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[Manga Dub] Poor boy auctions himself in desperation… [RomCom]


Epilogue Dad Mom I'm currently being taken away by some strange men in black clothes where to I don't know I don't believe we can ever meet again so please take good care of yourselves my name is hayato takatsuki only a few days ago I was an ordinary third year male high school student it was of course a reason why things.

Ended this way my family was impoverished to the point where even putting food on the table every day was difficult the reason was because both my parents became joint guarantors and got into debt my parents are exceptionally good-natured to the point where whenever they saw someone in trouble they simply.

Couldn't let it slide because of this they always got the short end of the stick but despite this I never once hated held any grudges or despised my parents for it on the contrary I really loved seeing my parents who always tried so hard to do something for the sake of other people however having that said reality was.

Harsh on us that's why I secretly did part-time jobs to support our family's expenses even though it was against the school rules however one day a homeroom teacher found out and I was instantly handed a red card this is commonly referred to as an expulsion order just what the hell is this.

The plans I had to become a full-time worker After High School graduation were completely crushed with despair what this is the end of me my life is screwed my future it's completely black in my frustration I dashed up to my room the minute I returned home without me there to support my family finances this.

Household is gone if that's the case I took a selfie with my smartphone and uploaded the photo to a flea market website if things are going to go to rot anyways I at least want to leave some money for the parents who raised me for all these years I attempted to get hold of 3 million yen in exchange for my body.

Let's go it's my turn time to draw there's no way anyone would be willing right there's no way anyone would be willing to pay 3 million yen just to buy some Rando from nowhere huh with an instant decision I was already auctioned off are you serious I went to the place specified by the message which was sent to me through the.

Flea market app I thought it was some sort of prank at first but out of curiosity I decided to check it out anyways I'm glad that this was the specified place are you hayato takasugi yes that's me and who may you be on the buyer's commands we arrived here to collect you.

Please board that car over there these are definitely some bad people I've gotta get out of here I instantly did a right turn and began sprinting away but I couldn't get away from the strongly built Men In Black who with Nimble movements recaptured me within seconds even though you were bought with.

The appropriate procedures you still tried to run away we are not impressed at all the purchase procedures have already been completed so all the rights belong to us now I'll return the payment to you so please unto the contract there's no cooling off period included in this contract.

You misused that term with none of my questions answered I was forced into the limousine which takes us to the present as I thought was the destination of tuna fishing boat or is it for some slave labor to build an underground Empire no matter what it is my life is over isn't it father mother.

Please forgive me for any Misfortune that follows when I came to we had arrived in front of a rather Grand door my lady we brought it here good work please guide him inside a woman's voice a woman the moment I entered I felt speechless it was.

It was a beauty nice to meet you my name is ah nice to meet you my name is hayato takasugi thank you for purchasing me don't be fooled by appearances dude she may be a beauty but what is she thinking out what do you plan to do with me.

As expected do you plan to put me on a tuna fishing ship or put me through back-breaking slave labor to build some sort of underground Empire until I break and die I wouldn't do anything like that after all that trouble I went through to attain you to think that I would ever dream of letting you go I thought of.

Having you serve me as my butler Butler you say but I've never had any experience in doing that sort of work that's fine you just have to stay by my side and take personal care of me that's all I expect is that really it yes I'm satisfied with just that of course it's all very simple of tasks so please be assured the girl.

Named owie showed me a lighthearted smile I understand anyhow I'm someone you bought for 3 million yen so I will obey you hamba sama so what should I do that's true for today I'll have you start my Affairs in order that's for your room I'll have wakizaka escort you later and help you get dressed.

That way of addressing me is rather rigid so please call me by my name but to address my master by their first name casually is a little then your master is commanding you to do so please call me aoi I understand then I'll call you aoisan that's perfect Ah that's right I forgot to tell you.

Something important I adjusted things so that you could return to high school normally so from tomorrow please go back as usual huh I can go back to school again but then what about my job as your butler that can be done when you're off school that's why for now please prioritize.

Your studies then I don't think there's any meaning for you to buy me for 3 million yen right I'm glad that I can return to school but sense of caution welled up in me once again my head was a mess of whether her intentions were genuine or not that's.

True I want you to properly graduate high school and become a proper adult that's right right Fidel please take a rest I think there'll be a lot going on for you starting from tomorrow after that I was escorted into my own room and became lost in my own thoughts just what sort of intentions did always son have when purchasing me.

That was the biggest mystery but of course no matter how hard I thought about it no answer came in that way the night passed and my new life began from the next day I resumed my life at school from aoisan's Mansion to my high school I took the train then the bus before.

Arriving on campus from my old place I was able to commute by bus only so it did take a bit more time but it wasn't that much of a pain because the place was further away always San suggested to give me a ride by limousine but I politely declined that offer I always son seemed a bit displeased at.

That saying that if I did take up her offer we could at least be together halfway but it couldn't be helped since going to school by limousine would make me stand out a bit too much even more so if there was a beautiful girl sitting next to me when I arrived home from school that was the time when my job as always son's.

