is renji mitsarugi I look like an ordinary high school student but I'm the son of the CEO of a major company called mitsarugi group back in middle school everyone who knew I was the son of a CEO treated me.

Differently and I hated it that's why I hide my true identity and pretend I'm an ordinary high school student it's also the reason why I'm walking home in the rain instead of in my limousine I hate walking home in the rain but if I.

Called for a car they'll come in that huge thing what's that girl doing over there alone she soaking she doesn't seem to have an umbrella there are no restaurants around here she's got nowhere to go I think I should help her hey are you okay.

Huh oh oh I'm sorry if I scared you you probably didn't expect anyone to start talking to you I think she's scared of me I shouldn't have crept up like that I'll just give the umbrella to her and leave here you can use this if you want.

Huh you seem to need the umbrella more than me here just take it oh no I can't do that don't worry about it I live just around the corner so I'll be fine what you can keep the umbrella I'll see you around hey oh he's gone I can't believe I.

Bumped into him this umbrella is uh after I handed my umbrella to a girl I didn't know I headed home a few days later I had forgotten about the umbrella incident however something unexpected happened to me all over for you renji huh I realized I.

Didn't get a chance to introduce myself do you remember who I am you're the umbrella girl that's right I wanted to thank you for what you did that day I know it's a little bit creepy but I had some research done to look for you you look for me wait that's your car well I just finished school I'm on my.

Way home so she's obviously from a wealthy family plus she knows my name maybe her father's company has done business with my fathers can't be talking to her in front of my school everyone could find out who I am if they see me with her.

Armor do you want to go somewhere else to talk I don't think talking at the school gate is the best idea oh of course we should get out of the way come on I got into the parked car behind her we started talking as the car drove away from the school.

My name is Micah konoy I didn't get a chance to tell you the other day oh nice to meet you I'm I'm aware of who you are you are renji mitsurugi your father is the CEO of the mitsarugi group am I right so you know who I am yes I wanted to ask you something Randy does my name sound familiar to you.

Oh wait kanoi Corporation are you the daughter yes I am my father is the CEO of the kanoi corporation Conway Corporation mitsarugi group has never done business with them it isn't a huge company but I've heard of the name several times.

Wait conoay Corporation is um renji oh I apologize my head was somewhere else it's okay don't worry about it anyways thank you for Lending me your umbrella the other day if it weren't for you I would have ended up soaked hey you didn't have to go this far it was just.

An umbrella it's not a big deal the act that you gave up your umbrella to me is what means a lot I wanted to tell you that so I was wondering can we meet up sometime soon I want to thank you properly huh but you're thanking me now I can't let you walk away knowing I.

Didn't thank you enough I want to invite you to a party my family is hosting it would mean so much if you attended I would love for you to meet my parents a party I'm used to attending big parties so I don't think I'll have a problem going to one but all I did was lend her my umbrella.

Why is she making such a big deal about it it's not like we need to uphold family relationships since our parents don't have any connections I was starting to feel uneasy about Micah's invitation does she have any ulterior motives it was a bad habit of mine and I think.

It's because I'm traumatized by my past hey Randy I've heard so much about how successful your father is uh-huh your father's amazing I'd love to have dinner with him can you put in a good word for me hey I was talking to him first renji my company is uh oh my gosh I heard your family's Filthy.

Rich Benji huh oh well I heard of the mitsaruki group I don't know anybody who hasn't hey why don't we go when I say it sometime I'm excited to hear where he takes you hey I get to go next okay gosh why do I have to put up with this every day all they care about is the company and the money I'm sick of people.

Sucking up to me there's scum I want them to leave me alone that was all that went through my head during Middle School I couldn't stand it so I decided to hide my identity Micah is trying to get close to me for the same reasons as those jerks why else would she come chasing after me just to thank me for an umbrella.

Plus I know a little about konaway Corporation they haven't been doing well these past few years gosh I'm so bummed she seemed like such a nice person I guess it was too good to be true um wenji if I was being too forward.

