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[Manga Dub] She acted like a girl boss, but I found out how inexperienced she was… [RomCom]


Hey katsuki my name is Kazuki funimizu the girl who's calling my name right now is Mikoto asakura she's a year older than me everybody knows her as the prettiest girl in our school I met her through an incident after I started High School we've been friends.

For over a year now why are you in such a good mood I wanted to ask if you'd like to go out with me huh go out where do you want to go don't play dumb you know what I mean I want you to go out with me like as in date me ah I'm sorry.

Gosh you get on my nerves when you do that well uh I don't think anybody can answer a question like that straight away are you trying to mess with me or something what kind of person do you think I am I would never do that you're making me sound like a bad person but you're.

Always messing with me when have I ever messed with you I think you mess with me 90 of the time she thinks it's okay to try to feed me or try to hug me from behind she does everything you see couples doing in a romantic manga hey I thought you liked it well it's just.

It's a lot to handle if I'm honest I do like it she smells nice you should be able to be more honest with how you're feeling anyways back to the question how do you feel about me being your girlfriend before we get into that topic why are you asking me that all of a sudden.

I feel bad for you I bet you've never had a girlfriend in your life am I right now you're picking a fight with me I'm going back to my classroom wait wait I'm not trying to pick a fight with you well it sure feels like it if not what are you trying to do I'm single right now so I'm willing to date you if you.

Want that way you'll have your first girlfriend if you vote to ever be a loser anymore I did not expect you to ask me that so suddenly if I remember right you've dated over 10 guys already right that's right are you impressed I guess I don't think I know any other Juniors who've dated so many guys.

Right that's why horrible rumors are going on about her but I guess none of it matters she seems happy about where she is why would you want to date a boring guy like me you're not boring I'm sure we'll have fun you mean you'll have fun since you'll be teasing me the whole time I won't I promise I've tried to be nice to.

You just accept it I can't help but be cautious after all the things she's done to me face like me aren't you no well I guess so are we gonna go out or not I'd be more than happy to date an.

Attractive girl like Mikoto but knowing her there's a possibility she's just joking around hmm look at her staring at me so seriously so she's not joking okay let's go out really you sure yes I'm sure I'd be happy to be your.

Boyfriend this is great we are officially going out now Kazuki and so this is how Mikoto and I started dating however so now that we're going out what exactly do we do I've been single all my life so I had no idea what to do with a girlfriend that's why I asked Mikoto for her advice.

And help we should go to date or something why does she seem so unsure about this nikoto where do you usually go when you're out on dates with your boyfriends well movies or arcades or maybe bowling are you answering me or asking me shut up I'm never the one who picks where we go the boy always decides for.

Me oh I see I guess I'll ask her where she wants to go since I would like her to enjoy the date Mikoto is there any way you want to go do you mean like an after-school date huh oh no I meant maybe on the weekend or hmm.

I thought we would be going today no I apologize did I say something upsetting to her hmm yeah she's definitely upset if I'm going to have a girlfriend I need to study about girls and Dating Rules I was so clueless I went to the bookstore after school to buy some.

Romance manga books to study I also looked up articles and videos online to study how dating and going on dates works a few days later do you want to go on a date tomorrow we don't have school huh is something wrong no did you forget about our conversation about a date I said we could go during.

The weekend yes I remember but I never thought you would be the one to bring it up Kazuki who do you think I am a guy with no romantic experience who is also incapable of talking to girls other than me that's well I can't deny it I didn't expect you to accept that but it works in my favor so I'm happy.

You're happy it means there won't be any other girls trying to take you away from me oh I see I didn't think she cared about that I always figured she was more Breezy anyways about tomorrow where are we going you won't give me an answer even if I.

Ask you right it's her first date the boy needs to decide show me you're a man that's a pretty big challenge for me I wonder if you could come up with a plan to satisfy a girl who's been with 10 guys he's having so much fun how about an amusement park.

Yes I love it awesome it's decided then do you want to meet at the station okay it was the first thing that came to my mind but I'm glad she liked the idea the date would be the first time meeting Mikoto out of school so I was getting excited the day of the date Kazuki.

Oh good morning oh wow do you like it you look great good gosh she's amazing she looks so pretty she could be a model I've never seen her out of her uniform but I love it okay stare at any longer and you're just a creep Kazuki.

I slowly reached over to hold mikoto's hand what are you doing um I learned that couples who are dating usually hold hands on dates that's true but you just came so abruptly it's bad for my heart why is she freaking out like that she's held at least 10 hands in the past.

My bad I'll stop hey huh I'm telling you to let go of my hand do you want to hold my hand then you were the one who made the move you shouldn't just back off so soon oh okay I'm sorry here give me your hand Yep this is good do you want to head to the amusement park.

Okay I'm so excited he seems to be happy about it I'm glad to see I'm succeeding speaking of which Mikoto doesn't seem to be used to guys being so forward but she's had boyfriends before I felt something was off but I decided to shake it off and enjoy the date we're here.

Wow I've never seen someone look so excited she's been on many dates before I'm sure she's been to an amusement park I'll go buy the tickets oh I'm coming with you what do you want to ride first um the roller coaster Mikoto I didn't know you liked roller.