Butler began even if it was called being a butler most of the work was just chatting with owie casually through that I began to know are we more bit by bit I always son was six years older than me being 24 years old after graduating University she began working at the company which her father.

Ran in the future it seemed like she was on the way to become an executive level employee and there were many things she needed to learn it seems tough for her by complaining to me about her work frustrations and failures to me it was a source of stress relief for her even though that was my main job I still.

Received a salary when I saw my passbook I saw sums of money deposited into my account which made me going are you really serious I was slightly weirded out I decided to leave most of my family for home sending it back to my parents for myself living clothes and food were provided free of charge so just the.

Minimal amount was enough of course there were other tasks besides just being a conversational partner tidying up aoistan's room moving her luggage being her personal shopper organizing her books and documents tasks like that those were all simple tasks which just anybody could do so I mastered them with ease but the one.

Thing which troubled me was the Rune tidying oh man it's all cluttered up today too maybe it was because aoisan was so busy with work but there were times when she couldn't spend any time tidying up her room this was supposedly the time where the Butler stepped in to do his job but this.

Level of clutter was absolutely staggering well if that's the case let's quickly get this tidying over and done with this yes this is the thing which made me feel troubled this was the only thing which I just.

Couldn't get used to no matter how much I tried even if it's just this please put this away properly no this is mere cloth cloth while trying to convince myself I folded up the bits of cloth because of that I felt that the ability of my Minds I had been trained by the way I swear to God I.

Never ever tried to do anything like wear them or sniff them in that way my daily life turned 180 degrees and continued to become more and more fulfilling but I was faced with a big problem that was no less than studying unfortunately I was much slower than everyone else when it came to studying.

The reason was because up until now I had always spent the time I was supposed to be spent on studying on working my part-time jobs because of that even though I had gotten the chance to go back to school there was still no guarantee that I could graduate without a hitch so from there I started study sessions.

With aoisan that began from always on suggestions and were run on our days off over there you use that formula oh I see so it becomes like that very good way of teaching so even the dim-witted me could understand the material easily aoisan is really kind and to top it off she's really beautiful.

To be able to have study sessions with just the two of us together I really am too lucky what are you spacing up for focus focus do your best if you do your best I'll give you a reward reward yes a reward on the spot my heart started beating.

Faster but by reward Gucci mean something like that something like this something like let's give it our all let's do it do it do it do it my motivational switch was turned on yes men are simplistic creatures done.

I'm burnt out I'm completely burned up work then I'll give you the reward I promised please go ahead you don't have to be so nervous come on loosen up there's nothing to be scared of yes contrary to her words I stiffened up in.

Other words I got scared Miss owie here you go to the hayatoku who's always working hard a present for you is this a necklace happiness and disappointment crossed over me in confusion could it be that you were anticipating a different present but no if hayato could prefers that sort of.

Present well think about it let's no no this is plenty enough already thank you very much always son I'm very very happy I'm glad think of it as me and wear it close to your skin this is also an order from your master even if you don't order me to do so I'll always keep it with me thank you very much never forget to wear.

It okay the next Sunday like voice are we son could it be some urgent business the moment I slowly opened my eyes my sleepiness instantly disappeared I always thought what's with your uniform.

I found my old school uniform so I tried wearing it how is it I could still pass for a high school girl right well you can definitely still pass for one wait that's not the point the thing I wanted to ask is why you're wearing a uniform you're definitely not wearing it to show it off to me right of course that's not my only reason it's.

Because we're going on a school at uniform date from now on so hayatokun too go get changed into your school uniform in that sequence of events I abruptly went out on a school uniform date with aoisan hurry hurry always son the game center won't run.

Away or anything even if the game center won't run away our daytime will disappear so hurry up Ali and I went around to various places we started with the game Corner then we went out to the bowling alley then the cinema then the karaoke place Etc from start to finish aoisan showed an innocent smile on her face.

Seeing that look on owie my heart started beating faster without me even realizing it that enjoyable time we spent together passed by in a Flash and before we knew it the sky above us was stained with the Crimson of evening always on and I went to a riverbed which was slightly separated from the main.

Road the gentle breeze which swept by suddenly made me feel surprisingly at ease yes a momentary silence passed my gaze was completely transfixed by owie's eyes.

I like you know from that moment I met you I began liking you that's why please go out with me always son always thought is confessing to me is this a dream an unbelievable scene had unfolded in front of me but this was undoubtedly reality now.

My body began trembling slightly in response to my buzzing heart okay in my student tears I had always a yo a joke huh right always son could never fall in love with someone of such low cast like me what was I even hoping for.

Stop making some weird misunderstandings you dumb self even while thinking that for some reason I couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness look at you going I always turned her back to me and.

Began walking away from the day of the school uniform date I strangely started paying more attention to aoisan honestly speaking it took great length for me to even maintain my composure when I was face to face with her on a certain day after I'd gotten into that State of Mind did you hear the news.

See the news about business hours engagement I heard about it too it's got to be towards the son of that famous yotsubishi company right always sounds engagement that's the first time I'm hearing about this a shock ran through me as if I were.

