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[Manga dub] Plans went awry, and my cute friend got angry at me! [RomCom]


One weekend afternoon I was hurrying to get to meet up with someone tomorrow is a date no we're just going to hang out I made a promise to hang out with Sana nanasi from another class at school but hey there girlie come play with us please I came across a girl being pestered by.

Some bothersome guys what a classic Trope anyways I can't just leave her like this hey what are you doing to my girlfriend whoa let's respond to this classic Trope with a classic comeback did you see that glare I never thought my mean looking eyes would come in handy one day.

Not sure if that's a good or bad thing oh um thank you very much for saving me what's wrong sorry I was just a little shaken I might have a mean glare but I'm really just a cowardly socially awkward guy all the strength in my knees gave out after pulling off a bluff like that.

Sorry I'm not used to that kind of thing that's all right you've really helped me out you're even letting me borrow your shoulder I'm so pathetic you're not pathetic you were really cool just now but still what is it.

When you tried to stand up your legs were shaking like a newborn deer oh where are you heading after this well I promise to hang out with a friend from school I see to a date since you're since you're so handsome.

Nah we're really just friends with my hands still on her shoulder I finally arrived at the meeting place wait what's going on here hey sorry I'm late this is what so you brought that girl just to show off to me what show off.

You're cheating on me cheating wait I don't get what's going on that's what I want to say to you how could you bring another girl to a date calm down I'm just borrowing her shoulder today's not supposed to be a date anyways not a date.

Oh you two aren't friends is she your girlfriend then no we're really just friends wait what do you mean just friends whatever I'm leaving why don't you have a nice date with her hey wait a minute Sana and just like that before I could clear up the misunderstanding she left.

It wasn't a date in the first place and Sana isn't my girlfriend I don't understand why she got angry instead I was cheating and now I'm angry that she left me hanging today this is kind of frustrating sorry may I have a minute I'd like to hear about the situation so why don't we go somewhere we can sit.

We went to a nearby cafe and I talked about my relationship with Sana so yeah we're not dating we just hang out together once in a while I see has she ever confessed her feelings to you several times actually I've turned her down each time but oh I turned her down she seems cute and nice.

That's exactly why to be honest I don't have much confidence and I'm awkward I figure there must be someone more suitable for her not someone like me who can't even talk to girls properly but you seem to be fine talking to me right that's true I wonder why maybe we're destined to be together.

No um I'm joking aside it seems like she really likes you her outfit today was super trendy and her hair and makeup were on point I'm sure she was really excited to spend the day with you how would you feel In Her Shoes seeing your crush arrive with another person in.

Tow that's I think I'd be pretty shocked yeah there's no reason for me to be angry at Sana it's all my fault for being so indecisive anyway so as a way of thanking you for helping me earlier I can teach you a secret method to improve your relationship with.

Sana if you want what kind of secret method who exactly are you that's a secret you have a lot of Secrets that's right girls have lots of CC but if this is going to help improve my relationship with Sana I'd like to know.

Thus I got her to teach me the secret method the next Monday ah oh I bumped into Sana that morning hey what whoops I was about to chase her as usual.

Normally I would have chased after Sana but not this time that's because listen up a romantic relationship it's like a lot of fishing in a way it's important for the person who's doing the catching to wait patiently especially so when dealing with someone like Sana the more you chase them the more they.

Run away but that also means they want you to chase them so don't chase them and wait for them to bite instead it's the advice I was given but is this really the right thing to do isn't it counterproductive hey why aren't you following me like usual.

She took the bait right away Don't Panic they're still waiting to see what's going on so be patient what do you mean why you weren't planning on hearing me out right huh what's with that attitude no matter what I say it's useless what do you mean useless you have something to say don't you.

If they start fighting back let the line loosen I do have something to say but do you actually want to hear it I'll listen to what you have to say so spit it out when they weaken reel them in I don't feel like talking with you acting like that.

Fine then don't bother the last moment is especially important don't miss it hey wait oh what then go for the catch I'm not ever letting you go sorry you're just so cute I just wanted to be a little mean to you cute are you being serious.

Doesn't it usually go catch and release where's the release everyone's watching wait isn't this a little different from what I wanted the method was super effective on Sana but something went a little weird but what's wrong could it be that what I.

Was taught wasn't how to get along with Sana Chucky say something but had a romance sauna so what was it you wanted to talk about what no yeah so so about the other day I began explaining to her what happened and she listened to me with surprising.

