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[Manga Dub] Popular girl is in love with an introvert!? [RomCom]


I'll probably be clocking out late today how about you natakomi I'll be heading home after killing some time somewhere doing something so yeah I'm akatohigore an employee for an I.T company working for five years well right in front of me is ayahi natakomi I started three years earlier making me her senpai.

So there should be a basic air of seniority a dignified sort of impression I give off however that's not the case so yeah our year end party starts at 8pm make sure you'll be there Pronto okay yes understood okay see you later then right now if you'll excuse me wow dude you're casually holding a convo.

With nagatomi huh why say that she's a real Beauty but always has that Sullen look on her face I'd never guess what's on her mind would you hmm I wonder well it's not our place to assume things based on her looks right if you ask me she always gets the job done flawlessly.

That's all we need the one thing bothering me however is everybody stares at her whenever I give her instructions for the next task hmm true that might be the case hmm true that might be the case well talking to a pretty girl of that caliber you're bound to get stares of jealousy from everybody they're really.

Envious of you they the same goes for you my man I thought most male employees here were already married weren't they yeah a combo with a real Beauty I'd say there's always extra space we can squeeze that in the heck was that what I'm saying is everybody just wants to talk casually with nagatomi you.

Meeting her elsewhere outside work that's absurd you know I haven't even had a drink or two with her but yeah that's what I'd expect you being her senior I bet she even has a boyfriend at the moment yeah now that you say it finding out that a beauty like her has no boyfriend.

Now that's bizarre I'd reckon she's that clingy type in front of her boyfriend right yo cut that out you and your weird imagination I'm kind of curious though there you go yeah yeah now could you quit bugging me with all this nonsense go work your ass out till the year-end.

Party starts without further Ado let's get started and while it still might take up to a week before we complete our deliverables I'll go ahead and say this this year was fantastic great job everyone cheers to a great 2024. wonder why they chose today for our year-end party.

Yeah plus Christmas should be here by next week too they probably thought everyone would just say no and so doing it earlier might be the best hmm right I turned down their invitation too if it was on Christmas would you do the same if this was on Christmas nagatomi I won't mind I'll participate as always.

Christmas is just another weekday uh yeah exactly so Naga told me probably no boyfriend nah people crying into your own personal business it's really bothersome she probably just wants to keep this conversation going so hegare would you be participating if this was on Christmas.

Yeah I'd still probably join I mean there's nothing to do anyways obviously killing the vibe just because you're still single not cool man I'd be more than happy to introduce you to my wife's friends though huh are you okay Naga Tomy uh nothing nothing so carry on.

Really all right then by the way Senpai what type of girls do you like that's a good one yeah he gray I'm interested too you too just why man you've got all these things going good for you but you got no game really makes me wonder why so your type go on.

The gentle caring kind something like that man to abstract anything else nah listening to my ramblings is just way too boring right Naga told me this Topic's pretty boring agree no not really seriously I'd say it's boring enough to take your.

Mind off you're even now glued to your Notepad I'm fine don't mind me well if you say so huh nagatomi are you taking notes about him okay next question would you prefer someone younger older none of those matter much to me age.

Doesn't really matter I'd say their personality is much more important right certainly so I see so that means you're not picky about women well that sounds kind of bad when you put it that way so everybody I see you're enjoying the.

Night my apologies for the interruption but may I have everyone's attention please we'll be having a bingo game in a few minutes look we're having a bingo dude things were just getting interesting and so we played Bingo where I bagged myself the third prize eager a what was.

Your prize a dog translator device dude do you even have a dog nah I don't own any what are these weren't they supposed to pick prizes that would satisfy most people here well a number of organizing committee members do own dogs so they chose these.

Prices in hopes of bagging one themselves am I right I kind of get it I mean the organizing committee had a lot on their hands buying all this and stuff we could at least let them choose the prizes they want no harm done couldn't agree more so what are you gonna do with that.

Uh uh well it'd be a waste throwing it away so I'ma try using it you're gonna use it and how humor me katso what was the most embarrassing moment of your life why all of a sudden huh no response figures dude there's no way in hell that works.

On me my man's probably had too much to drink not true at all I just want to give it a shot do you think this works on people as well nagatomi do you honestly believe that we don't even know if that thing even.

Works accurately on dogs oh my gosh she's like oh my Collective when it comes to work but now you're getting piled up over a toy thing all adorable no fair you meanie huh what's wrong Higa Ray uh no nothing wrong at all what the hell is this.

This device is displaying something Naga told me would never utter in her life um anyway I'll try it again just to confirm things Naga Tomy what do you think of me what's gotten into you suddenly you're a senior figure capable of getting the job done.

Why I'm feeling like you obviously oh I really want to marry you by now if that's too much to ask I think it's not that bad too this confirms my hunch somehow this thing reacts to nagatomi's voice no that's impossible but let me give it one more try uh Naga told me I'd like you to check.

This out uh did you get anything huh that just now The Voice I've never Naga told me just to double check this one's probably got it all wrong right isn't that obvious me thinking of you.

