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[Manga Dub] Poor boy joins a dorm and a girl becomes his pet…!? [RomCom]


Hey katsuki we're having Club activities today you coming oh Emmy sorry I might have to pass could you also let the others know I'm going home early okay no biggies but why I actually just moved to a new place yesterday you see I've still got some unpacking to do so I gotcha sure I'll tell everyone man I'm still beat from classes still I really have no.

Choice but to unpack these boxes or else every day is just gonna be stressful if I procrastinate I'm Kazuki inukai a sophomore studying at arisu Metropolitan University yeah now's probably the time of getting myself a car after turning 20. and so I worked my ass off and bought one oh that's good but I'm just kind of scraping the bottom of the.

Barrel nowadays till now I was living in a condo but it got tougher for me just paying for the rent so you see that's why I decided to move to the super cheap college dorm the other day man seeing this makes me do a double take if this place really is fit for a human to live in I mean just look at it we're probably someone does live here just it isn't a.

Human my new place this college dorm was sort of in a dilapidated State I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually a haunted house or a paranormal hot spot the place was simply a total wreck no bathtubs no anything sure this place has a toilet as well as a kitchen but both are shared spaces the dorm does have proper internet wirings but dude.

This is kind of starting to piss me off I must save up money and leave this dump in an instant and it's finally done geez this dump's now more livable like this unpacking all these was a priority because today's sleep time was on the line so I got the job done this quickly now I can finally take a breather that's refreshing nothing beats this.

Oolong tea with lemons just the best man I wish this was way more popular oh look at the time somehow I found myself glimping at the clock it read as 8 o'clock P.M I mean it's already this late plus I'm all worn out heck I don't even have a single penny to eat out dude it's a real bummer I gotta go prep my own meal but do I have any other choice.

Right something quick and simple Imma have some Curry tonight tossing the meat veggies and finally the curry Roo then let it all simmer what the heck was that sound by the time my Curry was all supposedly cooked something from a spot not far away from the kitchen a loud bang echoed probably one that came from a room at the far end.

Of the corridor is there someone inside I uttered those words but dare say there wasn't even a single soul living in this college dorm that's what I thought but maybe okay there was this room that literally did look like a dumpster maybe something Came Crashing Down dude even this place resembles that mountain of Bulky Trash you'd find with hoarders.

Still that guy's probably better off cleaning that spot if he's gonna live here or else he just starts thinking this place up gonna be a real hazard that right now dude I just hear someone groaning it's kind of closing in towards my Direction I mean both the voice and the sound it's inching closer here nah dude there's definitely someone or.

Something here right man I got reeled in into renting this Dirt Cheap almost free college storm now I kind of regretted it I'd be better off sleeping my ass off in that car if I knew this place would frighten me out of my wits Now's the Time to make a run for it let me see any back doors I told you so.

Oh okay huh after drawing out their final breath letting out a raspy voice that goes to I think it was a ghost finally stopped moving I stood there for a minute but this girl didn't vanish if anything let me see probably a human um excuse me you still alive there I'm still alive please I need food.

Are you hungry wanna eat some Curry Why you wanna oh thanks so really I didn't have money and wasn't able to eat anything during the past few days dude you gotta make sure you're stocked on food at the least hear me so here's my conclusion that ghost who I believed was a ghost wasn't really a ghost she's from a different College than mine as in this.

Girl's attending art college probably a sophomore too like me you seem like a smart guy I mean relatively speaking so oh I come here look I'm currently short on money so I chose this place it's really cheap too same we're gonna take here totally allows me to save money nah you should be at least able to afford yourself some.

Meals so uh by the way how much have you saved so far uh Penny that's as good as nothing um like I just paid my rent dude isn't that this dump costs only like 40 bucks how much are you earning monthly 41 bucks a month that means you're only saving one dollar a month just what the heck are you doing for a part-time job.

Scavenging coins off the street nah that's not really what you call a part-time job aren't you working at some place or something see I'm an artist oh it'd be just shameful of me if the time comes and I gotta do a part-time jobs geez really spoken like a true bump heck even a couch potato so how about your meals I'm currently smacking on veggies.