Oh no it's not that she probably wants to introduce me to her parents so they can ask me to save her company they won't be greedy at first but sooner or later they'll start talking about contracts and financial aid I've been through the same thing too.

Many times before I know how things like this happen but still I can't just shake her off like I always do even if they're in trouble right now cold away Corporation is a pretty big company mitsarugi group might need their help in the future so I need to keep a good.

Relationship with them thank you for the invitation I'll keep the day open thank you this is wonderful news I'll just avoid talking about business matters at the party it's better to attend than to refuse her invitation now I'll do whatever I do with anyone else keep on a nice face on the outside but.

Steer the boat away from business related topics I got this I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the party likewise bye Micah hope before I forget you don't have to talk to me like I'm a business partner I would love for us to.

Be friends if that's okay with you oh but that would be I didn't mean it so seriously it was just a suggestion based on how I felt I enjoyed talking to you this afternoon okay we'll talk casually is that okay yes I hope we become great friends is this another plan of hers.

I was still suspicious of her intentions when we parted ways a few days later I was at the konoway family house party with Micah I bumped into her as I entered the house would it be okay if I asked you to say hi to my parents they heard about what you did and they want to thank you in.

Person I ended up following her into the house to meet her mother and father thank you for being so kind to our daughter we appreciate it oh no I didn't do anything special I don't know as many people who are as humble as you I am impressed but I wouldn't expect anything less from this.

Set of a major company she brought the company here we go I'm excited for our families to start getting to know each other I hope you and Micah stay good friends her father mother likewise I hope we see each other again soon good friends.

With Micah huh I knew it but it's depressing to witness it can't let them sense that I'm aware of their intentions I'll just have to smile my way through the conversation until it's time to leave man that party was a nightmare it's one of the Downs of being born into.

A wealthy family wenji good to see you huh Micah why are you here wait where's your car you didn't seem to enjoy riding the car so I walked you today this way we could both enjoy the conversation oh no I'm sorry I made you feel that way so why are you here.

Well venji I wanted to ask you out on a date today a date I've heard people call it an after-school date I was hoping we could hang out a bit and spend some time together I didn't expect her to come to see me on a school day she's so forward her family must be desperate huh I don't know this is weird I've been tricked before but it.

Feels worse when it's Micah and it sucks because I don't know why anyway I should focus on what's in front of me right now even if I refuse today she'll probably come back sooner or later I might as well go on a date with her to see what her true intentions are that way I'll know what to do with her.

A date would make me too nervous how about we just say we'll hang out really yep I wanted to get to know you better so I'm glad you came to see me today laughs that's sweet shall we get going then Micah oh I'm sorry should I let go.

No no I guess it's all right whatever intentions she may have I'm holding hands with a beautiful girl and it's making me blush no renji you have to keep control of yourself after that Micah asked me if we could go watch a movie there was a new Romance movie she wanted to see.

I thought she invited me on this date to make a stronger relationship with me but she surprised me by choosing the one place we wouldn't be able to talk at all that was a nice movie I agree no wonder it's so popular we decided to have some tea at a cafe maybe this is where she's gonna try and work her magic.

If she starts talking about the company speaking of Rich what about at school it's been a while since we left the movies when is she gonna make her move plus she seems to be innocently enjoying the date what's going on maybe she thinks she should wait a bit more before bringing the business.

Talking to the conversation wait why did she even ask me out on a date then we continue talking about regular things until our date ended none of the topics I had dreaded came up in our conversations before I realized it I had forgotten about my weary feelings.

I was actually enjoying the date hey watch it you need to keep your guard up renji just because she won't bring it up yet it doesn't mean you can have fun with her like this you know this could all be a part of her plan there's a possibility she's waiting for the right moment to bring it up Micah why don't you cut to the chase so.

We don't waste any more time cut to the chase why did you ask me out on a date today I'm sure you weren't just looking for a hangout buddy what there's no special reason there's gotta be a reason why you came looking for me today we met by coincidence but all I did was lend you.

My umbrella that's not a good enough reason to invite me to a party you even introduced me to your parents and asked me out on a date it's a bit weird are you trying to say that you think I have ulterior motives well that's one way to put it we both need to protect our families after hearing my words Micah looked down.