Hickory in such a matter is just downright silly as I thought huh you have that sort of flustered look on your face did you drink too much nagatomi is that that might be the case hold on let me have at it too Naga told me then took the dog translator device away from me.

What does hickory think of me well you're one who takes their job seriously I see a great kohai of mine I see yep so did it react to my voice no it's all blank yeah this one's just your usual toy here you can have this back.

I really thought I was about to hear his true feelings but sadly uh come again it was nothing please don't mind me huh the bee she's a bit upset over this all right then last question I'm sorry for upsetting you is there anything I could do so you'd feel better no need for that I'm not really upset.

Over anything uh yeah is this for real um would you like to hang out somewhere of course this depends entirely on you nagatomi if you insist I'll be willing to Am I Dreaming simply just invited me off the spot oh I really love you.

I really put my faith in this thing luckily tomorrow's a day off for me so aha okay tomorrow is decided then affirmative I probably wasn't in a good mood because of the party and thanks to that I somehow got to ask nagatomi on a date the next day.

Should I bring this would be a great conversation starter plus you'd never know if this thing really works no might be a bad idea now that I think about it I shouldn't be relying on this device I'll use my own wits to make this date interesting.

No I just arrived here so there's no need to apologize I haven't decided where to go yet is there somewhere you'd love to visit if so I'm fine with visiting the places you often frequent too huh right but those places aren't that interesting if you ask me I'm okay with that.

Sure gotcha and so we went to the cafe I habitually go to on my days off they serve great coffee and chocolate cakes here I really like them too so I relax here once in a while I see then I'll be ordering both sure got it I'll go ahead and order this.

Okay this is good really glad you're enjoying it Omi always has that aloof expression on her face so I can't decipher if she's enjoying this or not after unwinding here for a bit I go to.

Places such as bookstores music stores and the like we'll go to those then you sure that would be fun still I was unsure visiting these would be a good idea but we still went ahead for the bookstore as well as the music store uh so yeah.

Seems like I just took you along to go shop with me not at all I'm glad I was able to visit the places you frequent too really that's good to know huh I wonder if that's truly the case she doesn't seem all that happy to me wow me talk about acting cool I should have brought that dog translator device.

All along I want to know nagatomi's true feelings well then I guess shall we go home right it's gonna be dark soon make sure to get home safe okay yes aren't you going to ask me for another date well it's really not my place to be.

Asking you that but can I I mean today's date was an utter disaster that's not true I made totally looking different however I had lots of fun seriously really I won't mind you using that translator device if you'd like to.

Double check on things did you not bring that today yeah not even sure if that gadget's even reliable I wanted to learn more about you nagatomi without relying on that device dedicated as always probably just stubborn or yeah just.

Pig-headed not really you need to be more confident uh wow thanks hearing you say that I'll make sure to be proud of these traits if you weren't there in the first place I would have doubts whether or not to.

Continue working at the company huh why you're really good at doing your job though well I can now keep up with work but could barely manage at all on the onsets on top of that I was not good at expressing my emotions too I got start comments like why does a.

Newbie like her always look so sullen right you did get such remarks now that I remember it yeah however you were always willing to support me in many things and because you'd always check up on me I somewhat managed to make it all the way here huh.

I've never thought of it that way that's just me working like a madman that's all there is to it but I'm really glad I was of help to you so yeah I may be unlikable and sociable but I'm always thankful for you senpai I really like you huh wow thanks hearing this straight up to my face is.

Kind of embarrassing that's why today was really fun I got to know all sorts of things about you higare nice to hear that thanks all right we're gonna go to spots you want to visit on our next date huh well I'd love to know more about you.

Nagatomi so if you say so Hickory then I promise to show you around my favorite spots this time sure looking forward to it I'm glad I ditched my plan to bring that translation device learning things through that device just isn't the same I'm way happier with this so after that we'd meet and go out on.

Our days off this became sort of our usual routine at first we visited each of our favorite spots but after some time we got a knack of which dating spots were perfect for us where's our next destination hmm how about this one over here it looks good.

She seems happy just noticed recently that even if she still uses these same words I kind of get what she really means I'm probably getting the hang of it um our next date's gonna be the fourth right.

Yep that's correct so you've been going out on a date with me three times um that means you don't dislike me right yep of course I don't dislike you I like you you like me I do since before there wasn't a single thing you've done that made me dislike you.

Wait could this mean okay would you go out with me yes I would love to handing a quick and simple yes yeah I like you too nagatomi and since you're a bit shy I kind of read the atmosphere already all along.

You were about to flop however you casually blurted that confession as you can see even I didn't realize you noticing such things why can you read me so easily I probably owe it all to these dates we had then little by little I had a knack on how to understand you better I'm happy to hear that.

Ah that just right now you're flustered right well you already got me there was no need for you to ask that again my bad sorry it was hard to understand her without relying on the translation device at first but now even if we threw that thing away.

I'd say we do just fine without it thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well