See the veggies that grow here around the college dorm believe it or not are really delicious those aren't veggies those are grass you hear me and I already ate them all so I hadn't had a single meal during the past few days okay let me wrap my head around this one more time so this girl isn't working right now earns an average of 41 bucks.

By Scavenging coins off streets and snacks on grass every single day right ah really doing this in this Millennium she's got some guts hold on and wasn't she picking off coins that totaled to 40 bucks man she's really something I gotta hand it to her guardian angel hers is a beast the curry tasted really good can I come again here for more mihos sure.

Leaving you all alone here man I just feel real guilty thanks see you then no no hold on a minute just where the heck are you living here was there really a room fit for living aside from mines your minds down the corridor that dumpster man you gotta clean that mess up no way I have zero life skills like literally oh well I saw that coming a.

Mile away you were even literally snacking on raw grass it makes me wonder why her parents allowed her to live on her own jeez oh well look I'ma help tidy up that dumpster during my free time make sure to sort what to keep and what to toss got me no no need for that they're all trash huh guess it's better we throw that.

Whole room away ain't it right oh right I still haven't asked for your name I'm nanako yes she night so you are Kazuki inukai so Kazuki can you help me put on these panties you do that yourself wait a minute you would Commando this whole time and so this is how it all went the first time I met her it wasn't sort of.

The usual dorm buddies you think of it's more like of me looking after this girl who had absolutely zero life skills I also had to surrender to the fact that I ought to learn more about her if this continues and if you're still wondering about that I asked her to wear her panties all by herself okay I'm here as promised shall we tackle this sure you.

Got this okay I'll be in the next room if you need me nah you're doing this too this is your room right haven't I told you before I have zero life skills I'll just slow you down I'll warn you you'd better not underestimate me when it all boils down to these oh really you're bluffing I've had enough of this here do your part two okey dokey.

Oopsies I found a bra over here what should I do Kazuki as if asking me is gonna help what do you want me to do with that yes her bra size big as melons morning huh you're wearing everyday clothes that's rare oh I'm off to the uni that's why by the way I remember you mentioning your average income was 40 bucks more or less right you able to pay.

Tuition fees with that I'm not paying those see I'm on a scholarship so whoa that's really impressive doesn't matter whether I'm awake or asleep all I can think about is Art but you probably have other things bothering your mind right now like are there any Kazuki you're just imagining things um this won't do katsuki like where are.

My panties again left cabinet topmost drawer at least try to memorize where your panties are so hey nanako you're studying at an art college right what's your major painting sculpture painting so what kind of paintings I do a mix like different styles of paintings from classical to modern ones are you using PC to draw or anything of the like I.

Don't own a computer but I bet I can draw with it props really well then you can use mine as I'm switching PCS real soon thanks also how about doing some illustrations and posting them on social media I'd wish there might be some people interested in art commissions you know who are willing to pay you some money making money even without working.

Talk about the modern Alchemy yep can't say for sure that things are gonna go off without a hitch though still good luck yo Kazuki I want to refill okay okay so this is how our daily lives went by after a month had passed we ate meals together at small talks and we hung out during our free time really something that feels like what a family would do.

To tell you the truth this wasn't as bad as I thought I kind of felt awkward as I was babying her though hey Kazuki even and skipping Club activities a lot recently did something happen yeah yeah now that I think about it I haven't been showing up here these days huh I mean I haven't noticed it till my friend Emmy told me but what she says is true.

It feels like I haven't been showing up for co-curricular activities lately after moving places I've just been babysitting nanako all this time or so I thought this was the first time it all hit me really not showing up to our club activities ah let me take a guess you started dating somebody maybe oh.

Wish that was the case all right glad to hear that glad to hear what man this isn't something to celebrate uh don't mind me I was just speaking to myself um so are you showing up for club today yeah now that you mention it I'll show up I guess yay it's been a while since I showed up for Club activities and let me tell you it was just the best feeling.

