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[Manga Dub] Poor guy applies to be a mate for $100,000… [RomCom]


Huh they said you weren't allowed to go to college yep my sister called me to ask if we could talk she told me that our parents were against her going to college why akane you've been studying so hard they telling me they don't have enough money for it why don't you get a scholarship.

They don't want me to because then I'd have to suffer with student loans I guess I mean I know some of my friends are having a difficult time paying student loans it's a lot of money hmm But you want to go to college right yeah okay let me see what I can do about that I'll talk to Mom and Dad about it okay.

Really of course anything for my little sister I got this thanks you're the best I know what I said to akane but there's no way mom or dad would ever listen to me our family is poor that's all our parents fault they used up all the money.

We have on having their fun plus they don't do the housework parents are unreliable that's why I've taken care of akane since we were little she's always been a good kid I feel more responsible than a regular brother I'm more like a father to her I've watched her work hard studying all day and night I don't want to make her.

Give up on her dream I don't have enough money saved up I graduated high school two years ago I don't spend much money and I try to save as much as I can but it still isn't enough to pay for her school fees I wish there was some way I could get my hands on big money fast no I can't these all look too shady it's.

Too risky life is not that easy as they say money doesn't grow on trees stocks and foreign exchange they're both too risky for an amateur like me wait this can't be true date an introvert for 10 million yen I found a comment while looking through.

Numerous websites it was too good to be true but it was written in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't read through the comments if it was fake the author would probably write it somewhere more visible what if it's true can't believe I'm here.

I got on the shinkansen to meet with the person who wrote the Shady comment as far as I could see it was a high-rise condo with an exceptional exterior that means the person who wrote the comet was wealthy I just hope she isn't weird or too crazy to handle I contacted the commenter to tell her I.

Had arrived as she opened the lock for me through her door monitor I walked into the lobby which looked like the entrance of an expensive and luxurious Hotel I definitely do not belong here only rich people should be here I followed her instructions up to her room.

Welcome sukushi inamura are you the one who wrote that comment online she seems a little unique but it looks like we're about the same age I'm surprised you found the comment I wrote ha you found it which means you are.

Competent I didn't think I would come across your comment I really wasn't expecting it but I guess it was a test I'm sleepy huh can you do the housework huh.

Yes I can what about cooking I can cook too so can you live here what you heard not from around here but if you were going to be my boyfriend you need to be near me wait what about my job.

You will quit are you ready to do that I'll have to quit my job but I can look for one over here right well I guess you can it's easier to find a job in the city but that starts all you're worried about your sister she's so cute.

You researched me of course I did I needed to know what kind of person you are what exactly do you want from me huh exactly what I wrote online you will be asami's boyfriend okay who is Asami Asami oh that's your name I forgot to introduce myself nice to meet you narugami.

I've never heard that name before I guess her family isn't a zaibotsu or anything I'm looking forward to knowing you miss narugami Asami huh we'll be dating call me Asami okay I will so why are you rolling around in bed it's not an invitation.

Yes I'm aware of that I'm not stupid I just can't be bothered um she might be a little more than I can handle wait how do I know she'll pay me for sure um so what should I do now you take care of Asami you need to come live here or it won't work maybe you should get a housekeeper or.

Something they're also annoying I need somebody who will love me so they won't be annoying that's an unusual way of thinking so what do you think will you live here I'm willing to live here if you're going.

To keep your promise this place is bigger than I thought would it be okay if my sister moves in with us she'll be starting College soon which means she'll need a place in the city plus if we live together I'll be able to save more money than if we live apart this is our love nest you are bringing.

Your sister do you have to phrase it that way well okay your sister can come I appreciate it so when will you start talking casually oh whenever if that's what you prefer of course because well I guess so it's settled then.

Oh I'm so hungry that was out of the blue well I'm hungry do you have anything in your fridge no nothing what do you usually eat then I don't know oh I've noticed that ever since I got here.

She hasn't acted like an introvert at all she just looks like an extremely lazy girl do you want me to get some food I'll make something what about snacks or a cake okay you like snacks and cake I'll be back soon you can wait here I want to go with you.

Oh wait why are you holding on to my arm I don't feel like walking then why are you coming with me it sounds like fun uh I'm just going to the supermarket you know everything is expensive around here you'll need my wallet to buy things you shouldn't offer your wallet to.