Coasters I don't know if I do I've never been on one she's never been on one something felt off again but we headed into the roller coaster ride anyways she was only stoked at First Once the ride started I could tell she was scared she even had tears in her eyes I had to take her to a bench to sit down.

Afterwards here do you want some juice thank you Kazuki was it not what you expected I'm never writing it again it should be illegal and Honduras anyways let's take a little break we should rest so we don't Tire ourselves out.

I'm so sorry we've only been on a fun ride hey don't sweat it I don't care about the rides I just want to spend more time with you what what did I say something weird you're so straightforward my heart just skipped a beat huh.

Don't act all innocent are you angry at me huh wait you should rest your body for a bit no sitting down next to you is bad for my heart what are you talking about you're acting like you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Hmm she seems so cranky all of a sudden maybe I should have gotten her a different type of juice this isn't fair I'm the one who should be making you feel like this what the heck is she murmuring about how can I get her to smile again after that we enjoyed some more rides and decided to eat lunch.

This is so good I agree I'm glad the receipts open and we got to sit down oh hey this is amazing let me feed you Mikoto you have some cream on your face let me get it for you huh there that's better.

Hmm what's wrong huh what's the matter stop going crazy there are other customers here it's your fault you keep doing this to me why your actions my fault why are you upset she keeps freaking out every time I make the slightest move it's like she's not.

Used to guys doing that wait nikoto you've never dated a guy have you what that's crazy and it's not true I mean you seem so innocent when it comes to physical contact there's no way you've had dating experience with 10 guys it's obvious without I said I've had 10 boyfriends.

I met you when I entered high school and we've known each other since but you've never had a boyfriend the whole time if what you said was true you would have had to date 10 guys before meeting me your sophomore year uh stop crying are you trying to cop or something.

Why won't she just admit it so does that mean you'll break up with me like all of your other boyfriends huh 10 boyfriends at your age means each relationship was pretty short right we'll break up soon if you're not a long-term relationship type of girl there's there's no way I'm ever breaking up with.

You that's what you've been doing with all your other relationships I won't why is that because I've liked you for the past year I finally get to be with you why would I throw that away huh you've liked me for a year I hate it when you act like you don't.

Know anything well I mean I didn't know you liked me I tried to get you to notice every day I even hugged you I thought you were teasing me well you were wrong I was trying to tell you my feelings I had no idea gosh you were so clueless.

Anyways how about we get out of here so we don't make a scene you're always so under control I'm trying to make up for whatever I did to anger you but you don't even realize what you did because you're so ignorant I could tell she wasn't done with me but I paid for our food and took her outside.

Ah stop sulking it's not like I'm trying to upset you but you are why don't you just go ride the merry-go-rounds by yourself have you ever seen a guy ride a merry-go-round alone that's just creepy jeez she's not listening she's acting.

Like a little child is it weird that I think she's adorable right now she's being immature but I like her better than what she acts all mature you said you like me for a year does that mean you've liked me since that incident uh well.

Um yeah I guess so I see the incident I'm talking about happened right after I started my freshman year I bumped into Mikoto and some other girls in a fight but it wasn't a regular fight I could see all the other girls surrounding her showering her with all sorts of insults.

I was just passing by but I couldn't ignore it I warded them off to protect Mikoto we started hanging out a lot starting that day I heard later on that the whole thing was caused by a jealous girl her boyfriend asked Mikoto out and she was blamed for stealing the girl's boyfriend.

It wasn't her fault that the guy was disloyal to his girlfriend but for some reason all the girls decided Mikoto was the bad one but I was just a random guy passing by and I didn't even do much you protected me you've continued to protect me anytime something bad is about to happen to me.

I just sent them away because they were a nuisance some of the girls who had cornered her would come over to make fun of Mikoto when she was with me that's why I heard that she had been in 10 relationships they were annoying and I didn't like it I told them to back off for me not.

Because I wanted to protect Mikoto still it doesn't change the fact that you saved me I can't help what I'm feeling can I wow this is embarrassing now that we're dating I'll be honest the girl probably thought you stole her boyfriend since they think you've been with over 10 guys.

Mikoto is the prettiest girl in school no doubt since she's also famous for having 10 ex-boyfriends I don't blame the others for thinking she's made a move on some guy however it's not possible she's the one who started the rumor huh.

So it's just a rumor you didn't start it I didn't well then why are you going along with it is it even true well nobody believed me but I told them it was just a rumor so I figured I should just stop wasting my time denying it I guess I thought it was okay since.

You didn't seem to be bothered by it this is unexpected I knew she was a strong person but I don't know if I could do the same if I was in her shoes nicoto you're amazing with you you're making me blush well I'm just saying how I treat I trick you why did you lie to me earlier when I asked you about your.

Relationship history well I was I'm embarrassed oh wow she's too cute Mikoto I like you better when you're acting this way huh what do you mean you don't have to act all mature pretending to be someone you're not I like you just the way you are Mikoto.

I like watching you blush I think it's adorable you can't think it but don't say it right to my face it's too embarrassing it's so funny I seem to have angered Mikoto again but I was glad we got everything sorted out now we can move on to the next step of.

Our relationship we spent the rest of the day holding hands enjoying the amusement park as much as we could we also started spending more time together at school thanks to that we became a famous couple at school but I'm not complaining since I have her by my side.

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