Ever after concluding today's activities we had meals over some small talk then finally headed home that reminds me you just moved into the new place right Kazuki how's it like something similar to a haunted house I guess the place is a real mess really dilapidated oh believe me oh my gosh is it really okay to move into place like that did.

Something appear show up yeah something did and scared the hell out of me it wasn't a ghost or anything but one that kind of reminded me of a real ghost like seriously is that normal yeah I've gotten used to it plus the rent's only 40 bucks and comes with internet too you ask me no problems here nope that's like a chock full of problems.

Um look actually my house is a Shinto Shrine I mean it's near a Shinto Shrine so just my opinion but I feel like your place is gonna need an exorcism I mean we can go ahead and do that if you want us to I mean we can go ahead and do that if you'd want us to so nah I'm a pass like you don't really have to you need to be shy or anything I'm telling you.

The earlier the better like real quick got me uh-huh okay I'll do it I'll ask you this favor so when are you visiting didn't I say like the earlier the better like we're doing this right now ah but it's already dark out there it's gonna be fine it'll just take a sec or so but if I fail to do so um can I stay the night and oh no.

Worries if that happens I can send you home with my car oh wow jeez thanks why are you getting mad all of a sudden oh well you all buckled up there yep all buckled up over here I come kazuki's room here here living here seriously yep well then go on be my guest sure no I don't really want to go so.

This is a college storm just to be sure right don't you guys have a dorm head yeah we don't have that here look we college students are already adults aren't we they probably want us to be all responsible or something like that that means you're living all by yourself here Kazuki uh uh no there's this other person who stays here I can't believe.

There's two of you staying in this haunted house so how should we go about this I haven't got a single clue on how exorcism works you need me to do something right you show me where your room is katsuki will do that there gotcha oops that's my room just right over there oh so this is kazuki's room and where Kazuki sleeps.

Too huh how about we get things done quickly plus it's getting pretty late into the night all right you are I'll begin chanting okay so um let me see um kitty kitty ma granny um or that's it huh what's with that incantation first time hearing that oh.

If you didn't know these are called mantras this somehow feels all different from the Mantra that I know this is the neighborhood got me you Kazuki repeat after to me huh granny while I still had doubts with this I followed along Emmy's mysterious incantation I was reciting her words and suddenly that person appeared evening.

We're doing costume am I doing I wanted to know what the heck I was doing too by the way nanako looked different now compared to back then when she looked disheveled thanks to the PC I gave her she's now doing illustrations and posting them on social media sites the result her Works popped off and got to trending and she got.

Commissions from established gaming companies and even Publishers now a thriving up-and-coming illustrator in the scene she's able to dress well whenever and however she wants to oh well Kazuki I'm hungry yeah yeah shall we go and grab you a meal and maybe while at it probably you first get a shower okie dokie how about my bras and.

Panties in the cabinet topmost drawer didn't I tell you this before you should know this by now okay I'm all ready to go Kazuki right so I'ma go and deal with this I'll leave the rest to you Emmy You're Gonna Go deal with that I know it's in my business but what the is happening and who's this gorgeous girl gorgeous I mean mean that's really fair.

Of Emmy to call nanako that in all honesty if nanako just pours all effort into dressing up well herself she'd Garner a t-score easily above 70 with that face and body like her Aesthetics just running around 98 percentile nanakos just drop dead gorgeous I could totally see that phrase coming a mile away dumping that Sadako style hairdo.

Donning that hairstyle which you'll probably even slay if it was done short and would match well in designer ladies suits she just had this certain business woman style and looks that could easily pull them off geez so eating well and changing one's lifestyle does help a lot I had no idea people could drastically transform like this who the heck are you.

Me I'm not Neko yashinai a resident of the storm earlier I remember you saying you missed me to Kazuki like how are you related to each other you even asked him for your Bronson panties um like pets and their owner yeah that's the closest I could think of such a relationships exist in this Millennia I'm really jealous you have Kazuki as.