People like that it'll cause trouble if you say it to the wrong people I didn't expect you to be so funny is that supposed to be a compliment but you are too loud my bad I'm so hungry okay okay let's go shopping then hmm.

She's lazy and she's kind of weird I'm going to have to prepare myself before moving in here but at the same time she's kind of cute what do you like Ramen huh I wasn't expecting that but weren't you saying you wanted dessert I'm so confused.

Shut up I'll eat anything you want to make okay how about chocolate cake I used to make it for my little sister you love your sister yes but it sounds weird when you put it that way weird it's true no well I love my sister in a.

Healthy family way it's not a bad thing huh it's good you are treating your sister well family is the most important thing what oh nothing I didn't think you had any interest in anything other than yourself doesn't have a family Lee huh it's.

Nothing nothing wait is that why she wanted a boyfriend so does chocolate cake sound okay to you I wanted to ask her but I decided it would be best if I didn't after that we finished shopping and I started baking the cake for Asami I never thought I would end up making chocolate cake in a high-end condo but I.

Have nothing else to do and Asami seemed satisfied once the cake was finished yum yum good Asami loved the cake I'm glad you like it I wasn't sure if it would be good enough you probably don't have much experience.

Eating cheap food like this the price of food has nothing to do with how good it is right plus I feel warm warm well I lost my parents in an accident right before I started High School oh since then I've been trying to keep my mind off them by making a lot of money.

That must have been tough stocks mostly it was fun for a while I guess but that's how you got this rich nope I own a business no I still do stocks but my main income is for my company I was thinking we were about the same age but you've gotten to a point where I.

Would never imagine myself it's amazing but I'm tired now I don't like being alone so that's why you were looking for a boyfriend yes but didn't you consider the risks of meeting a stranger to be honest I researched before meeting people.

There were others for you but I did my research and a lot of them kind of failed then why did you pick me you love your family you care for your sister yeah my sister means a lot to me but to be honest I don't care about my parents.

Your parents are not good but tsukushi you haven't cut ties with them I wanted to see you in person so I invited sukushi you didn't make a face when you saw me if you were willing to hear me you made proper decisions and you are kind plus you're funny that's why I would love for you to be my.

Boyfriend if you still want to oh is there a problem of course not I would love to but it wasn't fair for you to hide a face like that for this long I didn't want to show you until the end I see I mean I'm here because I'm up for the job but are you sure you want me as.

Your boyfriend why not I'm only here because you offered me money but you're hoping to find a family you can rely on emotionally no problem sis.

Uttering for me so that's why you held onto my arm huh your face was red even before you saw my whole face and that was lazy that's how I know you will fall for me you will care for me eventually you thought this through huh are you angry you're too close Plus.

I already liked you before I saw your whole face Plus it's nothing if I said what I thought now she'll only think I was saying it since I saw how pretty she was huh no sulking off of me.

Sukushi you're being a little cocky what you need a lesson before you go home today wait what huh before I forget did you reserve a hotel room yeah you're the one who told me to get a room you can cancel it now why.

You can stay here don't worry I have many empty rooms that's pretty solid I know right awesome he wouldn't let me off until I canceled the hotel room I wouldn't expect anything less from a.

Businesswoman once she made her choice she was stubborn and so um you said there were empty rooms we should sleep together now that we're dating but but this is a bit he votes me sleeping tonight do you even know what that means.

She was right I couldn't sleep at all that night is my first girlfriend how could I sleep when I could feel her body next to mine but I could tell that Asami was nervous too so I'm glad it wasn't just me the next day we went to an amusement park as Asami requested she seemed lazy yesterday but she was.

Anything but lazy when it came to having fun on dates we had a great time hey it's akushi hmm I want you to come as soon as possible I know I promise I won't make you feel lonely okay I'll be waiting for you awesome he seemed like a completely.

Different person she was sweet and cuddly unlike yesterday I went home straight after enjoying the day with Asami at the amusement park I talked things over with my parents once again and we found a way akane could apply for college without a scholarship two months later I quit my job.

Akane and I decided to visit Asami so we could all spend some time together akane's a shy girl she was hiding behind my back at first however after a while akane and Asami seemed to get along pretty well they even look like real sisters Asami and I will be living alone for the next few months but akane will be.

Joining us before starting College I don't know how I got so lucky but I'm looking forward to my future with Asami thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well