With a sad face huh why does she look like she's about to cry is she panicking because she got caught maybe I should ask her Micah was quiet for a while but then she started talking in a small voice well there is something that I haven't told you about.

She's finally talking okay does it have something to do with why you've been coming to see me frequently yes I wasn't planning on telling you yet but here it comes is she gonna ask to meet my parents or for money.

I think I have feelings for you Reggie I see so you huh I am utterly spent with you veggie the reason why I asked you on a date is that I want to spend as much time as I can with you did you really mean that yes do you not believe me no uh it was so unexpected are you sure.

About it I mean all I did was lend you an umbrella that's not true you may not remember me but we've met before when we were younger we were just little kids at the time both of our families were attending a party and you were there with your parents I was never good at new environments.

Plus I worked extremely shy back in the day I couldn't handle being in a new place and meeting new people and I started crying that's when you came along and held by hand if it weren't for you I would have cried through the whole night there wasn't a day I didn't think about you after that he was so kind to me you.

Were always in my heart after that I worked hard to become a woman worthy of your love I tried everything I could I spent every day of my life since then preparing myself to meet you again I was planning on approaching you once I felt confident about myself however I felt like I had hit a dead end.

When I realized we both came from prestigious families I couldn't just act on my own selfish needs that's when you found me in the rain I couldn't help but feel like Destiny brought us together I thought to myself maybe this was my chance to get close to you to tell you.

How I felt about you I didn't want you to consider me as just a girl you lent your umbrella to that's why I've been approaching you so much wow I didn't realize so when you invited me to the party and introduced me to your parents.

Yes I told my parents I would be introducing them to the man who has my heart I thought everybody introduces their parents to the person they love well yeah after they started dating but wow I had it all wrong I'm so sorry Micah I misunderstood your.

Intentions I know it sounds conceited but I thought you were trying to get close to me to make connections between our families I've had my walls up to everybody since I've had so many people try to trick me but I know that's just an excuse I completely understand where you are coming from and I'm truly sorry that I.

Made you feel so uneasy I should have told you why I came to see you at the start I don't blame you for being cautious um I wanted to tell you how I felt for so long I just couldn't find the courage to I am so ashamed of myself I didn't mean to cause trouble for you.

No you didn't cause trouble please accept my sincerest apologies you know I acted on my feelings without regards to you I can't believe this is how everything ended please forget about everything I said to you today what is this feeling I'm so relieved that Micah turned out to be the person I.

Hoped she would be now that I think back on it every time I suspected her I felt so sad and Hollow but now that I know she has feelings for me I feel so happy and complete could it be because Micah can I ask you something you don't like me just for my status or.

Wealth do you of course not our family business has nothing to do with my feelings for you renji I know they're just words but I hope you trust me I think I do you seem to be speaking from your heart and I want to believe you I feel like all the weight on my.

Shoulders is gone I should have trusted you from the start it means a lot to me that you don't care about mitsarugi group being my family that you like me for me we're in a difficult spot right now and I can't give you an answer right away but I know how amazing you are even if we've only spent a few days together.

Benji I would love for us to spend more time together I had such a wonderful time today and I want to get to know you more Micah are you sure about that yes I don't want to part ways here that would break my heart gosh I feel so pathetic for not being able to give you a clear answer.

But I want you to know your confession means a lot to me hey don't worry about it I am happy I told you let's just enjoy our time together for now I'm going to do my best to show you how we could be good for each other I am so glad we cleared things up and.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better we'll be skipping to a few years into the future Micah and I continue to spend more time together my feelings kept growing for her as we deepened our relationship through the years and today.

Well I can't believe we are announcing our engagement today renji I never thought my dreams would come true me neither through so much together I still hate myself for doubting you at first you were protecting yourself looking back on it it's a precious memory if you.

Hadn't doubted me then we might not have ended up here together that's true huh okay are you ready yep Reggie I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you me too I know we'll be happy together Micah thank you for watching how was today's.

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