Sincerity I see you are late because you are helping that girl I misunderstood the situation completely sorry tiaki I'm so sorry it's fine no problem at all ma'am oh really then that's good but why are you calling me ma'am.

I wonder why but I'm glad I was worried that you might not like me anymore I'm sorry it's hard for me to control my emotions when it comes to you oh no well I think that's fine it's mostly my fault for not being more clear with you we've managed to reconcile and went to school together however.

it's going in a weird Direction after I took the initiative Sana has become way clingier than before later on I went to report the results to the girl from before I'm glad to hear that it seems things went well with Sana no it's not good at all things are going too good right now.

um I'm not sure what you're trying to say since the reconciliation Sana has become quite obedient if I tell her to stop she looks sad and apologizes immediately if I tell her it's okay she gets excited with a big smile on her face and says thank you.

This isn't the kind of relationship I was hoping for it's become like weirdly romantic I just wanted a friendship with her is that a bad thing no it's not a bad thing but you know laughs I've never seen someone so unhappy with the development of a relationship.

To be honest I liked our previous relationship better sana's current attitude is just too weird I had a good friendship with her and I never thought of going out with her if possible I'd like to go back to that time then let's change the strategy in short.

You want to step away from romance and go back to being friends right is it possible leave it to me let's try Secrets method number two really who are you you seem to have a knack for Romance that's a secret.

I see girls are secretive and I have lots of Secrets also this Secrets method number two is going to stay a mystery until the day of the event you sure have a lot of Secrets a few days later the three of us gathered at a cafe.

After we introduced ourselves and Sana apologized for her rudeness the other day we quickly got to the main subject so why did you call me here today actually I wasn't informed either you like chiaki and you want to go out with him right huh uh um wow going straight to the point.

Of course I like him I'd like to go out with him too but I want to prioritize his feelings so I don't want to force my feelings on him right now I'd like to be more than friends at least so that's how you've been feeling all this time then the girl took my arm.

I'm sorry I've fallen in love with chiaki too the more I met with him the more I ended up liking him I understand exactly how you feel Sana but I don't want to give up these feelings of mine I see how about you chiaki me I well how should I put it.

No never mind forget about it what sauna I'm happy for you too the two of you seem perfect for each other don't you think wait sauna if you're happy then I'm happy oh I just remembered I have something to do sorry gotta go.

With that she left do I not chase after her this time too no this time please go after her huh do you understand why she just left why girls are always afraid afraid that the person they like will never notice them but Sana is really kind because she cares about you so much she.

Stepped aside I made that decision thinking that there must be someone more suitable for you than herself that's why I I figure there must be someone more suitable for her not someone like me who can't even talk to girls properly but she's different from me.

I was so afraid of being disliked and getting hurt that I couldn't move forward but Sana was thinking about me all along how could I I'm so pathetic I understand that you're not confident and that you are scared but that's just a misconception it's not that there's a more suitable.

Person it's that you have to aim to be that suitable person people can change so come on stop worrying and run tell her how you feel I I'm going after her I left the store and chased after Sana Sana wait a minute see hockey why did you come after me that's because you're important to me.

And I can't just leave you alone and stop it I'm always pushing you around with my emotions they keep blowing things out of proportion and getting upset there's no reason for you to like me so how can you be so nice to me I want you to hate me I can't do that if anyone should be hated it's me I'm always so indecisive.

And making you upset because of it you should hate me but really I don't want you to hate me at all then what are you going to do about that girl I'm not going out with her I was asking her for advice on how to get along with you like before this whole thing it was actually a plan to try and improve our.

Relationship are you sure if you keep hanging out with me I'm probably going to keep causing you trouble if that happens then that happens I want to continue to be with you uh if you don't mind things being like before okay that's fine with me and just like that our weird troubles.

Were resolved we went back to the cafe to let the girl know do you know where that girl oh she's headed to the bathroom I was nervous this whole time so this is a good time for a bathroom break then I went to the men's room ah what happened with Sana in the end.

Wait why are you in the men's room this isn't a unisex bathroom is it oh why why it's because I have something down there too that means you're uh girls have a lot of Secrets oh and please keep this a secret from Sana.

You can be a little wishy-washy but looks like you can man up when you need to you're surprisingly manly too did you say something no nothing so that's the reason why I couldn't talk to her normally from the start I understand now.

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