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[Manga Dub] Pretty girl working at the shrine got jealous when she saw me praying for love [RomCom]


Shrine maidens the traditional look almost defines the japanese culture most healthy boys have an attraction to them please serve me and not god everyone has thoughts of that at least once i chiaki.

I'm heading off to a shrine to see one myself or maybe not even though i'm in the middle of puberty i'm not that wild or desperate why do i have to listen to my freaking sister to explain the situation hey it's yucky huh yeah what's up.

Hey you know that famous shrine that's near where you live mia no mia shrine yeah can you go by the healthy birth charm there healthy birth yeah it turns out i'll be taking on a new family member after a year of marriage wow congratulations.

Thanks so i'll be waiting for that charm okay life can be strange i can't really turn down the suggestion considering how happy she was how about she tell me about her pregnancy without asking or something the favor did seem like something she.

Would ask for i'm just gonna buy that charm and go by the bookstore excuse me yes how could i help you can i have a charm please jockey huh.

I was surprised when someone called my name i couldn't hold myself back when i looked up at the shrine maiden's face me you surprise the maiden's face was none other than my friend the cool looking but inwardly sweet miyu ayasaki.

My head was full of questions why is miu working here was she hiding it how long has she been working here but above all else she's so cute she's probably why this place is considered lucky chiaki are you okay.

hello are you okay oh you're back sorry you were just so ch i didn't mean to say it no seriously enjoying the various seasons various seasons it's the middle of.

Summer don't ask me to explain myself i didn't really understand either he's gone why was he being so strange he didn't come here just to mess with me right i thought he came to buy a charm or something.

What kind of charm did he want health family wellness traffic safety hmm money business school none of them makes sense graduation love hmm love.

That explains why his face was so red that had to be it i'm sure of it this is a popular shrine for good luck i'm sure he came to ask for help curiously enjoying the changing seasons maybe he's saying that his season is almost here shioki always did have a poetic side to him.

But who could he possibly like i really hope no i prayed that it was me the day after i took off in a sprint i couldn't come up with a valid excuse how can i explain why i ran away good morning chiaki.

Oh morning it's uh good weather today yeah it is a great day this is so awkward her cool and collected demeanor that she usually had was gone did she know i wanted her to stay cute who does he like.

But it's a private question i shouldn't pry screw it just ask be honest just explain why i ended up at the shrine and it'll work itself out probably me so about yesterday i it's okay.

Huh everyone has their secrets huh do you you don't have to tell me okay she's totally figured it out her calm demeanor makes me even more confused and fantasizing chiaki i know you were going to say that.

I was cute you can't hold yourself back with how cute i look in this shrine maiden outfit huh you little dog you jiyaki what why everyone has secrets they don't want to.

Tell by the way why do you work at the shrine oh about that you know how i'm not good with people i really don't like that about myself so i figured i'd go ask a god for some help you should really learn how to get over your fears more effectively.

What could i expect from the slightly strange girl that only looks cool she's incredibly shy and keeps to herself so how does that lead to working at a shrine well the priest there said i'd make a great addition and they're looking for help right now anyway.

I went to ask god for help and ended up helping god that was a good one have a cookie or a slice of apple anyway i'll have a slice of apple that makes sense though so that's how you started working there yes sir that's exactly right i'm actually very surprised i thought.

She would turn down the offer with how shy she normally is you're probably surprised aren't you huh how did you yeah i am a little surprised to be honest i would be surprised too to be honest i probably would have turned it down if i hadn't met you.

But because of you i slowly started opening up so i was able to move forward me you it's only short term though she says it's thanks to me but i know how hard she works at it even though she's super shy she's trying to push herself i can't help but smile at how.

Much she's improved jiaki maybe that shrine does have some powers you got that job just showing up as you were going to ask for help huh that's true right all right god is watching over me i'm.

Gonna get over being shy it sounds a little silly when you hear it out loud but i'm never going to stop supporting her as a friend i miss ayasaki huh we have pe next get changed oh i'm gonna go get ready she's so popular she should just be calm.

Oh by the way chiaki huh this is for you what's this it's a charm you left without buying it oh thanks thank you so much my sister won't be mad at me now uh well here's the money for it miu seems to be getting closer.

Or maybe it was just me she yucky whoa yeah her face is really close what's up chiaki do you oh.

you can have the rest of the apples uh thanks do i like apples that much i don't get it but i guess i'll pay her for the charm later i successfully got the charm that my sister wanted.

Oh it's from sis hello were you able to get the charm yeah i had a rough time but i got it whoa look at you go bro you have no idea how hard it was you better take good care of huh what the.

What's wrong i was surprised after i opened the baggie that miu handed me love this wasn't for a healthy birth which makes sense considering i never told her what charm i wanted but why did she pick love uh.

I'll be back i needed to go buy another charm and so i was making my way back to the shrine i'm not sure i want to be at a shrine during the evening it was a little different seeing the shrine during the evening the evening sunlight was dying to shrine a different.

Color i probably watched too much anime while i was having some flashbacks to when i came before i was even more nervous i wonder if miu was working today i remember the school madonna's look with the uniform if you keep looking like that i'll have.

To perform an exorcism on you oh my gosh what am i fantasizing this is the holy place of worship i'm going to be punished i just came to buy a charm not to come see me you and her shrine made an outfit i don't even know she's working here today let's just get the charm and leave.

Please stop me you i hurried towards the familiar voice i'm gonna draw another one but there's no point in drawing that many but i'm gonna because i'm rich some strange old man is messing with her that's the lotto guy.

Lotto guy who's the lotto guy every time he finds someone cute he keeps pulling the lotto until they give up he's infamous i didn't expect him to show up here i never would have expected that kind of behavior i got the best draw if you are patient.

You will find the one of your destiny wow congratulations you can't get anything higher than that but i'm going to draw anyway why would you do that because i want to talk to you you cutie i'm so scared calculated huh.

Please be calculated in how much you draw the angry boyfriend i'm not her boyfriend don't come back again not only did i get to see her in her outfit she came hugging me she was definitely wearing underwear right what was going on with that strange man.

Miyu you okay huh i was so scared tiaki whoa i don't know but squishy oh you came to buy healthy birth yeah so.

You have a child no i'm not pregnant how confused can she be my older sister is pregnant so she asked me to go buy the charm that makes sense yeah why are you laughing i really thought you came to buy a charm.

For love seriously why would you think that do you remember how red you were i figured you were too shy to be honest ah that makes sense too why did you run away that day huh i can't tell her that it was because of.

How cute she was i'm not sure i don't remember what i was thinking you're such a bad liar if you don't tell me i'm gonna tickle you why are you hugging me again because you're warm that's it.

I was so glad it was the afternoon thank you for saving me today you are so cool oh yeah she definitely would have noticed how red my face was if it wasn't dark maybe this schwein does have some powers.

Why do you say that it's a secret i could never admit that one of my secrets that i had was that i wanted to get along with chiaki i hope my wish comes true thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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