Your butt nah see I'm the owner you're the owner Kazuki meaning you're doing this that took adopted gorgeous girl every night like some kind of unspeakable kick uh things together nope not at all yeah he's helping me out with my panties no no no no no no no no not at all and when did I do such a thing um in the future we're talking about.

Past tense is here you're talking about future tenses and not that I'm gonna do that though uh Kazuki is the master he helps put on his hotties panties every oh weird kinky stuff uh I'm not doing any of that yo Earth to Emmy you there Emmy kiharu that's it for today sorry but done with this up there she go.

She definitely misunderstood us what the heck am I gonna do man showing up for Club activities now is going to be really tough then you could just stop showing up there you still have me right by your side I'll promise to comfort and cuddle you as your pet Kazuki with load stuff man give me a break until now you provided me with meals a place to.

Live at as well as turn my hobby into something profitable if there's something I can do to repay you it's with this body or money I guess Kazuki you can do all you want to do with me pretty as you place um or rather I want you doing that nanako you that really comes off as a confession to me I mean see ya I'm.

Confessing to you right now I don't want to be simply your pet I want to be your girlfriend Kazuki so no it's not that I hate that idea but um yeah nanako simply one amazing girl if you ask me she's got the looks the brains she's the ideal woman plus she's now even pretty rich as long as we oversee that one fatal flaw of her.

Having zero life skills at all I guess even as far as being labeled as a gold digger ain't that bad for me she's just one companion you'd love to have however that doesn't cut quite right for me I don't want to view her that way objectively speaking you're just an amazing individual nanako but you're kind of putting me in the spot right now.

And even if you say it that way it doesn't mean it'll be easy changing our relationship in the course of one day it's just so how can we change our current relationship right let me think the moment you're able to do day-to-day stuff by yourself nanako I'd probably start viewing you not as a pet but as the usual everyday girl out there so I.

Uh being independent okay I'll do my best yep good luck so Kazuki if the time comes I can be all and dependent and start living on my own you're gonna yeah if that time comes I'm gonna give you my honest and sincere answer okay I'll look forward to that day shall we go grab a meal then also I'm gonna shower after that yeah we're off then Kazuki Could.

You teach me how to clean these panties after I finish taking a bath look here uh you're gonna need to find that out on your own this day marked the moment when I got a love confession from nanako and thanks to this started a relationship Anew and not that of being a pet and owner at the same time we also got to tackle on this new chapter of our lives.

So one that went by like this and so I finally capped in and moved in here too no no what do you mean by tee hee um why there's a reason I I only moved in so that I could be your pet too Kazuki I Wanna Be Your Pet too pretty please katsuki see I already liked you back then after you entered a club I'm even.

Willing to adjust to your King's Kazuki if that's what you want oh whatever just make me your pet I want to be cuddled more than that girl over there right so you did misread me during that time so hey uh Emmy no that position for kazuki's pet AKA sooner than later girlfriend is already filled he's already content with me being his soul.

Pet sooner or later so you're not his girlfriend at all I mean not at the moment right saying nope seriously you're one to talk I'm the one who's going to be katsuki's pet as well as his girlfriend do you hear me wrong that's gonna be me I even learned how to wash my panties yesterday there's your proof watching panties are not that big of a.

Deal just put it out there I'm already really good at cooking which gets us back to panties um so like I could wash bratis too you see for us too she's way ahead of me like katsuki he'd probably choose someone who's really good at household chores than one who isn't right they'll make a really good pet AKA love her for.

You too correct I'm gonna catch up real quick just so you know I might as well scratch that off your advantages plus I have money too so surely I grabbed the spot of his pets girlfriend rule you see his future is secured with me ever talking about securing such Futures these wait you've looked into that that far hey Kazuki who's better me or this.

Girl yeah yeah I wanna know so who so that new chapter that got suddenly introduced into my story was that time I also got a confession from my friend Emmy this all traces back to how this girl's scrambling to grab that pet slash girlfriend spot and dethrow nanaka over it which just all happened a day before I can't stand getting caught between.

These intense glares emanating from these two and so it's better I get this resolved ASAP thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well