Struck by lightning is that story true not like the sword of talk has been going behind the scenes from just around over a year ago is is that so I guess that's right if OWI son already has an engagement partner then my job as her Butler is already complete I suppose when I found out about the news I.

Returned to my room packed up my belongings and left the mansion in normal circumstances I would have said my goodbyes I knew that was the thing I should have done but it was just too painful to meet alway-san therefore I left a letter of gratitude and the savings I kept until then.

The money was my celebratory gift to always son for her wedding well let's see what should I do from now I did give a fair amount of money to my parents so in that respect I think it should be all right for the time being for the time being I decided to stop at the next station as I was thinking about the future while.

Exiting the station Gates it was in that moment where I dropped the Boston bag I was carrying oh he saw why are you here what is the meaning of this I ask to leave your own accord without asking permission for your master first I'm sorry.

Wait up there's no sort of idiot who would wait after being told to wait up I don't know what sort of dissatisfaction you have but you I have not even the slightest bit of intention to let go of hayatokun who I went through Such Great Lengths to obtain because hayatokun and I were most.

Definitely bound to each other by the unbreakable red strings of fate to hear very best to escape because no matter where you go older sister will always come back and chase after you I ran away with all my might but no matter where I went I always son always was a step ahead why did she know my whereabouts it was as if I had a GPS.

Installed on me wait could it be I sort of guessed it but it was already too late from blindly continuing to try to run away my bodily strength had reached its limit the last place I escaped to was a small Park of course already standing there in.

Front of me was always son with an easy expression on her face always son you don't need me anymore right you already got a fiancee get you just continue to be supported by that person from now on hey Hunter I don't have a fiance though oh don't lie to me I heard it from the.

Maids they told me that you're getting engaged to the son of the yotsubishi household right ah that story right I already rejected them I already told my dad that I had someone in my heart already and that I wasn't planning on getting married to anyone except for them even then you don't need me right you.

Can just continue to be supported by that person from now on right course that's what I plan on doing that's why I want you to come back with me hayatokun that's why I won't be your butler anymore wait what does that mean yes the person my heart has decided on is you hayatokun huh why me.

That's because hayato Kun is my savior it seems like hayatukun doesn't remember but we did meet once in the past six years ago at the riverbed we visited in our school uniform date all we saw and started telling me the events of that day little by little when all we saw was 15 years old due to a fire caused by unknown reasons she.

Lost her parents and was taken in by her adoptive parents being emotionally worn down by the death of her parents she couldn't get along with her new adoptive parents and became rebellious at the time the person who called out to me who was moping at the riverbed was you hayatukun.

According to are we I nosly pestered her asking what was wrong she thought of me as someone annoying but told me everything on her mind then something along the lines of someone like you wouldn't understand the feeling of being raised by someone not connected with you by Blood at the time hayatukun answered me like.

This I'm the same as you older sister so I understand so at times like these it's okay to State your feelings plainly and clearly because I have the same sort of worries so so I know that if you do things that way things will get better that's what you said to me to the AWI son who was in the same situation my words were like a ray of.

Light which pierced into her world of closed Darkness on that same day she told her adoptive mother and father about the anxieties she had been carrying inside of her up until that day her adoptive parents told her that even if they weren't connected by Blood she was still their own Irreplaceable.

Daughter at that time maybe because I was a kid I was able to reach the depths of aoisan's heart let me say it one more time I like you I love you that's why please return to my side please walk down the same future with me if you're fine with me then I'd be glad.

To because I like you too I always son always son dived towards me I'm so happy oh definitely never let go of you again it's okay I'll definitely continue to be on your side you've been away again okay well even if you try to run away I'll that'll happen I guess uh I forgot to.

Tell you something I'm the type who likes to be around the person they like 24 7. that's why if you ignore me I'll put you on restraints so remember that okay uh is that the case yes that's why please fuss over me as much as you can from now on every single day let's sleep together let's go into the bath together.

Let's kiss in the mornings afternoons and evenings and then and then wait up is all of that the quota for every day yes that's also an order from your master do you perhaps dislike it it's not that I hate it but doing it every day is a little embarrassing how do I say it then there's no problem right so I'll.

Invite a to-do list of what to do next time and give it to you right got it if things turn out like this then there's no choice but to obey the Master's orders are absolute three years passed after that I managed to pass High School successfully and now work as the Butler and secretary for aoisan who has.

Recently been appointed as vice president of her company every day is busy but it's fulfilling for me there's just this one thing which bothers me a little vice president I've adjusted the schedule for next week good work with that our mornings work is over right.

For lunch would you like to eat together before that we have something to do right the vice president no are we son close her eyes you haven't given me my afternoon kiss right if you don't give me my afternoon kiss I can't do my afternoon work mwah why are you talking like Pikachu oh my.

And here it goes again well this side of our son is cute too but so I instantly responded to aoisan's request CS I've got it in that way we became complete lovebirds but for us to become big enough to go down in history that happened several years later well I'll leave that story for another time.

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